Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 2

Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 2
Doc Holiday
I’m a man in my mid 50’s standing 5’10” at 220 pounds. My hair is salt & pepper and my skin is white with pink at the points of color; lips, finger & toe nails, nipples, & dick head.
I had a new insurance policy through my work f***ed upon me, thanks Obama, but figured I would just make the best of it. Little did I know how this change would alter my life. The first visit was, well, like no doctor visit I have ever experienced in my 50 plus years, I can tell you!
See, I had scheduled my annual physical a week ago with my new HMO doctor, a Doctor Jackson. I felt uneasy because I had gone to the same doctor for decades and now had to change. Boy what a change!
First he was not a little old white guy with a white lab coat and a stethoscope or thingy d****d over his neck. NO, he was a younger man, more my age, and he was big and black, very black. You know, the kind of black man that has blue black lips and a purple tongue. And there were other big significant differences in seeing this doctor. What an ordeal!
I spent the week thinking about my ordeal. As I said, I’m not, let me repeat that… I AM NOT GAY! But as the week passed I thought about how much better I feel now that I have started seeing my new doctor. I decided maybe I will go, just to see what happens at the follow up.
I could always walk out, change my HMO primary care physician. Still, let’s give it another chance. See what comes of this.
I was uneasy as I found myself once again thumbing through a magazine I hadn’t even looked at. I was wondering if it would be too shameful to face the man who had done that stuff to me, making me question my values, my manhood, my desires.
I flipped a page and wondered if I really actually enjoyed what happened. I tried to tell myself it was wrong, perverted, shameful, but a part of my brain kept saying ‘YES you know dammed well you liked it. You were begging him for it. And didn’t it feel wonderful throbbing with power in your hands?’
I turned another page and said in my head, ‘No, it’s stupid. Real men don’t like that kind of stuff.’ But then that part of my brain spoke up again, ‘Ya, but you like it, didn’t you?’ and as I flipped another unseen page I dealt with the conflict waging war in my brain, did I or didn’t I?
Before I knew it I was looking at the back page of the magazine in my lap, and wondering if I should get up and go, should I run right now as fast and as far as I could go to get away from all this, all these questions churning around in my brain.
Before I could decide I was called to the counter by the pretty black attendant there. She has a gorgeous smile, although I feel it was saying more than ‘Hi Mr. Smith,’ probably more like, ‘Hi man with the shameful little turtle penis. How embarrassing it must be to be you with that little itty bitty penis.’ I smiled back, hoping she just meant hello.
She told me to go into the examination area, the hall with all the doors. There I found the pretty young black nurse. Her name is Joy, how fitting. She too has a gorgeous smile and a mouth that looks large for her face. She has orange sized breasts and a fat bottom. Mind you, it is a pretty kind of fat bottom, round and firm, just a bit larger than any white women I know.
She had me step onto the scale and stand tall. I could tell her I hadn’t gained an inch since she had seen me last week. I might be a pound lighter as I was on a diet, but even that wouldn’t be a big change, not in just one week.
She wrote in her note pad and showed me to an exam room, where she told me to take off my cloths and sit on the table. This time she didn’t leave the room, but sat at the computer with her back to me.
I waited a minute before realizing she was not going to leave the room, and that she expected me to do as I was told. So I did.
I know she heard me climb onto the table as the paper crinkled under my rump. She kept on typing info into some forms, now and again changing screens then resuming her pecking with 2 fingers.
I had sat there naked behind her for about 10 minutes when Doctor Jackson knocked and entered the room. He greeted me and we shook hands. Then he got down to it.
He explained my screening looked good, my bl**d sugar is a bit high, and he feels I need to take Metformin twice a day. He said my sperm count looks average but my testosterone was just a bit low. I knew it!
He asked me how I feel, and I told him I feel great. He told me he understands how confusing and disrupting it can feel changing doctors after being in the care of one for so long, and then asked if I felt comfortable with him.
