Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 4

Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 4
I don’t think you need the preamble I have included so far about who I am… do I? Or the lead in from the last story?
Well maybe that is asking a bit too much. Let’s see. Last Wednesday I went to the doctor. Well I should say two weeks ago I went to a new doctor and in that very first visit he, well, he fucked me in the bottom.
That’s not the worst of it. I actually went back the next week for a follow up, and he fucked my face. Well that’s not totally fair. It wasn’t all his fault. By this time he actually had me begging to suck his cock, excuse me, suck his big black cock. And if that’s not enough to gross you out, I swallowed his cum, and liked it, well the swallowing part not the taste.
Then he told me to come back again last week and I did. This time he let the other doctor in the practice fuck me while I sucked on him. And I swallowed both of their cum. The doctor who fucked my bottom used a condom and after they finished and left the room, the bretty black nurse took that condom full of his cum and put it in her mouth and bit it. Then she kissed me and let it all run into my mouth.
So there you have it in a nut shell. That brings us to today, Saturday. Yesterday Joy the nurse called me to help her with a class project. I agreed to meet her today in the parking lot of the frat house the other two class mates staid in.
I pulled up and they all three were there waiting in a group huddle. The two boys looked like college football players and Joy was surly cheerleader material. I parked next to them and they asked me if I would come inside.
I obliged and followed them inside the frat house. We found a corner in the day room and made ourselves at home. From the looks of it I had walked into a black college. All the students I saw here were black. They all looked like they played line back on the football team too.
Joe introduced me to Tom and Vic. I said, “I’m Tom too.”
We all shook hands and they had very firm grips. I tried to appear as masculine as they fearing what they heard about me from Joy might make them a bit spiteful towards me. I know if I were them I’d be!
But they weren’t. We all chatted and they explained that they were all med students and being involved in a psych course this research would really help. I was pleased to help. Joy looked absolutely kissable, but as I recalled our first and last kiss and the semen I received thereby, my nose wrinkled a bit and I may have grimaced while experiencing a bit of vomit in my mouth.
I don’t think anyone else noticed as we chatted and pondered the aspects of actually being straight while having a strong homosexual tendency that combined with a submissive nature made a person very vulnerable to unplanned and not really previously desired alterations. It was all very technical and way over my head. They did most of the talking.
Actually all I was there for was to confirm Joy’s story of my case, moving it from theory to fact. I had done this so now I was just in the way it seemed. I was about to get up and excuse myself when Tom said, “Tom, would you let me test a theory?”
I said, “Sure, how?”
He said, “I believe you are submissive to authority figures. This could be male or female, but if the person looks official and acts official I believe you will submit easily. Some men won’t submit to any woman and some women won’t submit to any other women. I’ve seen this a lot, but most of these will submit to a male role model… to a point. It’s like hypnosis. You arn’t make a person do something they are dead set against, but if you find something they might possibly enjoy then you might be able to convince them to do it under hypnosis. The men and women won’t submit to the authority figure they feel superior too, but they will to one they feel inferior to as long as they meet the requirements.”
I said, “I have no idea what you just said.”
He said, “Let me simplify it. See, Joy here is the leader of our study group, so she is the authority here. Will you do what she tells you to do, for the sake of knowledge?”
I said, “Sure I can do that. Why didn’t you just say that?”
He said, “That is what I’d like to test sir.”
I felt like an old man with them all saying sir and being at least 20 years younger than me. Then to hear them all talking like mad scientist in that medical lingo that baffles common understanding. You’ve been to the doctors and had them talk for ten minutes and when they finish you have no clue as to what they just said, right? Well that’s it, here and now!
I asked, “How?” See how my questions and answers are all short and simple? Why can’t they talk like this? Do they teach them to be highfalutin?
Victor said, “Well sir, it would be easier to show you than to explain this.”
I said, “Okay, show away.”
He said, “Well, Joy?”
She said, “Mr. Smith, what they are trying to say is we need to move to the lab to test this. Would you mind joining us?”
