Tanyas visits uncle John

My older b*****rs daughter Tanya was coming to visit again, just like she had since she was a young. Now she had turned 18 and it was maybe the tenth time she came over during the last years. She had always been looking up to me alot not ever causing any trouble. If I said I used to listen to a certain band that would be the next thing she listened to when she came over next year etc.. Quite a lot had happened to her last year, now before me stood a cute blond and skinny teen with a more mature self confident look in her face. She was wearing a colourful dress revealing her slender but athletic figure. As most teens the length of her dress left not much room for imagination.
"Hi Uncle John!"
"Tanya! It is great to see you, how was your trip?"
"Long and tiring, it took me some 8h to get here."
"I guess you should be off to bed then and we can do something fun tomorrow."
"Sounds great. It is so good to finally get away from home."
"I thought you might want to go to the big Hollister Outlet which is not far from here. Your room is prepared, welcome to Hotel Uncle John."
"Yes Uncle, that sounds awesome" she giggled.
She went up to the room she always used when she visited, it was almost like her room, no one else hardly ever used it. ***
Next morning I let her sl**p, but at 9 I went up to wake her since I wanted to get away from home before it got to crowded in the mall. I usually would go in to her and shake her to life since she wasn't much of a morning person. To wake her up usually took a while. First I called for her.
"Tanya, are you up yet?"
No response and I gently opened her door to see her sl**ping heavily in her bed. She was resting on her side with her back towards the door, snugging with the cover laying next to her. This was nothing new, she often slept here or there in the bed, but what was new was the fact that she had changed. Both her body, from being a skinny k** to being a teenager with more mature shapes - firm legs and a well shaped butt. She wore a tank top and only string underwear and her leg dragged up, making her labia almost visible. All of her beautiful buttocks were just there in front of me. What should I do, to have her at my place had never caused me to think for her as a sexobject, or as a sweet girl I wanted to push my cock deep into and fuck the sense out of.
No response...
I got up to the bed and started caressing her back. It thought of covering her up first, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable, but since much of the cover was under her it was more or less stuck.
After a while of back rubbing where it used all my concentration to not touch her butt, she finally started to wake.
"mmmm, this is a good hotel" she moaned, not doing anything to cover her self. I continued to caress her, letting my hand work her thigh as well. Now I actually felt my cock swollen in my shorts. I only wore some old loose fitting shorts and the flagpole appeared clearly. It was hard to hide its full 9 inches. Damn, I thought, I can't let her see this, she will freak out.

To let my feeling cool of I sat up in the bed, with one leg dragged up and my arm and hand resting over my crotch to hide the erection while I started small talking her to life.
After a while she rolled over and sat up. O lord, to add to her newly developed body were also a pair of peeking teenage tits, appearing through the out washed tank top. I glanced at her tired face.
"Well isn't this the cutest and most tired girl in the world, that was no record time, but you are awake at least, welcome to the world again."I smiled.
"I could have slept for a few more hours, I am not made for mornings...you know" she sighed.
My swelling cock finally had cooled of and I dared to stand up.
"Breakfast in 15 minutes, not a minute less or we can as well skip the outlet? Deal?"
"Okay uncle, I will hurry, just a quick shower first."
In 15 minutes sharp she came bouncing down the stairs dressed in a pair of super tight and short jeans shorts showing her new assets perfectly. To that a light blue t-shirt showing some of her belly. Her hair where hastily tied in a top-knot.
"Tanya, right on time. Does your dad really approve on you wearing clothes like that?"
"What's wrong with this? Dad doesn't care about anything, he just cares for the sports section in the news paper."
"We will have to buy you some more proper clothes today, you can't dress like a night club girl all day?"
"Whatever... can we eat now?"
It was clear that she not only had gotten delicate features during the last year, her behaviours and manner was more sloppy and out of control. Maybe I would need to work on that, knowing that my b*****r wouldn't. I let the topic go for now and we ate.
At the outlet she ran all over the place just as all other girls in the store, like this where a goldmine making them rich. The staff where dressed like they just came from the beach, amazing I thought. Maybe they need a janitor or so I smiled for myself.
"Uncle!" Tanya shouted from a nearby dressing room.
"Come her a second."
I walked over to the booth.
"Yes I am here, you don't have to shout"
"Come in, I want you to help me choosing one of these?"
She had put on something which I almost wouldn't believe to be called clothing, it was more like a piece of semi transparent cloth randomly tied around her upper body. It was clear that a bra was out of the question when wearing it since almost her entire back was showing. To that she wore something I would call underwear, like a pair of gray hotpants in a bit thicker cotton fabric.
"So you don't like it, does my butt look big?"
"Tanya, it is, emmm, a bit revealing, wouldn't you think?"
"No, come on, we are not Amish, are we?"
"What can I say, you are very cute and your butt I wouldn't worry about, but you can't dress like that in public, can you?"
"Cute? I don't want to be cute, I want to be sexy uncle."