I said, “I believe so. I’m just, about last, well…”
Doctor Jackson asked, “With your old doctor Mr. Smith, if he told you to do something, did you second guess him, try to reason with him, or argue with him, or did you do what he said because you felt you could trust him to take care of you, to have your best interests at heart?”
I said, “Oh I trusted him. No question.”
He said, “Mr. Smith, can you put your trust in me the same way? I’m wanting your trust. I need you to feel so comfortable with my suggestions that you will just agree to do them without thinking too hard about it. Can you find it in you to trust me like this, like you trusted your last doctor?”
I said, “Well, I guess if I feel you mean well, I mean have my best…”
He interrupted me, “Do you think you’re going to have to think about what I say, or would you like to feel free enough to just submit your will to me for the time you are here in my facility?”
I said, “Well, I guess I…”
He said, “I know you have to maintain control at your work, and at home, and especially while driving you have to be alert and in total control. It’s like you’re always in charge, responsible for everything, and you never get a chance just to let someone else take charge for a while, a little while just to let you unwind and relax.”
I said, “Yes, I do all that.”
“Well,” he said, “if you feel you can trust me to take good care of you, I would be honored to be your doctor Mr. Smith. But only if you feel you can submit yourself into my charge.”
I said, “I trust you.”
He said, “Okay, let’s see about that testicle issue we discussed last week,” as he sat on the stool and swiveled toward me. He said, “Hands to the celling and up on your toes please.”
I felt so awkward standing naked like this, as Doctor Jackson took my testicle in his dark hand and manipulated it about like he was rubbing a rabbit foot. He said, “Joy, note that his left testicle has a fatty tubule but I don’t feel any hard lumps. The right is normal. Keep an eye on this for any change. We may have to remove one or both in the future if necessary. Thank you.”
He then said, “Mr. Smith, may I call you Tom?” I nodded, so he continued, “Well Tom, this is not serious, and if we do decide to remove the testicles it is not an issue as you have your f****y and aren’t planning on having more c***dren are you?”
I said, “No, but is it serious?”
He said, “No, not at this time. We will keep an eye on this and if the time comes we will be able to do it here in the office with local anesthetics. It’s just better to be safe than sorry. If you notice any hard lumps here,” as he squeezed my balls, “Or in your chest, men get breast cancer too, so it is something we should always be on the lookout for.”
With that he rose, slid behind me so he was leaning against the table. I still had my hands in the air and was up on my tip toes, as I felt him move his hands around my chest and over my breasts.
I have man breasts. My younger s****r joked once that she wished her breasts were as big and firm as mine. That hurt as much as my wife calling my penis a turtle.
So here I was on my tip toes with my hands in the air with this black doctor feeling up my chest, squeezing them and pinching my nipples causing me to flinch. I did my best not to squeal like a little girl in front of Joy, but it was so hard as I squirmed in mild agony.
I fell back into Doctor Jackson’s body and felt his semi-hard cock rubbing against my bottom through his scrubs, as I wiggled against him.
He said, “Note I feel no lumps in the breasts at this time, but there seems to be acute sensitivity here,” as he really pinched both nipples like the old titty-twisters we used to give each other as k**s. He was saying, “This could be an indicator so we should watch this too.”
Joe swiveled around to see me as I wiggled my naked body against my doctor’s while he needed my breasts like flower dough. I turned my head so I wouldn’t have to see her seeing me like this, as she asked, “Was it the left testicle doctor?”
I felt her reach between my legs, me still on tip-toes, well trying that is, as she felt my left testicle and then began to give it a firm squeeze while my nipples were being assaulted again.
She said, “Doctor, his penis is getting hard again. Do you want me to take care of it?” I remembered the last time she took care of it, she pinched the head of it and made it shrivel away in a heartbeat.
I groaned, “No, please don’t? I’m sorry.”
The doctor said, “No thanks Joy. That will be all for now. How about getting the tray.” As he released me and she left the room. He moved out from behind me and said, “Up on the table Tom.”
