Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

Chapter 5
It’s hard to believe we’ve been in the program for right around 2 months now. It’s hard because in one way it seems like it hasn’t been that long that we’ve been doing this, while on the other hand it feels like it was ages ago that Joe and I had such a bad marriage, and I turned to that business card in that bar that read, “Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage?”
I remember way back then, going to the disco bar with Amy. Joe and I had already started the program and he had been in chastity, I think about a week at that time. His attitude seemed to change overnight, and so did his Porn obsession. He no longer looked at porn and we were enjoying a better sex life than we had since we got married.
Oh, anyway, Amy and I went to this bar and Joe told me to dance with some guys who might ask. The men that did were black, but I’m Filipina so I didn’t feel any prejudice against them. We danced, and when we danced one of them kissed me.
I told Joe about it, and he actually got off on listening to me tell him about it. He had me tell him over and over again each night while we were enjoying our private time together.
Well, our case worker back then was a man named Levant Smith. I called him Levant while he had Joe call him Mr. Smith. It is kind of a rule in the program for the wife to call the case worker in the familiar first name while the husband must respect the formal last name, or call him sir.
When things went wrong, out of our control, we were assigned a new case worker. That was about a month into the program. Our new case worker was George Jones, not the singer. He asked me to call him Geo, while Joe called him Mr. Jones or sir.
Under Levant we started the major changes in our progress. We ordered the chastity and started working the plan. That was the plan of personal hygiene for both of us. Joe would shower, then bath me. Soon into this plan we added scheduled peeing and pooping too. It was necessary for the next activities.
Oh, I forgot, actually, the first week was before we got the chastity. This week we made love every night. I didn’t know if we could keep up this pace, having not had sex in so long and when we did it was once or twice a week. But we did it, and it was a wonderful change from the bitter relationship we had fostered between us.
The second week we received and put on the chastity. Ours is a CB6000s. I would take it off every night when Joe got home from work. While he showered with me there to watch him, making sure he didn’t fondle his penis too much, I would wash his new chastity. After his shower, I would examine his penis and testicles looking for any rash or swelling. We never found any. I shaved his penis bald so he looked like a little naked pink mouse. He hates it when I tell this part to anyone. Then came the third week.
Following the bathing, shaving, inspection, and now newly implemented toilet training, on weekdays, Joe would lie face down, legs spread, penis pulled out and down pointing toward his feed with a testicle on either side, and me between his knees. In this position, position A, I would rub his FRENULUM, a little spot of skin under the head of the penis, between the head and the shaft. At the same time with my other hand, I would rub his PERINEUM, another little area of skin between his testicles and anus. I would do this until he said he felt like he was about to orgasm. Then I would stop and lock him back in the chastity, and move on to the next activity.
On Saturday’s Joe would get the same treatment, but when he informed me about his approaching orgasm, I would have him get on his table, and milk his PROSTATE. This involved me using a glove and some lubricant, and inserting 2 fingers into Joe’s anus, palm down so my fingers curled down toward his penis shaft. I would locate the PROSTATE which is a small lump about as big as a walnut about 2 to 3 inches inside his rectum. I rub this lump gently and after a while the semen begins to drain out. It keeps flowing as long as I rub until there is no more left in his testicles. There is no ejaculation, no orgasm, just a feeling he has to pee.
On Sunday’s we have all the sex we want to share from sun up to sun down. The only stipulation here is every time he orgasm’s inside me I have to sit on his face with my pussy to his lips where he can suck his cum back out of me. This is called eating a cream pie, and my Joe has gotten very good at it.
Okay, it was the start of the fifth week, right after we finished the first week of Step 3, we lost Levant. We had received the new schedule, I read them, Levant added a little change, but forgot to add a second change. This was when the professors changed all the case workers assignments. We were given to a new case worker named Mr. Jones, like I said.
Mr. Jones was with us for the next month. I am getting the impression the professors like changing things up monthly, as seems to be the pattern.
Geo, that’s Mr. Jones, changed things too. He had us perform the teasing with denying Joe an orgasm one week, then the next we simply locked him back up after his showers. The weekends following the lock ups was more of the same lock ups after showering. This went on for 4 weeks.
One thing I was so glad he changed, Joe wasn’t so pleased with. Geo had listened to my complaints, discussed them with his professor, and informed me he was seeing to it. The complaint I had was with my sore fingers after performing a long process of prostate milking. The solution, which I mentioned Joe didn’t cotton to, was a sphincter dialater. In the porn world it is known as a butt plug. Its purpose is to dialate the anal sphincter muscle. Geo had us buy a 4 inch circumference plug, and insisted Joe wear it all day every Wednesday through Saturday. It helped me so much.
Then I received a call from a Mr. Cabot. He informed me he was our new case worker, and Geo whom I had grown to trust and feel a friendship with had been reassigned. Once again we were in a new situation with a new leader. I guess this was a way to get the clients to grow to trust the program and not become too attached to the case worker. It was working.
