Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? Chapter

Chapter 3
Monday, I called Levant, to confess everything that had happened, minus the part about the confusion over the names. I needed to see if we were doing something wrong.
I had already gone over everything that seemed to get way out of control last week, and I tried to assign fault where I could. I tried to figure out if it was me, if it was Joe and his porn, if it was this program we had signed up for, or if it was my friend Amy’s fault.
Joe hadn’t looked at porn in over 2 weeks, so it was definitely not my good husband’s fault. I give the program credit for my husband’s wonderful transformation, and they had nothing to do with my going out and getting loose. No fault here.
The fault looked like it fell squarely on mine and Amy’s shoulders. I wanted to blame her, but it was my weakness that put me in the arms of that black man, and placed temptation so close at hand. I really don’t blame Amy, but I think if we avoid any more girl’s nights out I can get a handle on all of this. After talking with Levant he advised the same.
He said, “Kathy, it’s easy to let things get out of hand when big changes are taking place.” He advised me to stay away from the disco for a while, and keep working the program. He also asked me to keep an eye on Joe’s computer history, and email the history as it showed up. The good news is he said we are ready to advance to step 3. He instructed me to get and read the email, and begin tonight. He said he would update our profile to reflect our progress.
I was excited about this, and no longer felt so bad about my shame. I went to the computer and first looked up the history. It looks like Joe has new porn on it, so I copied it and sent it to Levant.
Then I decided to take a gander at what Joe was looking at. There were sites for Asian porn. Levant had told me this was his way of fantasizing about me in sexually promiscuous activity. The activity appeared to have become involvement with black men, and something called BBC. It took me a minute searching to catch on this was an acronym for Big Black Cock. So Joe was looking at Asian women fucking Big Black Cocks and fantasizing me doing this. Wow.
There was some porn with men in chastity, quite often in pictures of the white man showing off his caged penis alongside a huge BBC. The thymes seems to have changed to revolve around me, black cock, and his chastity. I decided I would ask Levant about this later. Right now I have an email to look up.
It’s funny, the idea of Joe looking at porn, but now it’s all about imagining me fucking a big black man’s cock while he has his penis locked in his chastity, this doesn’t bother me, much. Not like it used to, back when I thought he was imagining fucking other women. I found the email for step 3, and printed it.
It was kind of kinky in its subject. I don’t know if I can do all of this.
I’m not mad at Amy, just a bit disturbed by how she teased Joe. Still, he didn’t seem to mind, so I felt I should let it go. I called her.
I told her Joe was at work, that we had advanced to step 3, but it sounded kind of weird. She asked me to read the letter to her, so I did.
Step 3
All previous activities are to proceed, while adding these new ones. For this step you will need a bowl, latex gloves, and a water-based lubricant. A breakdown of the week’s new activities will be as follows;
Monday between the wash and oral sex, with chastity removed, have your husband lie face down on the bed with legs splayed, penis pointing down to foot of bed, a testicle on each side, wife sitting between his knees (Position 1)
(Activity A) with 2 lubricant fingers, the forefinger and the middle finger of the right hand, apply light pressure gently and rub the FRENULUM, this is the tissue under the Glans Penis, avoid rubbing the length of the shaft and the tip of the Glans Penis, focusing this attention to the small patch of skin where the head and shaft meet, about the size of a postage stamp. This is to be performed until your husband inform you he is about to orgasm, he must be instructed to inform before he does this, when he states the approaching orgasm the wife is to stop rubbing.
Without orgasm, as the penis deflates it is time to return the chastity, and move on to the wife receiving 10 minutes of oral sex as normal.
Tuesday repeat (Position 1) with (Activity A) while adding (Activity B)
While anal play may be viewed as kinky and taboo, it is a sexual practice that many couples enjoy. The PROSTATE is a gland that secretes a fluid into semen before ejaculation, helping with sperm mobility as it leaves the penis.
Activity B requires that the husband urinate and have a bowel movement before the washing.
For your husband’s safety we recommend latex gloves with lubricant on the finger. You will now massage your husband’s prostate externally with your Left hand. Using the index and middle finger tips, you will touch, rub, stroke and press the PERINEUM (the area of skin between the testicles an anus) try varying the pressure and speed. Your Right hand will continue Activity A. Again you will stop and return the penis to the chastity before orgasm.
Wednesday repeat (Position 1) with (Activity A) + (Activity B) followed by (Activity C) with additional lube insert the gloved fingertip into your husband’s anus to the first knuckle. An in and out poke should be repeated until once again he informs you he is about to orgasm. Again at this point stop and return him into chastity.
Thursday repeat (Position 1) with (Activity A) + (Activity B) followed by (Activity D) with additional lube insert the finger into your husband’s anus to the maximum. An in and out motion should be repeated until once again he informs you he is about to orgasm. Again at this point stop and return him into chastity.
Friday repeat (Position 1) with (Activity A) + (Activity B) followed by (Activity D) with additional lube insert 2 fingers into your husband’s anus to the maximum. An in and out motion should be repeated until once again he informs you he is about to orgasm. Again at this point stop and return him into chastity.
