Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 3

Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 3
I’m a man in my mid 50’s standing 5’10” at 210 pounds. I’m on a diet and lost 10 pounds last week. My hair is salt & pepper trimmed neatly. My skin is a little tan as I have been going to the pool for exercise. I am still pink at my places of color; lips, finger & toe nails, nipples, dick head and scrotum. I add this because I can see my balls now past my belly.
I have a new insurance policy through work, thank you Obama, and am learning to make the best of it. Little did I know how this change would alter my life. The first visit was, well, like no doctor visit I ever experienced, and then the second, well, you will just have to read about it as I choke up just thinking about it.
See, I had scheduled my annual physical two weeks ago with Doctor Jackson. I was uneasy because I’d seen the same doctor for decades, and now was being f***ed to break in a new one. On top of all this Doctor Jackson wasn’t a little old white man with a white hair the same color as his lab coat, glasses that looked like magnifying glasses, and a stethoscope or thingy d****d over his neck. NO, Doctor Jackson was a much younger very large black man, more my age, and very black. Mind you, I’m not prejudice, but I couldn’t help but worry he might be a quota doctor, you know what I mean. But he’s not. I learned he is quite the good doctor, and I am pleased to be his patient now.
After that first very disturbing visit, I spent a week thinking about the totally queer ordeal. But as the week passed I thought about how much better I actually felt. I decided to venture the follow up visit, just to see if what I had thought I experienced was actually just some nasty perverted dream and not reality at all.
Well, after the follow up I knew. I know I said, I AM NOT GAY! I still don’t care for gay porn or seeing men kissing or other things. Their bodies aren’t attractive to me, they’re hard, and angular, and covered with hair. Now a woman’s body is exactly the opposite. The sight of them is stimulating, exciting, thrilling to the male senses with the soft curves, and the delicate touches of hair only where it counts, and not all over like a man’s. Sorry, I just want everyone to know that, I’M REALLY NOT GAY!
Still, if any man sat at the bar next to me and told me he had done the things I have done the past 2 visits to my doctor, with my doctor, and that he felt he had actually possibly enjoyed the experiences… Well, I would call him a fagot to his face and move to another stool far away from him. See why I feel turned upside down? I’m that guy now.
On the one hand I exclaim I AM NOT GAY! But on the other hand, I now think all the time about how it felt to be fucked in my ass and feeling myself cum with no other stimulation but the doctor’s cock inside me stroking my prostate. And then I think about getting so horny just one week later that I actually begged him to fuck my face. Can you imagine? NO, I couldn’t either! That’s why I am so confused now!
But I’m going back again in five days. It has been two days and the closer to the date we get the more I crave another encounter with my good doctor. As I said, I think about the last two visits all the time.
I tried to put it out of my mind. I mowed the lawn and worked up a good sweat. I had my shirt off to get some sun. I was actually just focusing on what I was doing, keeping straight lines, working the mower under the hedges to get that renegade grass too. There I was finished and my mind felt rested for the first time in weeks.
I went in to the kitchen to get a glass of cool water when my wife Anna confronted me. I nearly spilt my water when she popped up behind me and said, “Another doctor visit?”
I looked around at her and took a sip of my water to buy me some time. I saw the phone in her hand. I reasoned the doctor’s office must have called for a reminder, I guessed. I asked, “Was that the doctor?”
She nodded as she said, “What’s up Hun? Are you okay? That’s 3 visits in just 2 weeks. Is there…”
I cut her off, not wanting her to worry. I said, “No Hun, everything’s fine. You know I had the first visit and being a new doctor and all I had to fill out all that paperwork, and the second visit was just a follow up to let me know the results of all the lab tests. They were fine. He said it looks like I may have a bit of arthritis in my neck, that’s all.”
She looked so relieved to hear I wasn’t dying or something worse. She said, “So why does he want to see you again?”
I said, “He doesn’t like to medicate unless it’s absolutely necessary, the nurse said. Apparently he wants to do some massage type treatment. At least that’s what the nurse said.”
She said, “Well, he sounds like a better doctor than old Doc Stoogenstein. You know, I haven’t had my physical yet this year. No better time than the present. Would you call them back and make an appointment for me. I can go any morning before noon, if they have an opening. I think I like this new doctor of ours Hun.” Then she handed me the phone.
Oh SHIT! How in the world could I let my wife anywhere near this man? Sure I had been pining to return for more of his… well, but this? This cured me of all desires. I had to call right now and cancel my appointment and find a new HMO PCP.
The attendant at the counter answered. I recognized her sweet voice. I said, “This is Tom Smith.”
She said, “Oh hello Mr. Smith. I just talked to your wife.”
I said, “I know. That’s why I’m calling.”
She said, “To confirm your appointment. Right?”
