Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

Chapter 6
Al had a cab waiting for us, as we left my house. We got in the back together. He held the door. It was a long drive, about 30 minutes, through the lights of the big city.
We arrived at a huge building with a door man. He let us in with a tip of his hat. I thought it was a nice touch of class. I didn’t expect all this. I hoped my food was up to par.
We took an elevator to near the top floor, and got out on a hall that ran through the middle of the building, apartments on left and right. At the end I could see a crowd around an open door. We made our way through the hoard and entered.
I saw my food on a table half devoured already. Well maybe not half, but a lot. There was the bar, and in what I took as the living room all furniture had been pushed back around the wall to open the middle floor for dancing. And dancing there was.
I saw white women and Hispanic women, Asian women and Indian, but no blacks. In fact the only blacks I saw were the men, and they were all black men.
The men outnumbered the women about 2 to 1.
I saw no hanky-panky going on, so I assumed the atmosphere was safe. I guess they had the meeting before we arrived, as it was an all-out party now.
Al pulled me to a corner and pulled out his phone, dialed it, and handed it to me. He said, “Here, it’s Joe. Tell him what you see.”
I said, “Hello Joe?” Yes were here. It’s crowded. I was wrong Joe. All the men are black, but the girls are all different. They love my food. Yes I’m having fun Joe. Yes, some, but no I haven’t danced, no not yet Joe.”
He was asking me all kinds of questions, get there okay, having fun, is there dancing and have you yet”
I said, “I have to go Joe. I can hardly hear you. See you tonight Hun,” and I hung up.
Al took my hand and pulled it into the crook of his elbow. He led me from group to group, introducing me as the hostess. I was flattered, but it was really nothing. I love to fix food and plan parties.
We found one bunch of men, and Al introduced me again. One of the men said, “Kathy,” and I thought I recognized the voice.
He said, “Levant.” And I knew the voice immediately. It is different over a phone.
I said, “Hello Levant. It is so nice to meet you in person.”
He leaned in and planted a big kiss on my cheek. I blushed I’m sure. Then he asked Al if he would mind.
Al said no, and Levant took my hand from him. He led me to the dance area and pulled me close to him.
Levant is a dark skinned black man, around 30. He looks like that black man in those vampire movies, ‘Blade.’ He has a crop of dark orange hair with blond highlights, and his eyes and teeth are like sunshine.
As we danced he told me he missed us. I told him we miss him too.
He asked if we were doing well with the plan, and I said we are.
He asked if there were any new developments, that he would be pleased to hear about any change since we were his couple.
I said, “Well, Joe is having fantasies, but Al is going to work on them.”
He asked, “What kind of fantasies Kathy.”
I said, “Oh Levant, I don’t know if I should say. It is so shameful.”
He said, “Kathy, you always felt you could confide in me. What is it?”
I said, “Joe is fantasizing me being fucked by a black man.”
I was shocked and amazed as I felt Levant’s penis twitch between us, as he pulled me close and ground our hips together. He said, “Go on.”
I said, “Levant, I, is this appropriate?”
He said, “Remember when your friend, what was her name, well she said men can’t control these things?”
I said, “Yes, Amy, she said men’s penises do their own talking.”
Levant’s penis grew as I said this. He said, “Kathy, I am so glad to finally meet you. I feel we grew a good friendship, the 3 of us, and I hope you feel the same way.”
I said, “Yes,” as I looked into his eyes to see where he was going with this.
He said, “Tell me about Joe’s fantasy. Does he ask you to live it out while you play?”
I said, “Yes. Last night he was eating me, while I was telling him about kissing black men at this party, kind of a preview sort of, and then, I had milked him before so his semen was in a bowl, so I told him to eat my lover’s cream pie as I poured his semen over my pussy into his mouth.”
Levant let out a little grown and ground his now very large and hard and thick cock into me and said, “Wow that sounds hot Kathy. Did he like it?”
I said yes as I closed my eyes and felt the cock between us with my belly.
He asked, “Did you enjoy it Kathy?”
I said, “Yes, but it wasn’t real.”
I still had my eyes closed when I felt lips touch mine. I opened my eyes to see Levant’s face next to mine, his eyes closed. I started to resist, but then his lips parted, and mine parted, his tongue touched my lips, and mine his, then his tongue slipped between my lips and deep into my mouth and my eyes closed and my arms went around his neck and I could feel Levant’s huge cock poking at me like it was looking to get in.
I was shocked when he pulled back and away. Apparently Al hat tapped his shoulder, and whispered in his ear that he wanted to cut in.
Levant said, “Good night Kathy. I hope we can continue this dance soon.”
I was flustered and said, “Yes Levant, thank you.”
Al took me in his arms and said, “Looks like you got well acquainted with Levant. He likes you. Always has. His notes reflect that. Is he a good kisser?”
I said, “Yes.”
He said, “I want you to call Joe and tell him that.”
I said, “Oh no.”
He interrupted me, “Kathy, I’m your case worker and I am telling you to obey me now.”
I took his phone as he walked us into a corner of the room. Joe was on speed dial and in a second he was on the line, “Hello Joe?” I said, “I met Levant. Yes he is very nice in person. Listen Joe, we danced, yes Levant and me, and he kissed me. I can’t really talk about it right now Joe but I will tell you all about it when I get, yes, yes it was like that, yes Joe but let me go now. Yes I promise.”
