Nat is Anna's bitch part 3 (s****rs)

this is part 3 of the Nat/Anna story. have fun reading it.

As Anna smiled, she undid my bounds and made me stand up. she went behind me (giving my butt a good smack) and bound my wrists together behind my back. she then sat on the armchair in the center of the room and crossed her sexy legs.
"get on your knees bitch" i did as i was told "come here" i moved on my knees to her. "lick me clean" i leaned and started licking her ankle and slowly up to her knee and then to her thigh. as i got higher she uncrossed her legs and spread them. "lick my pussy slut" i did as i was told. i lick her clit and pussy as much as i could. i love this taste. i just can't get enough of it! i licked and sucked on her pussy and clit. gently nibbling it as well. she kept moaning and grinding her pussy on my face.
"more you whore" she then put her hand on the back of my head and shoved my face into her pussy. i licked and sucked every part i could. "oh fuck, oh yes you bitch" she moaned and cummed on my face and in my mouth. i kept licking and sucking her pussy whilst swallowing any cum that got in my mouth. suddenly she pulled my face up and started kissing me deeply. "you're a good whore arent you" i nodded "now you have to clean something else" she turned around and bent over and rested her hands on the chair. her tight butthole was right infront of my face. without any promting i started to lick her butt, gently biting her cheeks before lunging my tongue into her butthole. as i licked her butt she kept moaning "oh yes, oh deeper you little whore" so i did. i got my tongue as deep into her butthole as i could, she started cumming again so i started to lick both her pussy and butthole. she was cumming even more and quicker now. i kept going like this till she stood up and pushed me away. i fell on my back.
"that was good bitch" she was slightly out of breath. she got on all fores and started crawling to me. eventually she was over me liiking straight into my face. "now it's your turn" she went lower down my body to my pussy, spread my legs and started licking and sucking on it. "no cumming you bitch. or i will punish you" so as she was ravaging my tight pussy, i was trying my best not to cum, which was next to impossible! she then shoved 2 fingers into my pussy and i immediately cummed all over her "looks like you need punishment bitch"
she pulled me up un-did my wrists and put me on the chair. she got my hand behind the chair and tied them again. put my legs up and over the arm-rests and tied me to them. i was slightly leaning back and my legs were fully spread and my pussy totally exposed and rather close to the end of the seat. she got a camera and took a few photo's of me like this. she then got a dildo and put it to my pussy and was about to ram it in before the door opened slowly and mother was standing there in the doorway.
mother just stood there shocked. "oh, er, hi mother" Anna tried a go at normal conversation but mother didnt responed and just looked at us. me tied in a very provocative position naked, with Anna who was also naked apart from her kneehigh socks who was about to shove a dildo into my pussy. mother then stepped a few paces into the room and shut the door. and then we heard her lyrical voice "what exactly are you doing?"

for your information, this is actualy a true story told to me by Natasha (though i did change a few things and made it more story like) up to the point where Nat cums on the floor. after that it's just my mind going into over time. this shall be continued in part 4.
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2 years ago
wow wish i could meet her, very cool! keep them coming!
3 years ago
still like it^^ What about showing Nat off a bit in public, just very cautiously, daring a bit more each time, getting her horny by it?

Keep going.