Nat is Anna's bitch prt 2 (s****rs)

continuing from the previous story where Nat got fucked by Anna.

i woke up slowly and everything was pitch black. i was worried for a second that i was blind, but then realised i had soemthing covering my eyes. i tried moving my arms but they seemed to be stuck in place and my wrists hurt. my wrists were tied to the bed. i tried moving my ankles but they were tied too. i tried yelling but my mouth was full of some material, it tasted really really nice, like my s****rs cum. my pussy still ached and my nipples were sore, though i was really horny still.
"oh, you're awake now huh?" i heard my older s****r talk teasingly. then my blindfold was gone and i could see the situation i was in. my legs were tied to the legs of the bed via 2 pairs of tights. my wrists tied similarly to the top legs of the bed. in my mouth were a pair of my s****rs black panties (i knew they were her's because i was forever stealing them) "so slut, how are you this morning?" i then looked at Anna and was turned on immediately. she was wearing her thigh high black socks and nothing else. i could see her shaven pussy clearly and it turned me on even more.
she walked over to me and started absent mindedly stroking my body. my breasts, to my stomach to my clit then back up, teasing me. "now what should i do with you then?" she started tickling between my breasts making me giggle a little. "well, using you like a toy would be a good start wouldn't it?" i was now scared. like a toy? what did she mean by that?
she leaned down and took my right nipple into her mouth and started sucking hard until it was painful and turned red, i loved it. she did the same to my other nipple.
"how shall i treat my new toy then? hmmm?" she slapped my pussy hard and it made me soaked. "looks like my little toy wants some release. well, may as well" she licked down my nipples to my clit, gently flicking it with her tongue, teasing me again. i moaned into her panties, my gag. she licked a little lower and started making little circles just around my pussyhole. i willed her to shove her tongue in but she didnt. she licked back up my body again.
"do you want release?" i nodded "do you want me, your older s****r, to ravage your little cunt?" i nodded even harder "well tough bitch" she then slapped my face hard, making it sting. she got up and got her camera, then started taking pictures of me. she got several things. the dildo from earlier, some whipped cream and another 2 dildo's about the same length as the original.
"now, i am going to show how much of a slut you really are!" she rammed one of the dildo's into my ass and took a photo of it. she took it out and then rammed it into my pussy (very very slowly so i couldnt cum from it) and took another photo. "no talking otherwise i will punish you hard!" i didnt want that so when she took my gag out of my mouth i didnt say a word. she made me open my mouth and get as much of that dildo which had been in my ass and pussy into my mouth and she took another photo. now she got the whipped cream and spread it on my stomach and breasts. a big word saying 'SLUT' she took another photo.
by this time i was both extremely embarrassed but also extremely turned on.
she then licked off the cream and put my name, number and address on me. then shoved one dildo into my ass, one in my mouth and another into my pussy and took a photo.
"now, if you do not want these to be spread throughout my friends, your friends, every guy in the neighborhood, everyone that wouldnt mind bending you over and fucking you as hard as hell. and forever be known as 'Nat the cum slut bitch' then listen to my orders and do exactly as i say!" i nodded full heartedly. as much as i am enjoying this, i do not want this to get out. "good! now i am going to have a little play with you. got it?" i nodded "coolio" she smiled evilly, i almost cummed again.

continued in prt 3.
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2 years ago
very naughty fun
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3 years ago
Brilliant. Part 3?