Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

Chapter 4
Monday, I called Levant, to talk about everything and how wonderful everything went. I was about explode with excitement, and just had to talk to someone!
I felt like I had water poured all over me when Levant answered his phone in a dejected tone of voice. I asked what was wrong. He said, “I am so sorry Kathy. I dropped the ball. The professor is planning to reassign you and Joe to another case worker.”
I yelped, “No, why? We did everything perfectly!”
He said, “Kathy, it wasn’t you. It was me, my fault. I remembered to tell you about the change up so you altered the pattern from just probing your husband’s anus to applying a rhythmic stabbing action, but I forgot the big change the professors implemented. I forgot to tell you about that one, so you and Joe didn’t apply it and therefore received a violation, and it was all my fault. You guys did everything perfect. My professor knows this. That is why he isn’t adjusting your program to reflect a discrepancy, but he is reassigning your case.”
I pleaded, “Please Levant, we like you, we feel comfortable with you, we don’t want another,”
He interrupted me, “Kathy, shhhhh, listen to me. All you 2 have accomplished you did it with Joe and this program. I was just there to oversee your path and record your progress. But you and Joe, you 2 did all the work, and you can go on doing it. The question is, do you want to go on with the program?”
I started to wine and complain again when he shhhhed me again.
He said, “Listen, your new case worker will be just as focused and intent on overseeing you 2 as I have been. He is going to want you 2 to succeed just as much as I have. But you have to give him the chance Kathy. Talk it over with Joe, but I would hate to know you 2 decided to drop out of the program.”
I asked if he would stay in contact with us.
He said, “No, that is forbidden. But I will do better with my next couple, and if you stay in, I know you 2 will do just great!”
I was crying on my end of the phone.
Levant said our new case worker would call me in the hour. Then he wished us luck and he was gone.
I called Joe, “Levant is gone Hun. I was going to tell him how well we had done when he told me… oh my,” and I broke down in tears.
Joe said, “Hun, it’ll be okay. I can’t talk right now, I’m in a meeting, but I will call you back in an hour.” Then he was gone too.
I went back to bed and cried into my pillow until I fell asl**p. I slept past the time I was supposed to be at the hospital, so I called them and told them I had caught a cold and probably wouldn’t be in for a few days. They told me I sounded stuffed up and they didn’t want whatever I had around the patients, to take as much time as I needed.
My job is voluntary, but there aren’t a lot of volunteers, so I’m needed. I decided to take it one day at a time.
The new case worker called, “Sorry Kathy, do you go by Kathy?”
I said, “Yes, Kathy.”
He said, “I know your previous case worker told you I’d call in an hour, but I got tied up with my professor and couldn’t get to you as quickly as I had hoped. My name is George Jones, not the singer.” He giggled at his little joke.
I said, “Hello Mr. Jones. I haven’t,”
He interrupted me, “Now Kathy, I’ve been reading your profile, and it says here you were on a strict first name bases with Mr. Smith.”
I said, “Yes, Levant.”
He said, “Well, I hope you will continue this with me Kathy. My friends call me Geo. Please try to call me Geo.”
I whimpered, “Oh, I don’t understand why,”
Mr. Jones interrupted me again, “It was just a little slip Levant made. We all make them. But the professors keep us on our toes when we do by shuffling the deck. We have to pick up anew and put our best efforts into reorganizing and showing a new couple how much we care. We all know it is hard on the couples as well, but it doesn’t reflect anything on you, and the professors believe by doing this it keeps you from becoming too dependent on one of us. We are here to help, not become part of your f****y. Can you see what I’m trying to say?”
I noticed in the tone of his voice, or maybe it was the words, or the way he used them, but Mr. Jones sounded like a black man too. I said, “I guess so.”
He went on, “I know you grew close to Levant. I could feel it in his notes. He felt a closeness to you and Joe too. He as much said so here.” I could here him turning pages in the background.
I said, “What do we do now?”
