Foster Daughter

Ms. Troy sighed heavily. Sarah had been brought to her four years ago. Her mother had died of a d**g overdose and her father was nowhere to be found. Even at that young age, Sarah had seemed very mature, making her seem older than her thirteen years. Ms. Troy had thought it would be very easy to place such a well-mannered girl, but Sarah had proved to be more of a problem than she had first expected. Every f****y she was placed with eventually called, asking that Sarah be taken away, with no explanation of why. Sarah's indifference to this was a never-ending source of frustration for the middle-aged caseworker.

Before she could continue her hushed lecture to the young girl, the front door of the house opened and a woman with short blonde hair came out. She appeared to be in her early to mid thirties, and her smile was warm and welcoming.

"Hello Mrs. Bennett," Ms. Troy said with f***ed cheerfulness.

"Oh hello! I'm so glad you've finally come. I've been expecting you all morning," the lively blonde said, her brown eyes dancing. "And you must be Sarah!" she took the younger girl's hand and shook it, holding it for a minute longer than necessary.

Sarah's gave the lady a cool look of appraisal. She felt the spike heel of Ms. Troy's shoe bite into her toe and f***ed a small smile. This woman already annoyed her.

"Please, come in. I've made some snacks," she began to try to lead them into the house.

"I would, but I have to be going," Ms. Troy said apologetically with a glance at her watch. "I only had time to come drop Sarah off." She began to make her way back to her car. "I'll try to stop by soon, but you know how things get so busy sometimes. If I don't find the time soon I'll for sure be her for the first month visit. Sarah, remember what we talked about," her tone was light, but her gaze held a warning as she got into her car and drove away.

"What did you talk about?" Mrs. Bennett asked curiously.

"Nothing, Mrs. Bennett," Sarah said, "Just some advice."

"Oh please, call me Margi!" the woman said with a smile, moving to take Sarah's bag from her.

"It's alright, I can carry it myself," Sarah said, her tone anything but friendly.

Margi was unfazed by this. She had taken in a few foster c***dren before, and they all acted a bit standoffish at first. No matter how Sarah acted now, she was sure she could win the young girl over in time.

Taking her new "daughter" inside, Margi gave her a quick tour. The house was two stories with three upstairs bedrooms, and one downstairs. The master bedroom was upstairs, the other room was a guestroom, and the last was a study of sorts. The downstairs bedroom, which was to be Sarah's, had it's own private bath and was already furnished with a large canopy bed, plasma TV, dresser, and vanity table.

"Would you like something to eat?" Margi asked as they walked through the kitchen. The kitchen was large and spacious, with an island counter in the center. There was a window above the sink that looked out into the backyard, where there was a large swimming pool and a Jacuzzi.

Now that the tour was over, Sarah really didn't feel like putting up with the irritatingly cheerful woman any more, but she figured she could make some small talk to be polite. "Sure, why not?" she said blandly, taking a seat at the small, round dining table that was made for only three.

Margi brought a platter of cookies and crackers over to the table, sitting down across from the teenager. "I know a little about you from your caseworker. Is there anything you want to know about me?" she asked in a kind tone, looking for a way to break the ice.

"Why do you take in foster k**s?" Sarah asked bluntly as she picked up a handful of Ritz. "You're young and pretty. Ms. Troy told me you're married, so why don't you have your own k**s?"

"Wow, you don't waste any time do you?" Margi asked with a nervous laugh, clearing her throat. Something about the way the younger girl's blue eyes looked at her made her uncomfortable, as if Sarah was dissecting her soul with her eyes. "Well, I decided that I don't want to go through the pain of c***dbirth. And with so many c***dren in the world who need someone to love them, I don't see why I shouldn't help them."

"What about your husband?" Sarah continued with mild interest. "How does he feel about not having c***dren?"

Margi shrugged and made a teetering gesture with her hand, "He's ok with it for the most part," she lied. Honestly, she had never told her husband she didn't plan to have c***dren until after they were married. It had never come up, so why should she tell him? Since he had found out she didn't want c***dren of their own, their relationship had become very rocky.

