Fucking Mom and Dad part 2

God damn!" I moaned as I watched my mom suck each of our cocks.

"Your mouth feels so fucking good!" I moaned as I continued to fuck my mother's throat.

"Somebody better get on this dick" dad said. Mom pulled our cocks from her mouth looked up at me and whispered "Your turn" and winked. "Go ahead and straddle his cock." mom said.

I got up on my knees inched forward and straddled him, ass hovering above his cock. I slowly lowered myself onto his shaft. I felt the slick head of his cock glide between my ass cheeks and nuzzle against my puckered hole. Dad heaved upward pushing the head of his cock from my hole and up the valley between the valley of my plump round ass. For the first time I have a feel for the size of my dad's cock as it rests in the crevasse of my ass. I raised my hips slightly as mom took hold of dad's cock and guided it back into my quivering hole. The slick head of his cock pressed into my as I slowly lowered myself on to his rod.

"Damn that ass is tight!" he moaned as his cock continued to squeeze its way into my wanting hole. I spread my cheeks and rocked back and forth inching his cock in and out of my sphincter.

"Oh my god!" I gasped as my ass stretched around the head of his dick as he entered me. My trembling asshole wrapped around his plump tip and continued to engulf his engorged rod.

"That's it honey, sit on daddy's cock!" mom encouraged while cupping his balls and rubbing her hand across my chest. I leaned forward placing my hands on either side of his shoulders and began to rock back and forth working his dick deeper into my asshole.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed as dad raised his hips pushing his enormous dick all the way into my ass. I felt every vein, bump and ridge of his shaft as it slid stretching open my ass. Dad started to moan louder as I rode his dick picking up speed. Mom's hands rubbed across my chest pinching my nipple between her finger and thumb and sliding the other hand down around my cock.

"That's incredible! I can't believe your dick is so hard!" she exclaimed stroking her hand up and down the length of my rock hard shaft. My eyes rolled back into my head as I rocked deeper on my dad's dick while my mom stroked my cock to the same rhythm.

"Oh fuck Oh fuck!" I groaned in ecstasy on the brink of orgasm. Precum flowed from the tip of my cock into mom's hand as she stroked me faster. Dad grabbed my waist with both hands, gaining the leverage to thrust his hips upward, burring his dick in my asshole. He tightened his grip around my waist to hold me still, only to kick into overdrive. He pumped his hips up and down at an incredible pace, driving his dick, like a jackhammer, into my ass. My body nearly went limp as he pounded and prodded my quaking hole. Every inch of his thick ten inch cock felt more amazing than the last as it filled me completely.

I felt his cock grow thicker as it throbbed deep in my asshole. The sensation of hot precum leaking into my ass sent tremors down my spine. Just as I thought he was about to explode, mom grabbed my cock and said "I fucking need this in me right now!" lying legs spread next to my dad. I slowly eased off his cock, letting it slide from my ass leaving a trail of precum.

I crawled off of dad and up between the legs of my mother. My overly erect dick bobbed between my thighs brushing against her swollen clit. She reached forward and grabbed my shaft to guide it into her waiting pussy. I plunged forward sinking every inch of my cock into her steaming wet pussy. "Yes! Fuck me deeper!" she moaned as I pumped my cock in and out of her snatch quickly gaining speed. I laid down on top of her leaning on my elbows. I rested my head next to hers as I continued to work her pussy like a well. "Fuck me with that big dick! Yes, fuck my pussy harder!" she whispered into my ear while running her nails down my back. "Fuck mommy's pussy baby!" she cooed and nibbled on my earlobe driving me wild. We rocked back and forth on the bed grinding into each other in a trance.

"Oh I forgot about you for a second." I said referring to my father's slick erect cock poking into my ass every time I pulled out of mom's pussy.
He placed his left hand on my back while using the other to guide the bulbous tip of his cock toward my hole. "Fuck yea!" I moaned as I felt his spongy knob slide into me stretching my asshole around his swollen cock.
"That's it. I'm gonna fuck you right into your mother's pussy." he smirked before smacking my ass. I slowly started to pump my dick into mom's pussy while dad adjusted his position behind me. Once he was comfortable he pushed me down so I was face to face with mom.

