I know! If anyone had asked me if I could ever believe a person could actually fantasize about being ****D I would have positively said NO!
But this story took place several years back when I was in my twenties, with a girlfriend who I shared many fantasies with. She was a cute little cougar, some 10+ years older than me.
She was healthy but not firm, more of the tender cushiony type. Her breasts were B-cup, but this was delightful to me as I loved petite women, and she was! She had sandy blond hair, and her name was Francis.
Now I had taken Francis to shows in the FOX and dined at fine restaurants. She enjoyed my level of entertainment. We went to see live bands in concert and spent the nights fucking like cats. She never discussed marriage and we never made love. We fucked.
One night I had taken her to a show and we were in bed after, she asked me what my wildest fantasy was.
I told her I really hadn’t thought about it much, that she was fantasy enough for me. She liked this answer although she knew it was total bull! I like most men wanted 2 women in my bed at the same time. I wanted them to not only love on me but on each other as I watched and helped. I was just too shy to admit this to a woman.
You could ask any of my guy friends and all of them would tell you this was not only my fantasy but theirs too!
So I asked her what her fantasy was, if any. I expected some story about love and romance and passion in a wild tropical setting, on a beach maybe. What she told me shocked me like she had slapped me in the face!
Francis said, “I would like to be ****D!”
I looked at her with total stupidity washed all over my face I am sure! I don’t remember saying anything. I probably blathered and whistled and laughed that insane cackle of a laugh one laughs when they feel they’ve been caught on candid camera, “You’ve just been PUNKED!”
She said, “No, not like that stupid!” as she punched me in the arm. Hay, it hurt. Then she continued, “I’d like to be taken by a handsome man, a big man with strong round shoulders and muscular arms, who has a powerful big manly hard cock to fuck me with.”
I felt small in every way as she said all this, “And I want to feel him take me like I’m just a toy for him to play with, and he holds me and smothers my lips and ears and neck with his sucking licking kisses, making me feel so desired, yet used.”
I was so hard listening to her nasty fantasy that so obviously didn’t include me, “Then I’d feel him push my legs apart wedging his body between my thighs, and as he continued to explore my mouth with his probing tongue I’d feel the fat head of his huge hard cock first opening the lips of my cunt and spreading his slippery pre-cum through them, then I would feel it open my pussy and begin to slide into my vagina stretching me and filling me. And I would have no way of stopping this even if I could!”
I guess I was nodding my head, while I had no idea what she was getting so descriptive for. Did she think this fantasy would have some similar effect on me? Well, it didn’t! I never imagined anything like this ever, much less from her perspective!
I do remember her eyes closing as she was talking and her hand slipping between her thighs. Her thighs spread until her leg was firmly pressed against mine and I reached down and firmly pressed down on her lower tummy right above her pubic bone.
She continued, “He holds me so I can’t move, can’t get away from him, not that I would want to, but he is in total control and I have no control. His cock is still sliding into me as I feel his powerful fingers cup and squeeze my titties. I feel him finally so deep inside me he feels like he is up inside my ribs and his pubic hair is grinding into my clitoris. His hands squeeze me making me tingle and his tongue explores my mouth as my own strokes his teeth. Then he is thrusting into me and it is so wonderful.”
I remember watch as her hand strummed her clit like a guitar. The fingers of her other hand where pinching her nipples so hard it made her squeak. Her fingers in her pussy were moving so fast I could hardly see them aside from a blur.
Her words were airy and she would snatch gasps to continue her story. I pulled my hard aching dick out and stroked to her fantasy, odd as it was.
You know, up till this time I didn’t know I had a small dick. I knew it was smaller than the movie cocks but those could be FX enhanced. At least that’s what I believed. Anyway, I just thought I was a normal man with normal equipment. Sorry, I digress.