"So, what, are you on the pill?" Sarah asked, a bit more interested now.

Margi felt her face turn red. "That's kind of personal, don't you think?" she asked in a light tone, trying not to sound angry.

"You said ask anything," was the teenager's blank reply.

"Well, I did…” but I hadn't expected her to ask something like that, the woman thought, embarrassed. But she couldn't look like a hypocrite when she and Sarah had just met. "No, I'm not on the pill. I don't believe in using contraceptives, it's against my religion," she answered, trying to remember that she was an adult and had no reason to be ashamed.

Sarah watched the older woman squirm under her inquisition, barely able to hide her amusement. "So, if you don't want k**s, but you don't believe in contraceptives, what do you do, just not have sex?" she asked jokingly.

"Well," Margi began tentatively, her face reheating, "there's more to a relationship than just sex."

Oh my God, they really don't have sex, Sarah thought with surprise as she f***ed her face to remain expressionless. Well, that'll definitely make things easier, she thought smugly.

"You're right, sex is really not important at all," Sarah agreed patronizingly as she rose to her feet. "If you don't mind, could I lay down for a bit? It was a long drive."

"Of course!" Margi stood up quickly, clearing the table, so relieved to be able to escape the girl's questioning that she didn't notice her tone. "I'll wake you when dinner's ready. Mr. Bennett should be home by then, I'm sure he'll be delighted to meet you."

Another lie, Jason Bennett hadn't liked the idea of taking in a foster c***d, and the few times she had done it before had ended because he had ordered her to send the c***d away. Jason wasn't a particularly mean person, but since the revelation that he would not have c***dren of his own, things had changed between him and his wife. They had only been married 3 years, and in the earlier time of their marriage he hadn't wanted k**s anyway. Back then he had been able to talk his wife into using contraceptives, but she had always felt overwhelmingly guilty, and finally refused. Now, if he wanted to do more than sl**p with his wife in their bed, he had to beg, plead, and nearly f***e her, which really took all of the pleasure out of it for him.

Sarah left to her room, shutting the door behind her. She was glad to see that the door had a lock on it, but she didn't turn the lock at this time. Her suitcase sat open on the stool in front of the vanity table. She had no intention of unpacking. Why bother? She never stayed in these homes very long anyways.

She undressed and went into the bathroom, taking a quick shower; afraid she would fall asl**p if she took a bath. After quickly drying her hair, she flopped onto the bed, wearing a white terry cloth robe that had been hung on the back of the bathroom door. She gazed at the canopy above her, and the sheer, white curtains that surrounded the bed. Her last thought was that she would regret losing all of this when she left, and then she slipped into sl**p.

"Hush, she might hear you!" the sound of Margi's voice woke Sarah suddenly.

"Fine. Whatever," a stranger's voice said in a moody tone. The voice obviously belonged to a man. "Let's just eat dinner ok? We'll discuss it later."

"Just give her a chance; she's a nice girl. You might like her," Jason's wife said, sounding hopeful. Jason hadn't liked any of the foster c***dren before; she hoped that if she found one he liked, he would allow him/her to stay.

Sarah figured that Margi would be knocking on her door any minute. She got up and quickly dressed, putting on a new pair of blue jeans and a button up, white, collared shirt, not bothering to put on a bra.

When the knock came, Sarah opened the door to find Margi's ever-smiling face, though she looked a bit nervous at the same time. "Ready to meet Mr. Bennett?" she asked cheerfully.

"Sure," was the girl's only reply as she walked out, following Margi to the dining room. Already seated at the table was, Sarah assumed, Mr. Bennett. Even though he was sitting, she could tell that he was tall. His fine black hair was long enough to fall in his green eyes. The thin white work shirt was not enough to disguise his broad shoulders and well-muscled upper body. He was by far one of the most attractive "fathers" Sarah had ever had.

Jason rose slowly, smiling politely and holding out his hand, "Hello Sarah." Though he didn't agree with his wife in this, he wouldn't be rude to the girl; it wasn't her fault.