I said, “Sure darling. Lead the way.” And off we went like a trail of ants to another building full of halls and doors. It’s good I had them to follow because I know I’d be lost now roaming through this musty old building.
Victor said, “Wait, I have the key,” as he pushed past Joy and Tom and reached for a door with a marbled glass pain in it and a nameplate that read, ‘Lab 23’. We filed in and the lights flickered for a minute before eliminating the drab place.
There was an office in here, not the expected long tables with beakers and sinks, black granite counter tops and pins with wooden handles stabbed in a sponge used for dissecting frogs. It looked more like a psychiatrist office with a big plush brown leather sofa and a grand desk like the principle would be proud to have.
Joy went to a coat rack in the corner and dawned a white lab coat. She then moved behind the desk and sat in the plush chair. She said, “Mr. Smith, I would like you to sit on the sofa please.” I watched her put on black rimmed glasses and wrap a stethoscope around her neck she had retrieved from a desk drawer.
I sat at the near end. She said, “Please move to the middle sir.” So I did this next.
I kept my eyes on her but noticed the two boys move to sit on my left and right without being told.
She said, “First I’d like you to turn to Thomas and tell him just how much you love to suck big black cocks Mr. Smith.”
I sat there like a lump on a log just looking at her. This was too much to ask.
She said, “Okay Mr. Smith, that okay. Now please turn to Victor and about your experiences having your ass fucked with big black cocks.”
Again this was too shameful. What was she trying to prove? That I’m a faggot? I looked at Vic and saw him looking back at me with an analytical expression. Then in silence I looked back to her and started to get up.
She said, “Oh Mr. Smith I didn’t mean to offend you. Those were marker questions. We had to get a base line to see where you would draw the line, and you did exactly what we expected sir. You did great. Please let me continue. Please? This will be so helpful for all of us, but we can’t do it without your help. Please?”
I looked at her again and she looked so worried, and her big deep eyes looked so pitiful and her lips pouted and looked so kissable. Maybe I could wait just a little while longer.
She saw me sit and said, “Okay. Tom, Vic, now.” And the two boys stood up and walked to the coat rack where they removed all their cloths. This was totally unexpected. Then they returned to sit on my left and right again. For some reason the couch felt crowded.
I must admit I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I did a few minutes ago when she was telling me to expose my nasty perverted secrets. Now they were the ones exposed. And I must admit it was some exposure.
These two guys were definitely athletes with bulging muscles and six-pack bellies. They both had big cocks although at the moment they were flaccid. Still they were twice what I have when I’m totally hard.
Joy said, “Mr. Smith would you please turn toward Tom now?”
I did as she asked without complaint.
She said, “Look at his big black cock Mr. Smith.”
I did and as I was watching it started to fill and grow. It was actually a magnificent piece of manhood and I am sure he is very proud of it. I don’t know how long I stared but I realized we had sat in silence for some time while I did this.
She said, “Now Mr. Smith, would you tell Tom how nice his big black cock looks?”
I looked to her then back to Tom, to his big cock and back into his eyes and said, “It is very nice Tom.”
She said, “Would you tell him how much you enjoyed being fucked by a big black cock very similar to his?”
I said, “Well, Tom… I’ll tell you for the sake of your education that yes, I did enjoy being fucked by a cock much like yours.” I couldn’t help but notice how it grew as I said this. It must have doubled in size and was now standing mostly erect. Mine too was hard, but I was able to conceal this as mine was so small and in my pants.
Joy said, “Thank you Mr. Smith. Now please turn around and look at Victor.”
I found it difficult to turn away from Tom, but I managed. When I got turned around I say Victor’s cock too was semi hard now and standing nearly erect, and it was pulsing with his heart beat and he looked to be breathing heavy. I even noticed the head swelling, the crown flared out like the hood of a cobra.
Joy said, “Now Mr. Smith, would you tell Victor how you enjoyed sucking a big black cock much like his?”