Saturday repeat (Position 1) with (Activity A) + (Activity B) followed by (Activity E) with additional lube insert 2 fingers into your husband’s anus, fingers pointing down, about an inch, slide them in slowly feeling the rectal lining that faces the outside of his body for a lump about the size of a walnut, this is the PROSTATE gland. Once this is located move the fingers in a “come here” motion gently stroking with the pads of the fingers. This is called massaging the prostate. Ask your husband how it feels and if he would like more or less pressure.
When your husband informs you he feels like he is about to orgasm, stop all activity. Have him move up onto his hands and knees, and place the bowl beneath his penis. Reinsert your 2 fingers into your husband’s anus while giving his penis no further attention what-so-ever. He may experience a feeling like he is about to pee, this is normal. Ignore this feeling, and tell him to remain still as you proceed. This action is called ‘Milking the Prostate’ and will result in a slow draining of the semen without actual ejaculation, through prostate stimulation alone. Don’t stop the stimulation until the drainage stops for at least 2 minutes. This will insure total evacuation.
The act of milking your husband’s prostate will cause a spillage of semen into the bowl placed beneath the penis. The fluid secreted by the testicles contains your husband’s testosterone, witch plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testis and prostate as well as promoting characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair. It is essential for a man’s health and well-being as well as preventing osteoporosis. For these reasons, while in our chastity program it is mandatory your husband consume the content of the bowl before being returned into chastity and moving to your oral sexual activity.
Sunday the chastity device is to be removed upon waking, and normal sexual activity may be enjoyed at your leisure. At sundown the process of shaving, bathing, and reapplying the chastity is to be repeated for another week. This step will be followed strictly for 3 weeks consecutively. Any infraction will set the step back by 1 week. A weekly accounting will be required between you and your case worker.

Amy found the whole thing amusing, but she wasn’t having to do all this. I was about to tell her it sounds way too complicated when she said, “Kathy, it is going to be simple. All you need to do is read the step due that day, nothing more nothing less. You can remember what you did yesterday, right?”
I said yes, but I didn’t follow what she was saying.
She continued, “Well, if I told you to put your shoes on the left side of the bed tonight and then sit on the right side of the bed beside your husband before starting the oral sex, could you do it?”
I said, “That’s ridiculous. But yes I could. Why?”
She said, “Okay, my instructions are to repeat this tomorrow. Can you remember what to do?”
I said, “Shoes on the left, sit on the right, then the oral sex. I like that last part. But where are you going with this Amy?”
She said, Tomorrow I want you to tell Joe to lay on his back, after you do everything else. Could you do that?”
I said, “Shoes right, sit on the right, Joe onto your back, and then the oral sex.” I couldn’t help but laugh, saying oral sex so much in front of her.
Amy said, “What if the next day I told you to follow all that by doing 10 jumping jacks, could you remember everything to do?”
I said, “Okay, I get the point. Oh, I think we need to avoid the disco for a while, okay?”
She didn’t argue. I was so glad I didn’t have to take a stand on this. She asked, “Any new pleasures for you to enjoy this week?”
I just realized this step was totally about taking care of Joe. I said, “Well, I guess this week is going to be for him, but when he learned how to eat pussy like he does it made this worth it.”
Amy said, “So, are you going to do it? I mean all of it?”
I said, “I don’t know if I can put a finger in his bottom.”
She said, “Oh girl, we do it all the time at work. Just get it in your head you are his nurse and this is just part of the job. Besides you are going to have gloves on. It’s like fucking with a condom, it really doesn’t count.” To this we both giggled.
She said she would love to come down again soon. I didn’t exclaim my pleasure with this idea, and she noticed. She said, “Ah, did I scare you? I really didn’t mean to. I just wanted to see Joes toy, I mean device, and give him a little tease. Please forgive me Kathy, it won’t happen again.”
I said, “Oh no Amy, it’s not that. I’m just afraid of getting in trouble in the bar again. Although now that you mention it, you did give Joe blue balls for the entire day. No, you can’t do that either, but maybe you can come down some day soon and we can just have a girl’s night in. How does that sound to you?”
She said it sounded great, and she will have to get back to me when she nails down her schedule a bit. I told her to call me. I had to run as the dryer began to buzz. After unloading and folding, I called Levant.
He asked how I am, and I said, “I’m well. I got the letter for step 3.”
He asked if I could do this. I told him I believe I can.
He said, “I know it might be embarrassingly uncomfortable, but would you like me to come by tonight and oversee the first step, help with a formal walk-through.”
I said, “That’s nice of you to offer Levant, but I think I can do this. It might get difficult later, and when it does I’ll ask for help. But for now I think we can do it.”
He asked me to walk through the plan for tonight.
I said, “Do I have to?”
He said, “Kathy, I need you to do this. Now.”
I said, “Okay Levant. I’m going to welcome Joe home when he walks in with a 5 minute kiss. He will have a bite of supper before we go to the bedroom.”
Levant suggested, “Have a glass of wine, both of you. Medical reports suggest 2 glasses a day, but 1 will be good for now.”
I said, “Okay, thanks. Then we will go bath each other just as we have been from the start.”
He said, “That’s good, but I recommend he use the toilet, urinate and defecate if he can. Best to get this into the works now so it becomes second nature soon.”
