First Time (in the car)

This is Part 1 of my first time playing with my Girlfriend

I'd been dating my girlfriend for a couple of months when we both decided we were both pretty into each other, and wanted to go a little further than we already had. We started out sexting what we both wanted to do to each other the days before going out on a date and coming back to my dorm.

Something I had been very surprised about (and really turned on by) is the fact that she was completely shaved. We were both college-aged virgins and had never done anything sexual with the opposite sex, so I just assumed she was unshaven like I was. She asked me to shave, which I happily agreed to before our first experience.

We were still in my car and started making out heavy (something we had already done a lot of) before she put my hand into her bra where I first discovered what a woman's bare breast felt like, so soft yet so firm. After a whole lot of that and frenching she undid her jeans and I put my hand on her pussy over her panties. She was so wet, I could already feel it with them still on. I told her how hot it was, to which she gave a mischievous "Yeah?".

After some rubbing over her panties, she took my hand and slid it down her panties. The first feeling of her wet pussy was intoxicating, I thought I might cum right there, but it was still her at that particular moment. That's when all the porn I had watched came in handy. I started just rubbing her pussy lips and sliding my fingers up and down her soaking wet pussy, which I could tell she liked by all the moaning and a few soft, hot utterances of "Oh baby" and "Oh my God". The whole time we were kissing and I would occasionally rub her breasts under her bra. We kissed each other's necks and once or twice I licked her juices off my fingers and got my first taste of a girl's pussy. Once again, I was in heaven. When I had the feeling I had her going, I started looking for her clit which porn (and her) had told me was the way to get her to cum. I knew when I did because she really started to moan and react by involuntarily grabbing anything within reach (except that). After a lot of rubbing her clit, she finally said "I'm cumming", but I kept going until she said, "How many times do you want me to cum?". She told me she came three times that night and it was the hottest thing I had ever seen.
We've gone on to do bigger and naughtier things since then, but I still think fingering her to orgasm is the hottest thing ever. Judging by how exhausted she seems after she plays with me, I think she does too.

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