I was so thankful she was gone. I slid up week kneed onto the table, hands over my hard little penis.
He said, “Let’s get you situated,” as he once again got the stirrups out and mounted onto the table. He said, “I hope I didn’t give you a hemorrhoid last visit, let’s take a look.”
He put my bare feet into the stirrups and had me slide to the end of the table. I expected him to examine me down there when he turned and went to the door. He opened it and stepped out into the hall. A second later the door opened again but in came Joy with a rolling cart covered with things under a towel.
I got scared thinking she was about to cut my nuts off, when she saw my wide eyes and told me, “Relax Mr. Smith. I’m just going to shave you. I told you I would next time you were here, remember?”
I exhaled and nodded my head as my little penis disappeared inside me, hiding its head. I then felt her lather me with a foam from a can, sc**** the hair from my entire crotch with a razor, and wipe me clean with a hot wet towel, before patting me dry.
The sensation of having all my hair removed down there was nakedness I could have never imagined. I could feel her warm breath as she worked. The shaved skin was so super sensitive.
And watching her dark brown delicate fingers touching me and treating me to this delight was too much, and once again my turtle stuck his neck out long and hard. I closed my eyes but this just made it worse as I focused on what I felt and this was her warm breath wafting around my naked crotch.
I told you how a simple haircut can put me in a euphoric trance, didn’t I? Well, this was the haircut of all haircuts!
I was beginning to wonder if the doctor was going to check my prostate again, and I felt hope along with desire welling up inside me as Joy lulled me into my trance.
I was hoping the doctor wouldn’t be long, when the door opened and in he came. He walked up behind Joy and said, “Nice work nurse. I’ll take it from here.”
I don’t know why but I expected her to leave so we could well, maybe do something. She didn’t though. She swiveled her stool around and moved back to her computer again. The doctor pushed the tray to the wall and sat in the other stool, then moved in between my spread thighs.
He said, “Joy, lift the chest please.” She got up and stepped on a button or peddle on the floor and I felt the table lifting me into a sitting position. This was a little uncomfortable as my knees drew closer to my chest.
He said, “Tom, I’d like you to hold the bar please.” I lifted my hands over my head and grabbed the bar there behind.
I was in a crunch position with my newly shaved privates in this black man’s face. I was so ashamed I turned my head and closed my eyes. Then I felt his fingers gently touching my sphincter pressing and poking it as I heard him hem and haw about how it looked just fine.
He then asked me if I would like my prostate checked again like last week. I peeked out one eye to see if Joy heard and possibly understood what he was asking, or was it our secret code between just him and me. She didn’t flinch or move.
I thought about it for a minute when he said, “Remember Tom, you said you were going to trust me and let me be in charge. Well, am I in charge?”
I said, “Yes. Please check my prostate again.”
He said, “Joy, you’re in med school correct?” I could see her nod, as he said, “I want you to perform a prostate exam on Mr. Smith.”
I closed my eyes as I heard her turn and get up. Next I felt her presence between my thighs, and my penis ping to attention. Then I heard the sound of the jelly lubricant as it farted out of the bottle and I assumed into her hand. Then I felt her wonderful so feminine little fingers as they smeared the jelly around my anus and then invaded my guts.
I also felt the doctor standing by my side as he place his hand behind my head and said, “Watch this Tom.”
I opened my eyes to see this gorgeous creature with her hand in my crotch and I could feel her fingers slipping deeper into me. She had 2 inside me as I watched her. Then I noticed she was watching me, looking into my face, and her smile was so gorgeous I couldn’t help the reactive squeeze of my rectum.
She said, “Mr. Smith, that hurts. Please relax.”
The doctor said, “Try using 3 fingers.” Then I felt her pull out until she could insert 3, then when she pushed back in I felt the stretch and wanted to shy away, look away, and Doctor Jackson pulled my head toward him, face toward him and whispered, “Close your eyes Tom.” So I did.