I listened as Francis said, “He slips me to the ground and lies on top of me. I feel like he is a big powerful blanket covering me and filling me and driving me to ecstasy. Oh Joe he is fucking me and it is sooo, this stranger, Mmm sooo Hooo YEsssss ung he is…”
I remember from that night on dreaming about her being taken like this as I watch, and then every time I fucked this amazing woman of my dreams I would do my best to hold her down and cover her as I pile drived into her. But it just wasn’t the real fantasy, now how could it be? First she knew me, and then I was me and not the big powerful manly man she fantasized about.
Well, a few months later it was coming up on her birthday, and I wanted to get her a real surprise! I got tickets to a concert, and told her that was not all. She wanted to know, for me to tell her what I had gotten her. I kept her begging like a good little slut.
She would beg and wine and I would say, “Come suck my dick little girl and I might tell you.” She would and I would not, and it would drive her crazy with sexual desire as well as curiosity.
See, I had a good friend who was between girls and she had never met. I told him about her fantasy and he thought it was weird but asked what I had in mind.
I told him, “I would like to take her to the local bar for a warm up drink. At this bar we will find a booth while you sit at the bar. You send over a strawberry daiquiri, her favorite drink, from an anonymous admirer. We will look over the men at the bar and speculate who it might have come from.”
He was intrigued so I concluded, “I will ask her what she thinks of each one and if she likes you I will give you the thumbs up. If not I will give the thumbs down and the night is over.”
He said this could work, and asked what I planned to do next.
I said, “I will send her to the powder room to take off her panties and signal you then. If we are a go, I want you to go to the park down the road and wait for the **** scene.”
He was cool with everything. We had worked out the details, so I will give them now to you in the story of what actually happened the night of Phyllis’s fantasy birthday.
She drove to my house right from work, and she wanted to make out, to get us both warmed up. She wanted to suck me and fuck me, but I told her we were on a tight schedule.
She had brought her cloths, so we showered together. Then I dressed quickly so I could watch her getting ready. I sat on the bed as she waltzed around me putting on stockings and garter, panties and bra, skirt and blows, and finally her 4 inch pumps that made her look as tall as me.
We drove down the road to the bar, found a nice booth and sat. We ordered and the waitress brought our drinks. I asked Francis if she had any idea what I got her for her birthday. She said no, but was ready to beg me to come out with it!
I told her I was going to give her her **** fantasy. She giggled unbelievingly.
I said I was going to ply her with alcohol so she would be easier to seduce, and then I planned to take her to the park, tie her up, pull her dress up exposing her naked pussy, and fuck her right there in the dark.
She was all giggles with excitement. She said, “That sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s go now.”
I told her I wanted to take it slow and let the excitement build. I told her I planned to wine and dine her first, and that would be later, after the good stuff. She snickered at this too.
About that time we got an unordered drink delivered. The waitress said, “It’s for the lady from her secret admirer.” Phyllis looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders to say I didn’t order it.
I said, “It could be any of the men in here.” I pointed out it wouldn’t be any of the men with dates, so that left most of the men at the bar and none in the booths. We looked them all over and I asked, “Who do you think it’s from?”
She said this one was ugly and that one was fat, the next was too thin and so on and so forth. I said, “It could be any of them wishing it could be them fucking you tonight,” to witch her review of the men got more scrutinizing.
When she came to my friend in the mid bar area with his gaze on the waitress, never looking our way directly, but as an admiring look at passing women panned our way, Phyllis got a good look at him and said, “Mmm, he’s cute.”
I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag, so I let her expound on her favorable thoughts as she pointed him out to me, and then redirected her attention to another and another till we had reviewed all the men there.
We sipped our drinks and I said, “I have reservations at the best restaurant in town and we need to leave soon.” This got her mind back to our own adventure and off the crazy little side track the bar excursion had given us. To her it was now a simple little nothing spurge of wild speculative fun.
I told her I wanted her to be horny all through dinner, so she should go to the bathroom now and remove her panties and bra. I told her to put the bra in her purse but to return to the table with the panties in her hand and give them to me.
She smiled and left. I gave my friend the thumbs up and he left the bar. She returned, leaned into my side and gave me a passionate kiss while pressing her damp panties into the palm of my hand.
