Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

Chapter 2
Saturday Amy called, and asked how we were doing. I couldn’t wait to tell her how great things had become. She wanted to know what had changed.
I said, “Well Amy, I told you about the problem, well, remember that night we went to the disco and you danced with that really nice young man? Well, I went to call Joe and found a card on the bulletin board by the bathrooms, offering help for Internet Addiction.
I took that card, and called them. They gave us some advice and we just followed it, and now Joe and I are having great sex every night Amy, and he doesn’t even turn on his computer anymore.” I knew I was gushing but I couldn’t stop.
Amy said, “So, just like that, they fixed everything in 1 week?”
I said, “Yup, Just like that. Well, we do have to keep it up. They say it takes a month of repeated activity to become a habit. But we are looking forward to making this work.”
Amy asked, “Can I come again next weekend?”
I said, “Honey for you we always have the time and space. I can’t wait to see you again.” I had to run but we made our plans, and then I was off to take care of my girls.
Joe got home and we did our routine with the cuddling and the fireworks and all. I told him I had talked with Amy and that she wanted to come down again this weekend. He was fine with it.
Wednesday the chastity device came in the mail. It is a CB6000, made of totally all plastic, and it looks like a toy. I called Joe to let him know. He reminded me to call Mr. Smith.
I called Mr. Smith next, “Hello, Mr. Smith?”
He said, “Please Kathy, you have to call me Levant.” He must have surmised due to the date that the chastity unit had arrived, “I assume you got your chastity today? Did you tell Joe yet?”
I said, “Yes Levant, I called him first. He reminded me to call you, so here I am. We got it.”
He said, “Very good. Now go open the box carefully. Spread the pieces on a towel, preferably all one color so you can see all the parts. Look at the list of parts and make sure everything is there. I will wait. Go ahead now.” I did as instructed, and they were all there.
He said, “Very good. Now get a bowl of soapy water and wash all the plastic pieces, rinse them good, and set them back on the towel to dry. Okay? When they are, put them back in the box and wait for Joe to get home.”
I said, “Yes sir.”
Levant corrected, “You have to get used to calling me by my first name Kathy. Try it again.”
I said, “Okay, yes Levant. It just seems too familiar. I call my doctor sir, and you have Joe call you sir.”
He said, “I am a student as I told you, not a doctor or a professor Kathy, so please try to do this for me. I don’t want professional respect. To make this program work fully we have to be personal. I am exploring the ins and outs of your sex life Kathy, and you are telling me details about sexual activity you and Joe are experiencing, and for me to do this to the fullest of my ability I need to feel you trust me and will do what I tell you to do, even when your brain or heart is fighting it. Remember how you fought the idea of using the chastity, how you felt it was something deviant? But you finally trusted me, right? And now you have it and are ready to try it. This is because you trust me now, so trust me enough to call me Levant.”
I said, “Oh Levant, I do trust you, and thank you so much for everything you have done for us so far! I will, I will call you by your name, I promise. But Joe,”
He said, “Kathy, when a man, any man is becoming familiar in a sexual manor as you and I are, it is only prudent to keep one member of the activity professional. I have Joe call me sir so he feels he is in control, he is dealing with a professional, while you on the other hand are in the process of building trust in me. It is all psychological processing, head games the professor thought up, but it has been formulated to render the best results. Understand?”
I said, “Oh, I guess I get it. Well, is there anything else, Levant?”
He said, “Yes, call me when Joe gets home, and you are about to apply it, Okay?”
I agreed and hung up after saying goodbye.
It was an agonizingly long day, but Joe finally did get home. The girls were asl**p again, and we went to our bedroom, and got naked together. I spread the device out on the towel as I had done before, and called Levant.
He asked me to give the phone to Joe, so I did. They talked, and then Joe would talk to me, “Kathy, he says, oh, yes sorry sir, Mr. Smith says to put the ring around my balls and penis, yes, ummg! Yes it’s very snug sir. Maybe a little. Mr. Smith says to use the next size larger Hun. Please, oh ya. Mmm yes sir. That’s much better. Thanks Hun. Now slip my penis into the tube. Sorry, I’m a little excited, just a minute sir.”
I was trying to work. I really didn’t need the distraction of Joe giving me instructions. I had put this thing together and taken it apart 10 time as Levant had told me to, so I knew how it was supposed to go.
Finally, I pinch the head of Joe’s penis while squeezing his balls, to get him to settle down and deflate enough to get him inside the tube. I had used baby powder on him so everything slipped and moved and fit snuggly but as it was designed to do. Joe was in the chastity now, and all I had to do was snap the little gold lock.
Joe handed me the phone and said, “Mr. Smith wants to talk to you Hun.”
I took the phone as I inspected my work, “Yes?”
“Kathy, it sounds like you did everything perfectly. It is always hardest the first time, but you did fine. Now I want you to lock the lock and have Joe take a picture of his chastity device while you hold it up for display.”