Mr. Jones said, “Well, if you and Joe, it is Joe right? Well if you 2 can trust me like you did Levant, we can pick up right where you left off. We can start by letting me hear you call me Geo. Okay?”
I said, “Hello Geo.”
He said, “Hello Kathy. It is so good to meet you.”
I said, “You too.”
He said, “You too, Geo.”
I said, “Yes, you to Geo.”
Mr. Jones said, “Now Kathy, if you don’t mind, I need to cover a few items here. It says here you are excellent subjects, following every instruction with detail and accuracy, Levant was very proud of your progress. He informed you to change the probing finger action in the husband’s RECTOM, to a poking timed cycle interchanged with rubbing the PERINEUM, while continuing to rub the FRENULUM. Boy that is a mouth full of technical word. Was it as hard to do as it is to say Kathy?”
I said, “We, well I did it, but yes it was difficult keeping my right hand moving while, you know.”
Mr. Jones said, “I can believe it. How did it go?”
I told him, “It went okay. I got a rhythm and now and then had to make one hand or the other do what it was supposed to, but I did it.”
He said, “That is great Kathy. I have heard with time it is like riding a bike, you’ll just do it second nature.” There was a pause. I don’t know if he expected me to say something.
He asked, “How did you like milking your husband’s prostate?”
I didn’t know how to answer that. Was I supposed to like sticking my fingers in his rear? I thought about this, and remembered watching Joe’s penis turn red and distend and then the flow of milky white fluid just pouring out like a faucet, how it would flood out when I would add a little push on the lump, and slow when I would let up. I was sort of pumping his semen out of his nuts with a little bulb like pump. I remember how much came out, and how some of it was lumpy and white while most if it looked like 1% milk, kind of watery. And it flowed and flowed and just kept coming. Then I remembered my fingers hurting.
I said, “Well, Mr. Jones, I mean Geo, I guess I liked it a little, but it really hurt.”
He sounded alarmed and asked, “Is Joe alright?”
I said, “I think so. Why?”
He said, “Because you said it hurt!”
I corrected, “It wasn’t Joe that hurt, it was me, my finger. They got so sore by being squeezed.”
He said, “Please Kathy, can’t you call me Geo?”
I said, “I’m so sorry. I just got so used to talking to Levant, and it is a big change for me to get used to… Geo. But I will try.” I thought I could almost hear a smile on the other end of the line.
He asked, “Okay Kathy, I need to know some details of Saturday’s progress. You say it all went well, but I need you to confide in me some of the details. Can you do this for me?”
I began, “Well, Geo, I, well we did everything we were supposed to. The cleaning and then the rubbing, then when Joe told me he felt like he was about to cum I had him get on his hands and knees.”
George said, “Excuse me Kathy. I used to wrestle in High-school, and the position where one is on his hands and knees is referred to being on one’s table, because they look like a table with 4 legs, I guess. In the program it’s called Position A, but if you don’t mind Kathy, for our purposes let’s just say Joe was on his table. Okay?”
I said, “Okay Geo. Well Joe got up on his ‘table’ and I didn’t touch his penis anymore. It was so red and sticking way out like it was going to explode. I didn’t touch it when I reinserted my 2 fingers, let me see, my hand was palm down just like the instructions said, I pushed them in to my first knuckles, then I eased them in and felt the wall of the, oh, the inside, until I felt the lump. I knew I had found it when Joe let out a long deep moan, not pain but actually in pleasure.”
George said, “Wow Kathy, that sounds perfect. So continue.”
I went on, “I did the ‘Come Here’ motion with my fingers, and the tips of my fingers, the pads according to the instructions, I stroked, being careful to be gentle, but I stroked it. That’s when my fingers started to hurt.”
George said, “I’ll address that later, but tell me about how the milking of Joe’s prostate went. I need to know everything went as planned.”
I said, “Well, I stroked and at one point Joe told me he felt like he was about to pee.”
George said, “That’s natural.”