"Hi," she replied in a soft voice, taking his hand in more of a caress than a handshake. This will definitely be fun, she thought with dark amusement as she sat at the table.

Jason was a little started at the girl's touch. It felt like more than a hell¦it felt like an invitation.

And that was how it always started for Sarah. It was the reason she had been kicked out of every home she was placed in, though the f****y never explained why to her caseworker. She had an undeniable compulsion to seduce the man of the house.

It had started with her first foster f****y, at the age of 14. After living in a group home for a little over a year, she had finally been placed with a middle-aged couple. She had instantly taken a liking to them, feeling comfortable in their small, one story house. The man was a writer who worked at home, and the woman a real estate agent. They seemed to get along great.

One night, after she had been there for just about a month, her "father" came into her room, in the middle of the night. Wordlessly, he had slipped into bed behind her, hugging her back to his chest in the dark. He was wearing only pajama pants, and she wore only an oversized shirt and underwear.

"Dad?" she whispered, her f****y had insisted she call them Mom and Dad rather than Jessica and Ben. She was confused at why he was there. He had left earlier that night and she hadn't thought he would be coming home tonight. Now he was home, and he smelled strongly of alcohol.

"Shhhh, it's alright," he whispered in her ear, stroking her side gently. "I love you, Sarah, do you know that?" As he spoke his hand slipped up, under her shirt, caressing her high up her stomach, until finally he reached her breasts that had only just began developing this past year. He cupped her left breast in his hand, squeezing softly.

"Mmhmm," Sarah answered, though she wasn't sure if she was comfortable. No one had ever touched her like this before, and she had been told countless times not to let strangers touch her in her 'private' areas, but this wasn't a stranger this was Ben, her Dad...and he loved her.

While he continued to embrace his foster daughter, Ben began to slowly grind his crotch against her bottom, only her thin panties and his pajama bottoms separating his growing member from her smooth skin.

He had fantasized about her many times before. She was so pretty, so young and so open and fresh; everything his wife wasn't. The passion was gone from his marriage, and now, here was this beautiful young girl, sl**ping just down the hall from him. He had realized that it was wrong, and felt ashamed of himself sometimes. But tonight he had gotten into a huge argument with his wife, and then gone out to get plastered at the bar. Coming home to his angry wife hadn't been something he looked forward to, but instead of going to his own bedroom; he had found himself headed for Sarah's. The drink was enough to lower the inhibitions that usually held him in restraint.

Sarah could feel something stiff rubbing up against her backside, but she didn't put two and two together and realize exactly what it was. When she felt him begin to inch her panties down, she would have protested, but stopped herself. She was afraid if she did, he would become angry with her, and he wouldn't love her anymore.

Once Ben had her panties completely off, he tossed them to the floor. He slid on hand slowly down her side, over the soft swell of her hips, and down between her thighs. At his touch, Sarah reflexively closed her legs, trapping his hand between them. "It's ok," he assured her in a whisper, giving her slit a light caress with the tips of his fingers. "I'm not going to hurt you. I love you, Sarah, don't you want me to love you?"

Sarah nodded slowly, unsure of herself. His touch hadn't felt bad, but it was strange, and new. She didn't know yet if she liked it. Gritting her teeth, she f***ed herself to open her legs and relax.

"Good girl," Ben breathed, kissing her ear softly. He kissed his way from her ear, to her jaw line and down to her neck. All the while his fingers continued their light strokes along Sarah's slit. Though Sarah didn't fully understand what was happening, her body did, and it responded with excitement. Her heartbeat began to pick up speed and she began to grow moist between her legs.

Feeling the moisture of her body's natural lubricant encouraged Ben. He tentatively slid one finger partially in his daughter's virgin cunt. At first he simply rubbed his finger along the wetness, and then slowly he began to f***e his finger up inside her. He would push a little in, then pull out only to push a little further.

Sarah was not stupid, she knew what sex was. But she had never thought that she would experience it like this. She had been warned of strangers, but Ben was no stranger. How could this be wrong? He loved her, he said so. She winced slightly as she felt Ben's finger reach a barrier inside her.

