My First Girl - Part 2

After catching our breath on the stairs. Sharon took my hand and we went upstairs to her room. She was still naked and went to her bathroom for a shower. She left me there alone in her room, i remember she had a big mirror on her wardrobe, and i looked at myself. I still had the taste of her pussy in my mouth and I was overcome with a sense of achievement. After a bout of giddiness I got into her bed and waited for her. She must of exhausted me out because i fell asl**p before she returned.

I woke up the next morning and saw her lying there next to me, all angelic, sl**ping. I felt a little dirty (in a nice way) so i went for a shower.

In the shower, i was still kinda giddy after the night before and was replaying it in my head. Thats when i saw a shadow on the other side of the shower curtain. I dont know why, but i was petrified and daren't speak. What was going through her head? Was i good? was i bad? was i her first girl too? oh god, what have i done? what has she done to me? In the midst of my blind panic, i barely noticed that Sharon was behind me, holding my boobs and kissing my back. All the questions went from my head as i tilted my head to the side so she could kiss my neck. Even over the noise of the shower i could hear breathing heavy.

I got butterflies in my tummy as one of her hands went down past my belly and settled on my pussy. I twisted my head around, i had to kiss her. She let go of my breast and moved her head down, away from me, kissing my back all the way to my ass, i got the message.

I leaned forward as far as I could, i had to hold onto the adjustable bar for the shower head to keep me from falling. It was a little awkward to breath as the water was running around my head and into my face, but i wasnt moving. I could tell her thumb was in my pussy, but i couldnt really feel her tongue so i leaned a little further and lost my balance on the wet floor. I didnt fall as Sharons' face was now holding me up, buried in my pussy, it felt amazing.

She started rubbing my clit and this drove me insane. I was clinging for dear life to the Shower rail and i felt the shakes coming, i was gonna cum. Sharon had a shelf on the back of her bathtub which was full of shampoos and expensive body scrubs, but i didnt care, i managed to throw them off the shelf and put my hands there to support myself. I was bent over even further now and well supported. Sharon now had full reign on my pussy.

The shakes were getting bigger now and i could allow myself to go with them. Sharon was finger fucking me and i was now able to rub my clit. That was it, i was cumming. I fell to one knee, but that didnt stop Sharon, she fucked me even harder. My pussy tightened up around her fingers and my body spasmed. It was amazing.

I was slumped in a pile at the bottom of her shower/bath, unable to move and all tingly, surrounded by shampoo bottles. I gave her a satisfied smile and we started laughing. I had to return the favour...
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2 years ago
anyone got a link to part 1
3 years ago
what a fantastic turn on!
3 years ago
I have the most amazing scene in my head, I want to dream about it, its HOT!
3 years ago
so detailed...and yummy
3 years ago
MMMMmmmmm fuck i bet even my toy isn't that good :/ xx
3 years ago
Great stories .. incredibly erotic
3 years ago
Excellent stories, keep them comming
3 years ago
keep it up
3 years ago
Can't wait for part 3...
3 years ago
Great story :0
3 years ago
that is awesome