I said, “Actually… no… to…”
She said, “I see your wife is on the same policy. Are you calling with regards to her?”
I said, “Yes…”
She said, “I better let you speak to the doctor. Just one moment please…” and before I knew it I was on hold… for 10 minutes… listening to that nasty elevator music.
Then Doctor Jackson came on the line, “Hello Tom. Are you feeling well?”
I said, “Yes sir, but I need to…”
He said, “You want to talk about your wife who I see is on your same policy. Is this correct?”
I said, “Yes but…”
He said, “And she is due for a physical now, but you’re concerned about me and well our current methods of treatments.”
I said, “Yes. I’m sorry but…”
He said, “Tom, your wife belongs to you. She is your betrothed. Essentially and for all practical considerations your property. I respect you, and therefore respect your property too. I promise not to lay an unprofessional hand on your wife, Anna is it? or do anything inappropriate to her. You have my word on that! Does this relieve your worries about letting her come to our clinic? If it will help I will recommend she see Doctor Dickson. He works here with me.”
I said, “Well, I guess that would…”
He said, “Tom, have you been thinking about coming back in again?”
I said, “Yes, but…”
He said, “I wish we made the schedule for twice a week Tom. Would you like me to treat you twice a week?”
I was suddenly off balance. I was no longer thinking about my wife and her needs and my concerns for her in this environment, no, I was thinking about seeing Doctor Jackson and getting to feel his big cock with all my lust and desires and fantasies, and I said, “Yes.”
He said, “Say it to me Tom. Tell me…”
I said in a whisper with my hand cupped over the mouthpiece, “Yes Doctor Jackson, I would like to come see you twice a week.” I felt my knees shaking and my little penis throbbing with anticipation of experiencing his big piece of manhood.
He said, “We will set it up when you come in. I’m looking forward to it Tom. I’ll have the attendant set your wife up to see Doctor Dickson. Please don’t worry about her. I promise we will take good care of her, and you too.”
I still worried, but maybe just a bit less. I was doing more fantasizing about what I was going to experience than worrying about what she might.
The receptionist called back in 10 minutes and we set up Anna’s appointment for the day before my appointment, before noon as Anna had requested. I passed on the news, and went to take a bath.
That night I felt so frisky I made love to my wife. We don’t do this often and usually it is for some occasion. She asked, “What’s the occasion?”
I told her, “I just feel good and wanted to share my joy with you.”
She said, “Well I hope you’re feeling good more often. I like this.”
I was on her missionary and really giving her my all with full 5 inch strokes. She was moaning and scratching my back, and telling me how wonderful I was and that she loves me so much. I gave her my best for at least 5 minutes, and then deposited my seed deep inside her womanhood with my naked pubic bone grinding against her clitoris.
I hate the feel of stubble, and when the hair down there started to grow back out, after Joy had so nicely and completely given me that shave down there two days ago, well I kept it shaved. When Anna noticed I told her they had done it for cleanliness while inspecting my scrotum.
She said, “Oh no, did they say anything about your small penis?” Boy she just doesn’t have a clue how much that hurts. Let me say something about her weight or the size of her breasts and she would go ape-shit, but I would never do that to her. But she just doesn’t understand how much it hurts a man’s pride to hear his wife call him small.
I said, “The doctor seemed fine with it. He said my testosterone and sperm count are normal.”
She said, “I like it shaved. It’s the hair that smells. Now you smell clean, and it looks quit.”
I liked this, the clean part, not the quit part. I asked her, “Would you like to kiss it for me?” She moved down and took me in her lips and sucked me to another boner, but quit when I got hard, long before I could cum.
I was more horny than I had been since my twenties, but we had our sex for the week and she wasn’t interested in continuing for a round 2. She rolled to her side and closed her legs letting me know the amusement park was closed. She then changed the conversation to confirm this, “Hun, did you make my appointment?”
Dejectedly I said, “Yes. You’re seeing a Doctor Dickerson in the same offices. I’m going in on Wednesday and you’re going in Tuesday at 11.”
She said, “Thank you Hun. Let’s get some sl**p now.” And with that said she turned off the light and left me to fidget with my boner.
Tuesday came and Anna went to her appointment. She was still out and not answering her phone when it came time for me to go to work. By this time I was getting worried. I was imagining my wife getting fucked by my black doctor’s big black cock. But I consoled myself with the promise she wouldn’t even be seeing him and he also promised he would never be unprofessional with her.
I got to work and tried to call again, but she didn’t answer. Maybe she turned off her phone and just forgot to turn it back on. My thoughts returned to her being fucked and her pretty lips wrapped around a big black cock, and as I felt a twisting ache in my guts I also noticed my little dick was as hard as iron.
