Friend loses her virginity to the car

This is a short telling of what happened
My friends and I needed to get home quickly and we only had a 4 seat car and 6 people.
We managed 3 in the back but my friend amy who had just turned 18 had to sit in-between me and the driver. We were going along nice until I had noticed she had mo panties on under her short white skirt which I began touching.
Our driver had noticed this and slammed on the breaks before going through a red light. Which caused Amy to fall backwards. The drive stick went all the way inside of her pussy breaking clean through her hymen and free flowing bl**d as she cried out in pain. To this day I still make fun of her for it.
The moral of the story is wear seatbelts!!!
Thanks :)
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1 year ago
Interesting story!
2 years ago
Oh my...
2 years ago
Similar story from years ago. I was skiing in Vermont as a teen with my girl friend who fell hard. The Tip of her ski pole went straight thru her ski pants into her pussy. You can pretty much guess the rest. LOL. Made for a great story around high school for a long time.
3 years ago
No, that's PERFECT!
She could go to the ER for treatment, have
WITNESSES and hospital staff/police could take
samples from the stick.
Now it's documented she lost it in a
freak accident.
She can fuck like a rabbit and marry a "nice" guy
and still wear WHITE!!

3 years ago
hahahahaha Great one! ;]
3 years ago
Very instructive story~~ haha..
3 years ago
you are into blood a little bit
3 years ago
you weren't kidding on the "short telling" part
3 years ago
LOL, love it!
3 years ago
what a load of bollocks
3 years ago
ouch but good