I started to ask why when he reminded me to trust him, “Kathy, remember, I’m here to help, but I can’t help if you buck at my every request. I need to see that your husband is properly secured. If he isn’t he can lose circulation in his sexual organs and cause serious long term or even permanent medical damage. We don’t want this, so please Kathy, do as I tell you without any more questions.”
I said, “Yes Levant, I’m sorry.” I held the phone up to Joe and told him to take a picture when I was ready. I locked the lock, held the chastity device incasing Joe’s penis up in my right hand, and said, “Now Joe.”
He snapped 3 shots and held the phone down to me again. I took it, and looked at them. The second looked the best, focused and centered. Levant was speaking, “Hello, hello Kathy?”
I answered, “Yes Levant, we got a picture. Are you sure about sending this? I’m a little nervous about sending sexual pictures over my phone.”
Levant said, “I understand, but it is the only way at this point. Is there any faces in the picture?”
I said, “Well, yes. Joe got me in 2 of them.”
He said, “Listen Kathy, we don’t need faces. All I need to know is that the device is properly installed so I can check it off my list. Send the one without your face, please.”
I cooed, “Oh this is such a relief Levant. I was getting so worried. Here it comes.” I texted the picture to Levant and he excused himself for a minute while he examined my work.
He said, “Kathy, Joe’s chastity looks perfect, you did a great job sizing it and putting it on your husband’s penis. Now remember all this week Joe is to give you oral pleasure for 10 minutes each day. Both of you are to enjoy 3 kisses lasting 5 minutes each. And you hold the key to his sexual release now. Enjoy this week, and call me if there is any difficulty or if you have any questions. If not, I will talk to you Monday.”
For the rest of the week, every night when Joe got home, I would free him, examine him for rashes or swelling, none were ever found. I would wash his chastity while he showered, then dry the parts of the device while he dried, then returned him to captivity.
The first few days were difficult as Joe informed me how the chastity changed the way the male sex is naturally positioned verses in the device. According to him, the testacies naturally suspend forward to back, one over the other. He said when it is cold they draw up close to the body, and when it is hot they descend to hang low in the scrotum. I never realize a man’s balls were so articulate, although I did know their penises shrunk inside like a turtle’s head when it got cold.
But he said, “In this chastity device Hun, my testicles are turned outward, fanned out left and right in front of the ring, between it and the tube, and they’re lifted like this by the locking ring so they spread out in front of my thighs.”
I asked if he wanted to give up on this idea.
He said, “This is unnatural and therefore uncomfortable. But no Hun, I want this to work. I want our happiness back, your trust Hun, our marriage. Because I love you. So No, let’s give it some more time. I’ll get used to this.”
He added, “The expected discomfort I feel, having my penis incased in this little tube, smaller than my penis gets when I get excited, preventing me getting a hard on, and it also points my penis perpetually downward, so it fights my every desired erection. It is frustrating Hun but I’m feeling new thrilling sensations now. Maybe this is why.”
I called Levant, and he said, “Joe is correct. The device does have some discomfort, but not painful. And just like when a person loses a sense like site or hearing their other senses grow more acute. Joe will grow used to it with some time, and his feelings will alter in similar ways. Call me if he feels any pain. I’ll talk to you Monday Kathy.”
We said our goodbyes again, and I told Joe what he had said. We both agreed to try a little longer. Over the week, Levant turned out to be right. The discomfort did ease up.
After I attended to Joe’s daily needs, he would bath me in a hot tub with candles all around us. Finally I would stretch out on our bed and prop a pillow behind me so I could watch, as my loving Joe nuzzled up between my wide spread legs and drove me to a better orgasm each night.
Tuesday he said, “Mr. Smith called me again at work today Hun, and instructed me on giving you oral pleasure.” Instead of telling me what he said, Joe showed me.
I found out from him later that Levant told him to pretend he is writing the alphabet with his tongue from the bottom of my vagina to the top of my clitoris and from outside my outer labia to outside in big bold letters. He told him to do print then cursive.
Joe had become absolutely amazing at driving me to new heights with his oral loving, but this new technique is a real mind blower, let me tell you.
Friday came, and Amy arrived at noon again. She was so full of curiosity as I gave her the abridged version of what we had been doing to cure Joe of his Addiction. I skipped over the part about locking him in a chastity, but expounded on the oral sex. She was skeptically amazed. Then the k**s came home.
As before I asked our friends to watch them for the evening, and called Joe to ask if he would pick them up. He agreed. After we dropped off the k**s, I told Amy, “Joe is so agreeable these days, he’ll do just about anything I ask, and let me tell you girl, the sex is absolutely amazing.”
Amy said, “There has to be more to this than just him giving you oral sex Kathy. What’s going on? How did you make such a great change? Hell girl, it was just 2 weeks ago you were so pissed you were thinking about leaving him, and now you sound as though you trust him fully and he can do no wrong! Aren’t you afraid just a little bit that he might be sneaking down stairs for a little porn now and again, and enjoying a little monkey spanking when you’re not around?”