I went to the toilet and found a stall and leaned back against the tank and as I placed my thumb and two fingers on my penis and started jacking I thought about her with her legs up in the stirrups and a big black cock fucking her, stretching her pussy wide and pushing in so deep into her that the head of her doctor’s cock was nudging and bumping her cervix.
I was about to cum when I heard the bathroom door open and several people file in, Dammit. I stopped my play and pointed my penis down into the bowl where it dribbled out my unthrilling orgasm to say the least. Dammit dammit dammit. It was like watching a 4 hour game with multiple sudden death overtimes… just to have the ending spoiled. Dammit!
I stood and zipped up. Then went back to my station where I tried to call Anna again. It had been 4 hours since her appointment and I was a mess.
She answered, “Hello. Sorry I missed your calls Hun. I turned off my phone then decided to leave it in the car while I saw the doctor. Oh by the way, I saw your doctor too. They are very nice gentlemen. Anyway, when I got out I went over to Sue’s and we went for a walk and talked. I was in the middle of the park when I realized I didn’t have my phone.”
I said, “So everything went okay?”
She said, “Are you alright? You sound like you just ran a mile.”
I said. “Ya I just unloaded some crates and I’m wore out, but how’d it go?”
She said, “Doctor Dickerson is, well he is very dark skinned, but I closed my eyes during the exam and as I said he was a perfect gentleman.”
I asked, “What all did they do?”
She said, “Oh Hun. You don’t want to know all that. It’s all just doctor female patient stuff. He did a thorough exam just like you got. He checked for lumps, and hernias, and so forth, the usual, only more of it as they are making a new file for me too. He told me your doctor did the same for you. Right?”
I said, “Uh, yes, right, the same, a new complete file.”
She said, “I better let you go Hun. If you feel bad you might want to tell the doctor tomorrow. You sound horrible over the phone. Are you sure you’re alright?”
I said, “Yes, I’m fine. I just need to take a rest before going back to work. I’m fine. I’m so glad to hear your appointment went well. See ya tonight.” And we hung up.
That night she was asl**p when I got in and I ate my frozen dinner in front of the computer. I Googled ‘Free Porn’ and found the best site ever, XHamster. You should check it out.
I typed into the search ‘black’ and it came up with stuff like Interracial, BBC whatever that means, Bulls, and many other categories. I just followed the pictures to the items that caught my eye.
I found myself looking at black men with big cocks. I had never done this before. I might have seen them in surfing but it never caught my eye. I found I was fascinated watching these men being sucked and watching them fuck girls in the ass. I felt my own ass squeezing as the girls squealed and cried.
When these men would fuck the girls faces causing them to drool and cry, I felt a hunger to experience what they were. Even though it looked like they were choking and in tearful pain, I knew the reality was the powerful thrill they were experiencing, and the tears had nothing to do with pain, and the choking was fun not frightening.
The links below would usually lead to more of the same, but a few led to gay porn, and I really felt turned off seeing men sucking and being fucked. So why did I desire to experience it even though the image of it turned me off?
I used the back arrow to return to the girls loving on the black cocks. I found one video with a woman that looked a lot like my Anna and she had a big black lover that towered over her and sported a foot of man-meet. This video really got me churning as I imagined watching my wife being fucked by a black man as I watched this over and over several times. WOW!
I bookmarked it, then moved on. I saw a video with a guy watching his wife being fucked by a black guy, and the title was something Cuckold. I opened another tab to Google the word ‘Cuckold,’ and boy was I surprised by the world of information I had opened up.
I wasn’t looking for porn as much as information at this point so I focused my search to literature, avoiding the sites that said PORN. Here I read about a plethora of varieties of the basic concept of men sharing their wives. Actually to be more precise it was men who remained loyal to their wives while the wives fooled around.
Even this is a poor description as I learned in some cases the husband gives up all his sexual rights with his wife while she has sex with any man she pleases. I think I said that right. Most of these stories say the wife dominates her husband and takes away his right to have sex with her, or anybody else. But the way I see it if he had any balls he wouldn’t just give up like that, so he must be giving up his rights. Right?
Anyway, that wasn’t what I was interested in. I also found a variation called ‘Interracial Cuckold’ where in almost every case it meant a white wife getting fucked by a black man. For some reason this was the stuff I found tantalizing. Reading about white wives with their black lovers while their husband’s stayed home and waited for them to return from a date. I must have read a thousand of these stories before I realized it was nearly 4 in the morning.
I turned off the computer and went to bed. I have to admit my dreams that night were WILD to say the least!
I got up as usual and did the usual things with showering and coffee and pills and checking the mail. Anna reminded me not to be late for my appointment. I actually had forgotten.
I dashed out the door and flew to the doctors office.