One of the last things Geo had done was not for us, but for me in particular. He informed me of a monthly assembly the students held at a private residence, where they gathered for discussing cases, progress, problems, ideas, and developments. It was beneficial to exchange data. After, they enjoy a late night of drinking, dancing, and good food. He told me they needed a caterer to supply food for these parties, and he suggested me. He knew my job was voluntary and this would offer me a small income on the side. That was the weekend before we got Mr. Cabot.
Mr. Cabot’s first name is Allen. His friends call him Al, and it wasn’t any time before I was too. He sounded more sophisticated, more mature than the others. I wasn’t the words he used as much as the way he used them. He could say do this or that and I felt compelled to obey him, he is that good at his job.
He started right off telling me how he was reviewing our file, and how delighted he was with our progress. He was planning to make his own changes, but felt it was important that I get comfortable with the new duties of my catering service.
The one change he put into effect that day was to have Joe wear the plug every day. He explained his reason was in his opinion it is harmful to stretch the anus then let it reshrink, then repeat the stretch and shrink over and over again. He said it is best to just stretch it and let it grow accustom to it. We did this for the first week.
The Party was coming up in a week, on Saturday. This was Joe’s Milking Saturday, so Al told me he would address it before the weekend.
He said, “Kathy, are you ready to feed around 40 guest?
I asked, “Is it that many?”
He said, “We usually have 25 students, at least 1 sometimes 2 or 3 of the professors depending on the subjects, and then the drop ins. Those are the sorority girls looking for some fun, food, and liquor on a Saturday night. We like to unwind after the conference, and they help.”
I said, “I see. So between 26 and 40, think 40 is enough for a max?”
He said, “We have never had 40, but we got close a couple times. Better safe than sorry.”
I said, “What will they like?”
He asked, “Ever host a Super-bowl party?”
I said, “Joe had those lots when we first got married, before the girls. Chips & dips, finger sandwiches, pot stickers, potato salad, pigs in a blanket,”
He interrupted, “Please Kathy, you’re making me hungry. All that sounds perfect. So you think you can do this?”
I asked, “Do I need to make a punch too?”
He said, “That won’t be necessary. Drinks will be served at an open bar. The music is a group of local k**s in their own band. They’re cheap but sound great. If you do the food like you just described this will be the best party yet.”
I was about to hang up when he told me to get the email he sent, fill it out, and send it in. He said it is his new change and we need to start it as soon as we can.
After saying goodbye, I looked up the letter. It was an order-form from a porn sight supplying sex toys. It was the same place we ordered the chastity device and the sphincter dialater from. It was for another dialater, only this one was 6 inches in diameter. I decided to fill out the form and spring it on Joe after it arrived, giving him less time to bitch.
This was a week of teasing and then denial for my poor Joe. But he had grown to weather it well, with expectations of the milking on Saturday and the wonderful freedom of unlimited sex on Sunday. I told him we would have to make a change in our plans as on Saturday I was hosting a party for the case workers and some of the professors. He didn’t mind, as long as it didn’t interfere with his beloved Sunday.
The plug came in Wednesday, rush order, flagged on the form by Al. I called Al and told him it was here, and I would show Joe tonight when he got home.
He said, “Let me handle it Kathy. I’ll call him right now and let him know about this change. Besides I have to talk to him about the conflict of Saturday’s schedule. Are you ready for Saturday?”
I said, “Well Al, now that you mention it. I need groceries, so I need a budget to work with.”
Al said, “Right you are. I will cut you a check for $300 dollars, and bring it over tonight. One more thing Kathy, would you e****t me to the party?”
I said, “Ah, well I’m already going to be there serving the food. Wouldn’t you like to take another, someone who won’t be busy, someone not married maybe?”
Al said, “No. I am asking you because I want you to be my date, not just an employee serving food. This way you will get to see how our function works. The food is going to be on the tables, self-serve, so you have no excuse. I read in your file that your friend Amy told you once black men take what they want. I am taking you Kathy. We will get the food from you Saturday morning, and Saturday evening I will come pick you up at 8.”
There wasn’t any room for discussion. He wasn’t asking. He just told me he is a black man and he plans to take what he wants, and he wants me. He informed me he had to call Joe next and hung up.
When Joe got home he said, “Mr. Cabot called, and said there’s a new plug for me. He wants me to put it in as soon as I finish showering.”
I held it up for him to see. This one is black like the other, but it looks twice as big. It’s huge. The cone shape allows it to ease in, then at the widest point which looks as big as my fist almost it rolls in under like a ball. Then there is a flare that looks like the handle of a corkscrew. This nests in the crack of the bottom, and the diameter inside the smaller part holds the sphincter open. In this case it is 6 inches. That’s almost 2 inches across. That’s big!