I said, “Ah, well Vic, I did do that. I…” I looked to Joy who just gave me an approving nod. So I continued for the sake of their education, “Well I sucked a cock like yours and yes I enjoyed it.”
She said, “Oh that’s wonderful Mr. Smith. Now would you tell him how much you enjoyed swallowing the cum from the cock that is a lot like Victors.”
I started to get that unsettling feeling again, like I was being set up. I looked at her and she looked so sweet and hopeful I would just do what she asked of me. So I looked at Victor and as I said, “I enjoyed swallowing the cum from a cock like yours,” I watched his cock grow to full attention and begin to pulse and bob like a timer.
I watched it for a few seconds and then f***ed myself to look away.
Joy said, “That was perfect. Thank you so much Mr. Smith. We have a few more tests we could run, but I hate to take advantage of you sir. I know you must have better things to do than sit here helping us with our assignment.”
I said, “More tests? I don’t mind.” I kept my eyes on her afraid to let myself look at the two excited men beside me.
She said, “Well if you don’t mind, then let me see. Yes, here it is.” She was flipping through a file like the ones they keep on patients. She said, “This is our report sir. We want to make it look as official as we can so we’re keeping it in this manila folder.”
I could see that working. I said, “So what next?”
Joy said, “Well, I need you to take off your cloths sir. This is important to…” She spilled a pile of those medical terms like they did earlier sounding like I don’t know what. Anyway I didn’t understand a word so I can’t tell you what it was she said now can I?
I really didn’t want to do it either because then everyone would see my little hard-on and know I too was excited. I just sat there until she spoke again.
“I’m sorry Mr. Smith.” Joy said, “We can make up the rest. You don’t have to help. We all know what you put up with just helping us this far. We can’t say thank you enough. We will all be sure to get ‘Bs’ out of this.”
I thought about them working so hard to get good grades and how important it is in the real world to have them, and here I was able to help them and all I could do is worry about them seeing me with a hard-on while they sat unashamed naked in front of me. I stood up and moved to the coat rack and removed my cloths too.
I had my hands over my crotch as I sat back down. Both Tom and Vic were sitting quietly as this all went on. But Joy had her gorgeous smile on and gave me a sexy wink as I took my seat. I felt like the teacher’s pet.
She said, “Now gentlemen, I’d like you all to sit forward and put your hands on your knees.” I did and noticed the other two did likewise.
She said, “This is for our medical finals guys so be serious. Mr. Smith, thanks for this. It means a lot. Now would you mind standing up?”
I did and she said, “Now move over and stand in front of Victor please, and put your hands behind your head.” I didn’t understand but I did as I was told.
She said, “Now Victor, you remember how to do a hernia exam right?”
Victor placed two fingers alongside my scrotum and pushed them gently up inside me as he said, “Please turn your head to the right and cough.” I did and he used the fingers of his other hand on the other side and had me turn my head the other way and cough again.
Joy said, “Very good. Now check his tastes and penis.” I felt his hands squeezing my balls then playing with my little hard penis.
Joy said, “Well, your diagnosis?” to which he said I was healthy.
She said, “Mr. Smith, please tell Victor what we call your penis at the office.”
I looked into Victor’s eyes and felt the flush in my cheeks as I said, “It’s my big clitoris.” I notice his cock really throbbing as I confessed this to him.
She said, “That was great. Now Mr. Smith please go stand in front of Thomas with your back to him.” I did and it was easier not having to look at them.
She said, “Now Thomas, you remember how to check a prostate right?”
I felt his hand take the cheek of my ass and give it a squeezing lift and then the fingers of his other hand started probing my anus. She said, “Stop. Here.” And I watched her dig a tube of something from the desk and toss it to the sofa behind me.
Then I felt cold wet fingers probing my bottom this time, and Tom’s fingers find and invade my bottom. I was surprised it didn’t hurt. I still felt a bit lose after Doctor Dickson used that thing to open me up a couple days ago.