I was uneasy again, probable anticipation of another nasty delightful sexual encounter. I found myself once again thumbing through another of the magazines. I flipped a page and wondered if I really wanted this, as I felt my penis throbbing hard. I tried to tell myself it was shameful, but a part of my brain kept saying ‘YES and you love it.” I remember begging him for Doctor Jackson to fuck me, and didn’t even care that nurse Joy was watching as I begged to suck his wonderful throbbing big black cock.’
I turned another page and said in my head, ‘No, it’s stupid. Real men don’t like that kind of stuff.’ But then I simply closed the door on that part of my brain. Before I knew it I was looking at the back page of this magazine. Then I was called to the counter by the pretty black attendant there. She still has a gorgeous smile, although I feel it was saying more than just ‘Hi Mr. Smith,’ but I didn’t care. I smiled back and said, “hello.”
Like last time, she told me to go into the examination area, the hall with all the doors. There I found the pretty young black nurse, Joy. She displayed a gorgeous smile with her white teeth shining between her luscious full rich lips.
She had me step onto the scale again. I guess we’re going to do this every time. She made notes in her pad and showed me to the same examination room as last week, where she told me to take off my cloths again, and sit on the table again. She didn’t leave the room this time either, but I was glad to have her join us.
She heard me climb on the table as the paper crinkled under my rump once more. I sat naked behind her for about 10 minutes, when Doctor Jackson knocked and entered the room. He greeted me just as he always does, and we shook hands.
He asked how my week went, and I told him it went well. I left out all the agony I felt yesterday waiting for my wife to complete her exam and escape uns**thed.
He told Joy to set up the table, and she came over to insert the stirrups and help me get into position. I felt a nasty pleasure as I spread my legs to her left and right as she took my ankles and placed my feet high and wide in the pockets.
Doctor Jackson asked, “Tom, would like to try the restraints?”
I had no idea what he was talking about so I just sat there naked and stupid.
He said, “I’m sorry. These,” as he pointed to straps I hadn’t noticed before. He said, “They are totally unnecessary but you might find them kind of fun. It’s a thrill to be submissive, but even more to be restrained and totally helpless. It’s up to you.”
I asked, “What if I change my mind?”
He said, “Let’s use a safe word, say… ‘BANANA’ and if you say this we will stop and undo the restraints. So, what do you think?”
I had never been tied up. I remember seeing some porn but it looked evil and menacing. I wasn’t sure. As I was thinking about it I felt Joy’s fingers gliding over the shaved skin around my penis, “Look doctor, he is keeping his big clitoris shaved for you.”
I felt the rush of bl**d as it washed through my cheeks and must have turned me beat red. Doctor Jackson said, “Thank you Tom. Did you do that just for me?”
I lied, “Ah well yes. I thought…”
He interrupted my thoughts by taking my hands and lifted them to the bar above my head. I felt him wrapping the wrist restraints around each as I looked into his eyes in total silence. I guess I was going to be restrained even though I hadn’t said yes yet. I felt the snap as he fastened the little belt buckles on each.
He said, “Joy, please,” and I felt her wrapping the equivalent around each of my ankles, and securing them. Then there was another smaller set, more like straps that went around my knees and these pulled my legs really wide.
I was getting scared and about to say something, maybe the word, you know, that word, when I heard my doctor say, “You look worried Tom. You trust me. I’ve taken good care of you haven’t I? Tell me Tom, would you like to see my cock again?”
I did feel calmer with his assurances, and I felt my head nod before my brain registered what he had actually sed. My penis was throbbing and pulsing too. I felt the restraints firmly hold as I gave a little strain to test them.
Doctor Jackson untied his pants and let them fall to the floor, then stepped out and picked them up to place over his stool. He stepped near and said, “Joy watch this.”
I looked to her and saw her looking back into my eyes, a big smile on her face, as I felt the gentle nudge of Doctor Jackson’s big black cock against my cheek.
“Tom,” my doctor said, “open your mouth please.” I was still looking at Joy as I opened my mouth.
He said, “Now turn your head toward me.” I could feel his cock right there beside my cheek so I knew when I turned my head with my mouth open wide like this I would receive the head of his cock between my lips. I looked up at him as he smiled down at me and nodded. I then looked back to Joy who just smiled back. Then I lowered my eyes to my cheek and saw it, and turned my head, and then I could taste him again as the head of his cock slipped into my lips.
He said, “Mmm that’s very nice Tom. You are a very good cock sucker. Do you like sucking my big black cock Tom?”
I closed my eyes and nodded my head.
Doctor Jackson said, “Oh, I met you wife Anna yesterday Tom. I agree with Doctor Dickson. She is very pretty. Mmm that feels so nice. But we can talk about her another time. Do you know I think you have the biggest clitoris I have ever seen Tom. It’s much bigger than Joy’s clitoris. I bet you would like to see that wouldn’t you?”