I said, “Okay. I’ll wash his chastity in the sink while he showers. Then he will bath me in the tub. We like to brush our teeth and enjoy our second 5 minute kiss now.”
He said that sounds very nice.
I continued, “Now before we continue, I’m to put my shoes on the right side of the bed.” I giggled.
He asked what I was talking about, and I answered, “Ah, it’s nothing, just a little personal joke. Next I will have Joe lie face down on our bed with his legs spread, then sit between his knees.”
He asked, “Kathy, did you get the gloves, lubricant, and a bowl yet?”
I said, “I’m going out in the hour to get the gloves. We have KY, and I have bowls in the kitchen. How big a bowl do I need?”
He said, “A cereal bowl will do. Big enough to catch his ejaculate but not so big it will get lost in it. You don’t actually need it until Saturday, but it’s good to have everything ready. What next?”
“Well,’ I said, “I will pull his penis so it points toward me, make sure his balls are straddle the shaft, and put on my gloves.”
Levant interrupted me, “Actually Kathy, you can save the gloves for tomorrow’s action, and only use 1 glove a night on your left hand. You don’t mind handling your husband’s penis, right?”
I said, “Oh no, I love it. I see what you’re saying. I can save glove. Okay, so next I put some lubricant on my fingers, my right hand 2 index and middle fingers, then rub the underside of the head of Joe’s penis. Did I miss anything?”
Levant said, “Well, you will want to tell him to let you know when he feels like he is about to cum.”
I said, “Oh, that’s right. I probably would have noticed anyway, but I might have forgotten about stopping. By the way Levant, why do we stop?”
He said, “Well Kathy, this act is causing the testicles to make and secrete testosterone, but by not allowing an ejaculation we are forcing the body to reabsorb it. This will help Joe build up his testosterone. He lost so much by masturbating before. Did you ever notice a lack of interest in sexual desire back then?”
I said, “Yes, all the time. He never wanted sex, only to sit down in front of his computer and masturbate. Why”
He said, “Without testosterone men lose their masculinity. They lose the desire for real sex. See?”
I said, “Oh Levant, I never understood. I will remember to tell him to say when he is about to cum, I promise!”
He said, “It sounds like you have everything planned well and under control Kathy. The only other thing I would recommend is that for this step don’t let Joe read the instructions. Tell him you have it all under control, which you do, and all he needs to do is let you take care of everything and just relax and enjoy.”
I said okay. Levant said he had to go, but wants to hear from me tomorrow to let him know how things went. I said I would talk to him manana.
The k**s went to bed before Joe got home. I had supper ready for him. We had a red wine with his small plate of hot food. We went to the bathroom next.
I removed his chastity and put the pieces in the sink full of soapy water, and told him from now on he had to go potty before his shower, both peepee and poopoo. He did and then he climbed into the shower. When he got out, I took a razor to the short stubble around his penis. Then he gave me my sponge bath in the tub.
We dried and moved to the bed. I told him I had read the instructions, but he didn’t need to. I told him I would take care of everything and all he needed to do was relax and enjoy. I said, “Now on the bed face down Hun.”
He did this and I pushed and pulled his legs apart, as I climbed between his knees. He curled his arms around his head and turned his face to one side.
Now it was time to give his starved penis some TLC. Remember it has been 2 weeks since he had any sexual contact here. He bathed, but I made him promise not to spend too much time handling his penis. And then our greatest sexual pleasure for the past 2 weeks was with my favorite of his sex organs, his tongue. His penis has really been neglected, so this should seem like heaven for him.
I took the head of his penis in my fingers and pulled it down so it pointed toward me with the underside up. His balls fell naturally to each side with no help from me. He spread his knees a bit further for me, or maybe because it was more comfortable. Either way it was perfect.
I put some KY on the fingertips of my right hand, and moved them to the place where the head of his penis met the shaft. I remembered now and said, “Okay Joe, I need you to do one thing for me. I need you to tell me when you feel like you are going to cum. Okay?”
Joe said, “Yes.” He sounded enthusiastic, like he was thinking he is about to have a really long desired orgasm. Little did he know.
I started to rub my fingers around the place the email instructed me to. Joe started moaning. His butt started to flex and his hips ground into the bed and wiggle as I diddled this little spot on the underside of his penis. I asked him if he was okay.
He said he was and asked, “Would you tell me about kissing that guy again Hun?”
I said, “Okay Joe, but you have to promise you’ll tell me when you feel like you’re about to cum.” He nodded so I continued, “The guy’s name was Steven.”
Joe said, “Call him Mr. Smith. I like that better.”
I asked him why, and he said, “Just because.”
I started again, Mr. Smith took my hand and pulled me out onto the dance floor with him. He took me in his arms and pulled me tight against him. I could feel his body as he crushed me into him. I’m sure he felt mine too. Then his hands moved to my bottom.”
Joe was really squirming as I diddled his penis and talked.
I went on, “He squeezed my cheeks making my ass open and close so I could feel cool air on my asshole. Then he moved one hand to my chin and pulled my lips to his. Our lips met, and opened, and his tongue explored my,”
Joe barked, “Oh, I’m about to cum.”