I handed the phone to Al, and looked with guilty eyes into his. He didn’t look judgmental. He looked like it was no big deal. He led me to some more clusters of bodies and introduced me to each, and everyone raved about the great food. My spirits were lifted and I started to feel good again.
Another group, and here a man said, “Kathy, is that you?”
I said, “Yes.”
He was a black man but his skin was more like milk chocolate. He looked like Cuba Gooding Jr. with a nice round face and a friendly smile. He said, “Geo,” as he held out his hand.
I was about to shake it when he pulled me into his arms and gave me a wonderful big bear hug. He too asked Al if he would mind. And when Al said no, he d**g me out to the dance floor too.
Geo likes to dance and we did several fast dances without talking. Then a slow one started and I thought about asking him if we could go, when he pulled me close.
He asked, “How are the fingers Kathy? Is the new plug working for you?”
I remembered Joe’s big plug and how my fingers could easily slip into him now, and said, “Oh great!”
Geo said, “Tell me how it’s going Kathy.”
I said, “Well Geo, its going well as can be expected.”
He said, “I know you well enough to know that tone. What is it?”
I said, “Well Joe is fantasizing me fucking a black man and eating his cream pie and I’m not that kind of girl. Al said he’ll address it, but all Joe thinks about is this. He is at home right now hoping I’m going to get fucked tonight by one of you.”
Geo said, “Listen Kathy. Al is one of the best here. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.”
As he was talking and our bodies were swaying together I felt Geo’s penis twitching too. I asked, “Are you getting excited geo?”
He said, “Well Kathy, I’m here with a beautiful lady in my arms, and you are telling me about wanting to be fucked by a black man, and you know a man’s cock has a mind of its own, so yes, I think my body is getting a little turned on.”
I corrected him, “I said Joe wants me to fuck a black man.”
He said, “Kathy, look me in the eyes.”
I did.
He said, “Tell me you are not just a little hungry for this cock of mine right now,” as we swayed face to face, body to body, crotch to crotch, thigh to thigh.
I said in a whisper, “Well maybe a little.”
I couldn’t believe it, Geo leaned in and we kissed like lovers right there in the middle of all these people he knew. A long moment later he pulled away, and there was Al again. Dam him.
Al took me from Geo in the same formal way and again led me into the corner and handed me the phone.
I called, “Hello Joe. Ya it’s me again. I know its only been a half hour, but Joe, wait, I have something to tell you. I met Geo. Yes he is nice. He looks like Cuba Gooding Jr. Yes and we danced and I kissed him too. Yes a real kiss. Yes both of them. Okay I love you too. Bye.”
And again Al took my hand and hooked it over his elbow, and again we went into the sea of bodies. This time I was introduced to a group of strangers, all black men. I was noticing the women were few and far between and it seemed every time I moved toward one they were e****ted away.
This new group was as enthusiastic about the food as were all. I met a man named Keith who asked Al if he could dance with me. I noticed none of them asked me, and when Al said okay they just took me and led me into a dance.
Keith looks like that black man from the Green Mile movie. His voice wasn’t the same, but the look was close. His head formed into his shoulders with no sign of a neck, and his body looked like a power house covered in a nice suit of dark gray. His power tie was bl**d red and wide, like him.
The music was a live band, all young white guys. They played a lot of slow songs, and I realized most of the women were out here dancing, most of the time. Ant it was then that I noticed how comfortable all of the couples looked in each other’s arms, usually kissing or whispering to one another.
So most of the mingling friends off the dance floor were clusters of men, black men, all waiting to dance with one of the few girls present. Probably taking them without asking for another spin, or maybe to the bar for a drink, or the table for a bite.
Keith took me into his arms and pulled me close. He was big and strong. He smelled of musk and man. His aroma filled my nostrils and made my head swim. All the men were dressed in suits, but he looked out of place in his. He looked like he would be more comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. We didn’t talk, just swayed to the music.
Then I felt Keith take my chin in his hand, lift my face to his, and lower his lips to mine. We embraced in a wonderful kiss for a life time as our bodies molded to each-others. I felt his big cock grow as we danced and kissed, then his hand took my wrist and moved my hand to his cock. My fingers explored his great hardness, his huge bulbous head, his steel hard shaft, his large balls and our tongues wrestled in each-other’s open mouths.
Again Al interrupted, and again I was told to call Joe, and again he listened to my story of kissing another black man, a total stranger that took me and kissed me this time. I felt so ashamed, but Al comforted me, telling me it is all natural for men and women to feel desires when they dance and get close. He said, “It was just a few little kisses Kathy. Relax.”
I said, “But I’m married. It’s wrong.”
He said, “I’m your case worker Kathy. I’ll tell you what is right and wrong. And you will accept it as fact. And I’m telling you now, you are doing no wrong, you are doing fine. Now, tell me I am right.”
I said, “You’re right, I guess.”
He took me to a chair and he sat down, pulling me into his lap and said, “Kathy, I’m going to lay you over my lap and pull up your dress and spank your bottom until it turns red, in front of all these people, if you don’t stop questioning my authority.”