I couldn’t help myself and sucked in several more inches of his cock as I wished I could see Joy’s pussy. I didn’t mean to, but I moaned around his cock as I imagined what she must look like down there.
He said, “Yes Tom. I’m pretty sure your clitoris is the biggest I’ve ever seen and your pussy is the tightest. Do you like hearing me say these things about your big clitoris and tight pussy Tom?”
Without removing the head of his cock, and in difference to Joy’s presence I groaned my approving, “Yes!”
He said, “Have you met your wife’s doctor yet? Doctor Dickson?” I shook my head to indicate no I haven’t.
He resumed, “He sees most of the women patients here. So he has seen a lot more clitorises then me. He told me your wife has a nice clitoris Tom.”
I glared up at him, but he stood so close I couldn’t spit him out to complain.
He said, “Relax Tom. I told you we regard Anna as your property here. We respect you so we respect your property as well. She had a gynecological exam yesterday. That’s all. Doctor Dickson is all professional. I’d like you to meet him, to see you can trust him as much as you trust me.”
I opened my mouth and gulped several breathes of air. I closed my eyes and closed my lips around his shaft and nursed on his cock for a few minutes as he told me how nice it felt. I guess while I nurse on him he told his nurse to leave the room. I didn’t hear it, but I felt her presence leave and then heard the door close, and looked to see she was gone.
I closed my eyes and worked my mouth over his cock like a vagina. It was really oozing his juices and I was getting more and more thrilled to taste him like this. After several minutes of this he stepped back pulling himself free from my lips.
I tried to keep him in my mouth, to move with him, but I felt the full captivity of my position and moaned my displeasure. I pulled at my restraints and craned my neck to f***e my face toward his big hard cock. He teased me remaining an inch out of reach. Close enough to smell and close enough to see every pulsing vain. Even close enough to touch with the tip of my tongue allowing me a taste, but no more.
I pleaded with him, “Please Doctor Jackson, let me suck it.”
He said, “Are you hungry for this Tom,” as he stabbed it several inches between my lips and let me nurse on it for nearly a minute.
Then he pulled away again and asked, “Tom, do you really want my cock?” This time he waited for my answer. I opened my eyes when he pulled away and had kept my eyes on my prize the entire time. I pulled at my wrists and tried to move my legs but I was pinned fast.
I said, “Please Doctor, I really want to suck your cock. Please.”
He didn’t move. He didn’t speak either. He just stood there his wonderful cock straining to reach me but he held it back and away from me. Finally he spoke just above a whisper, “Tom, I think you have the biggest clitoris I have ever seen.”
I nodded my head never taking my eyes off the head of his delicious cock. Then he said, “Tell me I might be wrong.”
I shook my head not wanting to contradict my doctor. He nudged my lips with his cock and let me kiss the dripping head for just a second then pulled back, before saying, “Tell me Tom. Tell me I might be wrong.”
I started to shake my head again when he let me just kiss it for a second, so I said, “You might be wrong doctor.”
He leaned into me and let his cock slip between my lips and deep into my throat. Here he fucked me with long slow strokes. I was in love with this man and his cock and the power he held over me. I wanted to make him cum and swallow every drop of him.
As he fucked me like this I heard him say, “Tom, tell me you want a second opinion about your clitoris.”
I nodded my head not really caring about what he was saying. He pulled away again and left me so hungry I was ready to do anything as I pulled at my bonds.
He repeated, “Tell me you want a second opinion.”
I said, “I would like a second opinion doctor.”
I thought this would get me my reward again, but no. instead he turned toward the door and to my shock opened it, and in walked Joy and another man. This stranger was a big black man too.
Doctor Jackson said, “Good afternoon Doctor Dickerson. This is Tom.” I turned my head away to hide as I lay here trust up naked and shamefully exposed to this room full of people.
Doctor Dickson said, “Ah yes, hello Tom. I have heard a lot about you. The girls around here are very talkative and you have been a delicious subject to talk about it seems. Didn’t I treat your wife… Anna I believe, yesterday?”
I couldn’t bring myself to look that was, but I did manage to say, “Yes sir.”
He said, “She is a very fine woman Tom. You are a very lucky man. So, what am I here for Doctor Jackson?”
My doctor said, “Well Tom here has the biggest clitoris and tightest pussy I’ve ever enjoyed, but you being the gynecologist I felt he deserved a second opinion, since he asked me to get him one.”
I glanced at my crotch as I felt movement between my thighs. It was him, the other black man, Doctor Dickson. He said, “Tom, this is a very nice large clitoris, and so very firm too. Are you proud of it?”
I kept my eyes low as I felt my head nod in the silence.