I said, “Yes, I know. It said so in the instructions. So I told Joe to ignore it and relax. He did and a moment later he groaned and his bottom squeezed and his penis pushed out and swelled and turned very red and veiny, and it started to drain semen. It flowed slow and steady until I rubbed the lump, then it would pump out in larger amounts. Some of it was lumpy and very white, while most of it was like 1% milk. I kept stroking and it stopped for a minute.”
George asked, “Did you stop?”
I answered, “No Geo, the instructions told me to only stop when the flow stopped for more than 2 minutes.”
He said, “Very good Kathy. So what happened next?”
I said, “Well we, I mean I kept stroking even though my fingers were getting sore. I didn’t stop until the flow stopped for 2 minutes. I’m sure he was empty by then because there was so much in the bowl by then. I told him to roll over, and while I put the chastity back on his penis he drank all the cum in the bowl.”
George asked, “Did he give you any fuss?”
I giggled and said, “Not after I told him he had to or no well, you know, Sunday play. But not in those words.”
George said, “Kathy, you have to grow comfortable talking to me just as you did with Levant. I want you to say that again and use the words you used. Come on now.”
I hemmed and hawed a minute then said, “I told him no drinking no fucking. So he did it. That’s it. Then we did the oral sex thing.”
He said, “Kathy, talk to me like I’m your closest friend and you can say anything. Now tell me how this went, and use the words that you would use with Joe or Levant.”
I said, “Oh Geo, it’s just that I’m not real comfortable with you yet. I’m trying, but it takes time. Okay, Joe got up and I, no, he didn’t get up because he was so tired. I let him lie on his back and I, well Geo I, I straddled his head and lowered my, my, I lowered my pussy to his lips and he ate me for 10 minutes.”
George said, “That wasn’t so bad. Now here is what Levant forgot to tell you last week.”
I said, “I feel so guilty. I know he said it was his fault but it was our case that did it.”
George said, “Actually Kathy, there were 3 infractions this last week. Levant’s was just 1 of them. And truth be told, even if he hadn’t I think the professors were about ready to shake things up anyway. So don’t feel guilt over nothing anyone could have predicted or even possibly prevented.”
He went on to said, “Now, the breakdown in communication was when Levant forgot to tell you that the new plan instructs the wife to feed the husband his spent semen after each copulation and ejaculation. It is advised that if the couple are squeamish they may choose to use condoms for the act of copulation and then have the husband drink the contents immediately after to prevent spoilage.”
I asked, “That’s one way? What’s the other way Geo?
He said, “There is a simple way that involves no condom, but requires the husband to suck his semen from his wife’s vagina immediately after ejaculation. In porn this is referred to as eating cream pie. You and Joe should look this up and decide which method is right for you. But either way, to stay in the program this step must be followed, without exception. Do you think you and Joe can handle this Kathy? I need to know so if not my professor can reassign me.”
I said, “I really don’t know about all this Geo. It all sounds so gross and disgusting, and I don’t know if Joe, if he, I just don’t know.”
George said, “It’s okay Kathy. Talk to Joe, watch some video’s by searching cream pie on any of Joe’s old porn sights. Then call me tomorrow, and let me know what the 2 of you decide.”
I said we would and I would call him tomorrow, one way or the other. Then I waited for Joe to get home.
The k**s were in bed as usual when he walked in. I fixed his supper and told him about the change. He apologized for not calling back but he had one thing after another come up all day at work, and time just got away from him.
I told him about Levant, and the new guy Geo, George Jones, not the singer, and he goes by Geo with his friends. I told him about the new step we missed, but it wasn’t our fault, Levant forgot to tell us. He looked a bit queer about this. I told him what Geo recommended.
After he ate and we both downed 2 large glasses of red wine, we went down to the computer. I told Joe to pull up one of his old porn sites. The one he picked was all Asian women. Many looked Filipina, a lot like me, little and brown with long black hair and a flat nose. I told him to search ‘Cream Pie’.
