Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? Chapter

Chapter 7
Al handed me one last green drink, “For the road,” before my e****t of big black men walked me out to a cab awaiting us.
I climbed in after Levant, before Al, and behind Geo. I slurred my words a bit but managed to ask, “Arer you taking me homemm? I, ah, need tu guo home now.”
Al said as he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close, “Yes, the party’s over and we’re taking you right home now,” just as Keith climbed in behind the wheel.
Al said, “Geo, make the call.” I remember that, I think.
Levant gave me a pill, said, “This will help your muscles relax Hun,” and I washed it down with the last of my sweet green drink.
Then I heard Geo’s voice but it was wobbly like wa-wawa-wa-wa this and that, and the cab was swaying left and right. My head was spinning, but I think he said, “She’s fine, just a bit too much to drink,” or something like that. If he was talking about me I had to agree 100%!
I think I took a nap on Al’s chest, but I’m not sure. I don’t remember getting home or getting out of the cab, but here we were at the door.
I hadn’t realized the time had gotten so late. I looked at my watch as I fished the key from my purse, and it was 3 am. Al was more/less holding me upright at this time.
I unlocked my front door, then stepped into my house followed by Al, my date hehe, oh yes, my, our case worker, then Levant our first case worker, Geo behind him and our second case worker, and then Keith, not one of our case workers that I only met for the first time tonight, I think.
I giggled again as all this boy thoughts meandered through my swishy soupy brain. It felt like I had bubbles floating out my ears, tickling the tips of them. Then I wondered what was so funny. Had someone said something funny, and I missed it?
We all stepped quietly into the living room where I asked them to sit and make themselves at home. Al kept his arm around my waist, supporting me. Good thing to because I think I would have fallen right on my face as I went to take a step forward but my feet felt glued to the floor.
I looked at them to see if there was glue or something sticky down there, and the room began to spin, round and round it went. Ugh I remember feeling like I was about to get sick, but when I stood up straight, thanks to Al helping me, I felt better. The room stopped spinning, and I caught a deep breath of fresh air.
I was about to go wake Joe. I knew he was surly asl**p by now. What time did I say it was?
I turned to go upstairs when Al said, “Kathy, please sit down,” as he guided me to the soft inviting sofa, where I reclined and lay my head on the arm, the soft, soft…

I awoke in the morning to birds singing outside the window. Joe was holding me, spooning me, and I felt a warmth inside me. The world seamed right and bright.
I lifted his arm off me and moved to get up when I experienced a stabbing pain deep inside me that paralyzed me for about a minute. It was so scary, like I was having an appendicitis or something, maybe a tumor rupturing. I had heard about stuff like this happening.
It felt like it was in my guts… appendicitis, or lower in by uterus maybe… a fallopian or uterus tumor. OMG! What else could this be?
I woke Joe and said, “Hun, I feel a pain.”
He sat up and said, “Mr. Cabot said you might. He said, if so for me to help you into the tub for a long hot soak in some bubbles. He said it’s expected. He explained, you fell and really bumped your tummy hard on the corner of a table late last night after drinking a bit too much. Oh, and here. Mr. Smith gave you 2 pills, one for now, and one later, for pain.”
I said, “I don’t remember that, or much else actually. Did Al bring me home? What time did I get in? I do remember being in a cab, I think. I think I danced and, oh and drank some wonderful margarita drinks. I do remember that, and that everyone loved my food, Yes. I think. No, I’m sure they lived the food. Did I dance?”
He replied, “Yes Hun, Mr. Cabot, Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones, and a Mr. Baker all brought you home on their way home, and it was around 3. And believe me, you did some dancing, Now let me help.”
I tried to ask what he meant by ‘believe me, you did some dancing,’ what the hell does that mean? But Joe was off the bathroom yelling back, “Wait a minute while I fill the tub. Back in a jiff, Hun.”
A couple minutes later he was back by my side, helping me to my feet, practically carrying me into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet first and tried to peepee, but it hurt to squeeze my bladder.
Then I felt a gooey liquid draining from my pussy, but it wasn’t pee, more like my Elmer’s school glue. It couldn’t be my period again! I just had it a couple weeks ago.