He said, “May I examine your pussy Tom?” to which I guess I nodded again, because he sat on the stool down there and I heard him pull open a drawer, then heard some metal items clinking around.
He said, “Doctor Jackson, this is an invasive procedure and can be a little uncomfortable the first time, so would you mind pacifying our patient while I do this?” Ashe said this I looked to Doctor Jackson who was still sporting that wonderful bighard-on.
I watched him move toward me as I felt something poked into my bottom and then felt a filling sensation. Doctor Dickerson said, “I’m injecting some lubricant into your pussy Tom. Don’t be alarmed. No needles.’
I felt Joy move to the back side of the table and take my head in both her soft warm hands. Her fingers were on the sides of my cheeks as she tilted my face toward Doctor Jackson’s big hard cock.
Doctor Dickson said, “You know Tom, I do this with all my female patients.” I wanted to look at him to see if he was telling me he had done this with my Anna, but Joy firmly positioned my face and whispered in my ear, “Open your mouth sir.”
I stopped resisting her and did as she said, opening my mouth as I felt the head slip between my lips.
I felt the tube or whatever it was removed from my anus and heard metal things clanking down there as Doctor Dickson said, “Your clitoris is of enormous size Tom, very stately and standing so proud and firm. And your pussy…” at that moment I felt something cold invade and slip into me down there, “is very tight. I’m inserting a speculum to get a better look. Do you know what that is Tom?”
I shook my head as I sucked in on Doctor Jackson’s dripping cock, as I felt this cold thing slipping in I could only imagine how deep. It wasn’t too uncomfortable though, not of grate size, but it did feel like he had pushed it in quite deep so it must be long.
Joy whispered again as I felt her pushing on the back of my head now, “Swallow all of it Mr. Smith.” And I took a deep breath and let my doctor slide to the back of my mouth and past my tonsils and deep into my throat until his balls were rubbing my cheek.
Doctor Dickson said, “I’m spreading now,” and suddenly I felt my ass being stretched and I felt air rush into my guts and it started to hurt causing me to gag on Doctor Jackson but I was not able to make myself pull off of him although my spittle was gushing all over.
I felt the stretching stop and actually gasped a noisy gulp of air around the cock in my mouth. I still didn’t want it to leave me as I felt my ass hole breathing too. I exhaled and felt my body relax a bit and I focused on the cock deep inside me, comforting me like a mother’s titty to an infant.
Then Doctor Dickson said, “Okay Tom just a little bit more,” and the stretching started again and it felt like he was ripping me apart. I wrestled with the restraints and choked on the cock and I may have passed out. I’m not really sure.
I remember feeling like I clammy and sticky with sweat all over me. My ass felt like it was as big as the Brookline tunnel. Then I felt something gently touching me inside me. Doctor Dickson said, “Oh yes, that is a very tight pussy Doctor Jackson. I believe I have to agree with you there.”
I felt fingers stroking my prostate and sending those tingles through my penis, I mean clitoris, or whatever. See if you can think straight in my position!
I felt the stretching eased as Doctor Dickson said, “Okay Tom. That’s my opinion too. I would like to ask a favor if I may…” and I felt the tool removed and my asshole trying to close with little success.
He stepped to the side of the table kind of pushing Joy up to the head. I still had Doctor Jackson’s cock in my mouth as he leaned in close and watched me nursing like a suckling tot. He said, “Joy would you release this wrist please?”
I felt her working on my wrist restraint and then my hand was free, my arm was free. I lifted it to shake out the stress I had exerted all this time. Doctor Dickson said, “Tom, I would like to massage your prostate for you. Is that okay with you?”
I felt Joy move her hands to my cheeks again and turn my head to face him, the cock popping out of my lips with a sucking slurpy wet sound and dragging spittle all over my face. She said, “Answer the doctor Mr. Smith.”
I looked at Doctor Dickson not remembering any question to be answered. He asked again, “May I massage your prostate Tom?” he could see I was bewildered and kind of exhausted, too tired to speak, so he said, “Don’t try to speak Tom. Just here,” and he took my hand and moved it so my fingers caught the top of his pants right at the string. He continued, “Just pull the string and I will use my big black cock to stroke your prostate.
I inhaled and looked up at Joy, as she smiled back at me. I looked toward my doctor who placed a hand on my cheek and pulled my face toward him as he moved his cock back to my lips. I closed my eyes and felt his delicious cock slip through my lips and slide back into my mouth. And as I enjoyed this moment I let my fingers find the string and pull.
I was lost in my wonderful little place as I felt Joy I assume re-secure my wrist. Doctor Dickson said something about Joy helping put it on.
I felt movement between my thighs again and then an invader sliding deep into me. It was odd. I didn’t feel any poke, any head pushing through my anus, any pain. All I felt was this wonderful deep stroking that ran like a river over my prostate and filled my insides then ran over it again as I felt myself being emptied.