I sat back and removed my hand from his penis. It looked like it was searching as it swelled and stretched toward me then retracted a bit. It did this several times before he began to relax, his breathing began to slow and become deeper. You know a man’s penis is really fascinating to me, how it works and all.
He asked, “Aren’t you going to finish Hun? Please don’t stop now!”
I said, “Hun, we’re finished. This is what the instructions say to do. Be a good boy Hun.” With this news his penis seemed to pull in like the head of a turtle, disappointed and oh so hungry. Poor little boy.
I told him to roll over. He did slowly. I slipped the ring around his balls, and inserted the top link over the top of his penis, I worked his deflating penis into the tube, and snapped the lock. Joe asked, “Is that it?”
I said, “No Hun, get up.” As he rose I moved into his place as I told him, “It’s my turn now.”
Joe dutifully moved in between my spread legs, he move his hands to my hot thighs, he lowered his loving lips to my wet lips, and he began kissing my hungry labia until they opened for him, licking my hard aching clitoris until it triggered my orgasm, then applied a vacuum to my vagina as my fluids flowed from me into his hungry mouth. My orgasm was followed by another and another in my 10 minutes of his oral pleasure.
When I called an end to this, I had Joe role to his side, and I snuggled up to spoon my husband.
When he went to work the next morning, I called Levant, and told him how everything went. As I was talking I told him how I pacified him by telling him about that night at the bar again. I said, “Oh Levant, I really want to put that night behind me. It makes me feel so bad and guilty. But Joe seems fixated on it, like it’s all he can think about when we’re having sex.”
Levant said, “Kathy, I want you to tell me right now about the events of that night just as you told it to him.”
I felt my face heat up as I thought about revealing the details of that night to this man. I’m so glad he couldn’t see me. But I trusted Levant, so I said, “Well, as I told Joe, I danced with the man once before. He asked me to dance and because Joe had told me he wanted me to dance with the next 3 men who asked, I did. I was dancing with him when I felt his penis growing and nudging me. I was shocked so I ran from the floor.”
Levant said, “Actually, that is kind of expected when dancing Kathy. Men can’t always prevent an erection.”
I said, “Oh, I know Levant. Amy explained it to me right after, but I didn’t know and I didn’t expect it at the time. So anyway, another black man asked me to dance next. He was nice but we danced and that was all. I was wondering why only black men were asking me to dance when Amy explained how black men are more aggressive than white men, and that is why I got asked twice by them before any white man worked up the courage to ask me.”
Levant said, “That is amazing insight Kathy. So what happened next?”
I said, “Mr. Smith,”
Levant interrupted me, “Kathy, I’ve told you,”
I interrupted him, “No Levant, the man I danced with next was also named Smith. I never mentioned it to you before because it was so confusing. I was talking to Amy that night. She was telling me the differences between black men and white men. She dates both and told me the reasons she liked each. As we were talking Mr. Smith took me by the hand and just d**g me out onto the floor. He was the same man I had danced with first. She, Amy that is, she told me it’s because most black men simply take what they want when they want and usually get it. So anyway, we were dancing, me and this Mr. Smith, only I didn’t know his name was Smith until Amy told me later.”
Levant said, “Did you tell Joe his name was Mr. Smith?”
I said, “Actually I let it slip when I first told him, and last night when he asked me to tell him about it all again, about the kissing I mean, I started to call him Steven, that was the guy’s first name, but Joe asked me to call him Mr. Smith. I asked him why, but he didn’t say. Anyway, do you want me to go on?”
He said, “Yes please.”
I continued, “Well as I was rubbing Joe’s penis, you know like instructed, well I told him how Mr. Smith held my ass cheeks and pulled me into him so his big hard cock was crushed between us and was so big it was rubbing my clit, excuse me for being so bold,”
Levant said, “You’re doing fine Kathy. Don’t worry about the words. I’m a grown man. When I’m enjoying the pleasures of a good woman I like to talk nasty, so nothing you say can shock me or offend me. So go on.”
I did, “Well at the same time Mr. Smith’s penis, excuse me but that just doesn’t sound right Levant. Do you mind if I start over, I called it a cock to Joe so I’m going to call the guys penis a cock, because it really isn’t what I consider a penis.”
He said, “Okay.”
I said, “Well, Mr. Smith’s cock was so big it was rubbing my clitoris and it stretched up past my bellybutton. Can you imagine? If he were inside me, Oh my, well I told Joe that he took his hand and held my chin, and turned my face to his and our lips met, and I kissed him. By that time Joe was telling me he was about to cum, so I stopped everything just as I was supposed to. He sounded like I was being unfair because of it, stopping, but I quit. I put him back in the chastity, and then had him eat me, I mean give me oral pleasure.”
Levant said, “Wow that sounds like 1 amazing kiss Kathy. Tell me, do you wish you could kiss Mr. Smith again, and feel his big hard cock swelling and nudging you like before?”
I whispered, “Well, I think about it now and again, but probably not, no. Actually I wish we could put it behind us, focus on us now that things are working so well with this program and all.”
