My TRUE-XXX Theatrical DE beau

My TRUE-XXX Theatrical DE beau
There won’t be sequels to this story as it happened once and if it happens again it will be another story in itself.
This is not like my FANTASY series, ‘Internet Porn’ or ‘Doctor’s diagnosis’. These are pure fiction where the story I am about to relate to you just happened to me for real just a month ago, July 2014.
To validate this to be a true story… I invite you to look up the Buford Highway Twin Cinema at 5805 Buford Highway NE, in Atlanta Georgia. This is where all this happened.
See I have this friend, another story in itself, about how we met and how we came to be friends… with great benefits. Suffice it to say, we are very close friends.
So, we had been enjoying the fruits of our friendship for quite a while and he had asked me on multiple occasions if I loved him. I love his cock, and it is a simple step to say I love him as much. Hehe
Well one day he said, “I want you to prove you love me.”
I asked, “How in the world can I do that?” see I’m married with k**s, and doing something really stupid that would ruin my f****y was totally out… and I said as much.
He said, “Oh no. I respect your f****y and would never ask you to jeopardize that part of you! That just wouldn’t be right if I truly love you too.”
This made sense so I asked again, “So how can I do it?”
He said, “I want to take you to a porn theater and have you suck my cock and tell me you love me in there.”
I said, “I’ll do that but how does that differ from me doing it here?”
He said, “Well there… people roam around and watch other people making out.”
I asked, “Like couples making out? Do they have sex there or just discrete fondling?”
He explained, “Mostly guys roam the isles looking to watch real action like jacking off, sucking, and sometimes fucking, but mostly jacking with some sucking now and then, and almost everyone is male there, so most of the action is gay.”
He continued, “Sometimes a guy’ll bring a girl, his wife or girlfriend, then they’ll start to make out, and let me tell you when this happens they draw a big crowd fast, doesn’t matter where they sit the crowd’ll find them. But this doesn’t happen very often. Most times it’s a guy sucking or jerking off another guy and usually in the back rows. They’ll get a few onlookers but that’s it.”
I said, “Okay, so you want me to suck your yummy big black cock and then tell you I love you in public, in this back row of the theater while some strangers stand around and watch us. Sure, I think it’ll be fun. Sounds really nasty and thrilling to me actually!”
He said he was getting off at 5 and I work swing and heading in at 4. He works much closer to the place so it wouldn’t take him as long to get there. He asked if I would take half a day off and meet him there at 5:30. I agreed, but would arrive around 4:30 as I would have to look like I was going to work as usual.
I got to the theater right around 4:35, and called him from the parking lot. He was busy finishing up his long work day, but said he would be here in an hour, to wait inside and watch the crowds and the movies until he got there.
I went in and found a seat on the left side down near the front. I had worn my shorts with no underwear hoping he would give me a bit of a groping while I suck him and tell him how much I love him.
The movies run back to back so there is no in-between time. The movies are hard core and raunchy with no plot, as expected. Some have Asian women and this gets me fired up. Also the have gay stuff. I don’t know if that is just in one side or both, but I watched for a few minutes then moved to the other theater for some girl on guy sex. My preference to watch without a doubt! You might have picked that up about me if you read some of my fantasy stories.
Anyway, I had been there for about 10 minutes I guess. The zombies, as we call them, were roaming the isles looking for some action. Most of these were scruffy old men. Some staggered like they were d***k. Could have been poor balance in the near total darkness. I know it took me several minutes to adjust to the dark in there.
One young black guy stopped beside me and watched me as I diddle my little penis for a minute. I have erectile dysfunction so I rarely get hard on top of being so small. I had taken my Cialis but it wasn’t working. Then he stepped close and felt me up, before walking on. I guess he wasn’t interested in a little flaccid pecker.
As I said, the movie turned to gay and after a few minutes of this I moved to the other theater for some new action.
I sat in the back this time and there were several men milling around. The movie was dated, looked to be 70’s porn, but okay. I put my hand in my pants and pulled hoping it would grow hard. It was frustrating me as I watched someone sucking another about 15 seats down the row.
This theater was about dead with maybe 15 people in it. I went out into the lobby and looked at the clock. It was past 5 going on 5:20, and no sign of him. I had left my phone in the car afraid it would get stolen in here, so I couldn’t call.
I went back into the first theater and this time sat in about the 4th to the back near the right side as you look at the screen. That’s on the right side of the isle by the wall. I always give my perspective from this point of view for future reference, just in case you care. Back looking toward the front at the screen.
So, I let my eyes adjust and moved into an empty row of seats hoping he would come and find me soon. The gay stuff went on for a lot longer than I cared to watch, but the crowd was in here. I watched the people. There were about 30 or 40 people in here, most of them crowded around the 2 entrances, but this really isn’t a lot in this place. Each side looks like it can seat about 300 people. No, for real!
After a long while I went into the lobby again, and it was past 5:40 and still no sign of him. The lot is clearly visible from the front windows and I stood there looking for some time wondering if he was coming at all.
I had to leave by 6:30 to get back to work, and this wasn’t calculating for rush-hour traffic. I paced the lobby, and took a piss, and looked again… 5:55
I returned to the same side theater, the one with the gay movies showing. I sat in the middle between the 2 isles in the back row about 4 or 5 seats in, not center in a row of about 20. I rubbed my flaccid worthless pecker again and thought about leaving.
A black guy, I’m not sure if it was the first one who fondled me just a bit, but in the dark I could tell he was well built and looking at me. He had sat in the same row about 5 more seats toward the center of me. He saw me with my hand in my pants leg playing with myself, and then saw me looking at him. Then he moved past me to the end of the row about 3 seats away and stood at the end.
I forgot to mention these back rows have seats missing. I think it’s for easier access to others, or maybe wheelchair access. I doubt that.
