My First Girl - Part 3

It took me some time to come around. Sharon must of felt like "her work was done," and had left the bathroom. As weak as my legs were, I got out of the shower and went to her room.

I didnt even bother with a towel, I was focused on fucking Sharon. I opened her bedroom door and, there she was, all shiney from the shower with a towel wrapped around her. Her back was to me, she really didnt have time to turn around to see me coming for her.

She was putting a bobble in her hair. I thread my arms though her waist and held her, like she held me in the shower, one hand groping a boob and the other, lifting her towel so i could get to her pussy.

"Oh my" she said with a little giggle. I pulled her hair to the side and her neck was exposed to me, I dont know why, but I bit her, not hard, but enough to snap her out of her giggles and make her realise that "I" was in control. Something a****l came over me, for the first time, I felt like a predator.

As i was nuzzling on her neck, I walked her forward to the bed and repeated what she had just done to me. I gave her a suggestive push onto the bed and pulled off her towel as she fell. I went at her pussy like i was possessed, fingering, rubbing, licking, tongueing. Her cum dribbled down my chin, even tho I was weak from cumming in the shower, I had to rub my clit.

I was still finger fucking Sharon when I saw her dildo under her bed... She had a suprise coming!. I rubbed her dildo on my pussy to get it all juicy, I couldnt resist putting it in me a few times. I knew Sharons dildo was now nice and slippy, I stopped licking her and slipped her dildo right in her pussy. "Oh fuckin hell!" she shouted and threw her head back. Her hands were making fists, grabbing her bedding. I pumped the rubber cock in her pussy, her squeeky moans cheered me on as I did it.

Sharon started to shift her body in rhythm to me dildo fucking her, we were a little out of sync at times, but eventually we got it right. She rubbed her clit and her moans got higher pitched every time. She kept telling me in an orgasmic voice "IM NEARLY THERE!, IM NEARLY THERE!." I was getting too tired to keep up the rhythm, I had to use two hands to thrust the dildo into her, till eventually, with a really shaky exhale, she finally came. she rubbed her clit till the orgasm passed.

I climbed on top of her and kissed her back. Her face was buried in the bedding and, using only a hand to gesture, she said with a muffled voice "That was fucking awesome."
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2 years ago
Love them all, a great story :) x
3 years ago
Great story, maybe I should write about my first time too...
3 years ago
Wow, I got really thrilled reading your stories so far.
Please write more.
3 years ago
ooh bby my pussy is ssooo wet reading you trilogy!!!! :P xxx
3 years ago
Absolutely fantastic!
3 years ago
OMG i came so hard reading this story you naughty girl tehe ;) xx
3 years ago
Hi Jamie, great stories, truly erotic. Shame you're not accepting messages from guys although I can understand why not. Always a pleasure to read your submissions.

3 years ago
I loved your stories. Are they real experiences. That what it seems to me. You are a great erotica writer. Love u!
3 years ago
omg loved these stories! Are these based on a real experience or did you write it as fiction? I love reading erotica
3 years ago
i hope you write more this is an outstanding lil'series lil'lady