I have a fetish. I love to sniff my s****r's dirty underwear. When she isn't home, I'll rummage through her clothes hamper and pull out all of her panties, sniff them, lick them, shove them in my mouth and jack off in them.

My name is Jimmy, I'm 17 and my twin s****r, Jenny just got her fist job which meant she wasn't home that often anymore. So, relished my fetish. Since both my parents worked, I was home alone a lot of the time. Now, it wasn't at a point where I couldn't get a woman. I had shaggy brown hair and a pretty lean body, but it was just that my s****r was so fucking hot. We have the same color hair, she was lean also but had some great C-cup breast and a really tight ass. Some times she wore clothes that looked like they were painted on.

So lusting after her, but knowing it was wrong, I did find some of her panties on the floor once. a pair of red cotton. I snuck them into my room and sniff the crotch, they smelled like heaven. Inhaling my s****r pheromones got me hard. I kept taking deep breaths, shoving the panties into my face. Soon I started licking the crotch of them. I fell back onto my bed, undid my shorts and started beating off. I stroked myself at a medium pace while I put Jenny's panties in my mouth. I had never been so hard in my life. Knowing that it was wrong made it even better. I began masturbating with intensity. I rubbed my shaft and ran my palm over the sensitive head a little and I looked down to see the pre-cum leaking out. I continued until I blew, it was an incredible orgasm. Up until that moment I never had one that felt so good. So ever since then, I always had at least on pair of my s****r's dirty panties during my masturbation settings.

One day when my s****r was working, I went into her room and grabbed three pairs and went back into my room. I had a pair in my mouth, one of my head so the crotch was right in my face and one in my right hand, rubbing my cock with it. I was so into it, I didn't even hear my s****r come home. It wasn't until her screaming "What the hell are you doing?" That I realized somebody else was home but she caught me at the critical moment when I came. It seems like gallons were coming out and Jenny just looked at me dazed, her eyes fixated on my coming cock before she fled my room in tears and slammed the door to her bedroom across the hall.

She didn't emerge from her room for over an hour. "Sorry," I said when I saw her. "Next time I'll lock my door." She gave a little half smile. I hoped she didn't say anything about the panties which were currently under my bed.

"It's okay, you're a guy you have needs." She sat on my bed. "I never knew you had such a big cock. It's quite impressive. It looked really nice with my panties wrapped around it."

"Well, they are very soft. it helps keep the chaffing down."

"Can I see it again?" I didn't say anything. "I want to see it again and you can use these." She reached under her skirt and handed me her panties. They were white with pink trim and they were moist.

"Are we a little horny?" I asked.

Jenny smiled and nodded and I undid my pants again. I grabbed my dick with her underwear in my hand. I used the crotch area getting the trace of her juices on my shaft. I started slowly as my cock came back to life. "Don't show me anything." I told her as she started to pull up her skirt. She stopped and I could tell by her face she really wanted to play with herself. I continued stroking and I didn't think I was going to last long because my own s****r watching, with her freshly worn panties and moist with her pussy juice; it was seriously hot.

"Faster, stroke it faster." She said getting into it.

I obliged and started beating of furiously. I stoked it so fast my hand was a blur. Her soft cotton panties felt so good. Watching my s****r watching me got me so turned on, I came right into her panties. i cam a lot. It was so mind blowing I had trouble sitting up. Sperm was all over my hand and my s****rs underwear. I was having trouble breathing

After catching my breath, I told Jenny to stand up. I moved the panties down to her feet. She pointed her toes and slipped her right foot in first then her left. I slowly lifted the panties up, leaving some come on her thighs and I did so. I got all the way up to the top and fixed them so the looked like the were made just for her body. I rubbed her thighs getting some of the white mess off then I was a little more bold. I rubbed the wet crotch of her underwear into her pussy. Jenny gasped at first. I gripped onto her left leg to hold her steady as I rubbed her some more. She gasped as her panties squelched and semen covered my hands. I rubbed it, getting her pubes all frothy with my juices, her juices mingling with mine. Her pussy was making her panties wetter and it got to a point where they were going transparent and Jenny came. She collapsed onto my bed as her body was over come with shaking. As it subsided, she grabbed my hand and licked it clean. She kept sucking on my fingers for several minutes more.

"I have a confession," she said. "I have several pairs of your underwear under my bed.
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Very hot!
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Tell us about how you fucked the little slut.
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How nice to meet your horny twin sister.