Now I willed myself to relax so I wouldn’t squeeze her fingers again. I felt my head cradled in the doctors arm. I could smell him as I felt Joy begin to stroke the spot inside me making me moan softly into the doctor’s armpit.
He said, “Would you like Joy to masturbate you while she does this?” I nodded my head unable to verbalize my desire.
I couldn’t believe this was really happening to me. I had a wild youth with lots of girlfriends and a good amount of sex, but this, this was out of this world, and it was really happening right here right now to me.
I heard him say, “Joy, have you learned to milk the prostate along with masturbation?”
I heard her soft voice say, “Yes doctor.”
He said, “I’m going to lower the table. This will make it more comfortable for you Tom.” And as he spoke I felt the table slowly descending as the internal motor hummed. I felt his hand still holding my head keeping me facing him.
He said, “Tom just relax and do what I tell you to. You trust me, or you wouldn’t be here right now. You enjoyed feeling my cock last week. Say it.”
I started to look toward Joy, but he held my head toward him and said, “Don’t open your eyes Tom. It’s just you and me. Relax and enjoy feeling your prostate being massaged while your little penis is being masturbated. Now tell me you like hearing me call it your little penis and that you like my big black cock.”
I did like the massaging and masturbating and I was getting some kind of horny and I felt I did want to please this man who was making me feel so many new and wonderful sensations. I whispered, “Yes I like it.”
He said, “Tom, please tell me you like my big black cock. I can’t hear you when you whisper.”
I said louder but not much, “Yes Doctor Jackson I like your big black cock.”
He said, “That’s my boy. Do you like it when I call your penis a little penis? You know Joy has a clitoris almost as big as your little penis. Would you rather I refer to your penis as your big clitoris? There is pride in being bigger. Tell me you want me to call your penis your big clitoris.”
I felt Joy’s fingers inside me while also wrapped around me stroking me into a thrill, as I thought about her having a big black clitoris nearly as big as my penis. I remembered wishing I could be big, and so I said, “Yes doctor, I want you to call it my big clitoris.”
I felt him grip my hand closest to him and pull it free from the bar. Then he pulled it down to my belly, and with his other hand he pulled my face even closer to him. I still had my eyes closed but I could feel him right there.
My nose touched the cloth of his scrubs as Joy worked me into a frenzy. I felt I was about to cum when I felt my doctor moving my hand again, this time up to his belly and the top of his pants. I also felt his cock moving inside his pants now pressed close to my cheek.
I didn’t mind, I like his big black cock and the feeling of rapture Joy was giving me. I was moments away from shooting my load as I felt him hook my fingers over the top of his pants near his belly.
I heard him say, “Stop,” and felt Joy’s hands come to a complete standstill. She was still inside me and around me but it was totally motionless, and therefore all sensation of my building orgasm faded quickly.
He then said, “Tom, feel that string? Pull it and you can play with my big black cock. Would you like this?”
I groaned with slipping desire and growing hunger, “Yes.” I felt the string and pulled it. I felt the pants drop and then the smell of this man’s cock, earthy and musky and moist filled my sinuses as I felt it slither like a great snake beside my cheek once more, now free and naked as I was.
I moved my hand to it and took it into my fingers and began to stroke it, the way I want to be stroked.
I rubbed my cheek against it and rubbed my thumb up under the head of it. I heard my doctor ask, “Would you like joy to start again?”
I nodded my head as a breath of air escaped my lips and sounded like the word ‘Yes.”
I expected it to happen right away but I heard him say, “Put it in your mouth Tom. Pretend you’re sucking your thumb. Go ahead Tom, do it, and I will tell her to continue.”
I didn’t think about it, I didn’t care. All I wanted was to feel Joy doing what she was doing to me, doing it again. So I pulled down on the shaft and plopped the big bulbous head into my mouth.
The taste was salty but not too. It was earthy too, if that means anything. How can I describe the taste of my doctor to you? How would I describe red to a blind man. Not that you’re blind but that I wouldn’t know really where to start.