I told her I had no doubts what so ever, but couldn’t say why. She looked into my eyes and shook her head, and said, “Okay girl. But you are going to tell me later.”
We went around like before, got our hair, nails, and toes prettied up. We bought new dresses, shoes, and undies. I called Joe and asked if we could use his card. He truly is agreeable these days. We got new bling and perfume too. “Thanks Joe!”
We went back to the house to try everything on. Not one in all this time did Amy bring up the subject of our changes again.
At 9 we were dressed to the 9s, and called for a cab. We piled in the back giggling and playful. The drive was quick, and before we knew it we were in our same seat at the same disco. I really like this place now.
After a few drinks I was feeling a bit loose. Amy had gone out dancing a couple times, while I had turned down as many. The music was thumping and the floor was hopping. Amy asked if I wasn’t going to dance with anyone tonight.
I said, “I don’t think so Amy. Actually I’m thinking about when Joe is goes to go down on me tonight.”
She said, “Okay, out with it girl! What did you do to supersede the internet porn. Sure you look like a million and any of these guys would love just to dance with you, much less bang your brains out, but there has to be something you did to Joe to get a rise out of him like this. So spill it!”
I looked her in the eyes and couldn’t keep a straight face, “Remember that card I told you about, the card I got here that night we came. The one that said, ‘Is Internet Porn ruining your marriage?’ well I called him, them, it, the number on the card I called.”
Amy smiled and beckoned me to continue with her silence in the loud din of the disco bar. I said, “Levant told us, oh, Levant is our case worker. He helped us into the program, and has instructed us in how to be it, beat the addiction.” I smiled back as though that was all.
Amy pinched my arm and said, “What did you do? You didn’t just call this guy and he told you to have Joe eat your pretty little Asian pussy every night, and that was all.”
I said, “Well no, he told Joe to write the alphabet.” I broke out laughing at this. Finally when I stopped she was still waiting for the rest, so I said, “Okay, no that isn’t all. But you have to promise never to tell anyone about this. Really! It is so shameful Amy, what we did.”
Amy said, “Honey, anything between husband and wife in private is totally acceptable. And knowing you and your limits it is probably very tame to most of the world. So out with it.”
I whispered in a very loud voice, “We put a chastity on Joe.” She couldn’t hear me even when I lifted my voice. Or maybe it just didn’t register. Then I remembered the pictures we had taken, so I pulled out my camera, opened the gallery, then found the picture of Joe’s penis in the chastity, and I held it close to my breast.
Amy scooted around to my side of the table and she helped me tilt the camera so she could see. Then she took me by the wrist and d**g me out of the bar into the cold night air and said, “Show me that again.”
I was tipsy and nervous, but also getting a bit turned on sharing my secret with my new best friend. Amy looked again and took a long hard stair this time. She turned to me and asked, “Joe? That’s your husband’s dick? In that thing?”
I nodded as I busted out laughing, and this time Amy joined me. We were laughing so hard I was getting dizzy. We were about to go back inside when she asked, “So this is how you know he isn’t looking at porn, not masturbating, only loving on you, and became accommodating?” I nodded with a snort like a pig.
She laughed and asked me how accommodating?
I said, “He just does anything I ask without arguing one bit, and I can do whatever I want, I think, and he will say it’s okay with him. Well I think, maybe not anything at all, but whatever I could want, I think.” I wondered if that made sense to her, as I was finding myself not making sense to myself by the end of my sentences.
Amy said, “Give me your phone.” I did.
She used speed dial and said, “Hello Joe? This is Amy. Yes that’s right, Amy. Yes were here at the disco again. Yes I’ll tell her you are going to get the k**s soon. Kathy is having a lot of fun, but I’m doing all the dancing Joe. There are several big handsome men here that have asked her to dance. Yes, yes and no she wont. No, only if you tell her to. Oh please Joe, tell Kathy to dance with one of these big men and I promise I will make her tell you all about it when she gets home. Would you like that? Okay, here she is.” She handed the phone back to me.
I heard Joe speak, “Kathy? Hello Kathy? Are you there?”
I said yes. I was so shocked Amy would do this.
He said, “Listen Hun. If you want to dance with one of those guys,”
Before he could finish I interrupted him and said, “No, that was just Amy being silly Joe,”
Amy grabbed the phone from me and said, “Joe, you have to tell her to do it or she isn’t going to. Now man up Joe and tell your wife to go dance with the next guy that asks, no make it the next 3 guys.” Then she handed the phone back to me again.
I started to say goodbye when Joe said, “Kathy, Amy’s right. You should go dance. Enjoy Hun. I want you to dance with the next 3 guys that ask you, and then come home and tell me all about it, just like Amy promised you would, while I eat your pussy Hun! There, I said it. Now go and have fun. Tell Amy I said it, okay?”