I was in my own world as the men talked and fucked me. I didn’t care what they said. All I wanted was to draw their cum from them and blow my own out of me. I was trying to concentrate on this when I felt both men stop.
I looked up to see them both looking down at me like they were waiting for a reply. A reply to what? I took a quick scan of the room and saw Joy had left. Doctor Jackson pulled out of my mouth and stepped away, leaving me to look at Doctor Dickson who I could feel dancing about in my insides but not moving a muscle out here.
He said, “Tom… I’m about to cum deep in your pussy. Would you like this?” I could feel his cock jerking up toward my bellybutton with each word he spoke. I nodded my approval, but he wasn’t having any of it.
He said, “Tell me you want me to Tom.”
I looked him in the eyes and formed the words, “Yes please Doctor Dickerson. I want you to cum deep in my ass.”
He said, “No Tom, not your ass, your pussy. Tell me you want me to fuck you with my big black cock and cum deep inside your pussy Tom. If you do this for me I’ll let you slurp my cum out of my condom, okay?”
I didn’t know if I wanted to do that, ick! I looked to Doctor Jackson who had filled a small paper cup with cold water, and was letting me now sip it. It was so cool and satisfying. He let me sip till the up was empty, then turn and tossed the cup in the waist basket.
I looked back at Doctor Jackson and said, “Thank you.”
He said, “Now tell Doctor Dickson to fuck your pussy with that big black cock of his.”
I looked to the other doctor and said, “Please fuck me sir, I mean fuck my pussy sir, with that big black cock of yours sir.”
With that Doctor Dickson began slipping back in and out of me. Doctor Jackson said, “Now tell him how good that feels and that you want him to cum deep inside your pussy.”
I lay my head back and looked from my doctor back to Doctor Dickson and said, “Oh that feels so wonderful. Please doctor, I want you to cum in my pussy sir. PLEASE!”
Doctor Jackson said, “Tell him after you suck the cum from my balls you would like to suck his cum from his condom.”
I looked at my doctor as I felt the rhythm of my fucking accelerating and the sound of balls smacking my ass faster and faster. I kept looking at my doctor as I said, After I… suck Doctor Jack… son’s… cum outu… Mmmms balls… I’d love toooo ohhhh… suck your… cum sir… ungmmm… oh my oh oh no… god that’s… oh ya…”
I felt Doctor Jackson position so he could feed me his cock again and my meaningless pleading turned to groans and grunts around his delicious man meet. I felt my doctor take my head and press in a bit deeper so I was slogging on most of it.
He pulled away again as Doctor Dickerson slowed his pace. I felt him move away and around, and then the table being lowered until it was flat. I felt my insides pulling Doctor Dickson’s cock down with me. My wrists were freed from the restraints and I felt a sadness thinking our session had ended with no climaxes.
Then I felt the end of the table under my back begin to lower and drop away. Doctor Jackson was there behind me to catch me as I heard the table clang to the full down position. Now my ankles were still secured and my ass was on a little piece of padded seat.
I felt Doctor Jackson begin to lower me as he said, “Relax, I have. I’m not going to let you fall Tom.” And then he had his hands cradling the back of my neck and all I could grab hold of was his slippery sweat wet thighs and bottom.
I was literally lying down sort of with my feet up and wide, my ass resting on that seat I mentioned, Doctor Dickson’s thick cock lodged deep inside me and I could feel my bottom sort of squeezing him inside me, and nothing, I repeat nothing under my entire back. Doctor Jackson had my neck in his hands and I had his ass in mine.
I felt him lower me a bit and saw his big black pulsing swelling with each beat of his heart COCK as it swung up over my face. I licked it as it stroked from my forehead to my chin. I felt him rub his balls against my forehead as I licked the belly of his b**st.
He lowered me again and repositioned his hands so my head fell back as he said, “Open wide Tom.”
I opened my mouth and felt the head of his cock plop between my lips. Then with a gentle thrust I felt him pushing through my mouth and down my throat. I felt the muscles of his ass tighten in my hands as he began fucking me like this, and I felt my grip turn to a pull.
I was pulling him into my face as he was rocking back out. I would gasp a bit of air as I worked my tongue a quick turn around his head before pulling him back in deep. He would bounce and I would feel his scrotum squash like a soft cushion over my nose, then he would be rocking back out for another swirl of the tongue and another gulp of air.
I don’t know how long this lasted like this. I do know I was so thrilled and held on so tight and f***ed myself not to gag or choke as I felt my doctor thrust in deep and I held him there digging my fingernails into his ass cheeks and I curled my toes and as my prostate was being strummed like a violin I felt my own rocket launch and my clitoris oozing with wetness.