I can say it was just a bit salty like licking your skin after a hard run while the sweat is fresh. His cock was wet and slippery, but not slimy. Just kind of juicy wet and slippery like pussy gets when its teased.
I was nursing on the head while Joy resumed her treatment of my lower body. I sucked on it like a lollypop and enjoyed the juices it rewarded me with. These were kind of tangy with just a hint of salt, and the smell of a woman’s sweet sweat.
Then I licked the shaft like an ice-cream-cone, and enjoyed the saltier taste, not as juicy but addicting like eating potato chips. I returned to sucking on the head and swapped back and forth for several minutes.
Then I felt my doctor pull away, as he said, “Stop,” again, and I felt Joy pull away also. I was so naked and vulnerable and hungry for their attention. Then I felt both their hands lifting my feet from the stirrups, sliding me up on the table, rolling me to my side, I was guided to the top of the table now on my knees.
My shoulders slumped to rest on my hands, my head hung off the end with no were to rest. I felt Joy position my knees shoulder width apart I assume, and my bare bottom now high in the air. Then I felt her fingers enter me again.
This time it felt like 4 fingers, but she had little hands so it wasn’t really bad, just very filling. I felt my doctor move into place in front of me as he asked, “Tom, may I fuck your face with my big black cock?”
I opened my eyes to see it in my face and the head of it just touching my lips. I stuck out my tongue and again was addicted as I said to the salty taste, so I took the head in my lips and felt it rubbing the roof of my mouth.
I heard him ask again, “Tom, may I fuck your face with my big black cock?” I thought this was more than enough of an answer as I swirled my tongue around the head, but he wanted me to say it.
I felt Joy’s fingers stroking my insides, her fingers also stroking my little penis, and knew she would hear this as I pulled my mouth off his cock and said, “Please Doctor Jackson, fuck my face with your big black cock.” I felt Joy’s fingers dance with joy inside me as I finished my plea.
I felt him take the sides of my head in both his hands, “Take a deep breathe Tom and don’t try to breathe until I stop. Tap my thigh when you feel you need air.”
With that I felt him move his cock head into my lips. I swirled my tongue around digging it under his foreskin and licking that spot just under the head. Then I took a big deep breathe and held it a second, the blew it out a moment before I felt him thrusting this huge salami in through my lips, in past my mouth, and down past my uvula and gag reflex point.
I choked and gulped and felt tears welling up in my eyes. And for a very long moment he held it here deep in my chest well past my clavicle. The gag reflex stopped but I felt I was choking, in need of air, so I tapped his thigh.
He said, “Joy, only prostate now,” and I felt her hand removed from my penis.
He said, “You did good Tom. Let’s do it again.” Again I swirled the head under the foreskin and tickled that place under the head. Again I breathed in and out and felt him slide past the gag point and under my collar bone, and deep into my chest.
This time when he reached the point his balls were bumping my chin I felt him pull out a few inches and then back in to bump, then out a few inches then in to bump. We did this several times before I patted his leg again.
My eyes were running with tears, although I felt no pain. My mouth was drawling copious amounts of saliva as if dripped off this man’s cock. I didn’t wait for him this time. I plunged forward driving him back to his deepest point and started to rock with my entire body as I fucked this man’s wonderful cock in my throat.
I realized I was fucking him with all my desires and all my body as I f***ed his cock to stroke deep inside me. This was the second time in a week I had actually fucked this man, first with my ass and now with my throat.
I know I profess to be NOT GAY, but its conflicting when I feel so wonderful at these moments. Still I don’t like to see men kiss or even really do anything together, but I sure do love feeling this.
I felt my penis tingling and it felt like I had to pee, so when I tapped his leg for air, I said, “I’m sorry. I have to pee.”
He said, “That’s normal with prostate milking. Keep sucking my cock and I will tell you what to do.” So I lowered my lips onto him again and felt him slide back into me again and this time he gripped my head and began long slow strokes.