We exchanged kisses and hung up.
I told Amy, “He did it, he told me what you ordered him to say to me.” She took my phone and looked at the picture again and we giggled. I felt bad about it, but honestly, I did laugh too.
Amy said, “Wow Kathy, he really is congenial now,” then stuffed the phone into my purse. We went back in and within minutes we were both out on the dance floor. A hunk of a tall black man asked me to dance. Even with my 4 inch heals my head only came to his chest. He looked like a muscle man, a black super hero in plain clothes.
As we danced he held me close to him and I could feel his body heat, his muscles ripple, he smelled of musk, and his penis swelled and poked at me from between our bodies, and it was as big as my forearm, it seemed to me. I was tipsy but not that tipsy. He scared me.
I returned to my seat and told Amy about the encounter. She laughed at me. She explained that men can’t control that thing. She said he liked you and that was his body telling you he liked you. Before she could finish her school girl lesson, teaching me biology 101, another black man asked me to dance.
This dance went the same as the last, but I didn’t run so fast from Tom the mechanic. He was taller but not so muscular. He looked more like a normal every day man on the street. He smelled of sweat cologne and coffee. His penis swelled between us too.
When I got back to the table I was so hot and hungry for sex, I wanted to leave and go home to my Joe, to his wonderful kisses. I asked Amy why only black men asked me to dance. She said, “Black men love Asian women as much as they love blonds.”
I was d***k, so it made as much sense as anything else. I asked, “Don’t white men love blonds and Asians?”
She said, “Ya, but most white guys are shy, take their time, calculate the odds and their chances between possible rejection and scoring. Black me just go for it, and most of the time get what they want.”
I guess this made sense too. I asked if we could go home now. Amy said I had to dance 1 more dance first. She reminded me that I had promised Joe.
While we waited for me to be asked again, she explained how she was dating 3 men back home, and why. She said, “Tom, my white lover, he is so caring. He pampers me and makes me feel like a princess. The other 2 men are black, Dan and Terrance. Now these men are mine for when I want to be taken and fucked.” She took my hand and our eyes met.
She asked, “Oh Kathy, don’t you ever just feel a desire, a real hunger to be taken and held and f***ed to submit to a powerful man as he ravishes you with his insistent kisses and drives his powerful big hard cock deep into you while he manhandles your aching breasts, and then you feel this real man dancing his wonderful cock deep inside you, and the feeling of him so wonderfully deep and dancing inside your body Hun, you just want him to have you, all of you! And when his thick fingers pinch your swollen nipples your entire body explodes in a string of one orgasm after the other? Oh girl, that’s the difference between black men and white guys.”
I lost myself in what she was describing, Sex was never like that. Even the great oral sex wasn’t this good. I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about, but I wanted too! It sounded delicious!
I wanted her to tell me more, but about that time I got asked again, again by mister super hero. He approached me and took my hand in his, and really didn’t ask, just pulled me out onto the floor with him. Amy was right again, about black men taking what they want that is.
I liked him, and this time I didn’t run away as he showed how much he like dancing with me, showed me in that way Amy said men’s bodies show their desires. I wondered, if this were Joe dancing with me would I be able to feel his penis like this? Would his desire poke me like this? I wondered just how big this guy’s penis really was.
I was tipsy and laid my head on his broad powerful chest, and he wrapped his huge arms around me. He held me so comfortably. I was in a daze as I felt his hands slide to my bottom and then his penis grind into my belly as he pulled my bottom in to him. He was needing my bottom, spreading and then squeezing my fat cheeks so my sphincter felt like it was dancing too. I was powerless in the arms of this mountain of a man, and I liked it.
I felt him move a hand from my bottom. It moved up my side. I felt it graze the side of my left breast causing me to squirm a bit, but not pull away. It rose to my chin and lifted my head. I turned my face to his to see what he wanted, and his hand slid around to the back of my neck. He pulled my face to his, my lips met his big thick dark lips. I was scared for a moment, until he looked into my eyes and I felt his lips part.
My lips were pressed to his and as his mouth opened, so did mine. I was looking deep into his eyes and he was looking back into me, as I felt his tongue touch my lips. I felt mine touch his lips as if compelled to do the same. His tongue slipped between my lips and found mine, as our heads tilted to one side. I still watched his eyes as they close, and then I closed mine. I felt his tongue exploring my entire head it seemed, as his body crushed against mine, and his penis throbbed and pulsed inches from where a penis should be, lodged deep inside my hungry body. I slid my hands around his neck and held him passionately.
Amy was right about feeling a hunger to be taken and fucked. I was lost in the moment, lost in a stranger’s powerful embrace, and oh so hungry to be taken and ravished. We danced and kissed and held each other like this for I don’t know how long as we swayed to the music. The world was gone and it was only us swaying together, our bodies locked together, our lips locked in a wonderful kiss.