I was shaking my head, pleading for him not to.
He said, “Now try it again. Tell me I am right.”
I said with a whimper in my voice, “Your right.”
He asked, “Who’s right?”
I said, “Your right Al.”
He said, “That’s my girl. Now quit being hard on yourself, and let’s have some fun. I’m your date tonight, so I should get a dance.” And he stood up, took my hand and led me to the floor with the couples.
Then he took me in his arms and we danced with each other for the first time tonight. I felt like crying, with my head on his chest.
I was swaying with Al, our bodies meshed together. I felt him lower a hand to my bottom and pull my hips into his. I felt his cock twitch between us as it worked its way up between our bodies. His other hand kept my shoulders crushed to his chest. Our bodies were rotating in circles. Our upper bodies swung left as our hips swung right, then back around, around and around like this. All the while Al’s cock was grinding into my tummy.
I don’t know why. I know I’m married, but the feel of his cock pressed into me made me hungry to be filled with his dancing manhood. I began to grind back.
I looked at the other couples and notice now and then they left the room, not toward the bar or food, but down the hall. I asked Al, “What’s down there?”
He said, “Kathy, I think I need another drink and a bite of your food.”
I said, “Sure, me too.”
So we walked out of the music room and into the food and beverage area. I kept noticing a crowd down that hall and couples now and then going in and out.
Al said, “Here,” as he handed me a green drink with salt around the top of the wide glass.
I took it and sipped, “Mmm like lemonade.”
He said, “Its lime and tequila, a margarita.”
I said, “I like it.” He said, “You should have a couple of those finger sandwiches you made.”
I said, “I’m not really hungry. Maybe later.”
He said, “Okay.”
It was about 10:30, and we had settled into mingling again, I listened while Al chatted. I was always by his side. Then Geo came around. He asked Al, “Mind if I steel your date?” and as Al was saying no, Geo was taking my hand and leading me out to dance again.
This time he didn’t wait for small talk. Geo wrapped one arm around my waist, hand moving to my bottom, the other slid up the naked flesh of my back and when his hand was between my shoulder blades he pulled me into him and kissed me, again.
My tongue found his and I felt his cock grow again as we did a vertical expression of a horizontal intention, aside 6 or 7 other couples doing the same.
I thought about stopping, but Al said I was doing nothing wrong. So I kissed him back. I felt Geo move his hand from my back. It slid around my body, his fingers dragging softly over my flesh as they sent tingles through me. His hand slid under my arms which had moved up to encircle his neck. His hand moved to the center of my dress between my breasts, and then his fingers worked their way into the V into the cup of my bra, and around my aching breast. I breathed my approval into his mouth with a moan.
I kissed him harder as his fingers found and gently pinched my hard aching nipple. My head was swimming like I had d***k a lot. I liked that Margarita.
I heard the music thrumbing and thumping in my head, in my body, and I let my head fall back as Geo lowered his kisses to my chin, my neck, my chest, and then my big brown nipple which he had freed from my lacy black Victoria secret bra.
I was grinding my hips into his, my pelvis into his balls, my clitoris against his nuts, and feeling his big cock rubbing and thumping my belly. I wanted him.
I opened my eyes and realized I was in a crowd of people with my breast exposed and this black man, not my husband sucking on my swollen nipple, right out in front of everyone. But no one was looking. No one except Al. He smiled and gave me a thumbs up.
I closed my eyes, attempting to pretend it wasn’t real, when I felt a tap, a tap but through my body, a tap on Geo’s shoulder that echoed through to me. I looked up expecting Al, but this time it was Levant. He asked to cut in.
Geo kissed me on the lips, a little peck, and turned me around to face Levant, who took me into his arms.
He held me with both hands on my bottom dancing with his hips, grinding his cock into me. He swung us around so fast I had to wrap my hands around his neck or I’d have fallen on my back. I pulled him in tight, and he moved his lips to mine.
It is amazing how different men are. Some hold me like this others like that, some kiss like this others like that. Levant kissed mostly with his thick sweet lips, while Geo kissed with his thick long tongue. Levant felt like he was devouring me, while Geo explored my mouth my teeth deep into my throat with his tongue. I liked both. Both turned me on!
I was enjoying Levant’s playful style of dance. He wasn’t so much into fucking me in dance as much as he was into having fun, and being a bit wild.
I still felt his cock, and realized Amy was right, all men get hard when having fun like this. I enjoyed grinding our bodies together, and when the music turned slow again, tired I melted into Levant’s arms, my body to his. I looked up into his eyes and said, “Kiss me Levant.” He did.
I closed my eyes and allowed him to smother me with his kisses. He kissed my lips my neck my clavicle, then he pushed my dress aside to expose my black bra gain. I felt his fingers pulling the cup down and my nipple popping out over the lace. I felt his devouring lips making oral love to my breast, first one, then the other. I refused to open my eyes and break this spell.
I felt a tap again, and again it wasn’t Al. I wondered where he was. I assumed it would be him, wanting me to call Joe again. Oh I had forgotten all about Joe!
I looked around but Al wasn’t there. I wondered if it was Keith wanting another dance, but it wasn’t him either. I did notice a complete stranger, awaiting his turn to dance with me. He had tapped Levant, and Levant was about to turn me over to him.
