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thanks for stopping by :-)

"Describe yourself" ? Ok, I hope you have brought plenty of time xD You cant describe me... you have to know me :-)

Think I ll just write down what I like... as this is a porn forum I ll directly concentrate on the "important" things ;-)

On the one side... well... I love the soft, never ending and sensual thing... a womans body... after hours on end of stroking and pleasure... stretching against my hands... asking for release like her eyes and mouth do... *sigh*

On the other side I really love the occasional hard play. No, not an aggressive and loud dominatrix only focused on humilation. A sweet girl that wants to live my (and her ?) fantasy... showing me my limits... and if I beg for mercy... well, a sweet smile, sparkling eyes and a soft whisper "You know what you asked me to do if you want me to stop" before she "tightens the screws" a bit more and the fun continues *double sigh* ;-)

So, lets have fun on this board... if you have questions just ask... I think I am not that boring like this description may sound :-)

PS And yes... i know my Nick is not really original ;o)
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27 days ago
Thanks for accepting my friendship application. I also like to explore my limits in the world of bdsm. Like your selection of videos and pictures.
2 months ago
thanks for add me...
4 months ago
Thank you for adding me
5 months ago
Thanks for adding me.
6 months ago
Thanks for the shares.
8 months ago
1 year ago
Thanks for adding me. Nice profile!
1 year ago
This submissive sissy pain slut thanks you for accepting my friend request. I have lots of perverted original pictures and videos of me abusing myself for the pleasure others. I hope you enjoy some of them. Xxoo Pussyboy
1 year ago
Danke für die Einladung, Du hast eine tollen Geschmack, gefällt mir alles sehr gut
1 year ago
Dann wollen wir mal einen netten Gruß senden.

...und sagen"Herzlich Willkommen".

Es freut uns immer wieder wenn wir hier Freunde
finden für die sich die Arbeit lohnt hier etwas
zur Entspannung beizutragen.

Für uns ist es immer ein nettes Zeichen wenn diese
Sex-Freunde unsere Arbeiten im Gegenzug ein wenig kommentieren.

Viel Spaß auf unserer Seite.

…Lady-Monic und Diener Horst
1 year ago
Danke fürs Annehmen-.
1 year ago
Thanks for the comment!
1 year ago
charlotte novak. thanks for checking it out
1 year ago
8=======D - - - - - Sometimes a woman's just gotta beat a man! Thanks for accepting us! ;D
1 year ago
thx for accepting :)
1 year ago
love your videos hope you'll accept my invite and also check out my live cam shows where I do it all and many things beyond what you've seen before :) http://penispain.cammodels.com/
2 years ago
Thank you for your comments x
2 years ago
Great videos!
2 years ago
great profile..I like your videos a lot!!
2 years ago
excellent wideos there esp the hard cock whiping oh how i love to hurt cocks
2 years ago
Thanks for adding me...great vids.
2 years ago
2 years ago
It had been a stressful week at work and now he was stuck in traffic getting more frustrated. At least the working week was over and he had the weekend to look forward to. They had no plans and he was looking forward to spending a quality weekend with his wife.

Eventually, he arrived home and pulled his car onto the drive. He got out of the car and picked up his suit jacket off of the back seat. His mouth was beginning to water at the thought of a nice cold beer, which was waiting for him just the other side of the door.

He slotted his key into the lock and turned it. The door swung open and he walked in. "Hi Sweety", he shouted as he turned around and relocked the door behind him. No answer. That was unusual. He shouted again, "Hi Honey". Still no answer. He wandered into the living room, and peered out of the window. Her car was on the drive so she must be in. He continued to wander around the house looking for his wife and calling for her, but his calls remained unanswered. She must be upstairs.

He headed to the hall and started climbing the stairs. That's when he saw it. A shining chrome object placed on the 4th or 5th step. He started to climb the stairs to retrieve the object. Underneath the object was a note.

