Precious Memories Part One: My New Mom

When I was eleven, my father had been widowed for about 5 years. My b*****r and I were cared for by a house keeper my father hired due to his frequent business trips, which typically lasted a couple of weeks.
One day, upon returning from one such trip, my dad had someone with him. She was tall, slender bleach-blond beauty from up-state. After briefly introducing his new girl friend to my b*****r and I, he nonchalantly announced that she would be living with us. This came as a shock to me as spontaneous actions were out of my father's character, and I had just become aware of this woman's existence five minutes ago.
“Hello. My name's Anna.” Her pleasant voice and piercing blue eyes instantly won me over. “And you must be Charles.” I lived in a rural setting all my life. No one called me Charles before. “They call me Chuck.” I said with an awkward stare. I felt anxious and uncomfortable. As a sheltered, naive, eleven-year-old boy, I had no idea how to interpret these feelings. In retrospect, I suppose I was turned on.
“Chuck?” She said with a puzzled, almost disgusted look on her face. “Well, we'll just have to change that.” At that moment, I'm sure the look on my face said it all. Who the fuck does this bitch think she is. Come into my house, plop her shit in the living room, says she's moving in, and then thinks she's going to change my fucking name?! Bitch! Chuck is good enough for us country folk but not for you miss stuck up, upstate fucking bitch, (I thought to myself with a sarcastic smile).
Anna suddenly looked uncomfortable and shifted her focus to my b*****r. “And you must be Chris.” “Yes Ma'am, that would be me” I never heard my b*****r talk like that. Yes Ma'am? What a suck-up piece of shit! He was obviously quite hot for the new “mother” figure. Later that day, Anna apologized to me. “Chuck suites you just fine. I did not mean to insult or offend you. I'm sorry Chuck. Shall we start over? Hello Chuck, nice to meet you. My name is Anna” I could feel a swell of guilt over my previous thoughts in light of her sincere apology.
A few days after she got settled in, my father got called out on another job. This one would take about three weeks. Anna was not pleased with Dad's work arrangement at all. Chris and I never minded as we always had Gretchen, the housekeeper, to keep us company.
My b*****r was always off somewhere with his friends which left me alone with Anna. She wasn't used to the slow country life and quickly became quite bored. She would mostly read her romance novels and sunbathe in the back yard. Although I didn't like the way she invaded my life and tried to change my name, I did enjoy watching her lay out in the sun. I would position myself on the couch to appear as though I were watching TV. She was much more entertaining than anything on the three channels of TV. I would rub my hand over my dick while watching her slender body glisten in the sun. Beads of sweat formed on her chest and belly. The sliding glass door to the back yard was difficult to see into during the day so I was sure she couldn't see me. After about the fifth day of this routine, I decided to take my dick out of my pants. I didn't yet know how to jerk off, but I quickly figured it out. My pants were down around my ankles and I was lying on the couch, jerking my cock with my back arched pointing my cock right at her. And then something terrifying happened; I came! It was frightening to me because it was the first time. I was horrified at this white goo exploding out of my cock. I thought I was sick. Not realizing the widow was open, I made what was probably a confused, grunting noise. Anna sat up in her recliner and called my name, squinting to see into the house. “Charles, uh, Chuck? Are you OK?” I felt so shamed and frightened. “Uh yea, fine, I mean, uh, I'm just watching TV.” My shaky, stuttering response must have alerted her further. She got up and headed for the door while still trying to see inside. Oh crap! After leaning forward to cover myself I noticed all the cum on the coffee table, floor, and couch. All I could think to do was to run for my bedroom while pulling up my pants. From my bedroom, I heard the slider open. A very long silence followed. After what seemed like forever, Anna yelled “OK Chuck, if you're alright, I'll just go back outside.” “Close call!” I thought.
Still terrified about the strange fluid shooting out of me, I rushed downstairs into the kitchen to get something to clean up my mess. I ran to the coffee table and stared at the cum on the table. It had been smeared, like someone took their hand and scooped some up. My heart leaped out of my chest. I looked outside at Anna. She had positioned her recliner much closer to the house, about five feet away. But she was not just facing the house, she was exactly in front of my previous spot on the couch. Something else was different. It was her skin. The shine didn't look like that Coppertone lotion she had on before. I stood there in disbelief. Did she....? No!....Did she take some of my cum and spread it on her belly and chest? My cock got instantly hard again. After quickly cleaning up, I stood there, just staring at her. I thought “can she see me from there?” I waved to her. She gave no response. I flailed both my arms around, assessing her ability to see in. After about five minutes of spastic dancing, I was satisfied that she was oblivious to me. While staring at her, I thought about unbuttoning my pants and pulling out my hard cock again, but was too afraid. Anna then scared the hell out of me. “Chuck? Could you come out here and put some suntan lotion on my back?” How did she know I was right there unless she could see me? Realizing there was no point in pretending I wasn't there, I responded “sure. Be right out.”
As I clumsily and nervously rubbed the lotion to her back and legs, she would slowly move her body in response. That made me feel even more ashamed and uncomfortable. Although her tight, firm, darkly tanned skin was intoxicating to me, I was more preoccupied with shamefully hiding my erection than applying the lotion. “Is that enough?” I said with a shaky voice. “I guess so. Thank you Chuck.” She sounded disappointed but I could not wait to get back in the house and jerk off again. I ran to the bathroom, pulling my pants down on the way. I jerked off in the toilet and more of that mysterious fluid shot out of my cock. At that point I surmised that anything feeling that good can't be bad. After that day, I continually fantasized about seeing her naked and touching her all over. Jerking off became my primary occupation. Anna would occasionally give me strange “knowing” looks which were both embarrassing, and a turn on.
When my Dad came back from his trip, he asked Anna to marry him. She accepted and became my new mother shortly after. This changed everything; fantasizing about her was even more sinful and more erotic than ever!
I continued fantasizing about my Mom for the next two years. As my sexual awareness matured, my fantasies became more detailed and elaborate. I developed endless scenarios of how I would approach her. From sneaking into her bed when Dad was away, to just walking up to her naked with an erection, jerking off in front of her. She definitely noticed the way I looked at her. Sometimes she seemed irritated by it, and other times she seemed to like it. But no words were spoken of it.
Until one day, when I was thirteen....

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3 years ago
hot. can't wait to read more.
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks. I cant wait for the rest of it.
3 years ago
very good start & hot
3 years ago
Great start, I look forward to reading about the day you finally se her naked and get to fuck her.