Suddenly I heard Al’s voice, “Hello Kathy.” He was dancing with another woman and had his back to me, inches away from me the whole time. He said, “That’s my girl. You’re doing well. Keep up the good work.”
I was now in the arms of another total stranger, another black man. He said his name is Doyle, he is a case worker too. He held me loose so I could breath and look at him as we made small talk.
He was wiry, looking much smaller than the others. He was a person I could become friends with and not feel intimidated by, like most of these others here.
He asked, “How long in the program?”
I said, “Going on 3 months.”
He said, “It’s great. I know several happy couples. All started out the same, miserable and at each other.”
I said, “Ya, that was us.”
He said, “I want to kiss you Kathy,” and he began to pull me close.
I wanted to say ‘no’ but I saw Al looking over his shoulder at me, giving me a tilt of his head as if to say ‘go ahead.’
I let him pull me in. I closed my eyes. Our lips met, and again I felt myself getting lost in the pleasure of a kiss. And again I felt a cock growing between us.
We kissed and swayed for some time. I felt him reach down and take my knee in his hand, pulling my thigh up to his hip. His cock was rubbing my aching clitoris as we kissed and kissed like this.
Then I felt him wiggle and rock his hips back then forward, and his cock had repositioned itself so it was running through my crotch. I could feel it pressing the silk of my Victoria’s Secret panties into my swelling vulva, stroking my labia, as his length stroked my clitoris.
I couldn’t help it. I had to ride his cock as it slid through my wet pussy, only separated by a sheer layer of silk.
His hand moved from my thigh, but I kept my leg hooked around his leg. His hand slid under my dress to my bottom, and his fingers slid under the leg band, into the crack of my ass, and one finger found touched my sphincter.
I jumped when this happened and pushed my foot to the floor, spinning my body out of his embrace. I thanked him for the dance and turned to exit.
Al was beside me and we ran into each other. He caught me before I fell and scooped me up in his arms like I was his little girl. He looked at me from head to toe and back again. He asked, “Are you alright Kathy?”
I said, “Well, yes. I am now.”
He was still holding me like a c***d as he walked out of the room. He lowered me to my feet, and told me I needed a drink to cool me down. I agreed and in a minute found another green drink in my hands. It felt so good and calming going down.
Al sat beside me on the little love seat, and put his arm around my shoulder.
Al said, “Call Joe.”
I started to complain, but saw his look, so I said, “Yes Al.”
I called and Joe answered, “Hello Joe. Yes we’re having fun. I did, I danced with several men, yes back, yes all of them Joe. I, yes I kissed all of them. I did. I,”
It was hard to talk to him, he sounded like he was a k** in a candy store and high on sugar. He kept asking me if I did this and that. I wanted to tell him, but I needed to be able to without him interfering so much.
Al took the phone, “Hello Joe. Yes this is Al. Kathy is having a wonderful time with all the black men here. Stop!”
Aside from the din of the party there was no sound from Al or the phone in his hand. Then Al spoke, “Kathy, I want you to tell him what just happened, and Joe I want you to be quiet until I talk to you again. Is that understood?”
He handed the phone back to me. I said, “Well I was dancing with, I don’t remember his name. He asked me to kiss him so I did. We were kissing when he lifted my leg up, and his hips were rocking, and his penis,”
Al interrupted, “Kathy, when you are talking about these men I want you to refer to their penises as Big Black Cock’s.”
I nodded my head, remembering the treat to spank my bare bottom in front of everyone. I said, “The young black man slipped his Big Black Cock into my crotch and it was right there Joe. We still had our panties on but I could feel his shaft rubbing through my pussy and my clitoris rubbing on it, and we kissed. “
Al said, “Tell him about Levant and Geo, what they did.”
I said, “I danced with Levant and Geo too, again, and they both kissed me and then pulled out my breast and sucked on my nipples. I am so sorry Joe.”
Al said, “I told you, you are not doing anything wrong. Say it.”
I said, “I’m not doing anything wrong.”
He said, “Tell Joe that.”
I said, “Joe, I’m not doing anything wrong.”
Joe said, “Of course not Hun. I love you and I love what you are doing. I just want you to tell me everything.”
Al interrupted again, “Tell Joe how you pussy felt as you were dancing.”
I said, “My pussy is all wet and its tingling and so hungry, Joe. I can’t wait for tomorrow when you can satisfy my cravings. I am so hungry to get fucked Joe.”
Al said, “Ask him if you can stay out late on your date with me tonight.”
I said, “Joe, Al wants to,”
Al shook his finger at me, so I corrected, “Joe, can I stay out late on my date with Al tonight?”
He said, “Yes.”
Al said, “tell him what you did, what you felt, feeling that black man’s cock stroking your pussy like that, it didn’t mean anything, because there was the cloth between you two.”
I felt torn and grateful at the same time. Torn admitting I had another man’s cock between my legs, but I had already told him, and grateful because this is how I feel, that it didn’t mean anything. It wasn’t sex because we had our clothes on.
I looked up into Al’s eyes and said, “It didn’t mean anything Hun, feeling a black man’s big black cock stroking my pussy.”
Al mouthed the words, “Hungry wet pussy.”