Levant said, “I understand Kathy, but if Joe is fixated on this, and it sounds like he is, it might be an important part of his development. Ask him tonight if it’s the kiss he wants to hear about or the guy you kissed. If he says it is the kiss, ask him if he wouldn’t mind if the 2 of you pretended the guy was me, Mr. Smith that you kissed. This way it is just fiction in your mind and he still gets the kiss story he craves.”
I said, “That sounds reasonable. Okay, I’ll ask him tonight.”
He went on to remind me, “Now, tonight is a big step for you. Read the instructions at least 3 times tonight before Joe gets home, just the part for tonight. Ignore tomorrows stuff. Focus on tonight, and you’ll get it right. Okay?”
I said, “Okay Levant, and thank you for everything!”
He said, “That’s my girl. Now go have a good day.”
Levant said he had to go, but told me to keep up the good work, and continue to use the kissing story to encourage Joe. Also he reminded me to tell Joe the nightly activity gets a little better each night. I said I would and thanks again and goodbye.
I read the instructions for Tuesday 3 times as he told me. Same as before to start. This time put on the glove. Levant said one glove on left hand only, to save on gloves. Same as before only this time with my left hand I will rub Joe’s PERINEUM. Just rub the area from his balls to his ass hole. Right. When he says he is about to cum it’s time to stop. Got it! I can do this!
Once again the k**s went to bed before Joe got home. I had supper ready for him. We had a white wine with his supper tonight. Then we went to the bathroom together.
I removed his chastity, he peepeed and poopood, then showered. When he got out, he gave me my bath. We dried and moved to the bed. I said I had read the instructions again for tonight, so all he needed to do was relax and enjoy.
I said, “On the bed face down just like yesterday. Legs spread.”
He did and once again it was time to give his starving penis some more TLC. Again I took the head of his penis and pulled it down to point toward me. His balls fell to each side again. I put the latex glove on my left hand, and the KY on the fingers, and then rubbed it between the 2 fingers of my right hand.
I moved the fingers of my right hand to the FRENULUM. This time I also moved the fingers of my left hand to Joe’s PERINEUM. It all sounds so technical and sterile. I remember Amy saying to look at it this way if touching my husband’s bottom bothered me. It worked. This was just doing nurse work, right?
I reminded Joe, “Tell me when you feel like you’re going to cum. Okay Honey?”
Joe said, “Okay.” He sounded less enthusiastic tonight. I decided I would have to watch him closely to make sure he didn’t ‘accidently’ forget and cum.
I started to rub my fingers around these 2 places. Joe started moaning. His bottom started to flex and his hips ground into the bed and wiggle as I diddled these 2 little spots. I asked, “Okay?”
He said he was, and asked again if I would tell him about the kiss.
I recalled my talk with Levant, so I asked, “Joe, is it the guy or the kiss you want to hear about?”
He asked me, “What’s the difference?”
I said, “Well Joe, I would like to put it behind me, but I can’t if you have me telling you about it every night. But Joe, if it’s about the kiss, and not the guy, I can pretend it is just fantasy, and it won’t disturb me like this does now.”
He said that would be fine.
I asked, “So why do you asked me to say Mr. Smith instead of Steven?”
He said, “Well, ah, well it wasn’t anything. I just like the formality I guess.” I was still rubbing his penis and that area between his balls and asshole.
I asked, “Were you imagining it was Mr. Smith from the program?” I slipped my naked fingers around the head of his penis and gave it a little secret squeeze.
He said, “Ah yes Hun, ah well that could be it. Mmm.” I moved them back to the spot.
I said, “Well Hun, why don’t I pretend for you that it was our Mr. Smith? This way it is what you like and for me it’s just fantasy, and I can put that night behind me.”
Joe seemed pleased as he moaned his pleasure and his penis stretched toward me with a swell.
I said, “Okay Joe, I’ll do it but you have to promise you’ll tell me when you feel like you are about to cum.” He nodded so I continued, “Mr. Smith took my hand and pulled me out onto the dance floor with him. He took me in his arms and pulled me tight against him. I could feel his body as he crushed me into him. I’m sure he felt my body too. Then his hands moved to my bottom.”
Joe was really squirming as I diddled his penis and ass and talked. I continued, “Mr. Smith squeezed my cheeks making my ass open and close so I could feel cool air on my asshole. Is this good Hun?”
Joe said “Yes,” with a moan.
I said, “Joe? I can’t call him Mr. Smith anymore because it’s still that guy, and it’s not fantasy for me. Would you mind if I call him Levant. That’s what I call our Mr. Smith you know. Would this be okay?”
Again he moaned his approval.
So I continued, “Well Hun, Levant moved one hand to my chin and pulled my lips to his. Our lips met, and opened, and Levant’s tongue explored my mouth. Oh that’s much better. I felt Levant’s tongue exploring my mouth, my teeth, my lips, my tongue, Mmmm.”
I had been lost in my new fantasy and had forgotten to watch Joe to make sure he didn’t get too far into his own orgasmic bliss, when Joe barked, “Oh god, I’m going to cum.”
I sat back quickly and removed both hands. It looked like his penis was searching as it swelled and stretched toward me again and again. He really was close this time. His penis did this several times before he began to relax, his breathing began to slow and become very deep. This time he didn’t need to ask if I was going to finish, he knew. And again his penis pulled in like the head of a turtle, disappointed and hungry. Oh, such a poor little boy.
