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I'm:Steve, 56
From:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Personal Information
Kids:Yes, we live together
Education:Some college
Star sign:Sagittarius
Physical Information
Body type:Stocky
Height:5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
About Me
Wife informed me she was kissing a man at work
We used this in fantasy roll play of Cuckold w Creampie
Then one night she said, "Hun, it happened" as she handed me her panties
She asked me to bring dinner pizza to her work one night
She introduced me to a Big Black Man who she works with
My fantasies changed to INTERRACIAL right then
She enjoyed his BBC once a week during breaks & bring home Creampie
Then she started meeting him outside work for evening fun 1ce a month
The relationship ended when his wife caught on
She was depressed so I felt a need to do something to cheer her up
I found Black Men on FriendFinder and made plans with them
Took her to a local Disco on a date, 'To CHEER her up!'
She agreed to play a 'Strangers in a bar' roll play I proposed
She went in and sat alone while I parked
I entered and sat at the bar and watched, for pre-agreed 30 minutes
She got asked to dance by 3 Big Black Men, my secret FF friends
She danced and talked and drank with them and liked one a lot
All of them loved her & wanted her for a lover
All were single with understanding of Cuckold Relationships
I approached and introduced myself and joined her with one of them
He danced with her rest of night, both pretending not to know me
I danced with an old lady at table behind us
She got his name and number before we left
She was planning to forget him, it was just a game, he was a stranger
The kids went to friends, I work swing, she was off and home alone
I called the Big Black Man she liked
Told him I would pay him to go give her a massage tonight while I work
I called her to tell her I paid for a massage to help her relax
He arrived at 11 pm
I was on pins and needles until 12:30 when I got off
I got home and peeked in the windows
I saw them picking up pillows off living room floor
My wife was in pink Silk Kimono, he was in sweet shorts
I walked in and she said, "You wont guess what just happened."
I eased her back onto the sofa
lifted her calves to my shoulders as her Kimono fell open
Then I saw her lover's Creampie in her swollen pussy
I licked and sucked her as he watched us
She took him by hand to guest room and asked me to go to bed
She slept with him that night
I awoke with her sitting on my face feeding me more Creampie
Then she went to work while her lover and I slept under the same roof
She came in, her lunch break, we were both still asleep
She kissed me to wake me, then told me she was going in to wake him
She said she wanted to suck his BIG BLACK COCK
Each week she would say "Never again!"
A few days later she would say, "He called!"
A few days later she would say, "It happened" and I would eat Creampie
I got a chastity, CB6000s and she put it on me, but felt it was torture
She mostly liked me shaving her and helping her get ready for her dates
I liked locking myself in chastity while she was out
Then all this too stopped after a while
She just said no more after changing jobs
I tried again, with FF men
I found 1 who asked if I liked Creampie from the tap
I said I had never
He told me to come see him before introducing him to my wife
He said he read my profile on FF and to wear my chastity when I came
I did and 1ce in his presence he said, "Pull out my COCK Steven."
I pulled his pants open and fished his Big Black Cock out
It is 10 inches and thick as 4 fingers and very dark brown
I looked as he said, "This is what I'll be fucking your wife with!"
I said I understood and agreed
He said, "Hold it. Jack it." I did with it only inches from my face
He said, "You are going to suck my cum out your wife's pussy Steven."
I nodded my head
He said, "You are going to suck my cum out of my COCK too."
I nodded my head and said, "Yes sir."
He said, "I like it when you call me that, but we are going to be friends so call me Del."
I said okay as I jacked him
He said, "Suck my COCK Steven," and I did
He came over to watch TV with me and met my wife
She liked him, and we began using him in our fantasy roll play
He came over when she had to go to bed for work
He would tell me to suck it while he thought about fucking my wife
We planned one night for him to come by to drop off DVDs while I worked
She was to open the door for him
I suggested she meet him in her Kimono and she did
I got home and peeked through our windows
She was in his arms kissing deeply
Her kimono was open and he was holding her naked body inside
I watched as she knelt and pulled him out of his shorts and sucked him
I watched as he picked her up, she wrapped her arms and legs around him
I watched as they fucked like this
He danced with her like this all around the room
I watched until they stopped and she said, "Steve will be here soon."
She went to bed and I came in
He told me, "Let her sleep. Get on your knees."
I did and he told me about it as I sucked

She felt guilty after a few months & ended it
I see him some times & he lets me have it from the tap
But it is few and very far between
She is nice but grumpy now, sex with me maybe monthly
He came over a few weeks ago and said, "On your back."
I lay on bed with head over edge, wife was at work
He fucked my throat while not letting me touch myself
I had an orgasm without contact as he fucked slow and steady
Then he introduced me to giving him my ass, & I came again
That was weeks and weeks ago and I am so hungry to do it again
But wife is satisfied with mostly nothing
He has moved far across town in with a girlfriend
and I crave BBC
So this is my true life pitiful story
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25 days ago
Hot profile. Amazing stories!
2 months ago
sexy stories
3 months ago
luv your stories, keep them cumming
5 months ago
It gives me a thrill to know I gave you a boner. As a cuckold I will imagine sitting on the floor awaiting you to finish the story, watching from eye level your cock twitching then swelling, rolling over and slowly rising as it thickens and deepens in color. I can tell you are enjoying it as the head of your cock flares and your cock begins to bob with your heartbeat. You say, "Mmm yes," as your cock stretches fully erect and I see your balls tighten and lift in the scrotum then descend slowly and as you turn toward me and look into my eyes I notice a small amount of precum ooze forth and form into a drop then as it slips down your throbbing shaft another and then another form and follow. I look back into your eyes as you say...
5 months ago
got a boner just reading your profile!
6 months ago
Thank you very much. Hope i can keep entertaining you
6 months ago
Profile is all true as is the new story I wrote about a visit to our local XXX cinema. Hope you will read this too and let me know what you think as well.
6 months ago
Thank you. I hope I can keep entertaining
6 months ago
Love your stories
6 months ago
I just read you intro profile again.. I am so horny now.. luv it
6 months ago
thanks for the invite
6 months ago
I would love to have a friend here. I am on AFF as gofore1 with more about me and mine. We had a wild time for a while but she has turned away from the dark side and we no longer feel the force. I'm a StarWars & StarTrek fan in case you didn't catch the reference. my email is gofore1@post.com if you'd like to write me there
6 months ago
Incredible series is the internet destroying your marriage loved it Hope you write another one
I want to invite you to be my friend
6 months ago
great profile story... wow.. you need to go service him from time to time and then work it into a regular thing.. I had a friend like this and he lived in a town almost an hour away.. he would miss me and would be waiting for me.. usually naked on his sofa when I would meet him at his place.. this went on for years.. till I moved away due to work..
7 months ago
Loving your stories thanks
7 months ago
Really enjoying the series. Keep writing! Thanks
7 months ago
Love your Internet Porn series. Hope there is coming more.
7 months ago
Love your stories!!!!!!