Joe looked at me and I felt he was going to cry. I comforted him, “Hun, we can do this.”
He said, “Mr. Cabot said you had good news for me.”
I said, “Well, yes. You know they gave me the job catering, and today I got a budget of $300 dollars. Oh, and Mr. Cabot, Al wants to take me to the party, so you don’t have to.”
He asked, “Don’t you want my help with it?”
I said, “Joe, they’ll come get the food in the morning, and it just sits on the table for people to get themselves. I really don’t need any help with that.”
He said, “I know I wasn’t invited, but I thought if I was there to help you, kind of like your assistant,”
I interrupted him, “Joe, Al told me he is taking me as his date. He wants me to be more of a formal guest this time, not just an waitress. So no Joe, you can’t come this time.”
Joe looked like he was about to complain when we heard a knock at the door. Joe answered and I heard the man outside announce himself as Mr. Cabot. He asked if he could come in, so Joe stepped to one side.
Al came right up to me and handed me a check made out for $300 dollars. He said, “I knew Joe was usually coming in around this time, so I assume I’m not disturbing you two.”
He is black, very dark black, and his head is bald. Al is an older man, I guess in his late 40s to mid 50s. It is hard to tell with some men. He didn’t look like a student. I would have guessed he was one of the professors if you asked me.
I looked at Joe and he at me, and I said, “No Al. Please come in.”
We walked into the living room and sat down. Joe was about to sit by me on the sofa when Al asked him for a glass of wine, please. He is commanding, but polite too.
Joe said, “Yes sir.” And dutifully went into the kitchen leaving us alone for a minute. We heard glasses tinkling and the fridge door open and close. I wanted to ask him if he really was a student, but he spoke first.
Al said, “Be frugal with that. You have a budget of $300 per party, but what you don’t spend, you keep as your pay. This is a small party, not a wedding reception, so don’t go overboard.”
Joe walked back into the room with a glass of wine for each of us.
Al turned to Joe and said, “Now, while I’m here, drop your drawers Joe so I can examine your chastity.”
Joe looked to me and I could see his face turning red. He stood up and fumbled with his belt and button and zipper. His pants lowered slowly when Al said, “Just fold them over the arm of the chair. Come on son, don’t be shy.”
I think it was they way he sounded so much like a doctor that set Joe at ease. He quickly did as told and stood naked from the waist down before Al.
Al turned the lamp shade so he could see better, then reached out and took the plastic penis tube in his hands and pulled Joe closer. He took his big dark fingers and cupped them around Joe’s hairless balls, lifting the entire package up until Joe gave out a squeal.
He said, “Joe, take off your shirt too. I want to look at your physique.”
Then while Joe started to unbutton his shirt he turned to me, “Kathy, do you remember why we have the husband’s consume the fluids after milking and sex?”
I said, “Well, I think it was to absorb, what was it?”
He said, “Testosterone. Very good. That is the chemical that the male body needs to build muscle mass, bone mass, grow hair, and other things like the sexual body tissues. Let’s look at Joe now.”
Joe had removed his shirt and stood there naked except his socks and the chastity. Al said, “Turn around for us son.” Joe turned slowly.
I noticed Joe looked normal to me.
Al said, “You two are doing very well. Joe is healthy, although I recommend maybe walking during your lunch breaks Joe. His scrotum is a healthy color and not shrinking. That’s one of the first signs the husband is not getting his proper dose of testosterone. Yes, shrinking sex organs, bad sign. We usually expel those couples from the program. It usually indicates he is cheating, not drinking the fluids properly.”
I said, “Wow, you can tell all that from his balls?” I had to hold back a giggle as I heard what I had said.
Joe was still standing there. He looked like he wanted to reach for his cloths when Al asked me, “I wonder if you told Joe about my taking you to the party Saturday night? Mind if I ask him myself?”
I said, “I mentioned it just before you got here, but please Al, ask.”
Joe wanted to turn, to cover up, he had is hands cupped over his chastity, and was edging back toward the chair with his cloths in it, when Al turned his attention to him and f***ed him to freeze. He said, “Joe, you know Kathy is catering the party Saturday night. I wish to take her as a guest if you don’t mind?”
Joe said, “Wa, uh, mm, I guess so, sir.”
Al said, “Joe, I’m asking you if it is okay with you if I take your wife to the party as my date. Do you understand?”
Joe said, “I, well, no Mr. Cabot. I don’t think I do understand. What are you trying to say?” He was edging toward his cloths, leaning and reaching to get them when Al stopped him again.
Al said, “Joe, stop that. Stand up straight and look at us when we are talking with you. I expect curtesy when I go out of my way to drop in like this.”
Joe stood up and turned to look at us, “Yes sir, sorry.”
Al said, “I’m not mad son. But I do expect to be treated as a guest in your home. Now I told you I want to take Kathy here to the party as my date, I didn’t beat around the bush or sugar coat it. Now ask her if she plans to go to the party with me.”
