Life in L.A

Ahh the beuatiful night sky and parties still are amazing to go to to this day.
but the real treat is what happened no more then 3 months ago in a very particular bar.
I was simply going to a new place that just opened thinking I might as well see what it's like. Boy did i find out.
No less then 2 hours into the place while drinking i spot myself an Angel among the living when This Gorgeous asian woman slender and breasts to drool over with that nice ass came walking over to me.
"hey beutiful, we should ditch here and go somewhere a little more quiet" she told me.
as d***k as i was i couldnt really deny a babe like that so i simply nodded and began walking with her. suprisingly what she meant by ditch was she took me to the women's bathroom as i questioned what she was gonna do she locked the door behind her as i turn to see 3 other ladies standing there. all slender and curvy in the right places.
Unfortunately it wasnt going to be the fun group i thought it would be for as soon as i walked in they rounded on me dragging me to the middle and stripping my clothing off faster then i could when i wanted to sl**p badly.
they held be down bent over the sink and handcuffed me to the nobs on one of the sinks as they grabbed a black bag next to me.
I looked at the bag as they began passing around rather big strap ons. The one that led me here was first she got behind me and roughly shoved hers into my pussy so quickly i had cried out loudly in pain. i was still rather tight as i didnt have sex with guys that much so bl**d was dribbling down my legs and making a small puddle next to my feet. It didnt stop her though and she relentlessly kept pounding away at me like i was a sex dummy. i was moaning loudly and uncontrollably as i came 2 times from the dildo. but that wasnt it for me as each of her friends did the same thing to me.
about 4 hours later they got themselves tidied and naked as each climbed over infront of me and f***ed me to eat each of them out and get them off.
i wont deny one was rather disgusting to do it to but i did it anyway to ensure i wouldnt be harmed.
afterwards they left me their on my knees handcuffs still on and both bl**d and juices from a squirt dildo around me.
i had to wait until the owners came in and saw me.
i was never let in to the bar again but im rather glad and somewhat sad i wont be able to do that again.
80% (10/3)
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2 years ago
Pretty damn crazy man, can't say I find that hot when you mention the blood though :/
3 years ago
What other places do they hang out in? ~_*
3 years ago
Wow,pretty interesting
3 years ago
freekie shit but what your into i supose
3 years ago
wow thats hardcore;)
4 years ago
4 years ago
I've lived in L.A. for years. How come nothing like this ever happened to me? Anyway, good story Melissa!
4 years ago
Very naughty mellisa....i like it. Would love to make our own story la woman
4 years ago
Hot N dirty :)
4 years ago
and every body thinks onty men are rapist thats brutal
4 years ago
thats different.