I spread my knees wide and bent to look into the bowl, and there I saw what looked like semen spilling out of my aching pussy. I could feel it oozing out of me from my deepest sex as it crawled through my sensitive vagina causing it to quiver, then the gelatinous goo clung to my labia and hung there sending tingles throughout my body.
I was about to ask Joe if we had sex last night when I noticed!
OMG, my labia looked like it was someone else’s. Instead of my little brown shiny flower I have always had, my pussy now looked swollen, the lips were puffy and fat, and they were dark red brown, almost black.
Oh it was so ugly and it scared me. I must have a horrible yeast infection that caused me to discharge the ooey gooey white stuff or maybe I’m allergic to something I ate or drank last night that inflamed my pussy like this. That’s probably it, Maybe something I was allergic too.
I began to cry and yelled at Joe to look, “Look, look at my pussy Hun!”
He looked, and he looked into my eyes, then back again at my pussy. I looked at him and noticed his face had just a hint of a smile.
I said, “This isn’t funny! I’m having an allergic reaction to something! I need to go to the hospital.”
Joe said, “Hun, you’re fine. Mr. Cabot said the tequila in the green drinks you had last night might disagree with you, but your face isn’t swollen, your hands and feet aren’t. Is your tongue swollen Hun? Can you breathe okay?”
I said, “What do you know? Your no doctor. I want a second opinion.”
He helped me into the tub and said, “Take a good relaxing soak and if you don’t feel better after I will take you to the ER. Wait here, I’ll be right back.”
He left me alone to relax in the tub, and it did feel good. The warm water washed my vulva and kissed my labia. It felt so good as I ran my soapy fingers over my aching clitoris. It was swollen too and my touch soothed the ache. Then the water seamed to gurgle into my vagina. It had never done this before. It felt so weird like farting backwards sort of.
Joe returned and handed me a glass of water as he poked a pill at my lips.
I said, “What is it?” as he popped it in my mouth.
He said, “I told you already. Mr. Smith said they’d help with the pain. I called Mr. Cabot about the rash and pain, and he said it was definitely the tequila in the drinks, and that you should just relax today.”
I said, “We have to go get the girls.”
He said, “I can do it if you like. Mr. Cabot said he would be by Wednesday to check on you, but you should be fine.” Then he leaned low to kiss me, and made it one of our 5 minute dreamy kisses that made my bath feel so much more relaxing and wonderful.
Joe left me there while he called his folks. I did feel much better in 15 minutes. I felt like getting out too as the water began to feel cool.
I slipped a bit and just as I felt my foot sliding I felt Joe beside me, catching me. I love him so! He helped me out and onto the toilet seat where he patted me dry. Then he helped me naked back into our cozy bed. I said good night and he kissed me and…
The girls woke me with giggling and laughter as they pounced on me on the bed. It’s a good thing I had the sheet pulled up over me. They had a great time, and the in-laws had taken them shopping for cloths and spoiled them rotten.
Joe came in and asked if I felt like getting Chinese for dinner. I realized I had slept all day. I shooed them out so I could get up and dressed. I went into the bathroom, and looked at myself in the mirror.
I saw a dark bruise on my neck the size of a bite mark, deep in color. I saw another beside my nipples on both breasts, and they felt sensitive, and looked a bit swollen. As I looked lower I could see my vulva had returned to normal, now looking like my little brown clam.
Then I reached between my legs and pulled my PicPic open and could see my brown labia had also returned to normal in color as well as shape and size. I felt so relieved after the scare I had this morning.
I touched my clitoris and labia and they still felt very tender, and just this simple touch made them twitch and caused me to flinch my bottom tight and my knees together.
I slipped on my bra and had to go get new panties from the drawer. I got dressed and we all went out to eat.
I was stuffing my mouth with seafood when I remembered Joe’s comment this morning, “Joe, what did you mean this morning when you said, believe you I did some dancing?”
He said, “Later Hun. The k**s.”
I said, “I want to know!”
He said, “Well you called last night, just to say the party was going well, everyone liked the food, and you had danced with Mr. Cabot.”
I said, “I called? I don’t remember calling. What did I say?”
He said, “Just that, you felt the party was going well, the food was great, and you danced some.”
I said, “Some?”
He said, “Hun, do you want to get into this in front of the k**s?”