Tom’s fingers felt good as he found my prostate and started to stroke it, and that yummy feeling I get every time they do this came back and tingled through my penis and balls. As he was doing this Joy said, “Mr. Smith, please tell Thomas what we call your anus at the office.
I said, “Mmm my pussy.”
She said, “Would you tell Thomas how much you like being fucked in your pussy by big black cocks?”
I said, “I love it. I love feeling that oh yes my Mmm fucking me yes with…”
Joy said, “Mr. Smith are you hungry to be fucked right now?”
I said, “Oh my Mmm yes I guessssss.”
I felt the fingers pull out of me and figured I had done what they needed me to. I felt Tom’s hands rest on my hips and start to pull me back toward him. I started to fall back so I reached down and turned to catch myself when I felt Victor grab me from in front. He held my hands and I felt stable even though Tom was still pulling me down.
Joy said, “Mr. Smith, reach between your legs.”
I did and when I did I felt Tom’s massive cock move into my hand. My fingers wrapped around it and I wanted it so badly.
Joy said, “Hold it. That’s it. Now aim it at your pussy Mr. Smith. Yes.”
I felt Tom’s hands release me while Victors held me steady. I heard Joy say, “Mr. Smith, say you want Tom to fuck your hungry pussy.”
I was pointing it as I said it, “Yes I want your big black cock to fuck my pussy Tom, please.” I was trying to lower myself onto it as I held it and pointed it at my rump.
Joy said, “Now Mr. Smith. You know you need to use a condom.” I looked with glassy hungry eyes at her and realized she was right. But how?
I felt Vic lift me up to stand straight, I had to let go the cock in my hand. He held out his hand and I held mine to his. He dropped a condom in my hand. I took it and bit it open and tore the top off and pulled it out throwing the package on the floor.
Victor said, “Go ahead sir. Put it on him.” I was about to bend over to do this when Joy told me to get on my knees. I knelt and in this position I rolled that rubber over the head of Tom’s magnificent cock and down the long vain throbbing shaft.
Joy asked me if I was ready, to which I said yes. She said, “I think it would be best if we use the coffee table for this. Would you get on your hands and knees on the coffee table for us please Mr. Smith.” I crawled on and felt stupid there.
I felt Tom move behind me and then Joy asked if I really wanted this. I said yes please. Then I felt Tom dribble some of that lube on my rump and felt it running through the crack and over my anus. Then the head of his cock was there, and then with a nudge it was in, and with a thrust it I felt him rubbing his balls against mine.
Joy asked me if I wanted Victor’s cock in my mouth. I said I did expecting him to reward me for my honesty. But he instead went to the door and opened it. I thought he was leaving until I saw him walk back to me. I guess he was just letting in some air.
I watched him walk right up before me, cock bobbing with each step, as I rocked back and forth to the rhythm of Tom’s thrusts.
Joy asked, “Do you love big black cock Mr. Smith?” I said yes.
She asked, “Would you like more?” I said yes again.
I felt Vic bump my lips and I opened my mouth to suck him in. He tastes different and the feel is different too. I’m not complaining mind you. It was delicious, but new in its own right.
Joy asked, “Would you like more big black cock Mr. Smith?” Vic pulled out so I could answer.
I said, “Yes please Joy.”
She said, “Tell me to give you more big black cock and I will.”
Victor hadn’t returned to feed me and although the fucking I was getting was wonderful I really did want more. So I pleaded, “Please Joy give me more big black cock.”
She said, That’s very good Mr. Smith but you should be specific. Would you like one more, two, maybe three, how about ten or twenty or a hundred Mr. Smith?”
I sucked on Victor’s cock as the whole idea swirled about in my head. I just kept sucking and sucking as Tom kept thrusting and thrusting, as her question turned into nothingness. But she wasn’t going to just give up. She had asked a question that demanded an answer.
So she asked again, “How many big black cocks would you like Mr. Smith.” Victor pulled away again so I could concentrate and answer her. How may cocks? Hell, I don’t know how to answer that.