Joe looked me in the eyes, then looked to the floor at my feet and asked, “Hun do you want to go?”
I said, “Yes Joe. I do. I worked hard for this and want to see how it goes.”
Al said, “Joe, ask Kathy if she is going to go to the party as my date.”
Joe asked, “Do you want to go as his date?”
Al interrupted, “Son, you know my name. Please give me your total respect and use it. Stand up straight. Put your hands behind your back. Lift your eyes so she can see your face as you address your wife. Now ask again.”
Joe looked pitiful standing there naked with his penis in its chastity, his hands behind him, and his head no longer bowed. He looked me in the eyes as he asked again, “Hun, do you want to go to the party with Mr. Cabot, as his date?”
I was about to answer, about to yell out ‘NO’, about to spare my humiliated naked husband this torcher… when I noticed it. I noticed his chastity again. I had looked at it as his hands went behind him. It looked normal. Then I looked into his eyes. But just before I blurted out my reply I looked down, and saw it again.
There was Joe’s chastity again. I had seen it like this once before. His balls were no longer pink but deep red with blue veins pulsing and throbbing. The red flesh of his penis was extruding from the end and out the sides. The pale white flesh around his pubic bone was stretched out like, what was it? Like an umbrella.
I said, “Yes Joe, I want to go to this party as Al’s date. Is that okay with you?”
Al saw it too and knew what it was. He intervened, “Joe, you need to go get a shower.” Joe grabbed up his cloths and dashed from the room. Al continued, “Some students will be by Saturday around noon to fetch the food. I’ll be here for you at 8. Be ready Kathy.”
Then Al stood up and showed himself out the door as I ran up to check on Joe.
He was in the shower. I asked him to come out, and after a long wait he did. I knelt and unlocked his chastity, removed all the pieces, stood, and dropped them in the sink. I gave Joe a little kiss and went into the bedroom, to cry.
Joe came in after several minutes. He needed time to calm down. It had been a hard night. When I took the chastity off his penis it nearly exploded into pieces as Joe’s penis swelled and grew and throbbed and lurched up and down like a k** with a stick trying to beat a drum.
Joe saw me crying and sat next to me, put his arm around my shoulders, and patted me. He said, “It’s okay Hun. Don’t cry.”
I said, “But Joe. That was so humiliating. I never want to do that to you! I love you!”
He said, “I love you too. And it really wasn’t humiliating, not until I couldn’t control my hard-on. That was my fault. I don’t know why it happened.”
I told him, “Amy said men can’t control their penis when they like someone, or get turned on by something. Like when we looked at that porn and you got hard, remember?”
Joe said, “Ya. But we weren’t looking at porn this time.”
I said, “Well, Levant said when we look at all kinds of porn our brain stores images, and subconsciously it thinks how great would this or that feel, and maybe you had a subconscious reaction to something.”
He said, “I guess so. I didn’t play with it in the shower, although it was real real tempting Hun.”
I looked down and Joe was so hard and his penis was so red, it looked like the skin was pulled paper thin and I could see the bl**d and the veins and everything inside right through the skin.
I said, “Lie down.” He did, face down, and he had to work his penis to get it to point down, it wanted to stand up so badly. His balls were still dark brown red as they moved to each side of his rock hard shaft.
I crawled between his knees and put some jelly lube on my fingertips. I rubbed the tips of my left hand 2 fingers against the tips of my right hand 2 fingers. No glove needed tonight. I moved them to their appropriate spots and said, “Now remind me Joe, or else.”
It was just a couple minutes before he yelped and I stopped. I let him calm and his breathing slow. Then I shocked him by doing it all again. I felt he deserved a treat, so we did this 3 times. I don’t know how we didn’t mess up and go too far.
After 3 times of this Joe was tired. His penis drew in like it always does, and this time his balls did too. He looked like he didn’t have any sex organs at all, just some wrinkly brown red skin down there.
I had him flip over and when he did his deflated little pink naked sex organs fell out once more. I snapped the lock to the plastic cage, and climbed up over his body.
I wanted my turn but he couldn’t stay awake. So I left him to sl**p, and went down to the kitchen to oversee my work.
Thursday morning I woke Joe up with breakfast in bed. I wanted him to feel better before I ruined his day. He ate and we chatted about the $300 dollars and what all I planned to get with it. I took his tray, and returned after depositing it on the dresser.
It was time for his morning plug insertion, and he had forgotten about the new one. With all the other excitement last night I don’t blame him. I had him get on all fours, and sat behind him.
I put lube on the toy first, then worked it in a bit with a twisting motion. The tips of these things are the same so he didn’t notice a difference, yet.
I pulled it out and put more lube on it. I pushed it in again with the same twist. I did this the third time before we reached the maximum diameter of the smaller plug, the one he had grown accustom to.