I began to realize Joe was telling me something. He was trying to protect the k**s from something, something I told him about last night. Dam why couldn’t I remember? I don’t even remember ever even calling him. What could I have told him that is so secret now?
I said, “Okay, later, but you have to tell me later. Promise?”
He said with a smile, “Yes dear, I promise to tell you everything.”
We finally got home, the k**s off to bed, and into our private little world. These days I’m used to fetching a big bowl of ice before we retire. This was one of Al’s alterations, along with making Joe’s teases much more intent.
I recall Levant got us started so he implemented many changes in our lives, but looking back on them, they were just small beginnings.
Geo, our next case worker made a few changes including Joe’s expander plug after I complained about my fingers hurting during Joe’s weekly milking. He also changed that from weekly to biweekly, giving me a needed break. And he insisted we leave the plug when not milking. He explained ‘No need if not milking.
But Al, his changes were bigger, grander, you might say. First he changed Joes milking to once every calendar month, not every other week. This means Joe gets drained 12 times a year where before it would have been 26.
He suggested I take a bowl of ice, that I mentioned a minute ago, up with us so I would have it when it was needed. Then he told me he was changing the way I teased Joe from now on.
This took some real effort on my part. Instead of just getting Joe to the point of orgasm, now I am to get him there, and then let him recoup for a minute or two before doing it again. Al has me doing this 6 times each night. That’s a lot of work! Let me tell you.
I work him up, I let him down. Work him up, let him wind down. Each time he gets wound up faster, but each time he winds down slower. But that’s the easy part as I sit back hands off and let it happen.
Up down up down, 6 times with no orgasms. And after the last time Joe is in what Al calls subspace, like a hypnotic trance, he said. Then is when I use the ice-water. I dip a washcloth in the frigid water then transfer it like a cold wet ice-pack to Joe’s penis and testicles.
You know why, so he will shrink quickly. I tuck him back into the chastity and then it’s my turn.
But after 6 near misses my pour little hubby is wiped out. In his trance like state he just lies there and drools. It sit on his face and he treats me to some wonderful pleasures without even knowing he’s doing it. Just second nature to him now.
Well, like every other night, we used the toilet and showered. I had enough bathing for one day. I removed his chastity and put the pieces in the sink. Everything as so many other times before.
Then we went to bed, and Joe got on his belly. I noticed his penis was so very hard and pink tonight. I saw a flash in my head of a big long black cock and thought about it probably being from the Interracial Porn we used to look at a while back.
I pictured the big black cock being upright and standing tall and proud, unlike Joes which was very hard but pointing down towards his feet and not so big and pinkish red. I shook the image away, and focused on my duty.
We got in our positions and I began to tickle his Frenulum with one finger and then his Perineum with two fingers of my other hand. These fingers I ran from his ball sack to the rubber end of his plug. He was moaning in seconds.
I asked, “So what were you talking about when you said I called last night? I don’t remember making any calls.”
Joe said, “Well, actually Mr. Cabot called, but put you on, and you said you had been dancing.”
I kept rubbing as I said, “Well, that doesn’t sound like a big secret.”
He moaned like he was already fighting an orgasm, “Well no Hun, but you said, ughnn, that you, had danced with,”
I had to stop when I felt his body shaking as he fought hard to not orgasm. That’s ONE! I waited in silence a minute for him to calm down, then returned my fingers to rubbing.
Tonight his timing was much quicker, making my job much easier, and the time before it became my turn a lot less. Which I was looking forward to a lot as my pussy palpated and itched with desire to be scratched and licked and played with like a fine instrument.
“So what else?” I asked.
He said, “You told me all the men at the party were black.”
I said, “I know, but I told you that was just a test to see if you had fantasies Al needed to confirm or dispel. Your confusing our talk earlier with calls I supposedly made from the party.”
He was shuddering a bit again as he said, “No, you said it on the phone last night.”
I said, “I did?” as I thought about it. I couldn’t remember any calls but looking back at the people I recall seeing at the party, most of them were black, and those that weren’t I think were women.
I said, “Maybe they were. So what else did I say?”
He said as his legs began to shake and his voice got high and squeaky, “That you had danced with Mr. Jones… first.”
I removed my hands, and he sputtered and spit and resumed very deep breathing.TWO!
I sat up and asked, “First?”
