Message to my dirty whore

Im goin to order you to get on your knees then tie your hands behind your back. Then as i hold your face and spit in your mouth and treat you like the dirty little whore bag that you want to be!!! My whore, my slut, my fuck doll, my slave!!!
Then i stick and apple in your mouth and bend you over...I move behind you to look at your fuckin arse and spit on your pukkerd little hole!!i slowly get my dry middle finger and start finger fucking your dirt pipe! Ur moaning and whimpering and i just tell you to shut your filthy mouth!!This is what you deserve!!Youve been a naughty little bitch and derserve nothing but punishment!!

As i finger your shit hole i get my big black dildo and start fucking your pink wet cunt!!when i feel you on the edge of the most powerfull orgasm you will ever have i decide youve had enough and its time to see how much you want my throbbing cock!

As i move round to your now bright red face, i look in disgust at you and tell you how much of a disgrace you are and decide to piss all over you, covering your big milky tits in my urine! I take the apple out of your mouth and make you bed to taste your arse by sucking finger.

nger. "please, please sir.Let me taste my ass" as u clean my fingers i decide its time for you to taste my now solid and throbbing cock!! as i hold your hair so you cant move your head anywhere i slowly slide my purple bell end into your juicy mouth! as i feel your toung on the rim of my dick, i slowly slide my shaft furthar and furthar into your mouth and down your throat till i could feel your toung on my balls. as a slowly take my dripping cock from your mouth i beggin to cuck ur slutty little dirty mouth. i can feel your tonsils on the tip if my cock and i can see tears running down your full cheeks!
I can hear my little slut gagging on my girth!as i start pulling ur hair and pumping my hard cock into your throat ur saliva is running down your chin and my legs! i pump my white hot spunk down your throat and into your greatfull mouth!! u lick my cock head clean and beg me to finnish you off.

I think this little slut deserves it now. so i move behind you and get the big black dildo you had been introduced to earlyer and start fucking your big fucking arse with it savagly and i start liking your disgusting clut till u shudder with the biggest orgasm u have ever had and ever will have again, because i am ur master and u will always be my disgusting, ugly, dirty cunt of a whore!!
After i untie your hands i tell you to scoop all your cum and pussy juice with your 3 fingers and lick all your disgusting mess up!!!
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