Again I pulled it out and lubricated it, and again I pushed it back in with the twist, and when we reached that point again I gave another twist and a shove and Joe let out a grunt and a yelp as the plug stretched his asshole bigger then ever before and slipped inside.
The new diameter kept his anus from retracting to the expected comfortable size, and Joe was fit to be tied for over an hour. I stayed with him to make sure he didn’t pull it out. I couldn’t fall out. It was firmly lodged inside with that big ball end pressing down against his angry sphincter, but if he felt enough frustration he just might grab the handle end and give it a yank. So I watched him.
He went to work after promising me he wouldn’t take it out. I trust him.
I got back from the store and was working on making a variety of 100 sandwiches. I planned to cut each into triangle quarters, and stack them into a conical pyramid on a large round serving plate, when Al called.
He said, “How’d it go after I left last night Kathy?”
I said, “Joe was fine, but his chastity needed adjusting.”
He said, “I could see that. That’s why I gave him permission to leave the room. See Kathy, when a man hears or reads or sees sexual things, his brain tries to process the,”
I interrupted him, “I know all that. I talked with my girlfriend and she explained it, and so did Geo, or was it Levant. Men can’t help it. But I’m trying to fix some sandwiches right now and,”
Now it was his turn to interrupt me, “Kathy. From the records, I believe Joe has an interracial sexual fixation.”
I said, “What? No, my Joe isn’t racist!”
He said, “No, not racist, interracial sexual fixated. To be blunt Kathy, it means your husband is fascinated with the idea of black men fucking in his case Asian women, and to be more specific, he is subconsciously visualizing and getting a great thrill from the idea of you his wife being taken by a black man.”
I said, “What are you talking about?”
He said, “Joe is fantasizing you being fucked by a black man’s big black cock. All the signs are here. The porn he views now is BBC and Interracial and cuckold.”
I said, “I know, but that doesn’t mean anything. Hell we looked at most of those sites together.”
He said, “Have you been reading the cuckold stories?”
I said, “No.”
He said, “Well Kathy, these are stories, very descriptive tails, of married couples where another man comes into their lives and replaces the husband in the role of lover. In the interracial cuckold stories this new lover is a black man with a large penis. Do you see what I’m saying?”
I said, “No.”
He said, “Joe is imagining all these stories are about you and him and a black man. The trigger I think was the kiss with the black man at the disco that night you were out with your friend Amy. Do you remember that?”
I said, “Yes.”
Al said, “I’d like to confirm this theory if you’ll help me.”
I asked, “How?”
He said, “Tonight when you are with Joe, before removing his chastity, but while he is naked, tell him you just got told that all the men at the party are black men. We are going to pull 5 triggers and see if he gets hard again like last night.”
I said, “5 triggers?”
He said, “Yes. Second, I want you to tell him you will be drinking and dancing with all of these black men Saturday night.”
I said, “Do I have to?”
He said, “Kathy, we need to know where Joe’s head is, what it is he is leaning towards. Yes you have to do this. Now third you will ask him if he would like a new fresh kiss story. You don’t have to get into any details, but you do need to make him believe you are serious. Are you?”
I said, “I guess.”
He continued, “Forth ask him if he minds you staying out late with your date.”
I yelped, “Al, what are you implying. We’re not going to,”
He interrupted, “No Kathy, we aren’t going to enact any of this. We’re testing him. This is the test and his answers don’t really matter. You are going to be watching his chastity. If it changes to look like it did last night you don’t need to ask all the questions. Just enough to get this response. If you don’t, no problem.”
I asked, “But what if he does Al?”
He said, “It isn’t a problem, it is simply a focus, and in this case if it is the case, all we need to do is work on his focus. So trigger number 5 will be to ask him if he wants you to bring him a cream pie for him to eat.”
I asked, “We can have sex after the party?”
He said, “No Kathy. The implication in asking him if he ‘Wants you to Bring Home a cream pie’ is that you will be getting it while you are at the party. See?”
I said, “Ohh. I see.”
He said, “1 everyone is black at the party, remember 1 black party.”
I echoed, “1 black men party.”
He said, “2 you will be drinking and dancing with these black men. So 2 black men drinking and dance.”
Again I echoed, “1 black men party, 2 black men drinking and dancing with me.”
He said, “3 new kiss story.”
I said, “1 black party, 2 black men dancing and drinking, 3 new kiss story.”
He went on, “4 you will imply you may stay out late with your date. 4 late with date.”
I said, “Oh, yes, okay. 5 late with date. Not you but pretend.”
He said, “No that’s 4, and 5 is does he want you to bring him a cream pie. So 5 cream pie. Got it? 1 black party, 2 black drinking and dancing, 3 new kiss story, 4 late with date, and 5 cream pie.”