He took a minute to unwind before he could speak. Then he spoke iffy, “Yes, Mr. Jones or was it Mr. Smith first?”
I saw him exhale and relax, so I replace my fingers and resumed rubbing.
He said, “I think it was Smith then Jones then Baker, yes in that order.”
I said, “You mean I danced with all them and then told you, and now I don’t remember any of it?”
His hips were rocking opposite the rhythm of my fingers, as he said, “Yup.”
He said, “Its tequila, makes people forget stuff, makes some men fighting mad, just a little too much and that’s it.”
I asked, “What did I tell you Joe? Did I do something shameful? That I don’t remember doing?”
He said, “Hun, oh, I, no you never did, oh Hun…”
I had to stop again. This time it took 2 minutes for him to recoup. THREE!
I resumed the rubbing and asked, “So what did I say to you?”
He said, “You told me you had just danced with Mr. Smith, you said Levant and the two of you kissed while you danced. Mmmm.”
I said, “What else Baby?” I felt my pussy tingling at our nasty play and the idea I might have done something wrong. A part of me was yelling inside ‘No you weren’t raised like that’, but that part of me was getting smaller and smaller and smaller.
I rocked my hips and felt my pussy getting hungry for my turn. I was due 10 minutes of oral, but after this story he just told me I think I want more, much more.
I said in a firm voice, “Joe, did I say I did anything else?”
He was worming around on the bed, “Yes, you said danced with Mr. Smith.”
I said, “Levant?”
He said, “Yes Hun, ung, mmmm, and kissed him. Then called and told me, said, I asked if, did he get harrr, mmm oh god, and you said you’d, later Hun!”
Again I stopped and let my good little husband calm down. At least 3 minutes this time of deep breathing and shaking. FOUR!
I resumed with my fingers as I said, “So I danced with Levant, and kissed Levant, and felt his big black cock get hard. Mmm I think I’m remembering a little bit now. Then what?”
He said, “About 30 minutes later you called again. You said you had danced with Mr. Jones, had kissed him too. Then oh, oh…”
I said, “Aw, I’m sorry Hun. I got so d***k, fell asl**p, and then later forgot it all before telling you any of it?”
He was peeking again, so quickly this time. His little penis was so hard and red now as I rubbed it, and his balls had turned smooth and looked swollen and dark brown.
He said, “Then an hour and called again, Mr. Baker this time, a total stranger you said, danced and kissed. Oh gods Hun I, I…”
I stopped, FIVE only ONE away now.
I let him return to earth as I thought about dancing and kissing and feeling these 3 men getting hard and I do remember faces I think, and the feel of swaying in their arms as I looked into those faces, and maybe kissing, yes wonderful long kisses with soft mouthy lips and tongues, and then hard cocks pressed between our bodies.
I cooed softly, “Yes I am remembering.”
For the last time I resumed my tease, returning my fingers to those tender spots and starting to gently massage.
“So did I call again Joe?” I asked with hopes and fears of what he would say next.
He said, “Oh, yes. You called me Hun… Mmm uh, and you said you danced with several black men and kissed them all.” This spilled out like he was afraid if he didn’t get it out quick he’d lose his load.
“I did? I said I kissed several men, black men?” I asked.
He was pushing his but toward me trying to get his aching penis to hide its head, but it was mine to drive wild and I wanted to hear more. I needed to hear the rest.
He said, “You said you danced with Mr. Smith and Jones and they sucked your nipples but you weren’t doing anything wrong. I knew that Hun, and told you I love you so much.”
I said, “I love you to Joe. What happened next?”
“You said your pussy was all wet and tingly,” he kind of coughed out.
“Like it is right now Joe?” I asked.
He said, “Oh yes I hope so. You said you wanted to get fucked. Then you asked if you could stay out late on your date OMG, Hun.”
I said, “Don’t you dare cum Joe! I need to hear the rest of this and you have to fight it for me!”
He was squealing as he pulled his turtle back by lifting his rump, “I said YES Hun… please slow… you said a black man’s COCK stroking your, and uhh, ungggggh, it didn’t mean annni, hungrrry wet pusssss.”
I said, “Go on Joe.”
He was fighting the agony of desire, desire to launch, “Asked me if sexxxx, oh my, sex with a… Mmm god a condom counts. I said… I said… ohhhh, Hun… please.”