I told him to roll over while I removed the glove and tossed it in the waist basket. He flipped over. I slipped the ring around his balls, and inserted the top link, I worked his deflating penis into the tube, and snapped the lock again for the second day in a row. He rose and I moved into his place. Again I said “My turn now.”
Joe dutifully moved between my legs, he move his hands to my hot thighs, he lowered his loving lips to my wet lips, and he began kissing my hungry pussy for our oral pleasure. Again I called an end to it, and we spooned the night away.
When he went to work the next morning, I called Levant again. I told him how everything went.
He asked me about the fantasy, and I said, “Well Joe agreed to using you instead of the other guy. He said it was about the kiss and not the guy, so he didn’t mind if we fantasized it being you instead. I told him I had a problem with using Mr. Smith as to me this was still that other guy and that I call you Levant. He said he didn’t mind if I changed to Levant instead of Mr. Smith. Is that okay with you levant?”
Levant said, “Oh that’s fine. So how did the massage go?”
I said, “It went well, but I was afraid he might accidentally on purpose forget to tell me when he was about to cum, and I got so into fantasizing I forgot to watch how close he was getting,”
Levant’s interrupted me, “You didn’t let him ejaculate did you?”
I said, “Oh no, no, Joe told me and I quit just in time, but it was close. Joe deserves the credit. He told me in time as he promised, but no he didn’t cum Levant.”
He said, “That’s good. That’s good. That’s my girl. You did good, but we need to be careful. You know what we’re trying to do, and how important it is that we follow these steps exactly. Remember Kathy, if anything goes amiss we’ll get set back by an entire week. We really don’t want that.”
I echoed, “Oh no Levant, we don’t want that!”
He said, “Okay, you have the pattern down. Just keep it up. I know the Wednesday’s instructions say to insert a finger into the anus, but here is what I want you to do. Insert your middle finger to the knuckle, do the in and out, that is all the way out Kathy, do this for a count of 5, then when you pull it out rub the PERINEUM for a count of 5, then repeat this.”
I asked, “All while telling my kissing fantasy?”
He said I could do it, and that he had confidence in me. He told me I could call him again tomorrow if I want to. I told him I probably would. Then we said our goodbyes.
Today started the same. This time when I got to the part where I was rubbing Joe’s PERINEUM with my gloved left fingers, I did a 5 count with the rub, then I pushed the tip of my middle finger into his sphincter. It was tight around my finger and I could feel it squeezing.
Then I pulled it out, pushed it in 2, pulled it out, pushed it in 3, pulled it out, and in 4, and out, and 5, and out, and then back to the PERINEUM for a 5 count rub. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, again and again and again. All the time I was rubbing his penis too. Ever rub your tummy and pat the top of your head at the same time?
Joe was loving it. He didn’t even ask me to talk, witch was good because I don’t think I could do one more thing at the time. I focused on the work at hand, and loved driving my Joe crazy like this. This went on for about 3 or 4 minutes when Joe yelped, “Oh Hun I’m,”
I sat back quickly and removed both hands. Again his penis stretched toward me then retracted again and again. He began to relax, his breathing began to slow and become deep. And again his penis retracted like a turtle’s head. In a minute it was back in chastity and I was on my back with him pleasing me again to end our night.
I didn’t feel I needed to call Levant, so I decided to be independent and take today on my own, without his help.
This night I repeated everything we did last night. The only change according to the instructions was to push my finger in all the way. I did this in the same rhythm as last night. Joe was pleased and again we stopped moments before he came. I didn’t need to relive the kiss either this night. I count this night as an excellent night.
Friday finally got here and I called Joe at work. I told him to be patient, that tomorrow we were going to drain his nuts of every drop of cum. I could tell he was excited. He was so frustrated with this teasing and then being denied any relief. I told him according to the schedule, the weekends were going to be his rewards for working the steps properly. I told him I’m very proud of him, and hope he feels as good about our progress as I do.
He said, ‘Hun, I do feel proud, but I have something I feel I need to confess. I looked at some porn yesterday. I didn’t do anything, but I felt compelled to look. It was only for about 10 minutes, but I am so sorry. I just wanted you to know.”
I said, “Hun, I understand. These things aren’t going to change overnight, but you told me, and you couldn’t masturbate, so I feel this isn’t too bad. Just try not to do it again, and if you do, please tell me.”
He said he would, then asked if I felt he should tell Mr. Smith. I said I would, that he could relax for now and think about what I told him about tomorrow. We said goodbye and hung up.
I called Levant and told him about Joe confessing his discretion to me. Levant told me to call him back and tell Joe he must call him and confess this to him directly. I said I would call him back later and hung up.
I called Joe back after I finished my housework, and told him, “Levant wants you to call him and tell him about your looking at porn Joe. Do it right now, okay?”
He said he would and again we hung up.
I waited for Joe to get home that night to implement Friday’s activities. I wondered what he said to Levant, how that went. I even tried to call Levant back to ask, but I kept getting voicemail. So I waited.