We sat for another 10 minutes while finishing our drinks. She noticed several guys from the bar had left, including the cute one she hoped had been her secret admirer. I told her we could do this again next week but had to go now.
We got in the car and drove to the restaurant where we were seated at a private table and wined and dined in luxury. I remember the waiter put the napkin in my lap for me which shocked me! I had never had a man put his hand in my lap and I grabbed his wrist before I realized what he was doing.
After this laughable incident, we relaxed while we talked about what else I planned for her birthday. I explained the concert I planned to take her to would be the following weekend as this night’s show was sold out. She was squirming about the entire time.
Tummies full and heads buzzing, we left the restaurant. She asked, “What next lover?”
I said, “Now I’m going to take you to the park and **** you.” She was all smiles.
We drove with the top down to the local park, and parked under a tall bright yellow light. I took a role of duct tape from the back seat, then led her by the hand down into the dark playground far far away.
We arrived at the bicycle rack beside the swing set, where I told her to lean down. I held her hands on both sides of the top pole and wrapped her wrists together with the duct tape.
I then spread her feet and taped them to the bottom pole so they were held wide apart.
Finally I gave my birthday girl a big kiss before placing a piece of tape over her mouth. Now she was absolutely secured and totally silenced and immobile!
I reached between her legs and grabbed the hem of her dress and flipped it up exposing her bare bottom. She told me later she could feel the cool air wafting her damp pussy when I did this. I tucked the dress in the waist band so she would remain like this.
Then I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her top wide so her naked tits were exposed to the cool night air also. I licked them so they would be nice and wet in the cool air. She cringed and giggled as I did.
Now she was ready. I asked, “Well baby doll, are you ready to get ****D?” She nodded her head and giggled.
I said, “Wait, I forgot something!” and as I heard her wines of concern about being left alone trust up like this fading behind me, I walked briskly away back up the hill toward my car.
The car was about 100 yards away, and so was I when she heard the first rustling of the bushes behind her. She didn’t know if it was a dog a cat or another human been.
She knew she was all but naked and tied securely so she could absolutely do nothing but submit to whatever was coming her way. She began to panic as she saw me doing something, nothing important, so very far away while danger approached.
She was screaming into her tape gag as she felt a warm hand pat her bare bottom, fingers reached around and cupped her aching breasts and pinched her hard nipples. The hand on her bottom slid over her flesh as it worked its way around front to her bush where it stopped. She said she could feel the fingers of this stranger behind her pressing on her pubic bone a fraction of an inch from her naked swollen clit.
All the time she watched me in anger and disgust as I pilfered for something in the car under that yellow street light so very far away, after leaving her exposed and so vulnerable like this, and now in the hands of some maniac stranger in the dark.
She tried to not panic as she felt the fear pulsing through her entire body! She cursed me for leaving her! She began to cry as her body shook with fear. She pictured some raggedy homeless ruffian toothless and grizzled groping her nakedness.
This is when my friend took pity on her and whispered in her ear, “Happy birthday Francis.” And as he said this he removed his hands and walked around in front of her so she could see who he was.
OMG, it was the guy at the bar she had hoped was her secret admirer. A handsome stranger she guessed she would never see again and planned to fantasize about in nights to come.
He asked, “Now Joe told me about your fantasy, and we are giving it to you, but only if you still really want it. If you say NO I will leave and he will return.” She shook her head to say don’t go, so he asked, “You want me to continue?” She nodded this time.
At this point he moved behind her and reached around her and began roughly massaging her tits and pinching her nipples, while he slipped his cock deep into her pussy from behind. His other hand slid around and his fingers found and massaged her clitoris as he rocked into her.
When he came inside her she said she had the best orgasm of her life as she struggled against her bonds and experienced a simultaneous orgasm.
As she caught her breath he undid the tape around her ankles and wrists. He finally took the tape off her mouth.
When I got back down to her she was sitting on the swing, frazzled and exhausted. I helped her back to the car and we drove back to my place.