I said “Just a bit more baby. Tell me the rest and it will all go away.”
He took a deep breath, held it, then let it out as he said, “I said NO and then noises like kissing, and Mr. Cabot asked you what I said bout stayin out late, and you said I agreed. Oh my, and he asked about the men being all black and you having new kisses stories and you kept saying yes. Unnnngh, you asked what he was doing and he said taking what he wanted, and you said, said, ohhhhh you said PLEASE!”
I said, “Hold it in Joe! I need you to hold it for just a few more seconds.”
He was about to pass out, to blow his cum, to ejaculate and then pass out. I had to let him come down or he would ruin everything for us. I sat back and watched his body shaking from head to toe. Even his penis was doing jumping jacks and his balls doing pull ups.
I held my hands clear as he breathed like they teach us in Lamas classes for when we had our babies. Finally the breathing grew slower, deeper, longer. The turtle stuck it’s head back out of its shell.
Joe asked, “Six?”
I said, “No Joe. Don’t worry about it. I’m counting. Are you ready?”
He grunted an affirmative with a nod of his head, as I returned my fingers to his over teased sex.
I said, “Ok Hun, go on.”
He said, “Then you two talked like I wasn’t there. He asked if having sex in a condom counts, and you asked him if he wanted to fuck you with his big black cock. He asked if you thought I wanted you to fuck him with a condom, and you said mmmmm”
I slowed my speed so he adjusted so he could continue, “You said I wanted him to without so you could bring me a cream pie. OMG Hun, I… then you hung up. Abou, 10 minutes and… called again, but no one there. Finally you said he had his finger inside you and it was bigger than my… oh my… bigger than my penis and felt better. Then he asked me if I was naked and if the chastity hurt, and that you… you’d be… unggggh aaaah…”
I stopped knowing he couldn’t hold out again. I sat back and patted his rum, as he wound down.
Joe had had enough. He was so exhausted after this wonderful playtime, but it was my turn now, and I had lots to think about as he sucked the aches and kissed the pains out of my pussy tonight.
I told him to roll over as I went to get his chastity. He flopped over like a fish on the dock. I returned to find him with his hands behind his head. I thought, ‘That’s my good little boy’.
I wrapped his raging hard penis in an ice-water washcloth and squeezed his balls hard enough to make him grunt and stop thinking about the nasty stories we had just shared. Enough cold and pressure to make the swelling go down, enough to make the turtle hide its little red head. Then in a few seconds it was back in plastic.
Now it was my turn. I climbed up over him, my pussy over his face. My hands on the headboard. He looked like he was asl**p, deep breathing, hips flexing with each breath.
I said, “Joe? Joe, so, did I fuck him?” He lifted his face until his lips met mine and it felt so yummy. It always feels amazing when he French kisses my pussy lips and I feel his tongue exploring my vagina.
I lowered myself for him to have better axes to me as I said, “Mmm yes, I remember kissing Al Hun. I remember. And the other men too and all their huge cocks growing so very big and hard. Ohhh. That feels nice there Joe.”
I lowered my bottom to his chest and tucked a pillow under his head so he was firmly planted in my puss now.
I said, “Oh yes, we kissed and Al was fingering my horny pussy. I do remember. I remember so much. Levant is such a gentleman, and did I tell you he looks like Wesley Snipes? We had only met in person right then, but I felt we knew each other so well, and yes we kissed and it was so yummy Joe. I do remember, mmm yes.”
Joe was really enjoying me telling him all this but it was true too, I was beginning to recall some of this, like the faces. Levant’s was handsome but I kept imagining him with vampire teeth, and I remember when he kissed it was like he was eating me up, devouring me, but it didn’t hurt, actually it was yummy.
I said, “He looks like Wesley Snipes Hun. That’s why I keep picturing him as a vampire. He was Blade. That’s Levant almost to a tee. And when he kisses he eats you up with his wonderful soft lips.”
I was rocking my hips, rubbing my pussy on Joe’s mouth and face now, as I prattled on.
I said, “He kissed me and was rubbing his hard cock on me, and he was sooo big Hun. And then I was dancing with Geo, and he reminds me of Cuba Gooding Jr. He kisses good too but different, more tongue where Levant was mostly lips. Geo’s cock was giant too and he poked me with it as we danced.”
