two s****rs (true story)

this is 100% true in every way. but it's from two perspectives (kinda) and it was given to me via email from very good friends. i will not say names. but i will put initials. and as the s****rs names begins with same letter, i will put Sa and So as their names. N isnt involved, but is narrating what is happening from his view.

N: She is licking Sophies clit, slowly and surely. While doing this she is ticking her asshole
So: She is licking my clit... wow im tingling
N: She is sticking one finger in So's ass whilst she slurps on So's pussy. Her other hand is tickling her clit.
So; She is.. oh my.. has a finger up my ass, is slurping on my pussy and is tickiling my clit. IT'S FUCKING AMAZING. OH GOD Close to cumming.
N; So blew in her face, So got up and Licked Sa's face clean, and is now sucking on her tits.
So: I came, then licked Sa clean. I'm licking her nipples now.
N: So is Licking Sa's clit whilst she has 3 fingers in her ass.
Sa: Holy shit so HOT. I'm getting my clit licked with 3 fingers up my ass
N: So is licking Sa's assholy whilst FISTING HER PUSSY
Sa: OH GOD my asshole is being licked and my pussy fisted... i'm going to cum.
N: Sa is cumming, So's fist is covered. She is now licking her fist clean, and the s****rs are RUBBING PUSSYS TOGETHER
N; Now they are rubbing pussies and nipples, So is on top of Sa. The s****rs are kissing eachother as they do it, they are clearly enjoying it. OH and Sa has exploded, pusseh juice everywhere
N: Sa licks So everywhere to clean her, but this causes So to cum on her. So is now cleaning Sa while roughly fisting her pussy. Now they are back to rubbing pussies and nipples, with Sa looking as she may faint.
N: So notices this and is taking control. She is pinning Sa down and licking her from neck down to her clit. Sa is cumming repeatedly, she is losing control and is being dominated by So.
N: Sa is cumming more. So is now biting her nipples while they rub pussies. So cum on Sa but doesnt clean it and carries on rubbing themselves together. Sa is moaning in pure pleasure, her eyes are drifting to the back of her head slightly.
N: So is looking into her s****rs eyes with a sexy look, and as So cums again, Sa moans in pleasure as she too cum... and FAINTS! Sa is gone.

well, thats that. how you like it? i know the name thing i did was annoying, but i dont want to reveal their names (they are friends, they dont mind me telling this, but not their names) oh, and this was the first time they ever did such a thing together.
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2 years ago
wish it was longer
3 years ago
Was mislead by title should have been called Dont waste your time reading this.
3 years ago
interesting way to tell it
3 years ago
yeah sorry bout that. but that was how it was given to me. though, i will at one point make it into a story when given the time.
3 years ago
this 2 sides thing is really anoying.
it's pretty much N says something and Sa or So say the same thing + oh god.