Little s*s and I Part 8

Billy’s and Phoebe’s father found out about their i****tuous trysts and that their mother, Sarah, did not see anything wrong with it. With that, he stormed out of the house muttering something about a divorce. Their marriage was not strong to begin with and this was just an excuse to finally end it, Sarah thought. So now, Billy was the unofficial ‘man of the house’.

Now that all three of them knew each other more intimately, they seemed to wear less and less clothes around the house. It was not uncommon for Phoebe to be topless and wearing only a bikini bottom. Even their mother who hardly ever wore a bikini was now frequently in one during hot days.

Sarah gathered her two k**s around and said, “Your Aunt Heather is on her summer break from college and she thought she might spend some time down here in sunny Florida instead of staying up in cloudy Oregon. We have the room and you have not seen her in a couple of years, so I said come on down. She’ll be here by the end of the week, just in time to celebrate your fifteenth birthday Billy!”

Heather was the youngest s****r in their mother’s f****y. She was the youngest at twenty while, Sarah, their mother was thirty-two and the oldest. It was funny calling someone Auntie when she would be only five years older than Billy, but that’s how it went.

She arrived on time and greeted everyone. “Wow, Billy and Phoebe, you have grown so much since I last saw you guys! You must have a lot of girlfriends and boyfriends, huh? You are all so good looking!”

Heather kissed them all and talked on and on how she missed them all, being so far away. Billy always liked Heather calling her his favorite Aunt. She had long brown hair which flowed over her slender shoulders. Heather was very fit and was part of the tennis team in college. She had the largest of tits of his aunts coming in at a full C-cup. Her stomach was flat and her ass was well rounded and firm.

After a few days of settling in and becoming more familiar with the f****y, she asked Billy if he had his driver’s learning permit yet. Billy had just got it and it allowed him to drive with an adult during the day. “Let’s go for a ride Billy,” she said. Anytime that he could drive he jumped at it and they took off.

“Where too?” Billy asked.

“Just keep driving and follow my directions. I need a little sun and I know this great place,” Heather said.
He drove for about a half hour when Heather told him to pull in to a driveway. He followed it for about a mile until they were in a parking lot for a beach. How she knew about this hidden beach was beyond Billy, but he went along with it.

They got out of the car and Heather had a couple of towels with her. She was wearing a tank top and shorts and did not have a bikini as far as Billy knew.

“I am just wearing my regular shorts, I don’t have my bathing shorts with me,” Billy said.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Just follow me.” And he did.

The closer he came to the entrance to the beach, he saw a big sign. He could not make it out at first, but at last he could read it. In big bold letters it said “NO CLOTHING BEYOND THIS POINT!”

“It’s a nudist beach?” Billy asked.

“Of course, silly! I hate tan lines. They have lockers to put your clothes in and then we can go down to the water.”

They got into the building and there were lines of lockers you could rent. They paid for one and went over to it. Billy just looked at his aunt as if saying “you first.” She did not hesitate at all and took off her top revealing a black laced bra filled with her adequate tits. She quickly undid the clasp and her perky tits were fully revealed. Her nipples stood out straight and there was no hint of any sag on those beautiful breasts. Next she slid down her white little shorts showing her matching black laced thong. The front of the thong barely covered her slit but that did not matter because she quickly had them down to her ankles and then off within seconds. She was completely shaved and her cunt lips were tightly closed.

There stood his twenty year old aunt completely naked and Billy could only stare. His cock had other ideas though; he felt it getting bigger and harder in his shorts.

“Do you need any help?” Auntie Heather asked as she tugged his shirt up and over his head. She noticed the big bulge in Billy’s pants and said, “I’m glad you’re happy to see me.” She grinned and put her hand on his crotch. “My, you have grown!” she said still smiling.

“Now just take off your pants. Just carry the towel in front of you and no one will see your boner, then we can lie down on the sand.” Billy did as he was told and his hard-on stood fully at attention. He folded one of the towels and pretended to just carry it leisurely down to the beach. They got to a relatively isolated part of the beach and put down their towels. Both of them lay down on their stomachs. All around them naked people of all ages from five to seventy-five were walking around and going in the water. But Billy only had eyes for Heather right now.

“Be a sweetheart and rub the suntan lotion on my back so I won’t burn up,” Heather said.

Billy squirted some lotion on her soft glistening naked back. It looked like he had just cum on her, he thought. He started rubbing from her neck and got lower and lower until he got to the lovely crack in her ass. He squirted some more lotion on her ass and fantasized again that it was his hot cum on her. Billy rubbed her ass cheeks and into her firm crack. He went down and could feel her tight asshole as he was rubbing. His cock was about to explode and even though she was just lying there not doing anything, he felt that he might cum at any moment. He got away from her tight little ass and started rubbing her long slender legs. They were firm from all of the tennis she played but not as hard as his cock was.

When he finished, she said, “Thanks honey.” He laid down next to her face down trying to hide his boner. She turned sideways to him showing her entire beautiful naked firm body. “So, Billy, you’re fucking your s****r I hear,” she said out of the blue.

Billy gasped and said, “Who told? Mom or Phoebe?”

“You just did,” she laughed. “I asked Phoebe but I suspected she was lying when she denied it. And as for my s****r, I didn’t know that she knew. Naughty Sarah for keeping secrets from her baby s****r! I thought something was up by the way you two acted together. None of my business really.”

After a few minutes, Heather said, “Billy, I really think I can do something about your boner you know,” she grinned. “How about taking a walk way down on the beach where there’s no one and we can discuss it.”

The both got up and strolled down the beach until they were far away from everyone else. Then she moved the towel Billy was using to hide his hard-on, grabbed his dick and knelt on the sand. She started licking his hard rod from his bursting balls to the knob on top of his dick. Then she plunged down on his stiff meat and started sucking it. Then she tackled him so that he fell to the sand. She got on top of him. He reached out and fondled her big firm tits. She sat on his crotch and started doing her version of a lap dance. His hand went down to her cunt and he put a finger in her. She was dripping wet with twat juices. He took his wet finger and massaged her enlarged clit and she moaned in delight. Then he sunk in two more fingers up her vaginal cave and played with her clit with his thumb.

“I want you inside me Billy,” she said and grabbed his cock and guided it in her hot wet cunt in one easy motion. She was burning hot inside and her cunt muscles quickly tightened around his rock hard dick. Heather climaxed as she fully sat down on him. Feeling her climax almost made Billy cum but he held off, somehow. She started going up and down on his solid dink until Billy could not hold off any longer. He squeezed both of her glistening tits as he shot his load fully into Heather’s tight twat hole. Heather climaxed again as she felt his hot white spew shoot against the walls of her cunt cave.

She moaned with pleasure and fell on top of him. He continued to feel her over, especially her young firm ass. He found her asshole and started fingering it. Even though he was becoming limp inside her, he still wanted his cock in her ass.

Heather eventually got up and his cock slid out of her. “I’m going for a swim to get all this sand off me,” and she left for the water. Billy followed her.

When they got in the water, Heather said, “Billy, you are a very dirty boy you know. You fuck your s****r and then your aunt. Who’s next, your mother?” she k**ded, but by the look on Billy’s face, she knew she hit the truth.
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Another hot and well told instalment.
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