I looked down to see Joe had closed his eyes and was just loving hearing about my fun time while he sucked on my pussy.
I continued, “I do remember Al cutting in, but, oh that must have been when he had me, when I called Joe. I danced with Keith next. He was a total stranger. Looked like that guy from the ‘Green Mile’ movie. Big and no neck, but peaceful and lovable as a lamb. I had never met him or talked to him before. We talked with the other 3 throughout being in the program, but he was a stranger. A good kisser and dancer to, and his cock got hard as well.”
I said, “I remember feeling guilty but Al telling me it was natural and normal or something like that, and after I felt better. After all I called you and told you everything that was going on so it wasn’t like I was cheating on you, right?”
I looked to see Joe wink and give me his approving nod so I went on.
I said, “There was another guy, another stranger, and I don’t think I called, or Al called after that one. We danced and he asked, no told me he wanted to kiss me. I didn’t want to Joe, but I remember Al saying it was okay to let things happen at the party, and we kissed, Mmm that feels so good Joe, yesss oh right there like that. Oh I kissed him and he held my knee and I felt his Big Black Cock slide between my pussy lips. Maybe I did call and tell you about this.”
I looked down and felt as much as saw Joe nodding his head.
I closed my eyes and as I felt him spelling his capitol letters I said, “Well I remember now Levant and Geo had danced with me again each and they both exposed my breasts out on the dance floor in front of everyone and began sucking on my hard swollen nipples. I remember I looked around but everyone was in their own little worlds kissing and sucking on each other, and it didn’t feel so wrong Joe.”
I kept my eyes closed as I felt him shaking his head to tell me I didn’t do anything wrong.
I went on, “I still had my panties on I think, and it didn’t mean anything feeling his yummy big black cock stroking through my hungry pussy lips and rubbing my clitoris, although it did feel wonderful, Mmmm yes, kiss me Hun, kiss my hungry pussy. It’s so hungry!”
I felt a tremor and a gush of my honey as Joe vacuumed it from me. I shook and felt a quake that made my asshole pucker, and then subside.
I resumed after a couple minutes of silence, “I had 2 or 3 of those green drinks by then and I felt very warm. I remember. Did I ask you about having sex with a condom and if it counts? I seem to remember that, but I don’t know why. Amy said she didn’t think so, but I think I remember you saying you didn’t think so either. I don’t remember why.”
I got back on track, “I remember Al asking me what you said Joe, about fucking with condoms. I told him you said it didn’t count. He asked me if you would like him to fuck me with a condom, and I think I told him no, or maybe. I don’t remember.”
Joe was really driving me wild, dipping his tongue deep into me and licking through me and sucking my juices out like he was going crazy with lust, while I was doing all the nasty fantasizing about fucking black men.
I was tingling all over again and my juices were being sucked out of me as fast as my body could ooze them out. It was hard to speak as I remembered these things, but more like I was remembering someone else saying them, doing them. Do you know what I mean?
I was lifted back onto my knees so Joe had to strain to reach my pussy, but I was straining too as I felt a big orgasm about to rock me, and I felt the reason was right there just beyond my memory.
I resumed, “I remember somehow being in Al’s lap, and he was kissing me and asking me about what you would think, I remember you saying about the condoms and then thinking you were gone and I forgot about you as Al kissed me and asked if I thought you wanted him to fuck me with a condom. I said, I, I said, oh I said NO.”
I was on the very edge of exploding, trying to remember what, if we actually fucked, if we, “OMG Joe, don’t stop, please don’t, I said, I said no that I thought you would want him to fuck me without and cum, OMG I told him Joe you would like CREAM PIEEEEE!”
I shook and rolled off Joe and curled up into a ball and felt so wonderful and lost in dreamland with my pussy so warm and wet and oozing comfort throughout my body. I rolled toward Joe and kissed him, and tasted myself, my pussy honey on his lips. I kissed him for at least 5 minutes as I fondled his chastity and felt it pulsing and dripping penis juice.
Then I rolled over because I didn’t want to tease his penis anymore, and I started to feel guilty for everything I finally remember doing and saying. I wondered if I did more than just tease Joe that night, or if after the drinks I actually did do IT with Al.