The screen was full of women with their legs spread and euwy gooey white cum oozing out of their brown and red pussy lips. They all had swollen lips like they had just been rubbed raw and were now quite swollen puffy and vivid in the angry colors of each of these Asian women’s sex. The contrast between the bright white of the sperm flowing out of the wet peddles of the red and brown flowers was captivating.
Joe clicked on 1, and a whole lot of pictures of that 1 girl filled the page. It was all her with a lover’s huge penis fucking her, and then with just the head inside her, and then with the swollen lips, her’s were dark red like dark rust, and the next several pictures were of white liquid, more like jelly first just a little spot, then a big glob, then it was running down into her bottom.
Joe looked like he was amazed, thrilled even. I didn’t see the allure. To me it was a nasty girl in a nasty position, in a nasty wet vulgar situation. But my Joe liked it.
I started to feel jealous watching him admire her, but I remembered Levant telling me when he is looking at these pictures of Asian women he is seeing me, visualizing me like this. So now he was picturing me with my legs spread wide and his semen dribbling out. So that’s me?
I remembered the purpose for this exercise, and asked him, “Joe, would you prefer to eat your semen from a condom?”
He jumped. I guess he forgot I was there. He said, “What?”
I said, “I know that looks gross Hun, so would you prefer to eat your cum out of a condom, or would you prefer to quit the program? Geo said it is one or the other.”
He turned to look at me. He chose his words slowly, “I have to eat my cum out of a condom too? You mean if we continue this, I have to drink it out of a bowl every Saturday night, and now you’re telling me I have to drink it out of a condom on Sunday’s too?”
I said, “Well Hun, Geo said you could eat cream pie if you prefer, but that looks so nasty Hun. Do you want to quit instead? We can quit if you want. You pretty much gave up porn now and we are really enjoying our sex life now, so if you want, Hun.”
He said, “We can do the cream pie eating, and this will be good? I don’t have to suck on a condom? I can eat your pussy like I am already, and drink my cum, like I am already, but now I get to do them together, eat your cream pies Hun?”
I looked into his eyes to see what he was thinking. For the life of me I thought he would choose to get out of this. But he was looking happy. I looked at the girl with the mess between her legs and wondered if Joe was actually seeing that as a viable option.
He said, “Hun, I want to eat your cream pies if that’s what it takes to do this right. Hell, I think I may even enjoy it.”
I said, “Are you sure Joe?”
He said, “No, but I’m pretty sure.”
We turned off the computer, and went up to our room. I felt I had to call Geo. This couldn’t wait. So I took off Joe’s chastity and tossed the pieces in the sink, and while he did the peepee booboo thing and showered, I called.
George answered, “Hello Kathy?”
I said, “Sorry to bother you Geo, at home like this, but I just felt you should know Joe wants to eat cream pie. I know that sounds disgusting, but he prefers it to drinking his cum from a condom. I asked him if he just wanted to quit, and he feels we are doing so well he hates to give up on us, so I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW. We’re still in Geo.”
George asked, “So Kathy, do you have any plans for preparing him for this?”
I said, “Like what?”
He said, “He has to remain in the chastity all week per the plan, so there is no semen. But you could build his desires over the week. It said in your file that you have been using fantasy role-playing, says here that you kissed a man, a black man sorry, and Joe has altered his pornography viewing from random to Asian women with black men, and then some viewing of men in chastity. Oh, I see here that was just to see what they looked like in comparison to his own. Okay. Let’s see. I would suggest using the fantasy of the kiss but alter it so it includes sexual intercourse with the black man, so Joe can pretend he is eating your cream pie after a wild encounter.”
I said, “Mr. Jones, I would never!”
He interrupted me, “Oh, wait, Kathy, I’m not suggesting you do anything like that or even that you might. I’m only suggesting, since Joe has shown a fetish for the fantasy of you being involved with a black man, and I know it was only a kiss that you have been trying to put behind you, but in his mind he wants this to be a now thing like you just got home from kissing the black man, and,”
I interrupted him, “You are saying you think Joe wants me to get fucked by a black man? And excuse my French Mr. Jones!”