When we arrived I told her I had one last birthday present for her this night. She said she had enough, but I insisted, “Just one more baby.”
She got a shower and came to bed. And when she climbed in, behind her my friend climbed in too. She was sandwiched between us.
I told her happy birthday as I rolled her toward him. The two of them kissed and made out and finally fucked the rest of the night as I rubbed her back and hips and bottom.
This was the first time I had this close a view to real sex. I watched them fuck from inches away. I had eaten many pussies many times before this, and watched plenty of porn, but this was amazing to experience this close with smells and visuals the real thing.
I watched her move down and take his cock into her mouth and she looked to be in ecstasy as she choked on him and gagged and slobbered and drooled over his ridged pulsating cock. I could see why he would be enjoying this, but why was she so enthralled doing this?
I was fascinated by him too as he was much bigger and thicker than I am. His cock head swelled and flared like a mushroom cap and even this was much larger than mine. And all the while she was licking the shaft causing it to swell and kissing the head causing it to flare, and sucking it down deep as her spittle gushed out all over his pubic hair.
Then she rolled so her back was to him and she faced my crotch. I watched as he began to fuck her from behind, my face only inches away from their sex. Then I felt her lips suck me in. I lay my head on her hot damp inner thigh as her body rocked to the rhythm of their fucking.
I was so tempted to lick the union of their sexes, but at that time I never did anything like that, much less this, what we had done for her this night.
When they shook in orgasm I blew my load into her mouth and we all passed out. At least I did. We felt my friend get out of the bed and kiss her good night and tell her he had to run, “Work in the morning,” but that he would like to see her again.
We all agreed to make it happen again soon, and he left.
She stayed the night and promised to make my birthday as delicious.
The following day I realized my BIG mistake. Everywhere I had put duct tape on her she broke out in a rash. She was embarrassed at work with this big square of rash around her mouth. It itched too. I felt like dirt for that.
I tell you this so if you ever decide to try anything like this, don’t use duct tape!

This story was supposed to be all about her and her fantasy and her birthday gift, but in the days that followed events changed my life for ever. These events involve GAY activity, so if you don't like this stuff, even though it is the truth, it is actually another story, simply evolved out of the first, so you might want to stop here.

The next few days were filled with my jacking off to this fantasy we had just shared. She would call me and tell me what had taken place while I was up in the car, and I would blow my load all over myself as she fingered herself on the other end of the line.
That weekend my friend came over. It was late as I worked swings, and this was after work. It was dark out. I had a pool in the back yard and asked if he would like to take a dip. He said he didn’t bring a suit. I said, its dark and I could leave the lights off.
We had been friends for years and had gone camping and taken weekend trips to the beach, but always just friends or with dates. When we went camping we often skinny dipped in the lake. So this night was nothing special, I thought.
He said it sounded like fun, so we stripped and went skinny-dipping. We mostly stood in the chest deep water and talked about Francis and her fantasy. I had towels for us, so when we got out we patted dry and went in to relax, have a bear, and continue our talk.
We were sitting on opposite ends of the couch in the dark as he asked what I thought about the other night.
I told him I really enjoyed it and I know she did too, as she had said as much several times over the past several nights.
He asked what the best part of it was.
I told him she loved the adrenalin rush from the unknown thrill, and then she said many times that he was a great fuck.
He said he had a lot of fun too, and hoped I wouldn’t mind if he took her out some time soon. He liked going to concerts and live performances too, only his venue is more hard rock, jazz, and blues, than mine.
I told him I was fine with it, but I would like to hear about it after if he didn’t mind.
He asked me if I wanted to hear about it from him or her.
I said both if he didn’t mind. I said I knew she would tell me as we discuss everything while we masturbate over the phone.
He asked, “So are you going to masturbate while I’m telling you how we went back to my place and fucked like minks?”
I laughed at the thought and said, “Sure, why not?”
I thought he was changing the subject possibly uncomfortable with this idea, but he brought it up, and I was just k**ding. You know how guys k** like this sometimes? He asked, “So what about you Joe? What did you like about the ****?”