I slipped into half sl**p and thoughts of my swollen pussy lips battered and bruised possibly from BBC. And then that stream of milky fluid pouring out from so deep inside my vagina might could have actually been Al’s cum. And the pain I felt, could that have been from his big black cock poking me so deeply? I slept on these thoughts and slept well.
In my dream mind I analyzed and calculated and reasoned that if I had fucked Al’s huge black cock I would surly remember that, so it must have been part of my dreams. And all that white stuff running out and out and out for soooo long no man could cum that much semen in real life, so dream also. And why would I feel a stabbing pain way up inside if he fucked me? It would be my vagina feeling torn from the stretching, not a stab like it was.
So everything had to be just a dream, but not all of my dreams were bad. I felt my clitoris throbbing in the night and my vagina squeezing as I slept and my hips rocking and may nipples aching and my head tossing left and right. But when I awoke I felt like it had been a good night!

Monday was the usual. Joe called to say he forgot to tell me Al would call Wednesday. For some reason the news made me happy and sad at the same time. I was glad he had wanted me to know he would, but a bit sad as I felt I hoped he wouldn’t wait so long.
I decided I needed to know how the party went. I called Al to ask. It wasn’t really for any other reasons. I just wanted to know about the party, really.
I said, “Hello Al?”
He said, “So you just couldn’t wait. You miss me?”
I said, “No. I called to ask how the party went.” I couldn’t believe how tingly I was feeling for some reason as I heard his voice.
He said it went well and said, “Okay, then I will talk to you Friday.”
My heart leaped, Friday? I said, “I thought you were calling Wednesday?”
He said, “Well, I was going to call and see how you were after that fall, and let you know how the party went. See if you enjoyed our date. And see if you wanted to do our Halloween party. But we can do that now, and be done with the work until Friday.”
I said, “I’m sorry Al. I didn’t mean to say I didn’t miss you. It’s just hard as a married woman to admit something like that to another man, not my husband, you see. I had a great time, I think. I have some gaps I don’t really remember. Lots of it is coming back, but… well it was fun and I would love to do the Halloween bash.”
He said, “Humm, loss of memory. Too much tequila I bet. Those margaritas will sneak up on you like that. So say you miss me again.”
I said, “Al please, I had a great time. I don’t remember falling though.”
He said, “You were dancing with Doyle one of the case workers, you hadn’t met him or talked with him before. He said he touched your asshole while the 2 of you were dancing and you turned and ran.”
I said, “OMG I think I remember feeling someone doing… he did that, and I ran?”
Al said, “Yes, and then you tripped or stumbled and I tried to catch you but you caught the corner of the table in the tummy and then your head bounced on the edge just as I scooped you up.”
I said, “I don’t…”
He said, I took you to the ataman and checked your head, it looked fine, not even a bump or bruise. But you held your side, so I looked at your tummy. I didn’t see any bruising, but you never know about these things. I watched you the rest of the night. I even had you call Joe again.”
I said, “I, I don’t…”
He said, “You started talking a little goofy, but playful so I assumed you wanted to tease him a bit, and I decided to play along. I asked you if fucking with a condom counts. Do you remember that? That would be something to remember if anything, right?”
I said, “I think I remember that, and saying no, or that Joe said no. it’s still kind of fuzzy.”
He said, “Well, you had several margaritas to kill the pain in your tummy. How’s your tummy feel today?”
I said, “It stopped hurting a while back, but I still feel odd inside, like…”
He said, “Don’t fret you’ll be great in no time. Have you been keeping up with Joe’s needs?”
I said, “Well the night of the party I fell asl**p so we missed that one, but I did it last night. But Al, I don’t know what got into me. I was doing the message and asking him questions about the party, like he should know, right? Well I asked and he told me things, and it was like I could remember stuff, but not really, but it made me all, well, uh, I couldn’t stop. I did the sex times just like you said but then I pushed him at least two more times just so he would tell me more. I know it didn’t happen, not like he said, did it Al?”
Al said, “That’s my girl. You really don’t remember, do you? We agreed to push Joe’s envelope by calling him and telling him things we made up. If you think you remember them for real it must be because we went into some detail to make the stories believable, so that must be what you are remembering. You visualized it in your mind to create the stories and then when you banged your head, wha-la it all seamed real.”