I said, “I better write this down, but yes I got it. Are you sure we have to do this? Can’t we just,”
He said, “Kathy, you can do this, and yes, I am telling you to do this. I need to know for sure if this is an area we need to focus on. Remember, when he is naked, while he has the chastity on, so you can see if he gets the same reaction as last night. You can do this. You will do this!”
I said, “I will do it. Yes Al, I will. As soon as he gets home. When do you want to know what happened?”
He said, “Call me in the morning after he goes to work. Oh, did you insert the expander?”
I said, “Oh, yes, it was tight and painful but we got it in and he promised he wouldn’t take it out all day.”
He said, “Very good. I look forward to hearing from you Kathy. Talk with you soon.”
I wrote it all down so I wouldn’t forget, and when Joe walked in the door I asked him how his bottom feels.
Joe told me, “It was such a pain most of the day. I told everyone I was suffering from hemorrhoids, so I got by. No one wants to talk about hemorrhoids.”
I told him, “Go get ready for a shower. I’ll feed you afterwards.” I followed him up to the room and watched him undress. I asked him to come to me as I sat on the bed. He was wondering what was up. He stood by the bed, by my side, and I looked at his chastity and nuts. They looked normal, pink and pretty.
I asked him, “Joe, I found out all the men at the party tonight are going to be black men.”
He said, “What?” But it was not his words that was answering, just as Al had said. Joe’s penis twitched and his balls deepened in color.
I said, “And I am going to be drinking with them and dancing with them, all of them Joe.”
Again he said something, but I didn’t hear it because I was watching his chastity begin to bounce up and down.
I wanted to hear him answer this question this time, so I looked up into his eyes as I asked, “Would you like for me to tell you a new story of me kissing a black man when I get home Saturday night?”
Joe looked like he was about to loose his mind, he said nothing for the longest time. I sat quietly waiting. I didn’t want to break eye contact although the condition of his penis was on my mind. Finally he said in a whisper, “Yes please.”
I couldn’t believe he said this. I looked at his penis now bulging and looking as angry and enraged as it did last night. I had the answer, but I couldn’t help it, I wanted to ask the rest, I was ompelled to see if he would ever say ‘NO’, so I asked, “Would you mind if I stayed out with my date, maybe don’t come home until some time Sunday morning?
This time I was looking right at his enraged penis trapped in that little piece of plastic, and I can’t believe it didn’t explode with the internal pressure. He said, “No Hun, it’s okay with me if you stay out late.”
I asked, “Out late with my black date?”
He said “Yes, out late with your black date Hun.”
I had one last question on the list. This was the hardest for me to ask, but I formed the words and they came out of my lips, “Hun, would you like me to bring you home a ream pie to eat out of my pussy?”
Joe didn’t answer. He didn’t have too. His plastic caged penis was poking out the end and as the last words passed my lips semen started to flow from the tip of my husband’s chastity. I grabbed the bowl and held it beneath, catching his milk.
I asked, “Hun?”
He said, “Oh yes.”
I said, “Say it.”
He said, “Yes I want a cream pie Saturday night.”
I said, “No Joe, say you want to eat a black man’s cum out of my pussy Sunday morning.”
He echoed, “Oh yes Hun, I would love to eat a black man’s cum out of you pussy Sunday Morning.”
I held the bowl for my poor sore hubby, while his little raging red penis drained and drained and drained. He looked like he was about to pass out. I told him to look at me. It was a strain just to lift his head.
I told him to sit next to me as I patted the spread with my hand. He did, and the big plug in his tender bottom drove into his bowel forcing another deep felt groan from his guts.
After a few minutes rest, I went into the bathroom, carrying the bowl. I called him in, and handed him the bowl, saying, “Hold this with both hands under your penis Hun.” Then I took out the key and unlocked the chastity, and gently ever so slowly pulled the tube from his penis. I seeped fluid as I did, and swelled to a good 6 inches.
I then told him to turn around and bend over, “But keep the bowl under your penis.” He did this, and his poor bottom was really red between his cute little white cheeks. I took my fingers and wrapped them around the handle of the plug, and with my other hand pushed his ass while pulling on the dialater. First it looked like his sphincter was growing and swelling, then it looked thin and stretched. The color had turned from an angry red to a ghostly white. Then it lokked like it was turning into a ball and turning gray, then the gray widened and spread and I could see black.
It was the plug, now visible, and about to come out, but it had a long way to go to get around that bulb that puckered the entire area of his asshole. It widened and widened, and Joe groaned and moaned and cried for me to stop.
Finally the stretched and tender skin of my husband’s aching sphincter slipped over the brink, it was a fast downhill from here. I pulled the thing out and the ring of his anus slipped over the surface of the bulb, over the cone, then it was amazing to see. I could see a void between the cone of the plug and the ring of flesh. I removed the plug all the way and Joe’s asshole remained open, like an entire inch, open enough for light to shine in.