I felt movement along with the movement of the dance. His hand was now moving under my skirt. We were against the wall in the back of the crowded floor. Bodies were so packed it was like one massive swaying organism alive with the music. Then his hand on my bare thigh pulled my leg up until he had his fingers cupped under my knee, my calf behind his thigh.
I think he was about to enter me right there on the dance floor, and fuck me in the crowd, and I can’t believe how much I wanted him to do just that. I felt my hips grinding with the music, grinding with his, grinding against his pelvis with his huge penis lodged tight between us.
I broke the kiss, pushed my foot to the floor, said thank you, and ran to the table. Amy had been watching me the whole time and was giggling as I ran up.
She said, “Well girl! That was one hot salsa you 2 were sharing there! You look like you could have enjoyed Mr. Smith’s pleasures for an hour or 2 or 3 even, maybe.”
I asked, “Who is Mr. Smith? How do you know Mr. Smith?”
Amy said, “That man you were just dancing with is Mr. Smith. I danced with him first, and he told me. Didn’t he tell you his name Honey. You know 10 minutes more and you’d have been having his c***d, you should have at least asked him his name first.” Again she started to giggle.
I asked, “He told you his name is Smith? Did he say what his first name was?”
She asked, “What’s it matter girl? You aint going home with him. Not this night you aint. But if it matters to you that much, he said his name is Steven, I think. Don’t quote me on that. I have been drinking as much as you girl. Hell, I only danced with him once and nothing like the 2 of you danced. Wow! You are going to have one hot story to tell Joe when you get in.”
I let out all my air in one long blow. I hadn’t realized I was holding my breath the whole time she had been talking. Steven. Thank god it wasn’t Levant. That would ruin everything. I realized how silly it was for me to worry about one guy named Smith of all names. Smith.

We flagged a cab, and rode quietly home. On the way Amy said she hopes Joe is still up.
I asked why.
She said, “I want to see what he will say when I tell him that you did what he asked and really enjoyed 3 dances with 2 really hunky big black men.”
I begged, “Oh Amy please don’t say anything about that, please!”
She giggled and made me beg again and again. She said, “I wonder if he will get excited hearing that you had Mr. Smith practically fucking you with his big black cock right out there on the dance floor in front of everybody.”
I was so shocked and horrified, “Oh Amy you wouldn’t! You couldn’t do that to me! You’re my best friend and friends just don’t do that to each other! Please???”
She laughed again, then asked, “Tell me about Mr. Smith’s big cock. It has to be bigger than Joe’s.”
I said, “Promise not to say anything to Joe?” She nodded, so I said, “First you have to quit calling him Mr. Smith. Joe and I know a Mr. Smith and that would be sooo inappropriate to even imagine! Okay, well, Steven’s penis was huge. When we were dancing and he was holding me so close it was crushed between us and it was higher than my navel, and it felt like it was as wide as my arm.”
She whistled and took my wrist in her hand and said, “Oh girl that would feel soo fucking delicious stroking you deep inside your pussy. Did you want him inside you Kathy?”
I couldn’t look at her. I nodded as I tried to say no. I couldn’t say it out loud but my head was moving up and down before I knew it was moving. I said, “Oh Amy, I didn’t say that! Please, you have to be good when you see Joe, please promise me!”
She said she would and the cab rolled up into the drive. Amy helped me out of the car and into the house.
Again my feet felt like pins and needles. You try dancing all night in 4 inch spikes. My toes felt like they had been in a vice forever!
The house was quiet, all inside were asl**p it seemed. Amy and I made our way up the steps, her to the guest room, and me to my room. The lights were off but the room had a soft glow from the bathroom. I was too tired for a shower, but needed to change and pee before bed.
I slipped into the bedroom, found and slipped into my nighty, and slipped into our bed, pulling the sheet up over me.
Joe heard me and asked if I had fun.
I said, “I did what you told me to do. Does that please you?”
I noticed him squirm a bit as he said, “Yes.”
I asked, “Want me to tell you about it? About dancing with other men.” I didn’t want to make my husband jealous, but he told me to do it. I didn’t mean for this to get so out of hand.
He moved up on 1 elbow to look at me, “Yes please Hun.”
I said, “Well Joe, I did what you told me to do. I danced 3 dances with some men. They were black men. That’s who asked me to dance, so I did as you said. The first one asked me again after my second dance with another black man, so I actually danced 3 dances but with only 2 men, him twice. See?”
Joe started rubbing his caged penis. His balls probably felt uncomfortable. He whispered “Yes.”
“Does that excite you Hun, to hear me telling you about this?” I asked.
He said, “Oh yes Hun.”
I was a little worried, “If it is making you jealous just say so. I’ll stop.”
I was about to apologize for everything, for letting things get so out of hand, for my bad behavior tonight, when Joe said, “Dam you are so hot Hun! I love it! I love you like this!” His hips were doing gyrations, and I could feel his plastic tube nudging my thigh.