I said, “My hungry wet pussy.”
Al mouthed, “You liked it, and thought about how it would feel fucking you.”
I echoed, “I did like it Joe. I thought about how that big black cock would feel as we fucked. But it didn’t count because we had our clothes on.”
Al said, “Ask Joe if having sex with a condom on counts?”
I remembered Amy that first night saying something about how something was like having sex with a condom on, that it didn’t count. I asked Joe, “Joe, does having sex with a condom on count?”
Joe said, “Not for me. I like raw sex. A condom is like keeping you cloths on.”
I said, “Amy said so too. That it doesn’t count. I think I agree.”
Al tilted my glass causing me to gulp some of my drink, and again, so the glass was half empty now. He took the phone from my hand and pulled my face to his, my lips to his, and we kissed.
Al is a really wonderful kisser, the best of the night. I felt my body heating up, my nipples and clitoris tingle. I was lost in his mouth as my tongue searched for his in a game of hide and seek.
Then he pulled me up and over into his lap where we could kiss and cuddle without leaning so much. We were didn’t care about anyone else in the room as we made out like young lovers.
He asked, What did Joe say about my keeping you out late on our date Kathy?”
I whispered in his ear, “He said okay Al.”
He asked, “Am I a good kisser?”
I said, “Uh huu, Mmm the best tonight!” and giggled in his arms.
I took another sip of my drink as he asked, “So all the men at the party are black, right?”
I nodded my head, with an “Uh huu.”
He said, “You have some delicious new kisses stories to share with Joe now.”
I leaned in and kissed him for several minutes. He asked, “And Joe said we could stay out if we like?”
I said, “Uh huu,” as I tried to get him to kiss me back.
Al kissed me for another minute, his one arm behind my upper back, the other on my knee. Then he slid his warm hand up my damp thigh. I felt it slide under my dress as he moved it higher. I looed into his eyes and asked, “What are you doing Al?”
I smiled as he whispered in my ear, “”I’m taking what I want Kathy. Is that okay with you?”
I said, “Please,” as I let my legs fall apart welcoming his hand inside. He slid it to my inner thigh, under my dress, and I closed my eyes again and went back to kissing him.
He asked, “So Kathy, does having sex with a condom count?”
I cooed, “No Al, why, do you want to fuck me with a condom on your big black cock?”
He said, “Do you think Joe would like us to have sex with a condom on Kathy?”
I didn’t want to talk about Joe. It was ruining the mood. I told him so.
His fingers slid up to the panel of my panties and grazed the wet material between his fingers and my sex. He said, “I want you to say it out loud. Do you think he would like us to have sex Kathy, you and me?”
I said, “Yes Al. I think he would. But I think he would want you to not wear a condom.”
I was getting into the fun of talking nasty so I said, “Al, Joe is probably imagining you fucking me with your big black cock and shooting your sperm deep inside my hungry vagina, and he wants me to come home full of your sperm so he can eat your cream pie out of my nasty sticky pussy.”
Al slid his fingers over my vulva and through the crease of my flower as it opened for him and my nectar seeped out. The tip touched my clitoris and I drove my tongue into his mouth and moaned.
The hand behind my back moved and I looked with one eye to see what Al was doing. His hand held the phone, and he was dialing with his thumb. He held the phone next to our ears so we both could hear, and I heard Joe’s voice, “Hello?”
Al kept kissing me and I felt his finger slip under the leg band of my panties. I wanted his touch, but I didn’t want Joe to hear. I spread my legs wider and felt my dress ride up to my hips as I felt Al’s fingers slide through my wetness getting slippery with my juices. And our kisses were loud and smacking and sucking as we slurped on each other’s lips and tongues.
I felt Al’s middle finger, his thick black middle finger slide through my labia and sink deep into my vagina, and I groaned my delight.
Al whispered, “What am I doing to you Kathy?”
I eyed the phone right there in his hand, and said, “Oh Al your finger feels so good inside me!”
I thought I heard a faint gasp from the phone, but it was nothing.
Al asked, “where is my finger Kathy?”
I cooed, “Oh Al, your finger is so big and thick and its so deep inside my pussy.”
He asked, “Is it as big as Joe’s penis?”
I nodded my head and kissed him deeply as he pushed it in deep.”
He asked, “Does it feel like you’re being fucked by Joe’s penis Kathy?”
I nodded and moaned as he began to fuck me with his wonderful finger.
He said, “Tell Joe Kathy, Tell him now and I will tell him good night. But tell him the truth what you just told me.”
I looked into Al’s eyes. I was so hungry for him and he was really fucking me with his finger now. I tried to speak but I felt like I was about to cum, “I can’t.”
Al stopped and said, “Just tell me what you think Kathy.”
I caught my breath and between kisses said, “Your finger is bigger than Joe’s penis Al, and it feels better than being fucked by his penis. There I said it. I’m sorry Joe.”
Al held the phone to his ear and spoke. “Are you naked? Good. Chastity hurt some? Good. Plug in? Good. Our girl is being very good too Joe. I’ll bring her home later, but we will be late, so don’t wait up.”
I felt him stoking my hungry pussy and kissing me as the phone snapped shut. I wanted him in me now. I didn’t care we were in the middle of this crowd. I felt Al moving, getting up. He removed his hand from my pussy and slipped it under my legs. He lifted me like a c***d again.