It made sense, and as I said to myself last night, it really couldn’t have happened, not for real, not like that. But I was feeling some thrill discussing it with Al right now, and wanted to continue as I felt my fingers rubbing my clitoris through my pants.
He said, “Well, Friday then?”
I didn’t want him to go, not just yet, “Aren’t you going to call Wednesday?”
He said, “You never said you missed me, so I guess…”
I snapped, “Yes I did.”
He said, “Say it again, now Kathy.”
I said, “I missed you.”
He said, “No, do you miss me now?”
I said, “Do I have to say it? Yes.”
He said, “Well then say it to me like you mean it.”
I was really rubbing my clitoris now and feeling the damp as it was seeping through my panties and into my pants. My fingers were stroking the length of my labia as well as I said, “Yes Al, I miss you. I am so shameful.”
He said, “I refuse to let you say it is shameful for you to admit you miss me. Now tell me you miss me and are proud of it.”
I said, “Yes Al, I miss you and I am proud of it.”
He could hear the sheepish tone in my voice and said, “That sounded pitiful Kathy. I can tell when someone is ashamed to know me. I’ll call Friday so you can get back to doing what you need…”
I interrupted him, “Oh no Al, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. I just feel guilty admitting… that. But I do. I do miss you. I had a fun time at the party Al and I want to do it again.”
He said, “That’s my girl. I had a fun time too. But last time we pretended I was taking you out on a date, to give Joe a bit of a thrill. I want to know if you will go out on a date with me again.”
I said, “I liked it. I guess we could.” I was really feeling my clitoris tingling now as I felt so nasty talking about going out on a date with this big black man. But was this real or playful teasing again, and was it for Joe’s thrill or mine this time?”
He said, “Kathy, is Joe around?”
I said, “No, he’s at work.”
He said, “Call him at work right now Kathy, and tell him you were just talking to me. We discussed the pretend date we went on for his needs, but you have needs too, you feel you need to talk with me about maybe the next party plans, but when you mentioned this to me I asked you out for another date. Tell him you would like his permission to go out on a date with me, Friday.”
I said, “Oh no Al, I couldn’t,” but in my mind I was hoping he would make me do it. I was so hungry to go out with him Friday.
He said, “Ok, I understand. So you want me to call Wednesday?”
I said, “Oh Al, I just can’t do that. It is soooo shameful. But I will try. Can I call you back?
He said, “Sure babe.” And he hung up leaving me franticly rubbing my clit and just dying to call Joe.
I speed-dialed Joe, “Hay Joe, I was just talking with Al,” I never stopped rubbing myself as I spoke.
He said, “Oh, Mr. Cabot. How is he?”
I said, “He’s fine, but he, we were, we talked and he asked me out for another date, to talk about the next party, Friday…”
He interrupted, “You want to go out on a date with him Friday?”
I said, “Well, Friday, yes. Not really a date, to discuss the next party.” I could hear him breathing heavy. I was afraid he was jealous so I shut up.
He said, “Do you want to go?”
I said, “Oh yes Joe, to…”
He said, “You want to go out on a date with him?”
I said “Yes,” before I realized what he asked, and followed with, “To discuss the next…”
He said, “Kathy, will you do me a favor?”
I said, “Yes Hun, anything. What is it?”
He said, “Will you pretend later that you fucked him and are feeding me your creampie?”
I said, “Oh Joe, that’s not…”
He said, “Just pretend Hun.”
I said, “Oh, well alright, just pretend for you. So I can go Friday night?”
He said, “Ask me if you can go out on a date with him.”
I said, “Joe, my loving husband, may I go out on a date with Al Friday night?”
Joe sounded like he was in pain as his voice squeaked, “Why?”
I said, “So I can fuck him and bring you home his cream pie to eat out of my pussy. Is that what you want to hear?”
Joe said, “Do you want to go?”
I said, “Yes Joe.”
He said, “You have my blessings.”
I called Al back and said, “Joe gives us his blessings.”
He asked, “Gives us his blessing to do what?”
I said, “Al, are you going to make me say it too? He gave me his blessings to go out on a date with you Friday night.”
He said, “Tell Joe I want him to help you get ready for our date.”
I said, “I will. See you Friday, 8pm?”

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