I felt him pull out so just the head was between my lips where I swirled my tongue and gulped a little breath. Then he slid deep and ground his pubic bone under my nose, then out for a small gulp of air then in again, out and in and out and in. This was good fucking and my eyes were watering and my saliva was spilling off his balls and down my chin and even out of my nose.
I heard him say, “Do you still feel like you need to pee Tom?” I nodded my head while squeezing his bottom pulling him into me, while trying not to make a mess by peeing all over the place.
He said, “Relax Tom, let it go.”
I squeezed my eyes closed and tried to relax, and then it began to run. I could feel it draining through my penis and out the slit in the head, but it wasn’t the torrent of pee I expected. It was slow and thick and steady and I felt my balls retract with each stroke of Joy’s fingers on my prostate.
I felt my doctor’s cock stroking in and out of me again and I snatched little breaths now and then but I was so enraptured with this feeling I didn’t want him to ever pull out of my throat. I loved him.
I stopped worrying about air and concentrated on the feeling of orgasmic euphoria filling me as I experienced a long steady draining from my balls that went on for ever it felt like, and then this delicious sensation of being fucked right here before my eyes where I could watch the entire process.
I felt my doctor speed up and shorten his strokes so he was bumping my chin quickly now, and although I felt I needed air soon I didn’t want to interrupt his moment of pleasure, so I closed my eyes tight and ignored the choking need for air and f***ed myself to relax.
He thrust in deep and held me tightly as I felt his entire cock swell from my lips through my mouth and in my throat, while I felt the cum he was about to launch pass over my lower lip over my tongue down my throat and then the next swelling shot.
He blasted 2 loads so quickly and so deep inside me I never had a chance to taste it. But then he pulled back and I felt the length of his cock being drawn out of my chest out of my throat and finally the head just inside my lips as he let loose the rest of his ejaculate.
This I tasted as it filled my mouth with its salty acrid flavor. It washed over my teeth and bathed my tongue and just as I was thinking about spitting it out I felt him pushing back into me for a final deep fucking.
I can’t explain it other than to say the feeling of lusty desire overpowered my desire to spit, and once again I was enjoying this man as he fucked my throat for another few minutes.
Again I was spent and felt myself being rolled onto my back, slid down so I was well on the table, and finally felt my feet lifted back into the stirrups. I dozed off.
I awoke to the cool dabbing of a wet cloth again. Again I awoke to find Joy cleaning me below. I didn’t care if she saw me like this now. She had seen the worst. Then she moved to my head and wiped my face, my swollen lips and snotty nose.
She helped me out of the stirrups and off the table again before handing me my cloths and leaving me alone once again.
I had my shoes on and my shirt tucked in this time when she came back in. She was all smiles as she said, “Very nice exam today Mr. Smith. Thank you for letting me help. I need it for school.”
I smiled back and said, “My pleasure dear. Any time.”
She said, “Really? I can’t say thanks enough. I hope I, we can do it again soon sir.”
I said, “Me too young lady.”
She led the way out and to the front desk and the attendant there asked if a week from today would be good. I asked, “Good for what? Another follow up?”
She said, “The doctor said he would like to treat you for arthritis. He doesn’t have any prescriptions, but he probably feels massage therapy will do. He is one doctor that prefers not to medicate every problem. So a week from today Mr. Smith? Say 3 pm like today?”
I said I would put it on my calendar. I know I keep saying I’m not gay, and I still love having sex with my wife, and I really don’t enjoy seeing any gay activity, but let me tell you… I just can’t wait to see what I’m in for next week.

I care, so if you like this or you don’t, please take a minute to leave a comment.

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2 months ago
I need to find a doctor like Doc Jackson. Damn it would be fun
6 months ago
awesome like part 1. have to read 3 and 4. you know Joy really has a little cockette like yours!
7 months ago
Sounds like a great time for all
7 months ago
I want a doctor just like him and also his assistant
7 months ago
enjoy sucking the BBC. Gay is justa relative term
7 months ago
oh yea.. keep writing... this story can go on and on.. and I want to enjoy every bit of it...mmmm