This night I repeated everything we had done last night, once again. The change according to the instructions this night was to push 2 fingers into Joe’s butt all the way. I did this in the same rhythm as last night. Joe was driven wild with this invasion, and again we stopped moments before he came. I count this night, actually this entire week as excellent.
Saturday we awoke together. We had the day off and had plans to get the shopping done. The daily chores were so common we did them second nature, and before we knew it, it was night time again.
The k**s had gone to their girlfriend’s house for a sl**p-over, so Joe and I had the night and the entire house to ourselves.
I asked him, “How’d the talk with Levant go yesterday?”
He said, “Well, Mr. Smith told me, Ah, I, first I told him about looking at porn. He told me he was proud of me for admitting it both to you and to him. He said we’re doing very good, but I have to really work hard to make this work for us. I told him I really am trying, and he said he could tell. He told me he would call me Monday to see how my weekend went, and for me to do everything you tell me to.”
I fixed us a nice supper, the first we had together since a week ago. It’s not easy living on different work shifts. We had several glasses of wine, and Joe looked at me all night like he wanted to ask something.
Finally I said, “What?”
He said, “I really need some relief Hun!”
I asked if he wanted to get an early start on things, and he said yes. So we went to begin our nightly routine.
I removed his chastity and washed it. He did the peepee poopoo thing, then showered. I shaved his stubble so his little naked pink mouse looked very pretty. Sorry Hun. He bathed me, and it was off to the bed again.
This night was to be very different in that we were not to stop his ejaculation. But wait! Let me get to what happened in due time, no spoiler alerts. Joe was excited as I said, expecting a memorable orgasm, like what he is used to. Boy would he be surprised.
I told Joe, “If you do everything I tell you to tonight, tomorrow we will remove the chastity and enjoy sex whenever you want until the sun goes down.”
He said he understood and was more than ready.
I started the usual, I moved the fingers of my right hand to his FRENULUM, and moved the fingers of my left hand to Joe’s PERINEUM. I reminded Joe, “Tell me when you feel like you’re going to cum. Okay?”
Joe said, “Yes.” He sounded enthusiastic again, like he did Monday. I started to rub my fingers around these 2 places. Joe started moaning. His butt started to flex and his hips ground into the bed and wiggle as I diddled these 2 little spots once more. Joe seemed pleased as he moaned his pleasure and his penis stretched toward me over and over again.
I was rubbing Joe’s FRENULUM and PERINEUM. With my gloved left hand I did a 5 count rub, then I pushed 2 fingers into his sphincter as far as I could. His ass hole squeezing them painfully.
Then I pulled them out, pushed in, pulled out, pushed in 3, pulled it out, 4 and out, 5 and out, and then back to Joe’s PERINEUM for a 5 count rub. Joe was loving this. I focused on Joe’s reactions. This went on for about 4 or 5 minutes when Joe yelped, “Oh Hun,”
I sat back quickly and removed both hands. Again his penis stretched toward me then retracted again and again. But tonight we didn’t want Joe to relax.
I said, “Okay Joe, up on your hands and knees.” He did, and I placed the cereal bowl under his throbbing distended red penis.
I didn’t touch his penis, per the instructions, but I did add lubricant to his sphincter. I then pushed my 2 gloved fingers, palm down, into his bottom again, this time just to the first knuckle, about an inch.
From there I let my fingers slide in, feeling the inside of Joe’s rectal lining, searching for a lump about the size of a walnut. This would be his PROSTATE gland. There, I found it, and Joe let out a soft moan.
Now that I had found the lump, I started to stroke it with the instructed, ‘come hither’ motion of the fingers so the tips just gently rubbed it with light pressure. Joe cooed his delight and started to drop to his elbows. I told him to remain on his hands, so he snapped up again.
I was doing this for quite a while and his ass was continually squeezing my fingers, so they were getting tired. Suddenly Joe said, “Hun, I feel like I need to pee, Hun?”
I said, “It’s okay Joe. Ignore it. Relax. This is expected and it’s not pee. Just let it go Hun.”
I heard him grunt and exhale, and suddenly I saw it! His penis distended and pulsed and fluid began to drain out. His semen spilled out and I noticed his penis would extend every time I pressed gently on his prostate, and the fluid would flow in copious globs into the bowl. I had never seen Joe cum so much. There was so much semen in the bowl, and it was still coming like I had turned on a faucet.
Joe didn’t ejaculate. There was no spirt, no blast, only a slow steady flow, on and on it flowed. After several minutes of this, for a minute the flow seemed to stop, but the instructions said to keep stroking for at least 2 minutes after the flow stopped. They knew the truth.
Joe let out a grown as his penis distended again and a second flow of this sticky gelatinous goo began to spill out. I remember wondering just how much fluid my Joe had left to drain out of his nuts. I remembered I had told him we would drain them tonight, and we really were. WOW!
Again he stopped and this time it didn’t resume in the 2 minute window. I was so glad because my fingers were very tired. Joe looked tired too. I had him roll onto his butt and lean against the headboard.
I handed him the bowl with a lot of Joe’s sticky lumpy milky white fluid in it. I placed the pieces of his chastity between his spread thighs. I said, “Now Joe, you have to drink all of that while I put this back on you.”