I asked, “Are you playing with your chastity Hun? You know that’s not allowed. Does it hurt? Do I need to remove it?” I really wanted to take it off and have my husband fuck my hungry pussy so I might forget about Mr. Smith’s big cock stroking my clitoris earlier!
He said, “I’m thrilled to hear that you did a nasty dance with another man, well men. No, I’ll quit touching it. I’m just horny baby.” His eyes looked pleading, like a big puppy dog’s eyes. Not sad eyes, no, hungry eyes, real hungry for my nasty story it seemed. I felt I needed to be careful what I exposed, but also felt he was giving me a free pass.
I said, “Well Joe, I got asked by this big black man, the one who asked me twice. He was build like the Terminator, Joe, so big and strong and muscular! I really liked dancing with Mr. Smith.”
Joe didn’t speak, just wiggled and squirmed and mouthed the word, ‘Yes, yes, yes.” He placed his hand on my hip as I talked and rubbed his chastity and balls against my hot thighs.
I said, “Listen Joe, maybe we ought to go to sl**p. Hum?”
He said, “Oh no, please, not yet, please just tell me a little more.”
I said, “I’d really enjoy feeling your loving tongue in my hungry pussy Hun, if I’m going to tell you any more about me and Mr. Smith on the dance floor, and our kiss.”
Joe’s head snapped up to look me in the eyes, after I mentioned that name. He breathed, “You kissed Mr. Smith?”
I realized what he was thinking, had jumped to the same mistaken conclusion I had earlier, so I said, “It was a Mr. Steven Smith, Joe. You know how many Smiths there are in the world?”
Joe asked, “Okay, but the kiss a man? I thought you were only going to dance with them.” He was moving again back into his favorite spot between my thighs. I wondered if he would be able to smell Mr. Smith’s musk cologne on my skin, and my excitement that had oozed out of my sex as he practically fucked me there on the dance floor. I could still smell the smoke in my hair and Mr. Smith’s cologne in my nostrils.
I said, “I don’t remember that part very well. It was just a little kiss.”
He said, “please Hun,” as he spoke I felt the air of his warm breath in my hungry sex.
I felt guilty about that nasty delicious kiss, so I decided to change the subject. I said, “Joe, Amy f***ed me to tell her about what we did to ‘improve’ our marriage.” I used the finger quotes to emphasize the word improve. I said, “She made me come clean Joe. So I told her everything.”
Joe looked at me, but not accusingly, just inquiringly. He lapped at my dribbling lips as I spoke.
I said, “she said she didn’t believe me Joe, and I was drinking you know, and I had to prove it to her, so I showed her the pictures we took of your penis in the chastity. As she looked I told her you are giving me great oral sex every night.”
He must have felt some pride or something hearing this because he started lapping quicker and with longer strokes from the bottom of my vagina deep into me then up over my clitoris, Mmm Yummy! Or maybe he didn’t care what she knew possibly because she isn’t really one of our f****y friends, more my personal private confidant.
He stopped lapping at me to ask, “Ya Hun, but what about kissing that black guy?”
I said, “Oh Hun, you don’t really want to hear about that. I’m uncomfortable talking about it and,” Joe showed me how much he really did want to hear about me kissing another man by digging his tongue into me and forcing me to want to please him.
I began again, “Well this man, Mr. Smith, he is a very large black man, he came to our table and asked me to dance. Well he did the first time. The second time he just took my hand and lead me out onto the dance floor. Amy said black men tend to take what they want so I guess Mr. Smith wanted me right then because he did just that.”
Joe was getting into a wonderful rhythm so I rattled on, “You had just instructed me to dance Joe, so I did. Another man asked me to dance and I danced with him too, between Mr. Smith, I mean between dances not between those 2 men, but it was Mr. Smith who I kissed?”
Joe locked his lips around my clit and began applying a hard vacuum as I admitted I had kissed this man, not that he had kissed me.
“Oh Joe, it’s rapturous, ohhhh yes that feels soo good Joe,” I cooed, “Well” I began again, “Mr. Smith asked me to dance again, and I accepted again. No, he took me to dance, he didn’t ask. But I did dance my third dance with him. This was the third and last dance I had promised you Joe.”
My husband was driving me wild with his kisses and his darting tongue lighting all over my clit right then. I tried to remember the past as my mind was being tortured with wonderful pleasures in the present. I said, “We went out on the dance floor. It was so crowded, people everywhere. And he held me close to him, Joe.”
I could feel Joe begin to work even more vigorously along with my story. “I felt him” I said, “as our bodies touched. His penis, Joe, got big and hard between our bodies. It was in his pants Joe, but this wonderful big powerful black man was bumping me with his penis Joe, thrusting it into your wife’s tummy, as we danced. Amy said black men can’t help it, their cocks get hard when they like someone and it just happens. She said it is no big deal Joe.”