George said, “Actually, I don’t know if Joe has actually specifically fantasized about it, but yes Kathy, I am saying, yes he does. Look, before you get pissed, let me explain. Men think all kinds of things, and all kinds of things excite us, even when we are not specifically thinking about it. This is why porn is so addicting Kathy. We look at a page of sexual activity and even though we may have never even considered a position or an act before, suddenly it is in our vision, we absorb it in our heads, and we wonder hay how would that feel?”
I said, “That’s stupid. No offence George.”
He said, “None taken Kathy.”
I said, “So what? What do I do about this? Do you have any solutions or just excuses?”
George said, “Kathy, take a deep breath… now let it out. Now what I am suggesting is not to go to bed and make up a story that isn’t really you. No one wants that. Joe wants you in his bed, not the girl in the picture. He just saw the picture and thought for an instant how beautiful you would look if the picture was of you. So go to bed tonight, have Joe lie down like you did Saturday. See, I remembered. Straddle him the same way, and while he is eating your pussy Kathy, ask him if he liked the cream pie pictures. Ask him if he imagined they were you in the pictures with all that sticky white gooey cum oozing out of your pussy? Ask him if he imagined you getting fucked by one of those big black cocks in the pictures? You don’t have to make up a story Kathy. All you need to do is ask him questions so he makes up the story in his head as you ask.”
I said, “Wow, you make that sound like it’s easy, but I don’t know.”
He said, “Don’t think it out, just ask the questions as they come to you. Think about the porn sights, all those pictures, all those women with dripping pussies, all those black men with huge cocks. The questions will come to you. Just think of a picture and ask, Hun remember that 1 with the bla bla bla and could you see me doing that? See?”
I said, “He’s getting out of the shower. I have to go.” I hung up before he could say goodbye.
I rushed into the bathroom and slipped into the tub like I had been there all the time. He stepped out of the shower and knelt by the tub, where he picked up the sponge and bathed me. We got dry and I dried his chastity, then we went to bed.
I told Joe to lie on his back. He assumed it was just to put on the chastity, but it wasn’t. After I had him secured, I climbed up over him and lowered my pussy to his lips.
I asked, “Hun, when we looked at those pics tonight, did you imagine they were me?”
I felt him nod his head, and heard a muffled, “U-hu.”
I enjoyed the moment before asking another question, “Hun, did you like picturing me with all that cum in my flower?”
Again he nodded.
I asked, after a few more minutes, “Did you see those big black cocks Hun? They were huge, weren’t they?”
He nodded so hard I felt his chin trying to nudge my ass and his nose was rubbing my clitoris, then he wiggled his face from side to side, not to imply ‘no’ but to give me a lot more pleasure.
I waited a while so I could think about his reactions, then asked, “Did you ever fantasize about 1 of those Big Black Cocks fucking me Hun?” There I asked it, but did I really want to know the answer?
Joe was really lapping at my vagina digging his tongue as deep into me as he could, and when I looked down he was looking back up into my eyes with big playful happy eyes. His hips were all over the place. I looked back to see why. His chastity was so full his red skin was pushing out the slits and his balls were swollen and red too. The chastity itself looked like it was pulled away from his body and had pulled the skin around it way out from around his pubic bone. The head of Joe’s penis was poking out the end and dribbling a lot of fluid. I looked back into his eyes.
I guess I had my answer, but it really didn’t mean anything. Geo had said as much. It was just a response to seeing a nasty picture. I asked Joe, “Would you like me to tell you about kissing a black man again?
Again I felt his nod.
I asked if he wanted it to be a fantasy kiss with Levant?
He nodded.
I asked, “Or would you rather it be about my rally kissing Steven?
He nodded.
I spent a little while before beginning my story for him, “Well Hun, Steven was very big. He had muscles like a football player, big round shoulders and big muscular arms.” I closed my eyes and enjoyed Joe’s tongue doing what I recognized as E F G H on my vulva, each upper sweep sending tingles through my clitoris.