I guess Doctor Dickson came at the same time, but I can only guess as I was in another world at that moment. I felt things moving, lights shifting, and my delicious black cocks being pulled from me. Then I felt a lifting like I was dying and floating away or something.
I heard a clang and felt myself being lowered onto the comfortable table now under all of me once again. My eyes closed and I breathed gently savoring the cool air in my lungs.
Again I awoke to the cool dabbing of a wet cloth, and there was Joy cleaning me. I don’t think I will ever care again if she sees me like this. Truly she had seen the worst this time as I did both suck and fuck the doctors here. Then she moved to my head and wiped my face, my swollen lips and snotty nose.
She put the rag down and lifted her hands above my face, and I saw it. In her fine dark brown fingers she held a condom with a ballooned out end with a fat swollen reservoir tip bulging with the milky white substance appearing to be about as much as a shotglass would hold. She let it dangle in front of my face and lowered it to my lips.
She said, “Open your mouth sir.”
I didn’t do this, knowing exactly what it was. She said, “You told the doctors you’d suck Doctor Dickson’s cum from this condom when you were through.” I shook my head and clenched my jaw.
She asked, “Would you like me to do it for you, and let’s just say you did it sir?”
I nodded my head, and watched her as she held it high over her face like she was eating a shrimp. She lowered it into her mouth and closed her lips around it. I saw her jaw move and knew she had bit into it. She looked down at me as she pulled the condom from her tight lips, and when it fell free it was totally drained.
I exhaled and a sigh of relief and smiled my gratitude. She lowered her face, lower and lower until she was nose to nose with me. I thought she was going to whisper something when I felt her lips gently touch mine.
She was actually kissing me, even after I had sucked Doctor Jackson’s big cock. She pressed her thick warm lips to mine and they felt so fleshy and warm. Anna’s lips are nice but average while Joy’s lips are big and full and voluptuous. And Joy’s mouth looked large proportionally to her face. I imagined when she kissed it would be something totally different. And here I was possibly about to find out.
Her eyes closed as she turned her head a bit. Hell if she didn’t mind that I had just sucked a cock I didn’t mind that she had just swallowed a condom full of cum. I tilted my head to accommodate her kiss and let our lips open together.
I was so shocked as I felt and tasted all that warm salty cum spilling into my wide open mouth. I about gagged, but that’s when I felt her tongue exploring my teeth and start to wrestle with my tongue. The cum was all around as our tongues entwined and we remained locked in this nasty wonderful kiss.
I had to breathe and to do this I had to swallow. She kept her lips pressed to mine as I finally f***ed a big gulp and felt the entirety of the doctor’s load slide like an oyster down my throat. I gasped a breath that I drew from her lungs as she kept her lips locked to mine.
We kissed for what seemed another several minutes, and I didn’t care that I was totally naked with my feet up in stirrups and my legs wide and my little turtle had its head hidden. After everything not even a kiss like this could stir him from his slumber.
She helped me out of the stirrups again, and off the table once more, before handing me my cloths and leaving me alone. I was fully dressed this time when she came back. She was all smiles as she said, “Very nice exam again today sir. Thanks for letting me help. I told you last time, I need this for school.”
I smiled back and said, “My pleasure dear. Any time.”
She said, “You said that too last time. I hope I can impose on you sir.”
I said, “How can I help young lady.”
She said, “Saturday, I have a study session with two of the frat b*****rs. I didn’t mention any names sir, but I told them about, well about your sessions. They said they don’t believe me sir. I was wondering if you might, well, Saturday you might have a few hours to come see me and restore my honor?”
I said I would have to think about it. She understood my discomfort, actually discussing it with 2 total strangers. She said she had my number from my file and would call Friday to get my decision. I agreed to this and followed her to the desk. She led the way, and the attendant there asked if starting next week I would be interested in Mondays and Thursdays. I asked, “Wow, I forgot he mentioned twice a week.”
She said, “The doctor has no prescriptions, but he did say that, twice a week. So Mondays and Thursdays Mr. Smith? Say 3 pm like today?”
I said I would put it on my calendar. I know I’m still saying I’m not gay, and I still love having sex with my wife, and I really don’t enjoy seeing gay stuff, but let me tell you… I feel wonderful and so refreshed, even though I smell like cum.

I care, so if you like this or you don’t, please take a minute to leave a comment.

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6 months ago
so hard during the entire doctor visits. can't wait to hear about dear Anna's vist and your Saturday study group
6 months ago
Hello, I wish to read your entire comment and any more you would like to say about this story or any others. Thank you.
7 months ago
Far too many visits to bother with wasting money on...
7 months ago
Full blown boner!!!
7 months ago
omg... hell yea I like I want to take the Saturday session if you cant make it...please.. cant wait to read more...mmmmmm