Joe was working so intently now. I couldn’t believe he was not jealous hearing me tell him this, but he appeared to only be getting more and more excited, and driving me closer and closer to one of our wonderful oral orgasms.
I leaned back and closed my eyes and continued, “At some point Mr. Smith had his hands on my bottom Joe, and was pulling me into his thrusting groin. The music was real loud and I could feel it thumping my entire body, the music that is. Oh that is soo nice Loe, yes there right there Hun. Mmm, then I felt one of his big hands move up from the cheek of my bottom, Oh that is good, while his other hand was squeezing my other cheek.”
I peeked to see that Joe had closed his eyes too and was focusing all his attentions on pleasing me while listening to me reliving my adulterous activity in the arms of another man.
I only peeked for a second, then continued, “His one hand moved up my side, his large fingers grazed the side of my Breast Hun, but kept moving up. He never actually touched my breast, directly. He took my chin in his hand Joe and pulled my face to his and then he kissed me on the lips, and I kissed him back Joe. Yes, I kissed Mr. Smith. I know it was wrong, but I did it.”
Joe asked in a whispered “Did he… you know?”
I knew what he was asking. He was afraid that black man might have had his way with me. I said, “Oh No Joe!” It was so odd. He wasn’t mad. He was horny and even more hungry for me then ever before. I asked, “Joe, would you like it if I told you he had fucked me?”
He answered me by diving into my pussy with all his lust and lapped at me as he drove me higher and higher.
I said, “Joe he kissed me and I kissed him back, but that’s all. He lifted my leg and I could feel his big hard cock rubbing over my clitoris all the way up past my belly button, and I admit it Joe, I thought about it. I might have wanted him at that moment to be doing that stroking deep inside me, but it was only for a moment Joe, Mmm thought about him filling my body with his huge cock, but only for a moment I promise, but nothing happened, not really Honey, and it meant nothing. I love you Joe. You are my husband and I only want you.”
At that moment, as I was confessing my horrible acts, we both let out a muffled scream and a shudder and a quake as we both experienced a mutual mind blowing orgasm.
I found this night that my husband could achieve orgasm without a single touch of his penis, not allowed to grow hard and upright and sensitive, but with only his imagination and sharing in my nasty adulterous pleasures. My Joe reached a mental orgasm with no physical stimulation.
We fell asl**p in each other arms. I slept in dreams of wonderful kisses both with my stranger and my husband, with Mr. Smith at my lips and with my Joe at my puss. I was wet between my legs when I awoke, and had spittle dribbling from my mouth. It was 1 hot night.
Saturday Amy had to leave early. She said she got called into work. We had breakfast together before she rolled out. She sat across the table from Joe as I served eggs and bacon. The girls ate and dashed out the door first. Amy then asked me right there in front of Joe, “Does he have it on now?”
I looked at Joe and he looked at me as I said, “Yes.”
She asked, “Would you let me see? I’ve never seen a chastity before, much less in use.”
I tried to explain, “It isn’t a toy Amy. Doctors invented it to help husbands regain control.”
She said, “I understand that. I’m a nurse. Can I see it Joe?”
Joe looked at me for support. I raised my eyebrows giving him my approval if he didn’t mind. I guess since she had said she was a nurse he felt it was okay, so he looked toward Amy, stood up, and pulled his pajama bottoms down over his chastity and balls, down to his mid thighs.
Amy said, “Come over here Joe so I can see it better.” He stepped over to her. She took my husband’s balls in her fingers and lifted the chastity so it was inches from her nose. She examined my husband’s balls and plastic covered penis with what looked to be a medical scrutiny as she said, “Wow Hun, this is very nice. And Joe, do you like it? Is it comfortable?”
Joe and I spoke at the same time, then he looked to me for me to continue first, “Well Amy, it really works. They said it isn’t for everyone, but it really works for us. Doesn’t it Joe.”
Joe said, “Yes Hun. And yes it is comfortable Amy, now. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but I’m fine with it now.”
She was still holding my husband’s balls as she asked, “And you feel much calmer these days Joe? Kathy said you are giving her oral sex and that her orgasms are wonderful. Do you get off eating pussy Joe?”
It was quite blunt and kind of a nasty way to ask it, but it was all true. I had told her all of that exactly. She had asked Joe so she wanted him to answer her. I started to say my thoughts on this, to spare Joe, but she said, “Kathy, I want to hear Joe’s opinion.”
Joe was reaching to pull up his pants when Amy gave his balls a little squeeze, stopping him instantly. He said, “Yes, I do.”
She said, “Joe, did she tell you about last night?”
I noticed Joe’s balls turn red and the veins bulged and pulsed, and the tube of his chastity pushed out and the skin of his penis was red and sticking out the sides of the slits in the sides of the tube. Amy noticed too as she rubbed his balls with her thumb, and said, “Answer me Joe.”