He carried me through the crowd on the dance floor, and down the long hall. I berried my face in the crook of his neck hoping no one would see me. He walked in and lowered me to a bed. I saw we were in a small bedroom now, just him and me. It was a pretty room, a girls room with lace and soft lights.
Al took a package from the night stand and sat beside me. He said, “Kathy, put this on me,” as he pressed a condom into my hand.
I looked into his eyes as I considered what he was saying. I didn’t speak. I leaned into his lap and opened his belt. He took off his jacket. I undid his pants and pulled the zipper down, as he took off his shirt.
He said, “Stand up.” So I did.
He took my dress at the hem and lifted it, up over my thighs, up over my hips, up to my chest. I lifted my arms without a word, and he pulled it over my head and laid it in the chair.
I sat back down as he rose. His pants slipped to the floor and he kicked them up into the hair. I grabbed Al’s boxer shorts at the sides. His cock was already pushed out so the material looked like a big tent. I pulled his pants down until they snapped over his cock and it sprang to attention. The pants fell to the floor and were kicked into the chair also.
I tore open the little foil pouch and pulled out the wet slippery jelly like contents. I was about to roll it on when Al said, “Kiss it first.”
I leaned into his gorgeous huge very black cock, and noticed the gland at the top wasn’t like Joe’s. This was wrapped in black skin. I had looked at porn with Joe so I knew this was uncircumcised. I kissed the tip with my lips tenderly.
Al said, “I want a picture of you with the head in your mouth, okay?”
I wasn’t sure about this, but I was so hungry for him right now I wanted to do anything for him that would please him. I nodded my head.
Al said, Geo?”
I realized the door had been open all this time and there were dark figures standing in it, watching me do all this with Al. Geo came close and took Al’s phone from his pants in the chair, got us in frame, and Al said, “Kathy, ignore him. Grab my cock, that’s my girl.”
I loved hearing him call me that, his girl. I had 2 hands full of his big black cock, and there was so much more.
He said, “Pull the skin back, that’s it.”
I couldn’t believe how amazing a cock like this felt in my hands. It was like a metal pole inside, with a soft felty like skin that slipped and pulled over it, and there were big veins that I could feel pulsing and throbbing under my fingers.
As I pushed the skin back towards him a beautiful dark brown head slipped out toward me.
He said, “Kiss it now.”
I looked at Geo, at the men in the door, at Al, then at the big black cock I had in my hands pointing toward my face, my lips. I leaned in and as I kissed it with a light peck I felt it burb a glob of sticky fluid onto my lips. I heard the camera click as my lips touched his tip.
As I leaned back there was a string connecting my lips to his now throbbing head. I heard another click. I looked at Geo and he gave me the thumbs up.
Al said, “Good Kathy, that is so nice. Now suck on my cock.”
I didn’t look around this time. I leaned forward and let my lips open as his head entered, letting them slip around it. Geo clicked again and then again as my lips slipped over the crown to encircle the shaft of Al’s big black cock.
I was lucky to get this much in my mouth. My jaws ached they were stretched so wide.
Al said, “Now put it on Kathy.”
I forgot I had the condom in my hand still. I lifted it to his cock and rolled it over the head, and down the shaft. I ignored everyone else. I could hear the camera clicking now and then.
Al said, “Kathy, do the same for Geo.”
I looked at him in fright. I’m not that kind of girl! I shook my head.
Al sat beside me. My head was still shaking although I couldn’t say the word ‘NO.’
He took my hand and had me stand up, and as I did he pulled me over his lap bottom up. I sort of fell or tripped as he was pulling me. I felt him take my Victoria Secret black panties and pull them gently down, exposing my naked bottom to all these men, black men, and all strangers.
I heard it before I felt it. A loud slap like a door slamming. Then the sting in my bottom was tremendous and I felt like it was on fire. I knew what had happened, but it was like I couldn’t do anything about it. I kicked my feet and screamed and tried to hit him, but Al was in control.
He said in a calm voice, “Are you calm now?”
Levant was there before me with another green drink. He held it to my lips and whispered, “Its okay Kathy. It’s all okay.”
Al said, “Now Kathy, give Geo’s cock a kiss. You know when you two were dancing you thought about it, right?”
I looked up at him, my ass burning, and said, “Yes.”
I knelt at geo’s feet and helped his out of his pants too. I took his big black cock in my hands and kissed it. Levant was taking pictures of us now. I let him get one of Geo’s head at my puckered kiss, lips open with it pushing in, lips at the crest of the crown, and lips stretched around the shaft behind the head.
I heard Al talking, but not to me. I looked over to see him on the phone.
He said, “Do you want me to fuck your wife tonight Joe?” I was shocked. I was hungry ready to beg for it, my ass was now tingling and the warmth had spread all through my pussy and now my clitoris was on fire. But I didn’t want Joe to know.
Al said, “We all agreed earlier Joe that fucking with a condom doesn’t count, so I want to make Kathy feel better about all this. We’ll use condoms.”
I looked at Al, who was telling my husband he is planning to fuck his wife, but he will use condoms to make it better.
Al was looking at me, and asked, “Is that good for you sugar?”
