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This blog is dedicated to this Canadian couple of extreme throatfuck puke blowjobs. I know her name and have interviewed her. TBD wether or not I will release her full info. Ask me anything and I probably have an answer about her/them. Please add any and all infonto forums as necessary. This archive is also on empornium. IF ANYONE ELSE KNOWS HER NAME PLEASE SHARE AND I WILL CONFIRM.

Torrrent archive (last I checked, it worked about a year ago): http://rarbg.com/torrent/hwrqegx2461aumfozcknblt98ys53ivd7jp3btspx7qjevmih4g58wlad1kco9fnu6zr2y

http://clips4sale.com/studio/5971#startingpo... Continue»
Posted by xxxme 3 years ago

New version of xHamster is here!

Hey guys and girls!

The new version of xHamster is officially launched! Which means a BIG changes! Are you ready for them? We hope so!

Here is a complete list of all new features in updated xHamster:

1. New design. That's probably the most impressive part. And it's definately better one time to see than hundred times to hear.

Posted by xHamster 1 year ago

Munts FILTHY links

Hi fuckers,

I was recently sleuthing through the amazing page of the one and only Gonzoholic when i came across (quite literally) a fucking great idea. he has started a list of incredible porn witch is not available on Xhamster. this got me to thinking that i should start a similar list. not to detract from the hard work of Gonzoholic but rather to augment it.

the link to gonzoholic's awesomeness can be found here:

gonzoholic so anyways this list will grow progressively bigger but feel free to add links in the comments section below if you know of any filth which meets t... Continue»
Posted by _munt_ 3 years ago