I looked up to see he was still watching me, so I moved 2 seats toward him with 1 in between. He sat and moved his hand to my thigh and I about exploded! I never expected this. A total stranger touching me.
I moved my hand to his crotch and found him sporting a hard lump in his pants. He leaned close and whispered, “Come with me.”
I followed him out to the lobby but just before we got there he stepped into a little alcove with a curtain. He told me to get on my knees and I did. He told me to pull his cock out, and I did. He looked at me fondling his big black meat with my gold ring on my hand and he asked, “Do you think your wife would like this big black cock?”
Oh if he only knew the history I have lived with my wife in the past 2 years with her black lovers. One of which I was desperately waiting on here and now. I said, “Yes, she would love it.”
He said, “Suck it.” I realize this was stupid doing this with a total stranger but I leaned forward and grabbed the muscular cheeks of his ass and pulled his hard cock into my mouth.
He wasn’t as big as the friend I was expecting, but I was so hungry for this, so I went for it. I sucked him and he pulled it out and jacked a while, then I sucked him again, finally he jacked until he blew his load on my cheek and lips and in my open mouth.
I got up and he returned to the theater. I went to the washroom to clean up and ponder the stupidity of what I had just done.
As I exited the john I looked at the clock, now 6:18 and about time for me to leave. That’s when I saw my friend walking into the theater I had just come from. He turned and saw me too. We met and he explained how he had gotten tied up with a customer as he was walking out the door and couldn’t get away.
I asked if he wanted to do this now. He said, “Come with me.”
We went to the back row, about the same seat I had been in a few minutes before. This time he was with me. He stood beside me and he had his gym shorts on too. He made it easy for me to fish his delicious cock from his pant leg.
I pulled him out and he was already hard. I pulled him to my lips and sucked him in. He stood over me and fed me for a few minutes like this. Then I noticed several people gathering in close to watch me make oral love to this fine man meat. I felt proud to be showing them how much I loved it.
Then they were in the seat beside me and I felt hands moving into my shorts to fondle my prick. I couldn’t tell if it was hard or not, but it sure felt good to be doing this sucking in front of them and feeling their hands on my sex at the same time.
I heard my friend ask, “Do you love me?”
I let him pull from my lips long enough to say, “Yes I love you,” before I dove back onto him. He held my head and fucked my lips with his cock head deep in my throat. I have learned to do this for quite some time while holding my breath. I don’t gag or retch, but I do produce a copious amount of spittle that oozes out of my stretched lips and all over his balls and my chest. It goes everywhere actually.
The hands groping me were rubbing my ass and inner thighs and it felt like 4 or five hands maybe. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it was amazing to feel.
I kept sucking when he pulled out and said, “Tell me you love me.”
I groaned and said, “I do… I do love you, please let me…” but he was back in before I had to say another word. I actually heard ooos and aaahs from our fans as I sucked him back in and began to slobber and groan on him again.
Then my friend said, “Go ahead. Suck his big clit. At that moment I felt the hands pulling my thighs wide and a set push in under my rump and lift me and move me so I was barely on the edge of my seat. They remained under my ass squeezing my cheeks as I felt the other hands rubbing my inner thighs.
My pants were pulled up so high it felt like all I had on was a belt. I was almost naked down there in front of all these gawking guys as I sucked on my friend’s big black cock and told him how much I love him!
Then I felt lips suck me in and I sucked my friend in so deep and hard he gasped with delight. The hands on me were massaging me. I took a breath and took the opportunity to say, “I wish you were in my ass right now.”
He was too busy for that as he plunged back into my mouth and fucked my throat with long even strokes.
The lips on my penis were locked at the base and the suction was tremendous as I felt his tongue swirling around and around my head. I knew I was hard now as my penis pulsed and tingled and felt even bigger under the tremendous vacuum.
Fingers began pinching my nipples and sending jolts through my body. I could tell fingers were doing the same to my friend as his body jerked as well.
I didn’t want to cum, I needed to hold out until he came first. He moved to stand over me so he was right in front of me now and he held my head and fucked my throat like a jackhammer. It was impossible for me to hold off any longer, but I tried.
My friend said, “Suck the cum out of my girlfriend clit as I cum down his throat!” and I felt the vacuum increase sending me over the top. It was mind blowing to have my friend thrust in deep and hold himself here so I couldn’t breathe only experience the explosion.
At the same time his own explosion was erupting deep inside me. I could feel his cock swelling as he ground his balls into my chin and his pubes against my nose. He pulsed and throbbed and swelled and I could feel the jets of his cum sliding through my lips and over my tongue and down my throat, but they were too far in for me to taste a drop as he unleashed his orgasm in time with my own.
The zombies were oowing and aahing again but I was in my own little world a world that extended from my penis to the top of my head and involved all the sexual activity between.
I felt him pull back and the length of his flaccid cock slide from my throat through my mouth and out my sucking lips. The guy between my legs was still there and I had grown so sensitive I felt like he was killing me.
I tried to sit up but got a muscle cramp in my belly and doubled over in pain. I was helped to stand by a hundred hands all loving and sympathetic. I stood and stretched and the pain finally left. I was ushered to the water fountain where I must have sucked down a gallon.
We said our good byes and I left in my car to head for work. I was 2 minutes late, can you believe that?
I slept very soundly that night and woke with memories of wonderful dreams. In my dreams it all unfolded again only this time I imagined I felt fingers fucking my ass at the same time. Well probably best it never happened or I would have never made it as long as I did!
So that is my totally true accounting of what we did a month ago. I have been so hungry to try it again, but he has been too busy and tells me he doesn’t want me to go there by myself!

I care what you think of me, so PLEASE if you liked this or if you didn’t, take a minute of your time to leave a comment.

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