I said, “Well, I loved seeing the real sex up close and smelling it and all! I really liked feeling her suck me while she was fucking you right there in front of me! WOW man!”
He said he liked that too.
I said, “And your cock is so much bigger than mine, seeing her pussy stretched like that and hearing her squeal and grunt as you plowed her, I think that had to be the best part for me.”
He said, “I didn’t see your cock Joe. Stand up and show it to me.”
I was a bit ashamed of what I have. It was not only small but after a dip in the cold water it was like a turtle with its head pulled into its shell. Still the idea of all this conversation about fucking Francis and her sucking on his had made it begin to swell.
As I stood up my little dick came to full attention, and I slipped the towel away from my hips for him to see. It was dark but not totally in the room, and in the dim light he leaned in close and said, “Dam man, that’s the biggest clitoris I have ever seen!” and then he laughed.
I wrapped the towel back around me and sat with a thud on my end of the sofa and snatched up my bear to take a swallow.
He said, “Hay Joe, I was just joking. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Tell me more about what else you liked about us fucking Francis.”
I tried to get my mind off feeling sorry for myself and back on the horny track once again, so I said, “It was wild watching her suck you. I could understand you feeling excited as she sucked you, but what surprised me was how she looked like she was almost orgasmic while just sucking your cock.”
He said, “Ya, I noticed lots of girls get that way when they suck me.”
I said, “I don’t understand it. She wasn’t fingering herself yet she was in ecstasy? I just don’t get it?”
He asked, “Do you want to?”
I looked at him and asked, “What?” I wasn’t sure if he was poking fun at me again.
He said, “Do you want to know what they are feeling when they are sucking my cock Joe?” as he pulled open his towel to expose his now more than half swollen thick white cock. Even half swollen it was bigger than mine. I must say I was shocked and speechless.
I didn’t speak, I didn’t move.
He said, “Do you want to know what Francis felt while she was sucking my cock Joe? Come here.”
I moved without thinking. I was afraid if I thought about this I would talk myself out of it. I remember how she looked and how horny she was as she sucked this very cock. I really did want to know what my girlfriend had felt as she went slobbering wild over this big cock now inches in front of me.
He said, “I shaved my balls last night. Do you like? I look like one of those porn stars now!” I nodded my head as I got so close I could smell his sex. I had been this close the other day but it was their sex I smelled. Now it was all him filling my nostrils.
He gripped his shaft and gave it a couple strokes as it grew firm and erect. He placed his other hand on the back of my head to help me overcome my fear. He pulled me lightly toward his erection as I leaned forward.
With my nose I inhaled his musk, and felt a light dizziness. With my eyes I observed this tool created for fucking. It was pulsating with his heartbeat and the vanes on either side were pulsing in synchronicity. The head was flaring with each pulse and a clear thick gelatinous liquid was oozing from the slit at the tip of the head.
The liquid ran down the length of his shaft, over his fingers, and onto his hairless ball sack where it pooled into a large drop just hanging there.
The flesh of his cock head looked spongy and pink, the color of his lips and nipples. He was so different from me, but I was never able to examine my own like this with such close scrutiny.
Even his scrotum was different. This one was as white as the flesh of his body, with smooth skin. Mine is darker brown than the rest of me and it usually looks wrinkled, not to mention hairy.
I was mesmerized as I leaned ever closer to see and smell more of this wonder. I was now so close I could touch it if I wanted to. Just stick out my tongue and touch it. I remembered wanting to do this with them locked in copulation the other night. But now it was just him, just this man’s sex in front of me.
He said, “Open your mouth.” I did. And with a little more pull I had the head between my lips. I could taste the salty pre-cum dribbling from the tip onto my tongue now swirling around the mushroom cap.
He moaned and pulled harder as he lifted his hips, forcing his cock to slip back into the back of my mouth. At this point he held me firmly while I worked my tongue around and around the head and part of the shaft now in my mouth.