Ben was now fully erect, his throbbing cock straining against his pajama bottoms. "Sarah, I want to show you how much I love you," he whispered urgently as he began to slowly lower the waistband of his pajama pants, his stiff member springing free. "But if you ever tell anyone about how much I love you, especially Mom, they might try to take it away from us. So you can't tell anyone, do you understand?"

Sarah nodded her understanding, and felt an odd sense of jealousy at the thought that her 'Mom', Jessica, would try to take Ben's love away from her. "I understand," she said in a trembling voice. She was scared, but as long as her Dad loved her, it was ok.

Ben slid his pajama pants off the rest of the way, kicking them to the end of the bed. He moved out from behind Sarah, pushing her to lie flat on her back as he crawled down the length of her body. He took her knees and rested them lightly on his shoulders as he positioned his face between her legs. He knew that taking her virginity would be painful, and so he wanted to give her as much pleasure as possible, hoping that it would be able to distract her from the pain.

He used his hands to spread her, opening her secret place between her legs. He leaned in and planted a kiss directly on her small clit, causing her to jerk slightly at the sudden contact. Continuing to hold her open, Ben slid his tongue into the wet folds of her pussy, savoring the taste of her.

Sarah's eyes flew open at the sudden burst of sensations coming from her lower body. She had never felt anything like it before in her life, and it was enough to take her breath away. Every lick of Ben's tongue sent a wave of shivers through her body. She held on tightly to his head, burying her fingers in his hair as she squirmed underneath him while the pleasure mounted.

Ben began to plunge his tongue into the depth of her pussy while his thumb continued to rub her clit in a steady rhythm. He could feel her reacting with growing excitement, and began to pick up the pace, burying his tongue deeper. He would press his thumb firmly against her clit; hold it there for a brief moment before easing up.

Sarah felt the largest wave of all crash down on her, so intense that it nearly knocked the wind out of her. Her body convulsed as smaller waves of pleasure throbbed through her body. It was as if her cunt was the center of an earthquake, sending out waves and ripples through out her entire being.

Ben recognized the girl's orgasm, and quickly made his move. He rose up between her legs, his hips cradled between the young girl's thighs. He held himself up off of her with one hand while the other grasped his erect shaft and slowly positioned the head just inside of his daughters tight passage. He didn’t want to waste any time, he wanted to take her cherry while she was still in the throws of her first orgasm. Placing one hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming, he prepared to take his daughters virginity.

With one quick jerk of his hips he buried the entire length of his cock deep in his daughters pussy. She was so wet he slid in with almost no resistance, breaking through her hymen with relative ease. Once his cock was in to the hilt, he paused, letting her adjust to his size. Her inner muscles were still contracting because of her orgasm, and were now rhythmically squeezing his manhood.

Sarah arched her back as her father thrust his dick deep inside of her, giving a soft cry that was muffled against his hand. It had hurt when he ripped through her inner barrier, but she was still experiencing the aftershocks of her orgasm, and the pleasure quickly overcame out the pain. Her pussy felt extremely sensitive to every touch, and this new stimulus was enough to drive her out of her mind.

Pulling his throbbing cock out until just the head remained inside his daughter, Ben saw the length of his member was covered in a mix of Sarah’s cunt juice and bl**d. This excited him more than anything else, seeing her virgin bl**d on him. He had really done it; he had taken the virginity of his foster daughter. It drove him into a mad sort of frenzy.

He gripped her thighs, pulling them up close around his hips. He plunged his dick back into the young, tight pussy beneath him, starting to fuck his daughter in hard, quick thrusts, burying himself fully inside her before quickly pulling out to thrust forward again. He pumped his hot dick into her, rotating his hips in small circles as if he were trying to drill his cock up into her cervix.