I giggled as I thought about it… you know, the light inside there, where the sun never shines? Oh come on. You have to admit it, that’s funny, right?
I looked over to see his penis spilling his semen again. It had withered away into a turtle head poking out of his shell, as it spilled in globs when his asshole flexed, but couldn’t close. He drained and flexed and drained and flexed and drained, until finally there was no more draining.
I said, “Okay Joe, sit down,” as I took the bowl from his hands and placed it on the counter.
He lowered himself to the toilet and blew out all his air as he sunk into a heap. I helped him prop himself on his elbows and combed his hair with my fingers. I said, “Oh, my poor boy. You’ve had such a hard day today. Haven’t you?”
Joe just moaned and I heard a long slow low toned fluttering fart echo round and round in the bowl beneath him. The smell was nasty so I moved to the door. Then he started breathing more normally. He sat up, pushing himself off his elbows onto his hands. I let him rest.
I said, “Listen Joe. Do you hear me? Get a warm shower, and be sure to get that water up deep in your bottom. Did you hear me Joe?”
He looked at me and said, “Ya.”
In another minute he rose slowly and felt his way along the wall to the shower, stepped inside, turned on the water, and pulled the curtain closed.
I sat on the bed waiting, wondering about what he admitted to me. I wondered what it all meant. I was about to call Al, when I heard the water stop. I dashed into the bathroom and got the bowl of Joe’s cum, and returned to the bed.
Joe got out refreshed but tired. He dried and came to the bed. I told him to sit next to me, so both our backs were against the headboard, and we were side by side. I told him to look at me. He did. I told him I’m going to the party.
He said, “I know.”
I said, “I’ll be Al’s date for the night.”
He said, “I know.”
I said, “I’m going to dance with him, and kiss him.”
He said, “Okay.”
I said, I’m going to stay out with him all night Hun.”
He said, “Oh, I’m getting hard again Hun.”
I leaned over and kissed him on the lips and said, “Joe, I’m going to wake you in the morning when I get back after spending the night with my date, and I’m going to say Hun this is my lover’s cum. Drink it.” I handed him the bowl full of his own semen and Joe placed it to his lips and drank every drop.
I leaned down and put his chastity back in place. It was tuff getting it over his swelling penis, but not impossible. I told him, Now go to sl**p and I’ll fix you a big breakfast in the morning.
Wow, what a night.
I wanted to call Al. I needed to tell him everything. I felt my husband had lost his marbles, and we needed to get him help. But it was too late to call anyone.
Instead I lost myself in my work, making and cutting sandwiches.
When Joe got up I had him breakfast ready. I set the tray in his lap, in the bed. He needed this. Besides I had been up all night worrying.
When he was ready to rise for the day, I helped him insert the plug again. Today was harder than yesterday, because he was so tender. Then he was off to work, with the same excuse ready.
Al called and I told him what happened. He said not to worry, that now it was confirmed we could refocus on his needs. But for now all I needed to concern myself with was the party. I told him the food was ready, that I was up all night. He told me to go get a nap and he would see me at 8 Saturday.
I awoke when the girls got home and sent them to their grandparents for the weekend. I had called Joe’s folks and asked if we could pick them up Sunday. It was Friday and I was existed. I went back to bed and slept until Joe got home.
I had missed the call from Al but found the voice mail. He said, “Hello Kathy. Sorry I missed you. Because the schedule is off this week, I want you to milk Joe tonight. The new plug should have fixed the problem with your fingers cramping. See you at 8 tomorrow.”
Joe was listening with me, and said, “How about after supper.” I agreed.
We had supper, some wine, and went to bed. We removed the plug without so much pain this time, and the chastity. The teasing was delicious, and the milking so much easier with the new clearance. When we finished, I replaced the chastity and the plug this time.
Then Joe asked, “Will you tell me how you think tomorrow will go?”
I wanted my 10 minutes of his loving kisses on my pussy, so I moved up over his chest and settled down onto his lips.
I said, “I’m going to go to the party with Al. We’ll mingle with all the black men there. We’ll try my food. We will have a drink then another and I will be feeling tipsy. Al will take me and lead me to dance. He won’t ask, he will just take me Joe.”
I looked at the clock. It had been 3 minutes. I let him lick me in silence for 2 minutes, then continued, “We dance Joe, and I feel him pull me to him and his body is crushed against me, and we kiss Joe, a deep passionate wonderful kiss with our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I feel his big cock between us and it is so big and fat Joe. And then he takes me and leads me down a long dark hall full of black men Joe, and he pulls me into a room.”
Again I look at the clock. I have 2 more minutes, so I say, “Al wants me Joe. He wants your wife and he wants her now. He pulls my clothes off and I’m naked like this in front of him. He takes his clothes off and now we’re both naked together Joe, me and my big black lover. Oh Joe he takes me and lowers me to a bed and mounts me Joe and I take his big black cock in my hand Joe and guide it into my flower. It feels so good Joe and then he cums inside my vagina.”