"I want you to look your mother in the eye while you fuck her pussy." he demanded holding me firmly by the hips. Our eyes locked as I sank deeper into her pussy. We shared a moment of pure uninhibited pleasure. Dad pumped his dick in and out of my ass. His every thrust drove my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy as we gazed into each other's eyes.

"Stare your son in the face while his cock fills the same pussy he came from." He command her as we both drifted further into this sexual trance.

"Look into his eyes while I fuck your son like a whore." he continued as he fucked me harder and faster, and in turn fucking her harder and faster. We both lay still and almost breathless as we dance on the edge of orgasm.
"Remember that face, this is what your mother looks like as she's about to cum."

His stern powerful erotic words were more excitement than we could handle while at the same time being fucked into a c***. His thrusts became more powerful as he coached us towards the edge. All three of us rocked wildly on the bed at a brisk pace. He worked his long hard deep strokes into a steady rhythm. Mom lifted her right hand to my face gently stroking my cheek as she stared into my eyes. I felt dad's cock throbbing inside me as he pounded his dick deeper, pushing my dick deeper into my mom.

"I'm going to make both of you cum. My big black dick is going to make you both cum so hard." he narrated. His dick grew thicker and hotter as he got more excited. Mom placed her left hand on my other cheek holding my face closer to hers as dad fucked me deeper into her soaking pussy.

"Oh shit yes!" I screamed as dad pulled his dick out to the tip before ramming it all the way back in.
"Ahh yes!" mom and I moaned in sync as he plunged my asshole with wild abandon. I felt his steaming hot precum pool in my ass once again as I leaked almost as much into my mother's snatch.

"Fuck his ass harder! Make him cum in my pussy" mom screamed to dad. He instantly responded by pounding my ass harder and faster than ever and banging the headboard into the wall. My dick began to throb uncontrollably filling mom with precum.

"I want both of you to say it!" he demanded while relentlessly pounding my ass.
"Make us cum with your dick!" I scream out mirroring the screams of my mother beneath me. Right then I felt his cock swell almost by more than an inch and become unattainably hard as he strained every muscle in his body to plunge his massive cock as far into my ass as he could. His enormous dick rocked deeper and deeper into me, his hips jerked uncontrollably sending me to the brink of my orgasm. I held my breath as my dick pulsed against the walls of my mom's pussy, waiting to explode. My throbbing was soon met with her pussy contracting tightly around my shaft, pulling us both closer and closer.

"Boy, tell your mother that you're going to cum in her pussy!" he grunted.
"I'm gonna cum in your pussy mom!" I shouted as I felt dad's cock explode. A powerful surge of burning hot cum flooded my asshole sending me over the edge.

"Ohhh fuck!" I screamed as my dick erupted inside my mother's pussy throbbing and spewing cum into her already dripping wet cunt. Dad’s body writhed on top of mine as he continued to pump his cock in and out of my ass. I felt his steaming hot cum seep from my ass slide over my sac and run down the shaft of my still erect cock. His cum mixed with mine as I drove my dick in and out of my mom’s pussy.

“Damn! You made me cum so hard!” Dad exclaimed as he regained control after his orgasm. He shuffled his legs pulling away from my body. “Ahhh mmm” I moaned as he pulled his dick out of my ass. His thick cum rushed from my ass flowing down the shaft of my cock. Once again our seed blended together as it pooled in my mom’s pussy. My ass quivered, feeling like an empty cavern, sending chills down my spine.

I raised myself up and collapsed next to my mom in bed. My cock slid from her snatch revealing the puddle of semen between her thighs. Dad stared into her open pussy and watched our cum smoothie dribble down her inner thighs on to the bed.

“It’s a shame to let all that cum go to waste.” Dad commented. “I think you should clean this mess up.” He hinted.
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1 year ago
very good well written and erotic just what was needed here.
2 years ago
Hot story!
2 years ago
Such a fabulous story. It has (almost) everything.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Would like to hear more
4 years ago
damn nice story
4 years ago
hot story
4 years ago
realy good story , and yes he should lick moms pussy clean
4 years ago