This wasnt how Sarah had thought it would be. In the movies, a girls first time was slow and tender, accompanied by soft background music and loving words. The reality of it was quite different. There was no music, only the sound of the bed springs squeaking and creaking obscenely; the headboard knocking against the wall in time with her fathers thrusts; her loving fathers heavy breathing as he rutted into her. It wasnt poetic, it was a****listic, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

Their bodies were now slick with sweat; Sarah struggled to hold her legs around her dads waist. Drops of sweat fell from Bens face down onto his daughters. He was so close to reaching his climax; he no longer cared about anything but his own pleasure. Putting his hands underneath her, gripping her bottom, he began to lift her up off of the bed in time with his thrusts, his thrusts becoming more rapid as he neared the height of his passion.

Sarah grunted softly each time her dads cock was buried deep inside of her. Despite the rough treatment, she came a second time; her body couldnt help but respond to the stimulation. She threw her head back against her pillow, her back arching as she climaxed again. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, afraid to wake her mother.

The feeling of Sarah cunt muscles clenching around his stiff member was enough to push Ben over the edge. With one finally thrust, he buried himself in her fully, greasy ropes of his cum shooting deep inside her young cunt. He kept himself deep inside of her, jerking forward each time another spurt of cum shot from his manhood, until finally he had milked himself dry into her tight pussy.

He collapsed on top of her, panting as he lay there with his daughter pinned beneath him, his shrinking cock still inside of her.I love you Sarah,” he murmured as he gasped for breath.I love you so much.

I love you too, Dad, she whispered to him, though she was having trouble breathing. He was heavy, making her sink deep into the bed. Now that the pleasure was fading, she began to feel a little sore between her legs, and she could feel the wetness of his semen beginning to seep out of her and down the crack of her ass. She wished he would get up, but she didnt want to tell him, afraid she would spoil this, and it felt so good to be loved.

Slowly, Ben lifted himself up off of the smaller form beneath him. He withdrew slowly, sure that she would begin to feel the soreness that came after a girl’s first time. Once he was completely out of her, he pulled her oversized t-shirt back down, covering her. He crawled off of the bed, finding his pajama bottoms and pulling them back on.

Tomorrow you can stay home from school, he told Sarah as he sat on the edge of her bed, looking down at her tenderly. she tell Mom you dont feel well, well change your sheets before she gets home from work. Remember what I told you, you cant tell anyone about this he warned.

Sarah nodded quickly, wanting her Dad to rest assured that she wouldnt betray his trust. She watched as he slipped out of the room without a word. Before long, she fell asl**p.

This relationship continued for nearly two months. Ben and Sarah had sex regularly, usually when Sarah got home from school, before Jessica was home. Ben would usually take Sarah the minute she walked in the door, giving her enough time to set down her backpack before pulling her to the living room couch. Sometimes, in the mornings before Sarah went to school, Ben would fuck her at the breakfast table, after Jessica had already left for work. He would push the plates aside, bend his daughter over the kitchen table and enter her from behind, fucking her hard and quick, not wanting to make her late for school.

As time went on Ben became more reckless, screwing Sarah while his wife was in the house. Once, he passed Sarah in the upstairs hallway, his wife down in the living room going over some paper work. Ben undid his pants, pulled out his dick, and had Sarah suck him until he was hard. Once he was ready, he lifted her skirt, took off her underwear, and lifted her into his arms, fucking her against the wall, though he had to go slow to keep from being to noisy.

Sarah wasnt entirely comfortable with having sex while her mom was home, but she loved her Dad too much to say no. It was eventually this recklessness that led to them getting caught. Jessica discovered her husband fucking their foster daughter in the laundry room. Ben had Sarah on the washing machine as he pounded his cock between her legs. Though Bens back was to the door that Jessica came in through, Sarah saw her Mom enter the room, but said nothing, allowing her Dad to continue his rapid fucking until at last Jessica screamed his name.

They sent Sarah back to her caseworker, though Jessica did not tell Ms. Troy exactly why. She was embarrassed and ashamed that this had been going on in her house, under her nose, and she refused to expose her humiliation. So she sent Sarah back without explanation.

Sarah had been so devastated at losing her Dad, the one person who loved her. She blamed her Mom. This set the pattern for what would happen in Sarah’s other foster families, only she no longer waited for the father to make the first move. She was more than willing to seduce the man of the house in order to find the love she needed.
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