My 10 minutes are up and I know we are both existed, but I want to give Joe a big finally to my story. So I pick up the bowl of Joe’s semen. I leaned back so I could look down into his eyes, and I tilted the bowl.
As the semen drained out over my clitoris and onto his tongue and into his mouth I said, “Oh Joe, eat my lover’s cum out of my pussy.”
We went to bed then, and had some very hot dreams of what could be.
It’s Saturday. Joe and I awoke together. I kissed him good morning and said, “Joe, everything last night was a test. Do you understand?”
He said, “What?” Maybe he was still sl**py head.
I said, “All the things I said last night was a test. None of it was real.”
He asked, “What do you mean?”
I looked him in the eyes and said, “Al called yesterday. He was concerned about where your, your focus is, what its on, what you’re thinking about these days.”
He said, “Oh ya? Can I take this plug out? I feel like I got to go again.”
I said, “Yes Hun. In a minute. Listen. I am going to the party tonight, and I am being e****ted by Al, but all that about everyone being black, that’s not true.”
He looked anguished with a twisted face, but I’m not sure if it was my words or his bottom he was thinking about. I said, “Joe, it’s a collage so there are going to be lots of ethnicities. They can’t discriminate. And Al told me to ask if you wanted a new kissing story, and if you’d mind me staying out late, and everything. It was all a test. Now do you understand?”
Joe said, “Hun, I really got to go. Please?”
I said, “Let’s go into the potty so you don’t make a mess.” We went in and I pulled it out, today with a lot less trouble. I moved back to the door as my husband made smellies.
I asked, “So you understand, it was all a test Hun?
He looked up, “Oh, yes, no problem Hun,” then went back to concentrating on his business. I took the queue to leave, and went to fix breakfast. It would be nice to have my fridge back, now full of party food.
At noon, right on the dot, 4 young black men arrived at the door. Joe let them in and aimed them to the kitchen. I wondered if Al had rounded up all black men to perpetuate the thoughts in Joe’s head. When they left I saw him just sitting in the living room, no TV just a blang gaze out the window.
I asked him, ‘You okay Hun?”
He said, “Oh ya, great Hun.”
I said, “I’m glad that’s done. Now I can focus on getting this night over with.”
He smiled at me.
I said, “Joe, nothing is going to happen tonight. I promise. I’m not that kind of girl. All I want to do is make sure the food is okay.”
He was still smiling, so I decided it is time to change tracks. I told him to get dressed, that he could take me out first and fed me a late brunch. We got ready, and headed for the I-HOP.
We went for a long slow stroll around the mall, to walk off our food, and headed back to the house before 5. I didn’t bring up the subject again all day.
When we got in I said I needed to get ready. Joe said he would help. He ran my bath while I threw several selections of cloths on the bed, stripped, and headed to the bath myself.
In the tub I asked, “Do you want me to not go Joe? I could tell Al we changed our minds.”
Joe said, “Please go Hun.” We didn’t talk after that.
I was looking at all the cloths I had pulled out when Joe said, “Here, wear this dress.”
I said, “No, that’s old. Here, I like this one. It’s formal but not too, good for a small party. Black is elegant. I need my pearls, no my diamonds.” I knew they were fake. Amy and I bought them in the mall for next to nothing, but it added just the right level of bling.
Joe got my shoes and sat on the floor while he helped me into them. It’s a good thing I had my nails done when I went to the store for the groceries, along with my eyebrows. Men never realize what all we go through for them.
I felt like a queen. Joe had insisted I wear my Victoria’s Secret underwear. It made him happy so it made me happy, and it would be our private little lacy secret.
I was combing my hair out when the doorbell rang. Joe called up to me as he ran down the steps, “I’ll get it.”
I came down to find Al in my living room dressed like he was going to a wedding, or a funeral. He had flowers in his hand, for lil-ol-me. I walked up to say hello and offer him my hand.
He took my hand and pulled me close, and planted a light kiss on my cheek, then the other cheek, like the French do in the old movies. He said, “You look marvelous Kathy.”
I said, “Thank you Al.” As he slipped a little band attached to the flower around my wrist. He turned us to face Joe and smiled.
I wondered what this was for when I noticed Joe had a phone in his hand and was taking a picture of us together, about to go out on a date, like k**s on prom night. Flash and it was done. He handed the phone to Al and said, “Have a nice time.”

(A. Cabot note) The party is well stocked. Wife did a great job catering.
Husband is showing strong tendencies toward wanting to be a submissive cuckold. Continue work in this area.

<Joe’s input> I can’t believe Kathy is out on her date right now. I know she said nothing would happen, but it could. I am so turned on my dick is dripping and my ass is doing a lot of squeezing. Well I just have to wait and see where we come to tomorrow.

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