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When I was growing up I had a best friend called Dave. Dave and I were always mucking about and finding new things to amuse ourselves. Dave had a younger s****r called Emma who was about 5 or 6 years younger than us and when Dave and I were out playing when we were younger Emma would always annoy us.

So we all grew up and went our own ways, Dave went to uni and studied and I stayed at home working full-time. We still kept intouch but we didn't see much of each other.

It was about 6 months ago now and Dave was turning 21 and was having a party at his parents house. His parents were practically my second mum and dad and they had a
Massive old house. It was at this party that I noticed how much Emma had matured from a young c***d into a young woman...

I had often fantasises over her when we were growing up but she was always too young so it wouldn't be right, plus it was Daves s****r!! How could I think like that about someone who was like a s****r to me!!!

But looking at her in her small black mini skirt with a red tight top I could see a beautiful young woman emerging from that annoying little girl that used to follow us around.
As the drinks flowed into the evenin I began to speak to her about her school and how she was getting on at her new all girls boarding school!! And all the time I could t help but think of how young and innocent this fresh 16 year old teenager was!! I could see her legs were long and tanned and freshly shaven and it made me wonder about her young tight vagina. I could also see her young breasts were at the swolen stage and would make amnice handful. How I wanted to suck on her young nips.

As we spoke more I could sense she was enjoying my attention and our chat turned into flirting which started to get very intense! I stArted quizzing her over how many boyfriends she has had and how she must be fighting off all the boys at her school. But to my delight she reminded me that she was at an all girls boarding school and whenwas saving herself for someone special!!! Bingo!! At theses words my cock went rock hard and all I could think of was pounding this young innocent virgin cunt and leaving my cum all over her glorious tits!!

I asked Emma f she wanted to sneak outside for smoke so we could talk more alone! When we were outside she cuddled into me to keep warm and I could feel her start to rub my leg. I started rubbing her soft thigh and we started kissing. I could feel her warm wet toun in my mouth and taste her fruity lip gloss! All I wanted was to fuck!! I asked her if she wanted to go to her too
And have some fun so she took me up to her room. I asked her if she had ever came before and she told me she had wailed a few times but she wasnt sure. I told her to lie down on the bed and open her legs. I slowly stArted to kiss down her inner thigh, I could feel her body squirming with pleasure and anticipation! I could smell her sweet pussy just inches away from my face and I could see a small wet patch on the outside of her White pantys!! As I peeled off her soaking thing I could see he most amazing tight, untouched, shaved cunt and I jst dived face first into it, licking her soakin hole so I could taste her juices that were now driping down to her tight arse hole! I could feel her body writhing under my toung, I could hear her soft moans of pleasure. My cock was rock hard!!! I needed her to b quiet so I stuffed her wet pantys into her mouth so she could taste some
Of what I was having!! As I licked and sucked her clit I managed to fit jst one finger in her tight wet quim and I was rubbing her insides I could feel her spasming and new she was close!

Then without warning she let out a massive moan, arched her back, clenched her pussy around my finger and just gushed lady juice all over my face!!! In one swift movement I flipped her over onto her front and bent her into doggy style and stuffed my long throbbing cock deep into her soaking tight cunt!! She was squealing and shaking with the pain of her first cock and the pleasure of yet first orgasm! For at least 10 mins I pounded her cunt from behind, spreading her arse cheeks and lookng at her soaking arse hole and my cock fuckin her virgin pussy! When I could feel her ready to. Cum again I pulled her hair back with my left hand and made her lick her juices of my right hands fingers and just at he point where I was so close I plunged my wet fingers rite into her puckerd ass hole and pumped my masses of spunk deep inside her now sopping wet gash!!!
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
that was fantastic couldn't happen to a better person thanks
4 years ago
Hot story on first coming!
4 years ago
4 years ago
nice man! im sure u enjoyed taking that V card
4 years ago
made me hard just reading it
4 years ago