He examined the object and it dawned on him what it was. No it couldn't be. Could it? He had told his wife about his curiosity of having his cock locked in a chastity cage, but he never imagined his fantasy would ever become a reality. And here it was, a shiny chrome cage. It was small. His cock would never fit in that, especially not when erect. He examined the cage more closely. It was in 3 parts. There was a chrome ring which was hinged at the bottom. He guessed that locked around the base of his cock and his balls. It looked like it was going to be tight. The second piece was a chrome cock shaped cage. The cage was around 3.5 inches long. That looked even tighter. The final piece was a small padlock.

He continued to study the cage. The hinged ring had 2 eyelets and he worked out that those eyelets passed through the hole at the top of the cage. The padlock then passed through the eyelets, locking the cage in place. He was impressed at the quality of the product and the design. Once this baby was on there would be no getting it off, without the key. He realised that the key was not present.

He then turned his attention to the note. It contained only a few words.

Bathroom, shower, shave (not just your face), cage on, meet me in the bedroom!

His cock swelled as he read the words. He really couldn't believe this was happening to him. His wife was a real little minx, she loved to play and he loved her for it. It dawned on him that he had still not seen or heard from his wife. She must have been hiding in their bedroom. He was desperate to stick his head around the door and say hello. However, her instructions didn't allow for this and he didn't want to deviate.

He gathered together the components to the cage and headed upstairs to the bathroom. He stripped off and looked at himself in the mirror. His cock was still hard and was showing no signs of drooping! He offered up the cage at the side of his cock. His cock was not large but it was much bigger than the cage into which he had to fit it. He really needed to concentrate his mind and lose his erection.

He moved to the shower and started the water running. He tested the temperature of the water. The process of turning on the shower had taken his mind off of his situation and his cock started to deflate. He climbed into the shower and the hot water felt good on his skin. By now his cock was almost flaccid. He looked at his cock. It was still going to be a tight squeeze if he wanted to get it into the cage!

He remembered his next instruction. Shave (not just your face). By that he knew that his wife expected him to shave his cock and balls. He had done this for her before. He wasn't sure if she liked it or not, but it certainly made him feel naughty and horny and she knew it.

He used his wife's shaving foam to lather up his cock and balls. Then he took a razor to the sensitive area of skin above his cock. 5 minutes later he stood back and admired his work. Not a single hair or area of stubble in sight! He was pleased with his work and fondled his smooth cock, forgetting that he needed his cock to be small not hard!!

He got out of the shower and dried himself off. Although not fully erect there was still little chance that his cock would fit inside the cage. Still he thought he would give it a try. He opened the hinged cock ring and placed the hinge at the base of his balls. He slowly closed the ring around his balls and cock. The ring was tight but he managed to get it closed. He then took the cage section and attempted to slide it over his cock and lock it into place. As he did this his cock started to swell and the cage came nowhere close to fitting onto his cock. He needed to do something to shrink it. Then he had an idea.

He returned to the shower, taking the cage with him. He started the shower running but this time the water was cold. Very cold. He aimed the shower head at his cock. The cold water took his breath, but started to work immediately. It was shrinking. He was shivering and his hands began to tremble because of the cold, but he was determined to get the cage locked in place.

Now was the time and he jumped out of the shower. He took the cage and quickly placed it over his cock. The ring was still in place and the eyelets of the ring slotted through the hole in the cage. Without thinking he quickly snatched up the padlock, slotted it through the eyelets to lock the cage in place. It was on. It was only at that point that he thought about what he had just done. He cock was locked in a steel cage and without the key there was no way he could get it off. His wife would unlock it for him though. Wouldn't she?

The cold water was still having an effect and for the time being his cock remained flaccid. The cage felt ok. Not too tight.

He dried himself off, dabbing the cold water off of his body. He looked at himself in the mirror. This was an odd feeling. He knew he had no control over this. He was at the mercy of his wife. The thought excited him.

