A tribute almost cost me..

True Story

I just, I mean JUST got into doing tributes, and I love it!

Knowing how much ladies love my cum all over them has turned into a major turn. I day or two ago, I did my first official tribute and posted the pic on my profile.

Since, I've been listening to requests and looking for epic pictures to leave my k**s on.

About an hour ago, I accepted my second official request/tribute, and starting preparing for it.

I clicked on one of her sexiest photos, saved it and printed it - full size of course. ;-)

I opened a couple videos to watch while I rubbed one out, but I'm not even sure the extra stimulation was necessary with all sexy chat that was going on.

I opened a vid and put it full screen on my desktop, so I could get it the moment.
Soon enough, I was starting to stiffen up and I slid open my phone to get ready to make a little vid.

I moved over to my dining room table (for some good lighting - camera's bad enough as it is), and I took a vid of me rubbing my cock on her face as a tease.

I paused the on-screen action, sent the vid to my email, then forwarded it to hers.

I answered a message or two, then resumed her vid full screen to keep the party going. I softened up when I stopped to answer message, but as soon as she sucked on her finger I was rock hard again. I watched her play with herself while I stroked my thick dick, and I felt her pleasure. When she moaned - I heard it, and when she shook with pleasure - I felt it.
Minutes later, I started to feel my cum stirring up in my balls. I could feel that an orgasm was only a dozen or so strokes away.
I stopped to prep my phone (because I have to keep the vids short - 15 seconds or under), so I could try and catch my cum shooting out of me.
I HAD to leave a comment on her vid, because it got me so close to cumming that I forgot why I was watching the vid in the first place.

I left the comment, took my prepped phone in my right hand and started to stroke again, waiting for the pulsating orgasm to start so I could start rolling the camera.

As I started to drip pre-cum, watching this lovely lady get off - I hear a car pull up in my driveway.
I look to my right over my shoulder out my living room window, and see my mother's car in the driveway.
I closed all my browsers, grabbed my phone and the 8 by 10 1/2 inch photo of my naked sexy new friend, and hauled ass to my room, with my shirt over my head, my briefs at my knees, and BBC swinging.

I hid the photo under my mattress, fixed my clothes, and went back to the living room to open the front door for my mother.
I unlock, open it, and I find: her my uncle and one of her church friend's in the driveway.
I said hi, and was pretty much f***ed to give hugs and shake hands with everybody with sex on my mind and probably a little pre-cum on palms..lol.

I closed the door behind everyone who came in, went back to my room, turned on my tv and locked my door.

Now I'm writing up this crazy story, with my heart still pumping.
BUT, I still have a tribute to do, so I'm gonna open up the masturbation vid I was watching, and appreciate the silent pleasure that probably is the reason I didn't get caught with my pants down. ;-)
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2 years ago
good one
3 years ago
lol.. nice one