He started to complain, so I said, “Joe, you have to do this! It’s in the instructions. I discussed it with Levant and he explained why, but I want you to do this because you trust me and really want to do this for us!” I looked him in the eyes and added, “Tomorrow we will make love all day, but only if you do this Joe.”
As he gulped down his nasty fluids I reassembled his chastity on his now very withered and drained sex.
Joe went to sl**p and was knocked out for hours. I wanted to call Levant to let him know how things went, but still got the voicemail. I thought about calling Amy, but really didn’t feel right about telling her everything we had done, and if I did I knew she wouldn’t stop pushing until I revealed everything.
When Joe awoke I let him remain on his back to rest. I knew it had been a tiring event. I crawled up over my loving husbands body, up over his chest, up to where he could look into my hungry little Asian brown pussy. I lowered myself to his lips, and began to tell him how I had kissed Levant’s lips while feeling his big black cock rubbing my body, and how much I wished I was feeling it thrusting deep into my body and then feel my lover dancing deep inside me. It was a yummy night for both of us.

(L. Smith note) Wife is now using me as fantasy for their sexual activity. She confides in me details of events taking place. She seems very comfortable now with the familiarity of first name use. Advised avoiding disco and temptation of other men. Believe she is submissive to my command, but need to work on total obedience soon.
Husband viewed porn this week, after exposure to wife’s extramarital activity with black men. Had wife send husband’s computer history again for review. His porn preferences are now into interracial and Asian plus chastity. Husband seems more submissive overall. Spending more time having him following my personal instructions.
Both subjects are synchronous in program development.

<Joe’s input> I’m both, feeling a sense of control, and at the same time a total lack of control. I guess it’s about trusting in letting Kathy take total control, and I do trust her.
Mr. Smith called this week and told me he is proud of us, but I need to try harder to do what I’m told without demanding explanation first. Then he had me call him, about looking at porn. I had told Kathy and she told him. He told me I had to tell him everything I had looked at and what I was looking for in detail. This was a bit uncomfortable, but I looked at this like he is my psychologist and I’m telling him details to help Kathy and I get through this stuff.
I told him I had looked up Asian porn because I love imagining my wife in nasty activities like the viewed porn. He said he understood and would probably do the same, but I had a problem with porn and had to get a grip on it. He asked, “What else?”
I told him I had also started finding myself being drawn to interracial porn, because she had danced and kissed a black man at the disco. Again he said he understood, but again he reminded me that I have a problem with porn and need to get a handle on my problem. He asked, “What else?”
“Well sir” I said, “there was some chastity information I looked up too, but I was mostly wanting to see what I’d find with a search. I did search porn sights sir, because I wanted to see what other’s looked like in theirs, but that was all, really.” Again he asked me for anything else.
I said there is no other porn, and I didn’t look at these much as I found my nuts hurting and my chastity got really tight and uncomfortable.
He said, “Kathy said you asked her about her kiss when she was massaging you.”
I said, “Yes sir, I get a thrill imagining it in my head as she telling me how his tongue was in her mouth and she had hers in his mouth.”
Mr. Smith said, “Your wife told me that you agreed to let her pretend it was me kissing her that night. Tell me, do you now imagine it is me kissing your wife? And does this excite you Joe?”
I answered, “Well Mr. Smith, I guess yes sir, I think so, but I don’t mean any offence.”
Mr. Smith said, “None taken Joe, and remember it is simply her fantasy. She is using me so she doesn’t have to remember kissing that other black man at the bar. She wants to forget about feeling him rubbing his big hard black cock against her body, and how it made her hungry for him. No Joe, she wants to forget this.”
I heard him pause a few seconds, maybe to make a point. Then he continued, “But I want to know Joe, what is this your fantasy now? Are you imagining your wife kissing me now? Does the idea thrill you, to imagine your wife holding me, kissing me, feeling my hard black cock rubbing against her body, and imagining she is wanting me to fuck her married pussy? Tell me Joe, is it your secret desire for me to kiss your wife like this?”
I had to respond, so I said, “Mr. Smith, I ah well, sir. I don’t know what to say.”
He said, “I feel like this has been a good session Joe. I feel we are opening up to each other, and you feel a trust in me, enough to talk bluntly bout all this with me. I want you to think about what it is you are fantasizing, and what we talked about. Work it out Joe, what you are feeling, what you are fantasizing about, and what you really want. It is this last thing, what you really want that counts Joe. Good job.”
I said, “Oh yes, thank you sir, I will sir.”
He said he would call me again soon. That was pretty much all with him.
Kathy really did her job well this week. I know it was hard for her because she doesn’t really like anything to do with bottoms. We have never had anal sex. She won’t even consider it. But this week she worked on mine like a professional nurse.
I was going crazy having her get me right there, right to the point of blasting my load and then stopping and locking me back up in my chastity. But I trust her and I trust this program. It really seems to be working for us!
Sunday was wonderful, making love like we haven’t in years, and spending the entire week building up to that point was worth it. Well, except the drinking of my cum. I don’t think I ever came that much before, and drinking it was yucky but I got it down. I guess I will have to do it again next week too.

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