She said, “Tell me a hundred.” I shook my head. What, in a year, a life time I need more to go on.
She said, “Okay 20, no 10. That’s a good number right?” I thought about it. 10 is as good a number as any and if it would get Victor back over here I think 10 is perfect.
So I said, “Yes 10 is perfect Joy. 10 yes.”
She said, “Tell me you want 10 big black cocks to suck and to feel fucking your pussy.”
I said, “Joy… why are you…”
She said, Mr. Smith please. Tell me you love big black cocks and you would like 10 of them right now and I will tell Victor to feed you.”
I said, “Joy, I want 10 big black cocks to suck and feel fucking me.”
She said, “Right now.”
I said, “Okay, right now.” Tom was really giving it to me and I felt my penis, I mean my clitoris oozing a lot of jelly. I didn’t care what she wanted me to say, I just wanted Victor to let me suck on him while Tom did his thing. And I was rewarded for my willingness to comply.
I heard her pulling out the drawer again as Victor stepped close and fed his cock into my mouth. She lifted a small bell and gave it a little twitch causing the prettiest tinkling sound to ring out, as I felt the two guys get into a rhythm one in while the other out, then reverse.
I was about to close my eyes and enjoy the action when I saw a line of black men all as fit as these two file into the room and close the door behind them.
I was horrified to be on display like this and thought about running away, but in a moment, after a few more thrusts, then I would run.
As I shook as much from shock as from the fucking I was getting I watched these men remove all of their cloths too. Now I was in a room with what looked to be maybe no, yes, it was, and I had asked for it, 10 men. What was happening?
I decided it was out of my control so I just let everything happen as it unfolded. Most of what I am relating are from bits and pieces of memory while I’m guessing a lot of it happened while my mind was checked out.
I had big black cocks in each hand, and one in front and another in back. I remember a crowd standing just behind these guys watching me getting fucked and sucking and jacking off still two more. Then there would be an eruption down my throat and he would step back to be replaced by one of the cocks in my hand while an outsider took their place.
Then there would be a driving thrust in my ass forcing me hard onto the cock in my mouth and then the cock in my other hand would be moved to my ass and another outsider’s cock took its place.
I was on my knees for some time then rolled onto my back for a long time. I spent some time on my belly too but it wasn’t comfortable like that.
At one point everyone went and sat down for a break and I sat on the floor between someone’s legs nursing on him as the conversation buzzed around me. I have no idea what was said. All I wanted to do was rest and catch my breath and suck this yummy cock.
I don’t know how long it went on, but after the guys were spent they all sat around the coffee table as I lay on my back on it. I didn’t care that they could all see me. After all they had all just fucked me.
I felt a presence and opened my eyes to see Joy’s smiling face above mine. She had moved a chair close to me and was leaning over me where we could talk in semi-private whispers.
She said, “Having fun Mr. Smith?” I nodded my head too tired to speak. She said, “Would you like a kiss?” as she puckered her lips and blew me one. Again I nodded my head.
I watched her as she did it again. She held up a big bulbous swollen milky white condom and lowered it into her mouth. Then her jaw wiggled and she pulled the empty rubber from her lips. Then she lowered her lips to mine.
I did not fight it. I think I actually was looking forward to it. I wanted to feel her tongue wrestling with mine even with a mouth full of fresh hot man juice. And I got just that.
We kissed for a minute then she pulled away. We had kissed much longer that first time. I watched her rise away from me, and with a flip of the wrist she held up another. She repeated the act for all to watch, sucked the cum from the rubber, then let it drain into my mouth for another minute long kiss.
The fifth time I was beginning to wonder how many of these did she have. She repeated the act as before, but this time she stopped an inch above my lips and let a drop of cum touch my lips. I opened my mouth and she let the rest drop in. when it was done and all was in my mouth she said, “Swallow.” I did.
The next two times she let it drain into my mouth from several inches. I knew this was all for show so all these guys huddled around could watch as I drank their cum.