He said, “Yes,” and his voice had risen an octave. I didn’t like seeing my friend torturing my husband like this, but I didn’t know what to do.
She said, “Joe, what did she tell you about last night?”
His penis flexed again as he said, “Kathy told me about kissing Mr. Smith.”
Amy looked at me with a smile and said, “Wow Kathy, Joe seems to enjoy that story. Don’t you think?”
I said, “Leave him alone Amy. You could hurt him.”
She asked Joe, “Am I hurting you? Do you want us to tease you more or should I quit?”
Joe said, “More please.”
I was shocked he actually wanted more of this torture. I could see it was agonizing, his balls looked like they were about to explode in Amy’s fingers. I wondered what more she could do to him. We already admitted everything out loud, hadn’t we?
Amy asked Joe, “If Kathy had called you last night Joe, and told you Mr. Smith, a big black man had just asked her to go home with him, knowing this man would be kissing your wife’s lips and nipples, knowing he would be fucking your wife’s pussy with his big powerful black cock bareback, and ejaculating his semen deep into your wife’s vagina, Joe, would you give her permission to go, or tell her no?”
I wanted to rescue him from her nasty teasing, but I also felt a tingling in my body as I decided to wait just a moment, just until he answered this one question.
Joe said, “Well, I, I don’t know.”
Amy patted his balls with her other hand then and let him go so he could pull up his pants. She said, “Oh, my I have to run. I hope you will allow me to come again sometime soon.”
I was about to tell her off, tell her to just go and, but Joe spoke first, “Sure Amy. I love that Kathy has a good friend like you. Come any time.” He looked like he was blushing as he turned and left the room. We didn’t discuss any of this again until we were in bed again. Then Joe wanted to hear about that kiss again, and while he pleased me I was happy to expound on my exploits.
Sunday, I felt I needed to recapture my sanity, my reality. I went to the gym and thought about everything as I worked up a sweat, but really didn’t think, if you know what I mean. I told Joe in bed this night that I didn’t want to discuss it anymore. I said, “It was wrong Joe and it’s not going to happen again, so let’s drop it.” He wasn’t happy about this, but he didn’t push.
Monday Joe went to work. I called Levant, to confess to him about everything that had happened this last week, minus the part about the confusion over the names. I needed to see if we were doing something wrong.
He said, “Kathy, it is easy to let things get out of hand when big changes are taking place.” He advised me to stay away from the disco for a while, and keep working the program. He also asked me to keep an eye on Joe’s computer history, and email the history as it showed up.

(L. Smith note) Wife appear to be growing a sexual hunger. She enjoys the oral sex from husband, but also feels tempted by persons showing sexual interest in her. This week exposed to black men and felt submissive to their desires. Wife seems to be very submissive, but this is common with most Asian women. Time to move to step 3.
Husband viewed NO porn at all since step 1 implemented. His porn preferences are subject to major change into new venues after wife’s adventure. Husband seems to have become very submissive in this time. Time to move to step 3 also.
Both subjects are synchronous in program development. Need to fill out an evaluation form to let the subjects know they are on track and doing perfectly. Need to email the step 3 letter and upgrade the profile.

<Joe’s input> I’m writing this as an afterthought again, to keep my thoughts in order about everything that is happening to us. Kathy had a wild time with her friend Amy at the disco last week, involving kissing another man, a big black man. It also appears she felt a desire to allow him to fuck her, maybe. But she won’t admit it or even fantasize with me about it when we enjoy our nightly oral sex.
There was some confusion about the name of her dancing partner and our Mr. Smith’s name being the same, but we worked that out. It wasn’t him.
Mr. Smith called and said we are right on track. He advised Kathy avoid the disco for a while, while we are experiencing these major changes. I’m not uncomfortable calling him sir and Mr. Smith anymore while Kathy is encouraged to call him by his first name. I understand the need for psychological structuring. He said we are ready to advance to step 3. I am so looking forward to this!
Amy is gone again. She really got me frustrated this last visit. I think she upset Kathy too, as she refuses to talk about anything regarding their girl’s night out together. I can’t believe Kathy let her hold my chastity and balls like that while driving me wild with thoughts of allowing another man, a black man to fuck my wife. I have to let these thoughts go. They’re starting to pop up while I’m at work or when I’m sl**ping. They are becoming more frequent too.
I’m trying to avoid the computer these days, the porn that is. It doesn’t help. I can’t get hard or play with myself with the chastity on. This is per plan, but I find when the thoughts of Kathy in the arms of a black man start to heat up my gray cells I’m driven to look for images of Asian women kissing black men, holding them in each other’s arms, and fucking. I don’t care about any of the other stuff I used to look at. That does nothing for me anymore, but I have found an interest in Interracial, Asian, and Chastity categories.
I need to talk with Mr. Smith about this, and ask if I’m doing something wrong.

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this is so amazing so erotic so hot and even tough to belive
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