Spanked on webcam part 2

This is the sequel to the story i added about my wife getting a spanking via webcam for my friend and stripped nude for his viewing pleasure. I wrote in the first one that his wife Rebecca was due a spanking that evening and it would be shown to an audience of just me and my wife, well this is what happened that evening.
We eagerly logged on that evening and clicked on his camera to see Rebecca looking nervous and sexy at the same time.
"Ive been told that Jessica got spanked today and Paul saw it on cam, He has promised you that the same will happen to me now", she said
"My botty is still red," said Jess
"show me", she requested.
With that jessica stood up and lifted her dress and pulled her knickers down to reveal a still red smacked bottom. Looking at the reaction on Rebeccas face she knew she was in for the same treatment. She stood up to show us she was wearing just her pink bra and pink knickers, she gave us a twirl to show it was a thong. It wasnt the first time we had seen her bottom because when we were round their house a month back we witnessed her getting a slippering for being rude to Jessica and having to stand in the corner for twenty mins minus her jeans and knickers.
She looked away from the cam to face Paul who stood her up pulled the seat back and sat down she knew that her time had come. He pulled her across his lap and while she got comfy he just grinned at the cam and winked. Jessica was breathing quite heavily and started to rub my cock through my trousers which was rock hard.
The first smack was fairly hard which made her yelp, he built up speed and soon her sexy bottom was glowing pink then red. Jessica had undid my trousers and was now wanking my cock, i put my hand up her skirt to feel her pussy which was very wet. By this Rebecca time she was crying out and wriggling away as each slap connected, he paused only to wrench the thong down and carried on spanking her. He aimed for her thighs to make her scream out. We watched her struggle and her bra strap had fallen down and started to show a pretty nipple nice and erect. I slid my middle finger into my wifes pussy and frigged her hard as she pumped my cock until pre cum started to ooze out.
He finally finished spanking her and rubbed her bottom while she sobbed, He stood her up and turned her back to us and bent her over,
"Spread those legs" he ordered.
With that she opened her legs to show her sweet pussy, this is the point where i came all over my wifes hand and she wasnt far behind me as she came very noisely. He spun her around again and removed her bra, her tits are a good size but not huge, a 36c i would imagine. My wife was so turned on that she made a suggestion that next time we go up to their house that all four of us play a nice spanking game where me and Paul would have two naughty bottoms to deal with. Paul and Rebecca seemed to like this idea.
We have made up our minds that Me and Paul would be the schoolmasters and Jessica and Rebecca will be the naughty schoolgirls sent to us for punishment,I will be bringing the cane and Paul will be buying a new paddle. When this happens i will tell you all. Hope you enjoyed the read.
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1 year ago
Great story and what a couple of deliciously naughty Wifeys...