The cage felt heavy and his balls were pulled tight. As he walked, he could feel his balls rubbing against his legs. He was starting to warm up and although not erect his cock was starting to grow again. Time to go see his wife!

He left the bathroom and walked along the corridor to their bedroom where he knew his wife was waiting for him. He paused at the door and prepared himself before entering. Then slowly he walked in.

He was stunned as he walked into the bedroom. His wife was waiting for him and she looked amazing. His wife was laid on the bed. She was wearing a matching black bra and panty set. The panties were small. Very small, leaving little to the imagination. But they were large enough to cover her most intimate parts. The bra was a balconette bra. His wife's breast were not huge but were perfectly formed and beautifully pert. The bra she was wearing pushed her breasts together creating an enticing cleavage. On her legs she wore a pair of fantastically horny black socks, which were pulled up over her knees. On her feet she had a pair of bright red stilettos, which contrasted her black outfit perfectly.

Her makeup was different too. Usually she wore a minimal amount of makeup on her face which he liked. But not tonight. Tonight she was wearing very dark eye makeup. Her eyes were surrounded by a sea of black make up, accentuating her beautiful eyes. Her lips were red, to match the colour of her shoes. He was stunned. His wife had really put a lot of effort in and it was not wasted on him. She looked stunning!

The sight of his beautiful wife was too much. His cock began to grow. His cock expanded in its cage and pressed tight up against its restraint. His growing cock pulled the steel ring fastened around the base of his balls tight. My God it was tight. His cock and balls were bulging but simply had nowhere to go. It was an unusual sensation, not painful just tight. Very tight. He began to like it but wasn't sure how long he could take it for.

His wife looked at him and smiled. A knowing smile. She had the key, was in charge and she knew it. She climbed up from the bed for a closer look at his caged cock. She cupped his balls and gave them a little squeeze. They felt tight. She then took hold of the cage. She slid her fingers slowly backwards and forwards along the steel. She knew he couldn't feel a thing and smiled as she thought how frustrated he must be.

"Well my dear, how do you like your predicament? This is what you wanted. Isn't it?" He smiled at her, "Yes, I suppose it is" he said. "Good. Well tonight your cock is mine. I have the only key for the lock. If you are a good boy I might release you before the night is over. On the other hand I might not. We will see!" Her words sent a shiver down his spine. Would she really keep him locked up all night? He had no idea what she would do. But what choice did he have? None.

"Get on the bed. Lay on your back" she said in a stern voice. He did as she commanded and climbed on the bed. He could feel the weight of the cage on his cock and as he laid back his cock fell onto his freshly shaved pubic area. His wife climbed onto the bed and positioned herself between his legs. She took his caged cock in her hands and began to play with it. He could feel his cock moving but couldn't feel her touch. His cock was dying to explode and he felt a drop of pre-cum trickle onto his leg.

His wife crawled up the bed and straddled his stomach. She looked amazing in her sexy outfit. She lifted her hips and placed her panty covered pussy onto his caged cock. She started rocking, rubbing her pussy along the length of his caged cock. He watched her face as her eyes closed. She was enjoying this and began to concentrate on her movements which increased in speed. Watching his wife enjoying herself like this really turned him on. If his cock wasn't locked in this cage he would be feeling his wife's movements. The ring pulled tight around his balls as his cock throbbed. Then his wife slowed and stopped. Why? He was sure she would continue until she came.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Your useless cock is no good to me like this. Look at it, the pathetic little thing! What use is that?" He was shocked at his wife's words and tone. She had never spoken to him in this way before. "But I want to cum, and your pathetic cock just isn't up to the job!" she climbed off of him, turned around, and straddled his face. He could smell the beautiful scent of her wet pussy. She was clearly enjoying this. She pulled her panties to one side and pressed her wet pussy onto his mouth. "Lick it. Fuck me with your tongue; it's bigger than your useless little cock!" He stuck out his tongue and slid it between her wet pussy lips until he found her erect clit. He started licking her clit backwards and forwards and she began to grind her pussy into his mouth.

