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this was told to me by a friend, i wont say her name but she will allow me to put it up i'm sure. this is written pretty much how it was told to me, with little differences. i put in most of the talking but what they do is exactly as what i was told.
if the title is similar or the same as another story, i apologize i just can't find one that fits better.
i tried uploading this once before, didn't work for some reason well, have a good read and i hope you enjoy, please leave a comment on what you think.

i dressed up in a green shirt that hung tightly to my d-cup breasts, no bra so my nipples shown through easily. i also had on a very short skirt that only just hid my white panties from view, fully showing off my long legs bare legs. i didnt really do anything with my long black hair, just let cascade down my back. the reason i was so dressed up? because i was going round my best friends house and having a nice night. but i was hoping for something very special.
as i drove down to her home i was already getting very wet thinking about her. her lovely legs, brilliant skin, huge blue eyes that just seems to pull you into them, her luscious big lips, her long brown hair that just makes you want to stroke her. i had to rub my legs together i was so excited.
i arrived at her house and walked towards the door and knocked. hardly containing my excitement. and she quickly answered it. "hiya Charlie!!!!" she stood in the door way in a white one piece dress that clung to her breasts and fluttered around her ass, just giving little peeks of her panties. "hiya Sarah" i hugged her tight, breathing in her scent, it was like a lovely flowery smell. it got me even wetter.
"well, come in!" she jumped out the way in her usual over excited manner, it was so cute!!!! i walked into her home and down the hall into her living room and sat on the leather couch. she hardly had anything in this room. just a coffee table, tv a few book cases, and the couch. but i still found it cute somehow. she came in from the kitchen with two glasses and a bottle of wine, her skirt just floating up enough to see her panties again, a lovely deep red colour. she plomped herself down next to me and poured the wine into the glasses.
after a while of small talk and more wine, we got to an interesting subject;
"so, how long since you had sex?" she asked me so quickly and directly it took a moment to precess, then i blushed deep crimson. "uhm, about 3 weeks" i said sheepishly. "that long! you must really need it then!" she was slightly shocked. normally i have sex almost every few days, but i haven't recently, because i want to fuck Sarah so bad that i want to cover her in my cum, and to make that easier, i have been saving myself. "well, i think you'll get some soon, you always do!" she laughed at that and i made a short f***ed laugh. god i hope it is with her.
after some more wine she looked a little tipsy so i tried something, i gently put my hand on her thigh. i initially thought she'd move it, but in fact she shivered a little. i got a little bolder and slid my hand up, inching ever closer to her pussy. as i got closer she opened up her legs slightly. that was all the encouragement i needed, i started rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her panties. "mmm, so nice" she looked into my eyes. "please kiss me as you continue to rub me" i didnt need to be told twice! i dived my face in towards hers and ravaged her mouth with mine. shoving my tongue into her mouth with a vengeance, i rub a little more fiercely against her pussy.
after about a minute of this, she pulled her face away and said very plainly "fuck me, fuck me hard" i couldn't hold in my excitement! i ripped her dress to pieces trying to get at her, her breasts on full display were amazing! c-cup, and very soft. i dived to them, licked, sucked and bit them over and over. as i did this she was letting little moans escape her pretty mouth. i slipped my hand inside her really wet panties and rubbed her clit. i played with it, stroked it, twisted it in my fingers and her moans quickly turned into low screams. "oh shit!" i slowly slipped a finger into her cunt and that was it. she exploded all over my hand and drenched her panties.
"that was so good!!" she was smiling, so was i. "not done yet babe" i said back to her. i gently slipped off her panties, revealing a lovely shaved pussy, glistening in it's juices "so nice. i dont want you waking the neighbors so..." i balled up her soaking panties and put them in her mouth. she moaned through them and i noticed she was sucking on them, sucking on her cum. "so sexy!" i dived for her pussy, licking deeply into her tight snatch. she tasted so sweet that i had to just suck and suck, lick and lick. she quickly cummed in my face, but i kept going, not believing my luck! i kept going on her pussy, tongue-ing her pussy, rubbing her clit with my nose, biting her lightly. she quickly cummed again and again, in rapid succession. i had to grab her hips to keep her still. eventually she passed out.
"that was great. but i am SO not done!" i quickly strip all my clothes off and gets her laying down on the floor. i kneel over her face, my knees either side of her head, my pussy inch's from her lovely lips. she wakes up suddenly, quickly looks at my pussy, and without saying anything begins eating me out.
her tongue is soo soft and smooth!!! i love the feel of her tongue exploring my pussy lips, licking around my clit then diving into my hole. she licks around inside then licks lower down and around my asshole. she licks back up again and then shoves her tongue in deep into my pussy. i am rocking back and forth against her face. getting ever closer to my orgasm. she then slides a finger into my ass and thats it. i explode in my orgasm. absolutely covering her face with my juices. as my first orgasm in weeks dies down i start to lose consciousness and then pass out.
when i wake up i'm in her bed still naked, but i can tell my body has been used. my pussy feels quite loose, my ass hole hurts slightly and my mouth is a little sore. i then look around and see Sarah standing by the bed, wearing a large strap-on. "been using that have you?" i asked excitedly. "yes i have, you've been out for 2 hours. might as well make use of you" she had a very sexy smile on her face. "well then, keep using me then" she nodded, then pounced on top of me.
we spent the entire night fucking and in the morning we were still going at it!
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3 years ago
good one hope you used her all night after that
3 years ago
very nice