I didn’t know what to do. I did know my ass and pussy were on fire and I needed this fucking to come soon. I nodded my head.
Al said, “Kathy said yes. But Joe, how much do you want this?”
What would my Joe say? What did he say?
I still had Geo’s cock in my lips and it was seeping its nectar into my mouth and I couldn’t take the tension of what Al and Joe were talking about anymore, so I focused on sucking Geo’s cock.
Al said, “I’ll tell you when we get there.” And hung up.
He looked at us and said, “Geo, give Levant a turn.”
I looked from Geo’s cock to Levant who was getting undressed now. His cock was big and thick and darker than the others.
I felt Levant touch my shoulder and say, “Kathy. Suck my cock now please.”
I turned my head and let him slip his head into my mouth, while I still held Geo’s in my both hands. I moved one hand to cup Levant’s balls as I sucked his big hard black cock, while I masturbated Geo’s big hard black cock.
Both cocks were dribbling a lot of fluid and I started to turn my head from one to the other to lap up the liquid before it could drop free.
I heard the click and looked to see Al, my date, taking pictures of me servicing these two men.
Al said, “Kathy, we are going to fuck you now. Would you like this?”
I said, “Oh yes please Al.”
He asked, “Would you like privacy, or can we enjoy your pleasure with you?”
I didn’t understand so I dove my lips onto Geo’s cock so I wouldn’t have to answer.
I felt several hands lift me to the bed. A cock slipped into my mouth as soon as I was on my back.
I felt the hands pull my bra down so my breasts were naked and exposed. The cool air made my nipples so hard and electrified. I felt 2 big hard cocks rub my hands, and I wrapped my fingers around each, and started to pump. A set of lips began to kiss each nipple a moment after.
I felt hands pulling on my panties, so I lifted my hips. I was taking the cock in my lips to the back of my mouth now. My panties were off and my pussy felt the cool air now, and maid me groan.
I felt hands on my ankles pulling my feet wide, my legs apart, my pussy open. I felt my lubricating fluids spilling out of me down into my bottom. I think I felt the flesh of a hot cock rubbing the sole of each of my feet, I think.
There were so many men around me I wanted to call for my Joe to save me. I told myself I’m not this kind of girl, but I was so fucking hungry to be filled and pounded I realized, right now I am this kind of girl. I didn’t want to be saved. I wanted to be fucked by these men with their big black cocks. I wanted to take them all and feel them filling my body with their sperm.
I felt the bed move. Someone was between my thighs. I opened my eyes and looked over the cock in my mouth to see Al. His cock was wrapped in the tight condom and he was aiming it toward me.
I tried to lift my knees but the hands on my ankles held me tight.
Al asked, “Do you want me?”
I nodded my head.
He said, “Beg for it Kathy.”
I spat the cock out of my mouth and pleaded with him, “Please Al, I need to feel your big black cock inside me now.”
He rubbed the head around my flower, and pushed it in so the mouth of my vagina slipped around the crown. I sucked in Geo’s cock again and swallowed it deep into my mouth as I yelled my passion around it.
Al pulled out and asked, “More?”
I nodded, and he waited until I spat Geo out again and said, “Yes Al, please, more, FUCK me!”
I felt him enter me again and he was so huge it hurt, but he took it slow so he didn’t hurt me much. When it did hurt I swallowed more of Geo’s cock each time.
Al would push in, hold it in me a few minutes, then pull it out again. He pushed in to the same place and this time stroked my hungry vagina for a minute, just enough to make me feel I was about to cum.
I thought about Joe, as I lay here with so many bigger better cocks around me, and how this one was bringing me to the brink and then stopping, not letting me experience the orgasm I so craved. Joe must feel like that every time I get him close then stop. Day after day. Wow!
Al would finish the delicious fuck with a push that sank another inch of his cock into me. He held it here and after another minute he pulled all the way out. Then he drove back into me to this new depth and fucked me until I wanted to explode. Another inch and another round of this, again and again he did this until I felt his cock nudging my cervix.
He did it again, pulling out, fucking to this depth, then he pushed again, and I felt like there was no room for anymore. I tried to f***e my knees up and then lifted my hips just as he pushed again. I felt like I was stretching as he pushed hard and slow. I felt something inside me was being torn.
I was about to scream when I felt Geo drive the length of his cock between my lips and his shaft slid through my throat. I couldn’t scream now as I felt my body open with a pop inside and Al’s cock was sliding into me again deeper and deeper.
I was scared he had torn me open inside and I would die. He stopped again and held his cock in me. I felt a muscle or something inside me biting on Al’s cock shaft. It was deep up in me.
He laid his entire weight on me and his body crushed mine. All the hands and cocks were pulled away from me, all but the one inside my vagina.
Al took my head in his hands and began kissing me with all his love. I could feel his cock dancing inside of me and a part of my vagina biting his cock. I kissed him back.
Then I felt Al begin to lift his hips and his cock begin to withdraw, and a strange feeling like a part of me was holding him inside, not wanting to let go.
I held him tight, dug my nails into his back, wrapped my legs around his hips and hooked my feet together behind his butt trying to keep him from escaping me now.
Still he pulled out and out and then there was another pop and I felt another jolt of pain deep inside me.