He said, “Good, now hold still while I fuck for a minute.” I felt him rocking his hips as he held the pressure on the back of my head and his big cock slipped in and out of my lips. When it slid in he would push it to the back of my mouth and as it started to enter my throat I would gag and choke.
He told me to relax and try to swallow it down my throat, as he removed his hands.
I now had control and did my best to do what he asked of me. I pushed my face forward letting his cock slip to the back of my mouth, then as I felt it entering my throat and the gag reflex start I closed my eyes and concentrated as I worked a bit of it past that point.
He told me I was doing great, but that he needed a bear. I got up letting my towel drop to the floor, and went to fetch us both a bear.
I figured he was tired of this and we would probably stop here. But when I returned he had placed a pillow on the floor between his feet and said, “Kneel here Joe.” I handed him his bear and knelt between his knees. I took a big swig and looked at his cock once again.
He sipped his bear as I set mine on the end table beside him. I looked into his lap at his huge hard cock. He held it with one hand so it pointed at me. He placed his bear on the table beside mine and moved his hand to the back of my neck.
I was focused on it as he said, “Suck my cock Joe. Suck it, do it now. Suck it, Mmmm yes.”
With a gentle but steady pull he moved my lips back onto his cock, around his shaft and down. I swirled my tongue around his head again and felt it react to my touch. I tasted his secretions again. He was so unlike any woman I had ever licked!
I love eating a woman’s pussy and always wondered if it was the same thing for them to suck us. No! I can honestly say it is nothing alike!
Again he said, “Swallow me.”
I did as before and as I worked him deeper into my throat with each rock forward I began to feel light headed, euphoric even, and extremely excited. I worked and worked and finally felt my lips kissing his pubic bone and his cod sack at the same time as I felt his cock swelling and pulsing deep inside my throat.
I choked and gagged and felt I needed air, and slipped him out with a spit and quickly gasped a breath of air before launching myself back onto him and him back into me balls deep for another f***ed thrilling suck!
Then I felt him grab the back of my head as his hips began to thrust and I felt him actually fucking my throat as the spittle drained copiously out of my lips all over his crotch.
I then heard him say, “I’m going to cum Joe! I’m going to cum in your mouth. Swallow it man. Swallow every Mmmmm ohhhh!”
I pulled away with all my might fighting his grip on my head as I felt and tasted him shooting his load into my mouth as he continued to try to hold me here. I held my mouth open and let all his semen drain out as I tried to breath.
Shot after shot of his load blasted into the back of my mouth and tried to drain down my throat as I fought for control. I know some of his spunk shot into me before I pulled back enough to stop him.
After he had finished he let me go. I sat back and caught my breath as he sprawled back on the sofa. I looked down and noticed I had actually cum all over the pillow during all this.
We both cleaned ourselves, and finished our bears. He went home and I never told Francis.
He never said if he and she ever went out after that. She didn’t either.
But there were several nights after that one, about once a month, when he would come by for a bit of skinny-dipping, and again and again I experienced what it is that women feel when they get enthralled while sucking cock.
Francis did as she promised. On my next birthday she made plans to grant my fantasy for me. I had worked a double that day and was totally exhausted. I had given her a key to the house so we could make ends meet between our schedules.
She told me to come home, to get naked, and climb in bed, she would be waiting with my surprise. Needless to say the work day seemed to never end as I anticipated what she might have in store foe me.
I got home and took a quick shower, which I really needed after 16 hours work. I slipped into my bed to find her, but not just her. Also in my bed was another woman, her best friend. We kissed and they kissed, we sucked each other’s sexes and they sucked on each other. Then some time during all this bliss I fell asl**p.
BOY was she ever PISSED at me after all she went through to set this up, and I fell asl**p. We didn’t go out again after that.
It was probably this event as much as anything that made me the pervert I am today. There was no racial element in my sex life back then. That came years later with my marriage.
This was true. It all happened. Please take a moment to tell me what you really thought of my story telling. Did you like it, or hate it? Were you thrilled as I was or did I turn your stomach? I really want to know.

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