Then she actually put the condoms in my mouth the next two times and told me to bite, before she pulled the empty rubbers from my lips leaving the cum deposit in my mouth. Then she said, “Swallow.” And I did.
She held up another and said, “This is a special one Mr. Smith. It’s the last one. But because you have been so wonderful volunteering to help us all like this we want to make it extra special for you.”
I was afraid, I mean really afraid. After all this how could they make this extra anything? I felt my adrenalin flowing and I was ready to run, naked if I had too, back to my car and get the hell out of here.
Joy stood up.
I was strategizing my route, through the maze of halls and doors, hopefully not having to fight any of these superior athletic types. I thought I had a fairly sound plan. The window was the back up plan.
She pulled off her lab coat.
I had to get my keys first. I could grab my pants and run. Keys were in them. Don’t forget the keys!
She undid her blouse and unfastened her bra.
It was a front clasp bra, and maybe I wouldn’t need to run after all. I watched as her delicious C-cup breasts fell out and her chocolate kisses nipples poked out.
She wiggled out of her skirt and let it fall to the floor.
I watched in delight as she towered over me letting her cloths fall away from her. Then she peeled her panties down her thick thighs and let them fall to the floor too. She stepped out of them and I knew we all were looking at Nurse Joy in the buff and she was fine!
Her black bush was trimmed to a narrow patch that ran up from her clitoris. Her clitoris was almost as big as mine as it stuck out from the folds of her pussy lips. The lips were dark almost black but her clitoris was red like bl**d red and pulsed just like a penis.
She moved away and I felt despair. She went to the couch and sat in the middle with men all around her. She called me, “Mr. Smith, come here.”
I don’t know where I found the strength but I rolled off the table and crawled across the floor to her feet. I moved between her hot thighs. The humidity radiating from her was enveloping as I moved even closer.
I looked into her sex and saw that she had sat on Tom’s lap and now in the shadows I could see his cock shaft and balls hanging out of her pussy. Her lips were stretched around his thick shaft and he was buried deep inside her pussy. I was between both their legs and looking at their combined sexes united as one.
Joy said, “Kiss my clitoris please.”
I did and took it into my mouth with all the enthusiasm I had given each of these men. I was sucking and slurping and kissing it when she said, “Now lick my vagina.”
I lowered my lips to the shaft invading her depths and worked my tongue around it and between it and her legs to stroke the peddles of her gorgeous brown flower. I did this for several minutes until she said, “Now lick my balls.”
I lowered my lips even lower and began kissing and lapping at and sucking on Tom’s balls hanging out of her. And with each touch of my loving tongue and lips I caused him to jolt and squirm and quiver and each of these actions was telegraphed up deep inside her.
Then I tasted semen and looked up to see she had bitten a hole in the last condom and was letting the contents dribble down over her clit and through her cock filled gash and down his shaft and over his balls.
I lapped at it to keep it from getting away. I licked it off his balls and his shaft, then up to her vagina and finally to her clitoris. Here she allowed me to nurse on her as she quaked to my touch and as I sucked she would spill drops of cum for me to track and vacuum up.
By the time the rubber was empty Joy was orgasming all over Tom’s cock and my face. I remained latched to her clit as she erupted and a river of her fluids crashed into my neck and chest.
I listened to them all leave as I moved onto the sofa for a nap. I awoke to an empty room. Joy had left me a note, instructions how to get back to my car. She said she needed to get to class, but hoped to see me Monday when I came in for my appointment.
The rest is academic. I went home and took a long hot shower before taking another long nap.

I care, so if you like this or you don’t, please take a minute to leave a comment.

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1 month ago
all 4 parts are great. wonder how you wife is doing?
2 months ago
Yes, please more. Excellent story so far. I want to know what the doctor does to his wife.
6 months ago
great story series, can't wait for more!
7 months ago
Yes that was so incredible so erotic to have that many hot cocks all to suck and be fucked by I would have loved to help you in that test I came allover myself I used m dildo totry and enjoy what you had