She leaned forward and grabbed his restrained cock. She started to pull on it. He winced in pain, but that didn't stop her. She was concentrating on her approaching orgasm. He knew she was close. Her pussy was dripping and her continued to lick her. She stopped moving. This was it, she was about to cum. Then it happened, she moaned with pleasure and as she climaxed pressed her pussy into his gaping mouth so he had some difficulty breathing. He could tell she had orgasmed hard. He enjoyed pleasuring his wife, but he also enjoyed a little pleasure himself. Unfortunately his cage was working perfectly and he hadn't felt a thing.

She pulled her panties back into place and climbed off of him. She lay on the bed next to him, smiling, feeling satisfied. But she wasn't done with him yet.

"So my little fuck toy. I'm guessing you are desperate to be released."

"I am" he said. "Please let me out, I need to cum. Please."

She placed her hand inside her bra and pulled out a small key. It was the key for the padlock. "Is this what you were looking for?" she said. She grabbed his caged cock and moved the key towards the padlock. He felt relieved, he needed to be released. He needed to cum. She placed the key in the lock, but left it there. She looked at him, and kissed him hard on the lips. She pulled away and smiled. "Not yet, I'm afraid." And she removed the key from the lock.

No, surely she wasn't going to do this to him? He felt sure he would be released, he had readied himself for the amazing orgasm he was about to have. She couldn't tease him like this. He needed to cum more that he had ever needed to cum before.

"I'm afraid, I'm not done with you yet, fuck toy! That cock isn't due for release! Now get up and stand next to the bed. Place your hands behind your back."

Feeling amazingly frustrated, he did as she said. What else did she have in mind? She climbed off of the bed and crossed his wrists over behind his back. Then she took the belt from her dressing gown. She wrapped it tightly around his wrists tying them firmly in place behind his back.

"Now, follow me fuck toy." She said.

She headed off downstairs and he carefully followed behind her. His arms were pulled tight around his back and his caged cock was stuck out in front of him. His cock was still very erect and was pressing tight up against the inside of the cage.

She headed into the dining room where their laptop was set up and sat on a chair in from of the pc. "Stand here behind me. And don't move."

What was she doing? He had no idea. He saw her open Google and type something into the search engine. Because of his angle to the screen he couldn't see what her search was. A number of results were obtained and she clicked on the first result. The web page opened.

It was an adult chat site! What was she doing? He was getting nervous; obviously she had something planned for him.

She knew he would be curious as to what she was doing. She was nervous herself but had made her mind up to go through with this. She logged onto the chat room as 'incontrolwife' and watched as the chat messages started to scroll up the screen. She began to type her own message into the dialogue box – "We are a married couple in our early 30's. My husband is with me but his cock is locked in a steel chastity cage. I'm looking for a well hung guy to play with me on webcam and show my husband what he is missing. If you are interested in participating, my Hotmail address can be found in my profile" She hovered the mouse pointer over the send button. Could she really send this? Her husband had, in the past, joked about wanting to expose her, but they had never actually done it. Was it a fantasy of his or was it just a joke? Was this a step too far? Would he be mad? Then she clicked and her message popped up in the screen. She would find out soon.

She logged out of the chat room and opened up MSN messenger to log into the account she had created especially for this occasion.

What had she typed? What was she doing? He had no idea. He saw her log out of the chat room and log into MSN messenger. He didn't even know she had a MSN messenger account!

When she logged in to her account, she was shocked at how many people had added her to their account. There were at least a dozen addresses for her to choose from. She clicked the name at the top of the list and started to type into the box

-Hi. I'm guessing you added me after reading my message in the chat room.

-Yes, you sound like an interesting lady

-Thanks. I take it you are interested in my proposal.

-I certainly am!

