Fucking Mom and Dad

I've decided how you’re going to repay me.” Mom said

“Um ok, what is it?”

“You’re father is going to be home from his business trip tonight. He’s been away for almost a week so he’s going to be hornier than usual and expecting to get going.’ She explained.

“Yea but what does that have to do with me?” I said in confusion.

“He is going to want something kinky and exciting, not just the usual sex he’s used too” She continued.

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

“When your father gets like that his sexual needs are too much for me to handle by myself.” She hinted.

“Well what does that have to do with me?”

“You’re going to join us in a threesome..” she said with a grin.

“Uh, what the fuck? You‘re not serious?” I replied after a short hesitation. My cock jumped in my pants when she told me she wanted me to join both of them in bed.

“This is for real. We had invited someone, but they had to cancel last minute.” she said

“Then find someone else!” I said even as the interest and curiosity grew in my mind as well as in my pants.

“I’ll never get someone for tonight. At least not someone with a cock like yours.” she winked..

“Oh wow ok. So what would you want me to do?”

“I want to watch you suck his cock after I get him warmed up.” she said looking directly into my eyes then biting her lower lip. My did jumped again and started to swell. Seeing how turned on she was talking about it made me hot.

“I’m not sure about this. Is that all I‘d have to do? I asked

“Once we get him all worked up I’ll probably get on top and him and ride him. And you can mmmm, double-team me from behind.” She said stifling back a moan. I’ve never see my mom this worked up before.

“Now that sounds pretty hot! I’m weirded out about messing around with dad or even fucking you in front of him.” I said while my dick continued to grow and press against my jeans.

“It will be fine. The room will be dark and I didn’t tell your father who our special guest would be.”

“If you say so.”

“Trust me, as long as we work his dick right he couldn’t care less who his cum lands on.” She reassured me.
"Ok then, see you tonight."

"Be here at ten!" she said as she waved good-bye

I knocked on their door a few minutes after ten. It's obvious from my dad's moaning that they got started without me. My mom opened the door a moment later
"Shh!" she said holding her finger over her lips. She grabbed my hand and guided me through the dark room toward the bed where my dad was laying down on his back. Mom knelt on his right side and motioned me to kneel across from her. His cock stood between us waiting for attention. My mom wrapped both of her hands around the thick shaft of dad's cock. Steadily stroked her hands up and down his cock as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She only took a few inches into her mouth at first and suckled on the tip of his dick. I watched open eyed as my mom sucked my father's dick right in front of me. My dick was poking through the front of my boxer shorts leaking precum.

After a few minutes dad's cock started to flex and grow harder.
"It's your turn." Mom whispered using her hand to point his engorged 10 inch dick pointing right at my face. My mouth had been watering from the excitement so I was ready. Mom kept a firm grip around the base of dad's cock as I parted my lips and closed them around his shaft. I paused for a moment to let my tongue explore the ridge around the plump knob on the end of his cock. My lips tightened around the head of his cock and sucked it in and out of my mouth while flicking my tongue across the bottom.

"Mmm damn! That feels good!" He moaned as I continued sucking his dick deeper into my mouth. I worked my head up and down his cock inch by inch as my mom cheered me on. Almost half of his cock disappeared into my mouth before I felt the tip pushing in to the back of my throat.

"We have ourselves an eager little cocksucker here, Gary" Mom remarked.

"Oh fuck yes! Suck that dick!" Dad groaned as I bobbed up and down on his flesh rod.

I wrapped my right hand around his cock and worked it up and down as I slobbered on his dick. As if we were working in tandem our hands reached up rubbing dad's strong firm chest. I admired his raised pecks as I groped at his upper body. I was getting more excited by the moment while I sucked my dad's dick feverishly. I let out a moan as he bucks his hips pushing his dick down the back of my throat. I swallowed the head of his cock down my throat and pinched his nipple between my thumb and forefinger giving it a gentle tug.

"Oh Fuck!!" He screamed bucking his hips into the air once again. I gag with his swollen cock pushed halfway down my throat before pulling away for air. Mom grabbed the shaft and smacked me across the face with his stiff cock smearing saliva and precum across my cheek.

"Damn that cock is so hard! I need you inside of me!" Mom exclaimed before swinging a leg over my dad to straddle his cock. I grabbed dad's dick and guided it into my mom's dripping wet pussy hovering above. When she felt the heat from his fleshy knob press against her wet lips she dropped down impaling herself on his cock.

"Oh Christ!" She shouted at the top of her lungs as dad pushed his dick up into her pussy.

"Fuck yea take that dick!" he screamed burying every inch of his manhood into my mom's pussy.

She started riding him up and down at a nice medium pace before quickly kicking it into high gear. I knelt on the bed next to them hypnotized watching mom's tits bounce as she rides dad faster and faster. My cock got rock hard and my asshole began to tingle as I watched her pussy glide up and down on dad's enormous dick.

"Oh fuck yes!" my mom moaned throwing her head back in pleasure. She looked at me with the with the most intense stare and said "I want you in my ass" while biting her lower lip. Without saying a word I scrambled behind her, placed my hands on her hips and pushed the head of my cock into her ass. She sat down on dad's dick while simultaneously pushing back against me. The head of my cock slid into her. Her tight asshole stretching around the shaft of my cock.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed as I sunk all the way into my mom's ass. The heat of her asshole was much more intense than her pussy. In addition to the extra heat and tight fit I could feel the firm shaft of my dad's cock as he rocked in and out of her pussy. He stretched and filled her pussy so tight I could feel the veins and ridges of his shaft slide back and forth against my cock.

"Fuck me harder boys!" mom commanded as she wiggled her ass to tease our cocks. Dad wrapped his arms around her waist for leverage and began bouncing his hips up and down on the bed and pumping his dick deep into mom's pussy. The friction of his rigid cock rubbing against mine through the skin of mom's pussy felt incredible on my dick. I leaned forward pushing my dick deeper into her asshole as dad filled her pussy from below. I held on to her hips and pumped my pulsing rod in and out of her tight brown hole. "Fill me with cock" she moaned. As I fucked her ass harder and faster my strokes synched up with my dad's as we continued to fuck my mom into a frenzy. "My god yes! Fill me with cock!" she screamed as her body shuttered in orgasm. Mom came so hard she lost her balance and fell on to the bed shaking as her pussy juice leaked down her thighs.

In her absence our excited wet cocks bounced in the air bumping and rubbing against one another. Dad wrapped his hand around his dick holding it steady. I took my dick in my hand and rubbed the tip of my cock against his. "Damn that feels good" he moaned regaining mom's attention. She sat up grabbed us both taking the tips of our cocks into her mouth.
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2 years ago
Fantastic. Already hard at the througt of part two.
2 years ago
Totally hot....cant wait to read the next chapter.
4 years ago
4 years ago
loved it.