I said, “Mmm that feels soo nice Hun. Steven just took me, he didn’t ask, he just grabbed my hand and took me out to the dance floor, Ohh mmm. Then he held me with those big strong arms Hun, and we swayed to the music like we were one. I felt him move his hands to my bottom and he grabbed each cheek in his big hands and began squeezing them. I could feel the air rushing in to my asshole when he pulled them apart then he would squeeze my bottom back together and it felt soo nasty Hun. That’s when I felt his big cock like a snake crawling up between our bodies. It was soo big and thick.”
I opened my eyes to see how Joe was doing and could see he had his eyes closed too. I guess he was imagining watching this man do all this to his wife, while he stood there invisible to us.
I continued as he spelt out X Y Z A B, “Steven’s big cock was pulsing with excitement Hun, and it was soo much bigger and fatter than yours. I felt Steven pull me into him and crush it between us as we swayed to the music. Then he took my chin in his hand, and he pulled my face to his. I remember Hun I was looking into his eyes, to see what it was he planned to do. Our lips met, I felt his large thick lips on mine, and when his opened they seemed to open mine with them.”
I realized I liked it, I liked kissing Steven, and if I was in the bar right now, and he took me in his arms right now, and didn’t make a move, tonight I would have pulled his lips to mine I wanted his kiss so bad.
That’s when I sat up, moved off of Joe, and climbed in beside him.
He looked at me and asked, “Is that it?”
I said, “It’s been 10 minutes Hun. That’s enough.” My heart was pounding, I was soo hungry for the stranger from my past, a stranger I had only met once, but now drove me crazy with desire.
Joe huffed and rolled over onto his side away from me. I spooned up behind him, and asked, “Hun, didn’t you like my story?”
He barked, “Yes, just, well, never mind.”
I asked, “Joe, can I ask you something?”
Again he barked, “Yes.”
I was going to ask what he would have done if I had gone to bed with Steven that night, because right now I felt like if I had the chance I’d want to try. But instead I said, “Never mind. Sweet dreams.” He didn’t answer, so I guessed he fell asl**p.
The next day I called George, just to give him an update. He asked how we were, and I said fine. I told him we did what he suggested, asking questions that is. He asked how that went and wanted details.
I had to tell him, so I said, “I sat on his face, after I put him back into the chastity. First I asked if he imagined me in the pictures doing all those nasty things, and he nodded.
George asked, “Did he seemed pleased or disturbed by this line of questioning?”
I said, “From what I could tell he like it. There was a point things got questionable. It was right after I asked if he ever thought about a big black cock fucking me. I used those words exactly, and he got real uncomfortable Geo. I looked back and his balls were real red and swollen and the head of his penis was all red and sticking out the tip, you know where it’s open so he can pee, and red skin was poking out the side slits, and then I don’t know if I can explain it Geo, well, it looked like a, a ghost was pulling the chastity away from his body and pulling all the skin around his pubic bone out with it.”
Geo said, “He had a hard on.”
I said, “What? He can’t have a hard on, not in chastity. It keeps the penis from swelling and f***es it to point down, and if that was true Geo, what was pulling it away from his body?”
He said, Kathy, he had a hard on. The skin poking out the sides and the end, then the look of being pulled away from his body, that was actually more of an umbrella with his hardening shaft pushing the chastity out with the erection. And the red balls was because the chastity retainer ring locks behind the testicles, so as the shaft got hard it pushed the chastity out and away from the body, the balls were trapped and being pulled away with it, causing them to turn red and being pulled tight and f***ed out so far they looked swollen and turned very red.”
I yelped, “I thought the chastity prevented that!”
George said, “Under extreme excitement, that is the results. But usually the husband stops himself getting so excited long before an erection can ever occur. But that was an erection Kathy, a very uncontrolled erection, one that shows the subject of you being fucked by a black man’s superior cock thrills Joe in some subconscious way, he may not even understand.”