-Then let's begin

She clicked the button to start the webcam chat and an image popped onto the screen. Her cam was set up so the guy had a great view of her tits and body, but couldn't see her face. She didn't know who she would end up chatting with and wanted to remain anonymous.

Her husband couldn't believe what he was seeing. He couldn't read the text but he could see the pictures. Was his wife really doing this? It appears she was and oh my god it excited him. He could see his wife's image on the screen. The camera was set up so her face was not on show, but the guy at the other end was getting a great view of his wife dressed in only panties and bra. The guy's camera was zoomed in on his cock, which for the time being was covered by a pair of black boxer shorts, but the tent in his shorts gave away just how excited he was.

-Is your husband really locked in a cock cage?

-Yes. Want to see?

-Well I am curious.


"He wants to see your caged cock. Come here and stand in front of the camera fuck toy so he can see!"

She dragged him in front of the screen. He felt completely humiliated by a strange man seeing him like this. She moved him away from the camera and she sat back down. "Now watch." She said to her husband. "If you are good I might allow you to play with your cock like this later!"

-Now you have seen him, show me what you have.

Without any warning, the guy pulled down his boxers to reveal his hard cock. She gasped. It was large. Well it looked large anyway. She sat and stared as he began to stroke his hard cock. Watching a complete stranger like this began to excite her and without thinking she slid her hand inside her panties. He pussy was wet and her finger found her clit and began to stroke. The guy on the screen was now wanking hard and she could see a drop of pre cum form on the end of his cock. Her heart was beating, would this guy cum for her live on webcam? He kept wanking hard, whilst she played with her pussy. He wouldn't be able to see her pussy but he would be able to see her arm moving and it wouldn't be difficult for him to work out what she was doing. She started to moan.

Her husband stood and watched. He was shocked. His wife was sat in front of their laptop in her panties and bra, with her hand stuffed down the front of her panties whilst she watched a complete stranger wank his hard cock. He could tell his wife was getting into this and that excited him. His own cock was still caged and now he had pre cum freely dripping from the end. Oh how he wished it was his cock that was being stroked.

The guy sent her another message.

-Let me see your tits

Without hesitating, she moved her right hand to her left breast and pulled down the cup of her bra exposing her pert breast and hard nipple to him. She pinched and tugged on her nipple moaning as she did. Oh my God. Her husband was gobsmacked, this stranger had a clear view of his wife's hard nipple and furthermore she was playing with it for him. His cock was throbbing, dying to be released. But his hands were tied. His cock was caged and all he could do was watch as some guy furiously wanked his cock whilst watching his wife play with herself.

She knew the guy was getting close, then without warning, the guy on the screen pulled back on his cock hard and shot his load. Thick white cum squirted out of his cock. She was slightly shocked that a stranger would do that for her and felt slightly disappointed that he had finished before she had had time to reach orgasm herself. Without another word, the guy turned off his cam and the screen closed. Typical bloke, she thought to herself. She pulled her bra up to re-cover her breast and removed her hand from her panties. He could see her fingers were slick with glistening pussy juice

She turned to her husband and smiled. She tried to gauge his response. She looked at his cock and noticed the drips of pre cum on the floor. Clearly he was into this. She decided to continue but before doing so he bent over and kissed her husband. She moved away and as she did for the guy on the screen she exposed her breast by pulling down her bra. "Suck it" she said to him. He bent over and placed her nipple into his mouth sucking and nibbling as he knew she enjoyed. Before long she pulled away, re-coved herself and sat back down. He loved it when her nipples were hard and her actions made his cock ache to be released. His cock wasn't particularly large but it was much larger than the 3.5 inch length of the cage. He needed to be released!
2 years ago
"A whip makes a sound... but the slave turns it into music"...Great quote!!! Great page!!!
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Danke fürs Aufnehmen!
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very nice Vids !
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Love your choice in videos
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Nice clips

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