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the last winner of the xham contest get an gold cup icon
profile updated (26.03.2014)
post : xhamster cam crashed with adobe flash player : the solution
post : the new xham rules for livecams contest
New system of vote for GMA list of cam models
GMA recruit


Now you can give ur vote in thments for one model only, and give a red point if you no like or a green point if you like the model!

No Like point
Like point


[G] JessieIsBack

[G] am3lia
[G] ArielHotty
[G] Augusta69
[G] chrishervault
[G] Felicida

[G] 1hottie4fun
[G] BigSquirt4You
[G] brainsss
[G] GinaMilano
[G] hotnoielya
[G] jadorememasturber

[G] xsnowbunnyx
[G] AmyraX
[G] BeatriceKiss
[G] elsamea
[T] Fresh9inchDoll
[G] nicole_
[G] NikiBaumann
[G] schnucki88
[G] sexydesire69
[G] Sexylady4u
[G] SimoneBeauvoir
[G] sweetlizzy
[G] Vfhuj
[C] alex_sandra
[G] Barbaracouch
[G] BigBoobiesX
[G] lexystar
[C] matros2
[G] MichelleF
[G] NaughtyOfely
[G] otheralexx
[C] passengers23
[G] PornClarisa
[G] redheadkelly
[C] ricancouple
[G] s4sgirlxo
[G] seinsdeluxe99
[C] Sex_y_Paradise
[G] sonyabarbie
[G] Taisa333
[G] TaylorXX
[C] teenyboppers123
[G] WhisperSweet
[G] xChinchilla
[G] Carlaswing PPD
[G] Irrene TW
[G] LaraBono TW
[G] WantYouu TW
[T] Bcifuretarded, abusing models and members, post shit
[T] Rock_Bitch

NB: G=>Girl/C=>Couple/T=>Trans
= xHam poop (published personal datas: PPD, insults gm, unfair show, liars, gma poop award,TW... etc)
: Winner of the last xHamster contest

... incomplete list (ask for add models you like in thMENTS)

Aim of the Association

The aim of the GMA association is to make xhamster a better place and this profile is here for have a way to communicate between the goldmembers and the pro models in order to avoid the problems and missunderstanding.

Indeed, you can ask for add models you like in the GMA list.
All the members of the Association can vote.


GMA Recruit

- people with photoshop skills for GMA skin evolution (badge, avatar, pics ...)
- people for recruit new members and send news of GMA for all the GMA members

If you are interested, thanks to send us a pm !



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10 days ago
Stopping by and saying hello from the site's most popular couple. Come hang out, chat and see why we are the best. :)
17 days ago
17 days ago
1 month ago
MIcaah ++++++++++++++++++
1 month ago
Here is a proof:

1 month ago
Can models could confirm or unconfirm that :

" mely123they have said roxC is sweetroxxy's gold member account and number_one is jaddherock's account
6 days ago
mely123i can confirm ive seen them those 2 models tip each other "

need more proofs (printscreen...)
2 months ago
what is that ?

"fagfromquebec commented my profile
hello http://xhamster.com/user/roxc is another account of model http://xhamster.com/user/sweetroxxy.... she tipped model http://xhamster.com/user/jaddherock and that model tipped her with http://xhamster.com/user/number_one account..... isnt that unfair and against the rules that models tip each other ? please Report them"

can someone could confirm that? or have evidence?
7 months ago
http://xhamster.com/user/gypsyking1 spying on other models for one other
7 months ago
All the members of the Association can vote.
7 months ago
May I add another red point to EliseRider? Just kidding, not worth my vote.
I request a green point to Diamond_Desiree, please.
8 months ago
OK....I have to ask, what is up with the new GMA status? What are you asking about seeing the GMA on live cams? Who is thinking about doing the shows?
8 months ago
only 15days account for this model, we tried to add model with a longer experience on xham, around 50days
8 months ago
lets wait 50days for her account ;)
8 months ago
thank you for sharing your cam experience
9 months ago
true - my fault... i missed one "l"... it's "BellleAnne"
9 months ago
I'd like to give a point to YourTeacherX
9 months ago
I assume you misspelled the name? This lady is not a model and has not been active in 70 plus days?
9 months ago
hello everyone! green point to BelleAnne - she's new for almost 4 weeks, talkative and a nice person at all. have a look at her ;)
9 months ago
FYI, new cam model PhoenixRose bans people for no reason. I was in her room for 30 seconds and said NOTHING and then the screen went blank. The same thing happened to a friend of mine. We had one of the other members why she was banning people, and he said she shrugged her shoulders and held her hands up, and made a silly smirk on her face. Then she said nothing else and went back to camming. xHam poop!!!!
9 months ago
By now everyone knows about the horrible changes in Live Cams. There are petitions on the Suggestions page to change it back the way it was. Save Live Cams before it is too late!!!
9 months ago
9 months ago
FEIBELLA AND HER MANAGER Mr FullofTesterone 0% estrogen Kevin. looool
9 months ago
no, i wont add one
9 months ago
you are not in GMA, you deleted us...
9 months ago
To my regret Jessie is no longer active - please move my point to Elise.
9 months ago
false, he was member when he voted for his green point, after if he removed the GMA account, its his choice

then i wont accept any more comments about that story on GMA, you can tell what u want in ur blog, i will read it, and answer to you there, but as i said you are not the center of GMA and i dont want u pollute the profile

The list is just an appreciation list, nothing more, and we are free to express our opinion, positive and negative, it will always show an opinion of some members, and not for the whole persons from xhamster. We are agree in that point.

Then, i really dont care about your business, its not my problem. My problem is your link with rock bitch and your talks with her about gm and gma.
You seems to be not shocked when your "love" rock made a shit list in her profile, but for a red point, u already ask capo for try to moderate us. And that show ur mentality, when we are not agree with you, you want just close our mouth.
How u can complaint after for your right to comment on this profile when u are the first to want to ban us from this website ?

think of that, and answer to your blog
9 months ago
you are not a member of GMA

you can send me all the goldmembers you want for post your opinion on here, i have read your post, and its just an addition of lies, and you are trying to fake the reality of the things. You know exactly what you are doing here with rock bitch (oh funny you never mentionned that name in your post ??? why???) Then you try to explain that i am not respecting the models when u take my sentences about Lisssa models without to show all the insults she made about us and our association. Don't try to make you look more important than you are, and also, i am nobody in this website, and it would be more easy to me to be an ass licker than make the GMA. But i prefer to make something for help fair people. You said i never came in your room, its not true, and what i read are totally disgusting. Now, you should understand, you are not the center of my life, you acted wrong and you should assume it. You are the first to say you dont care about GMA but you are making a blog for cry about us. I dont say you are a bad model and that you cant give good show for some goldmembers/fans, but if you get a red point its not for nothing, and you know it. Indeed, im not against the idea to add green point to you if goldmembers of our asso want give their green point to you.

GMA Staff
9 months ago
you already gave ur green point to jessielance
9 months ago
Hello GMA - I would like to place a green point vote for EliseRider.
9 months ago


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