I asked, “So it doesn’t mean he wants me to,”
George said, “Oh no Kathy, it only means he finds some level of sexual thrill imagining you in these positions. I am going to change your schedule a bit. You will still keep Joe in chastity all week until Saturday, but I want you to go look at interracial porn with him for 30 minutes, before resuming the nightly activities.”
I said, “I guess we can do that. But won’t it make him want it even more?”
George said, “I think it will satisfy his curiosity, so when you get to bed he can focus on the 2 of you. Would you have Joe call me in the next hour?”
I asked, “How?”
He said, “Have you ever gone to a movie and it scares you, but then you see it again later on TV or at the dollar movies maybe 2 or 3 times, and by then it hardly gives you the he-bee-gee-bees? You may even find it funny by then.”
I said, “Oh, I get it. Okay we’ll try it. And I’ll have him call you asap.” We ended our call, I called Joe later, and then I did my house chores for Tuesday.
When Joe got home I asked him what Geo said. He said, “He asked me to tell him about last night.”
I asked, “What did you tell him?”
He said, “Well, that we looked at some porn together. Mr. Jones asked me what kind, and I told him Asian Cream Pie. He asked me what I thought of what I saw. I told him I liked it. He asked me if I thought it looked yummy. I remember that sounded kind of odd coming from him, well any man, asking another man if he thinks a pussy full of cum looks ‘yummy’. Well, I figured he was the one who wanted us to look at it, to see if I would eat it or preferred drinking a condom full of my sperm, so I said yes. That was pretty much it.”
I asked, “He didn’t mention anything else?”
Joe said, “Nope, nothing.”
I told him Geo had told me we should look at some interracial porn for 30 minutes each night before going to bed. I couldn’t read Joe’s reaction.
After supper and our wine, we went to the computer and pulled up interracial porn. I wanted him to key through the images, and look at what he liked. But he sat there like a lump on a log and f***ed me to click the mouse. I would ask, “Do you like that?”
He would say, “What do you think about it?”
I would say, “It’s nice.” We were usually looking at some huge black cock fucking some Asian woman because Joe likes the Asian porn sites. Interracial on these sites is Asian women with any man who isn’t Asian, but it seemed to run about 50 50 black and white.
Joe asked, “Have you noticed the differences in the size of the black men verses the white men?”
I said, “Well yes. Most of the white men are normal size while the black men look like athletes.”
He said, “No Hun. I mean between the size of their cocks.”
I said, “Ya, it looks like the white men have nicer looking penises. They look pretty usually, and for most Asian women the size of a white man is probably much more comfortable. The black men have huge cocks that look angry with their bulging veins and the size is so big they look like they would really hurt,”
As we flipped to another screen Joe asked, “Didn’t you say when you kissed that guy his cock was huge and you wished you could feel it inside you?”
I was shocked! Did I admit that to him? I didn’t want him to get jealous, so I said, “Hun, that was just pillow talk. You asked me to tell you a story so I made it up.”
He said, “I thought you meant it. I could understand if you did.”
I asked, “Hun, doesn’t that make you jealous?”
Joe said, “Hun, I like what you like, so if you like something just say so. I’m telling you everything I enjoy.”
I decided I needed to give him that. I had to allow some of this be about what I like too, so I said, “Look at that one,” as I clicked on an Asian woman obviously Filipina, in the arms of a large black man. He looked a lot like Steven, so I said, “Hun, that looks like the man I danced with.”
We both looked closely at the many pictures. I was looking at the man that reminded me of Mr. Smith my dance partner. Joe was looking at the girl I think. She did look a little like me, except her face was ugly.
He asked, “Was his cock that big?”
I said, “I don’t know. It felt big, bit I never saw it.”
We did this for the 30 minutes, then went to complete our sexual chores. This night turned out to be much nicer than last night.
Wednesday was a good repeat of Tuesday without the call to Geo.
Thursday was another fine repeat, but I did call him today. George said, “How have things been going? I assume because you didn’t call all is well?”
I said, “Right on track Geo.”
He said, “Now remember, Saturday we do the milking, Sunday we enjoy sex, but Joe eats the cream pie right after each ejaculation.”