I looked into his eyes and asked, “What just happened?”
He could see I was scared so he kissed my lips and said, “I just popped your cherry baby. It’s all right. You’re okay. I just entered your womb.”
I didn’t know what to say, it had hurt so bad. I felt him sliding back into me again and started to protest when he put his lips on mine and let me scream into his open mouth as I felt the head of his massive cock open my cervix again and slip back into my womb. Again he held it here.
I was crying, I wanted out. I heard Geo’s voice, “Kathy, remember the big butt plug we got for Joe?”
I nodded my head, trying to look at him through the tears.
He said, “Remember how hard it was and how much it hurt the first few times we put it in Joe’s asshole?”
I nodded as I felt my cervix squeezing and gripping Al’s shaft.
He said, “Kathy, is Joe at home with it in now?”
I nodded my head, and as I did I felt Al begin to rock, to fuck my vagina and my womb. It was incredible, the mixture of pain and maybe pleasure. Mostly pain.
Al pulled out of me and I felt the pop again but it wasn’t so great or as painful as before. Then he fucked me with shallow strokes so we could enjoy it together. This felt wonderful and again I felt a climax building inside me.
Al rose up so I could see down my body to the shaft stroking in and out of my pussy. A cock slipped into my left hand as a head lowered its lips to my enflamed nipple. I gripped it and started to stroke it. Then the same thing happened on my right.
I looked around and saw two men I didn’t know sucking on my nipples while they fucked my hands. Geo was taking pictures with the camera, and Levant was by my head waiting.
I felt my pleasure growing and my nipples aching. I turned my body a bit so I could drop my head off the side of the bed.
Al stopped and helped me get into this new position. He resumed fucking me with shallow strokes. When I say shallow, he was deeper inside me than Joe could ever reach, but he wasn’t penetrating my cervix anymore. Just nudging it, and letting it kiss the head of his wonderful fucking big black cock.
I looked at my lovers again, and lay my head so it hung off the edge of the bed. I said, “Come here Levant.”
He stepped up to me and placed the head of his delicious cock between my hungry lips. He then began to stroke in and out of my mouth. I would take it to the back of my throat then pat his leg to say I need air.
Al was building speed and the fire inside my sex was about to explode. I felt his cock head push at my cervix several times stretch it several times, even pop inside a couple times, but the pace was fast and the pleasure was heaven.
As Al would push into me Levant would follow into my lips, my mouth, my and eventually my throat.
The moment was about here, I felt Al push in, in to that spot, in opening me up inside, in so my cervix swallowed the head of his massive cock, in further until I felt his balls grinding against my bottom and his pubic hair grinding against my clitoris.
At the same time Levant said, “Take a deep breath Kathy.” I did, and I felt him pushing his cock through my lips through my mouth and down my throat until his balls were covering my nose and his pubic hair was tickling my chin.
I held my breath as these two men held their enormous cocks as deep inside of me as they could. My head started to get light and my body tingled all over. I felt their cocks swelling and twitching and I knew they were blasting their sperm deep into me. My vagina squeezed and my cervix bit and my throat gulped and my tongue licked as my orgasm took me.
I didn’t want them to leave me as I felt them pulling out. I was a limp rag as they left me on my back, head dropped off the bed. I slipped into a deep sl**p.
I awoke to feel Al’s cock inside me again, stroking me with new vigor. I wanted to lift my head to see, but another cock nudged my lips. This cock was different. I hadn’t seen it before. I looked past as I opened my mouth to let it in. This was Keith and he looked so ominous standing above me with his cock now deep in my mouth.
I wondered if it was Al fucking me. I felt the body lay down on my crushing me, and the cock pressing against my cervix, but this time he was balls deep and not pushing through. It wasn’t Al.
I closed my eyes and let the joy of feeling this cock stroke into my throat while the one in my pussy filled me with delight and no pain.
I felt them push deep and I held my breath again while I felt these two cocks pumping their loads of semen into me.
I lay there wondering if I was going to get fucked by all the men at the party, after these last two pulled out of me. After several minutes of rest I slid onto the bed so my head was level. I looked around and saw I was alone.
I stood up and examined my pussy. It was red and puffy, but I had no fluid dripping from me. I wondered if it was so deep inside me, inside my womb, so deep that it couldn’t escape.
I saw in a glass of ice, 2 condoms, the tops tied, the body full of the milky white fluid I knew so well.
I got dressed, and looked out into the hall. I heard talking down at the other end. I said, “Hello?”
Al came to me and said, “Good, you’re up. Did you get your present?”
I looked around, then to the glass Al was pointing to.
I looked with my questioning glance, and he said, “That’s for Joe.”
I said, “I don’t think,” but he cut me off.
He said, “Kathy. Geo, Levant and I are going to come over to your house now. We are all bringing you home from our date. When we get there we are going to watch you perform your duties with Joe.”
I said, “Oh no Al, please. It’s so shameful.”
He said, “It is what we have been doing all this time so be good and do it without arguing. Or do you need another spanking?”
I said nothing, just dropped the two condoms into my purse and let him follow me out to the room with the other 2 men.

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11 months ago
another great story. can't wait to see what Joe does.
1 year ago
all I can say is wow