I said, “Right. We know. We are actually looking forward to it.”
George said, “Kathy, I want you to do it just the way I tell you to do it. Can you obey my order?”
I said, “What is it?”
He said, “Enjoy any sexual position the 2 of you want to explore, but after Joe ejaculates I want you to sit on his face and tell him to suck your lover’s cum out of you. This will do 2 things. Most husbands after ejaculating feel like rolling over and going to sl**p. This is natural, but we need to interrupt this cycle buy forcing him to swallowing the testosterone he just lost as soon as possible. The blunt statement, telling your husband to eat your lover’s cum out of you, psychologically alters his image of what he is doing, He is not eating his ejaculate from your vagina, he is now consuming the cream pie of an imagined lover from your very sexy pussy. See the difference?”
I said, “I think so,”
He explained, “In Joe’s mind he will first see his ejaculate in and on your vagina and vulva. Sound technical enough?”
I said, “Yes.”
He said, “But by saying the words Cream pie and lover, he will automatically recall the pics you 2 have been looking at, beautiful cream filled Asian pies, your pie, and now with your lover’s cream. It is a mind game, that is all. But I want you to use it, or Joe’s likely to balk at the idea and if he does you get an infraction and I may get a new couple. So please do as I tell you. Okay?”
I said Okay. We said goodbye and I waited for Joe to come home.
Saturday when I milked him it was easier. And Sunday whenever we made love, as soon as Joe would climax I would roll him to his back and straddle his face, and say, “Come on Honey, eat my lover’s cream pie out of my pussy. You know what? Joe loved it, almost as much as I did!

(G. Jones note) Wife is well under way to being total submissive to black men. Need to work on getting her into an open environment with exposure to the professors.
Husband is totally submissive to wife now, but needs conditioning to become subservient to black men as well. Need to work on suggestions therapy. Dropped the word CUCKOLD in conversation when I had him tell about viewing black men fucking Asian women.
Both subjects are still synchronous in program development, even after changes. They seem adaptable to alterations even major in scale to the expected daily schedule.

<Joe’s input> Mr. Jones seems more relaxed about my hang ups regarding porn than Mr. Smith was. He had me call the other day and asked me to tell him about the porn Kathy and I are enjoying. Hell, he should know. He was the one who suggested it. But he seems cooler, not so bossy. I like that.
He does make me call him Mr. Jones or sir, like Mr. Smith did, but with him it’s different. I can’t explain it. It’s just a feeling. Still I think I trust him more. I would agree to what he says faster than I ever did with the last guy.
I know Kathy explained the idea that looking at an old movie a lot makes it uninteresting even boring, but when I look at the interracial porn all I want to see now is big black cocks fucking little Asian women and imagine they are my wife and the cum I have to eat is one of her lover’s cream pies.
When I was telling Mr. Jones about this, not in so many words, but I did confess my growing desires in contrast to what was predicted, he said it would pass. He explained the same thing Kathy had, about it all getting old. All I know is it makes my dick hard and it hurts when this happens.
He said he had a set of notes from his last case that he needed to look at, that paralleled ours, and as he was mumbling, half reading kind of out loud but to himself, I hear him say a breakdown of something, something about black, I think he said black men but I’m not sure, then some blond, he mumbled a while then said cuckold. I was pretty sure that was the word. He finished by saying it must have been in a different case, but he would find it and talk with me about it soon.
I looked up the word Cuckold. It has lots of meanings, but the dictionary definition of the work implies a bird called the cuckoo that lays its eggs in another birds nest. But what surprised me was all the porn attachments that popped up when I looked up the word.
I pulled up one of my favorite porn sites and typed into the search the word Cuckold, and wow, there was a world of selections to view. Most of them didn’t make much sense as they were simply lovers doing what so many other lovers do. I decided I might learn more by looking up the word in the story category, and let me tell you, I didn’t get through the first one. I felt guilty reading it, and my nuts and dick got really sore too, so I dropped it, for now.

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