"You don't know what sexy means, but I guess that someone your age would call it sexy. You are always perfect honey, you know I think that." I managed to make her smile, and to be honest, all I could think of was her body.
"Your are sooo old. Now here comes option number two." She quickly turned around and threw the piece of cloth away to show her naked back to me. In the side mirror I could see the silhouette of her perfect peeking little breasts. They where just one meter away. She picked up another creation that looked like a modern corset. She put her arms into the sleeveless piece.
"Help me with the straps."
I started fumble to the small hooks from her lumber back and upwards. She turned around.
"More classic style, maybe something for a dinosaur like you?" she giggled.
The deep cut corset barely surrounded her aureoles and pushed up her smooth tits creating something that resembled a cleavage. She didn't need push up. My morning hardon was back again, and my cotton shorts felt restricting.
"Which one should I keep, I can't afford both."
"Tanya, as long as you like 'em, you can have them both from me, just be careful who you show it to, I mean, they don't leave much for the imagination."
She gave me a hug and a rapid kiss on my lips.
"Ooooh, thanks uncle John, you are so nice. I will make it up to you. Promise."
It was funny, one year ago seeing her naked or giving her a friendly kiss wouldn't have been any problem. Now I just wanted more. I felt my enlarged crotch press onto her lower belly. She held on to the hug a while, and I am sure she must have wondered what it was she felt. She glanced down when she let go and then lifted her sight to look into my guilty eyes.
She dressed on her regular clothes and I took her new "things" and paid at the counter. After that we went to some nearby restaurant to eat.
Back at home she spent some some time in the sofa with a friend on the phone, and then what appeared to be texting her friends and some what appeared to be meaningless social medias.
"So that is what you do all day, spend time with your phone. You get a toad neck and deteriorated muscles, just one big thumb and two square eyes."
"You know uncle, I can still wrestle you down. So don't try to challenge my old man."
She had always like to wrestle, when I typically let her win after a while.
"Ha ha, your are to skinny for that as always."
Like a puma she jumped towards me and I played with and fell backwards onto the sofa, with her on top of me. She started tickle me on the sides and I cried out.
"Oh no, Tanya the deadly tickle monster."
"You are dead mr, I will crush you."
After a few seconds, pretending to be chance-less, I pushed her backwards, flipping her onto her back. She wiggled to the side and managed to twist halfway as I landed ontop of her. As always I aimed for her thighs which I squeezed and her belly bottom that I played piano on making her cry out loudly.
"Already giving up? I asked.
"Noo ho oo ooo." she answered laughing and screaming at the same time.
I felt the tight and smooth skin on both her legs and belly. She wiggled franticly and ended up on her stomach with me pressing onto her. I took both her hands in one hand behind her back sitting on her butt, she was completely stuck and my strength didn't give her any room to move. I felt the dominant and sexual touch from the situation.
"No please, that is not fair, your hands are much bigger."
"And stronger. Now what should I do with my spare hand?" I added. Next I grabbed her hair in one hand and slowly pulled back her head. She let out a moaning sound.
It totally woke my cock again and maybe I lost focus since she managed to get one hand loose which she pinched my leg with. I let the small sting give her the advantage and I fell down to the floor as heavy as I could. She jumped onto me again, sitting on my crotch. Her face was all red. She took both my underarms and pressed them over my head. I let her do it knowing I could press them of any second, which she of course also knew. I couldn't hide my rock hard cock that now had managed to slip upwards, resting on my lower stomach. Tanya sat on it with her minimal shorts. Her pussy was 1 cm from my shaft, only fabric separating.
"Tanya, don't..." I whispered.
"Don't what? Try to get loose if you want to." she asked, her face now only a few inches from my face rocking her hips slowly over me. She slowly let the pressure go and moved them onto my chest as she raised her upper body, still moving her hips slowly.
"Uncle, it feels good."
"I am telling you for the last time, don't do that."
"Don't you like it, it feels like that?"
"You are crazy." I realized my hands now had moved to each side of her hips.
"I want to see it, please. I have never seen one real."
How much I wanted, my conscience miraculously stepped in.
"Just stop bitching and be still."
She stopped wiggling, in a second her curious face changed and tears started filling her eyes.
"I knew you didn't find me attractive,you have showed it the all day, I am such a failure."
She stood up an ran up to her room crying. I just lay there with my boiling hardon wondering what just happened. Teenagers, so much hormones and feelings. No different from me at this moment, I wanted to fuck her so bad.
Later that evening I felt the need to settle things, so after showering and before going to bed I went to her room.
"Honey, are you still sad?"
She didn't respond, she just looked into her book and shrugged her shoulders.
"Look at me when I talk to you." I commanded. She shifted her sight.
"You wanted something before, can you ask it again, so I really know you mean it?"
"Nothing... I just..."
"I just want you to like me."
"Like you?, how can you even doubt that? So asking me to show my cock to you was just something that you said?" her face turned red and she looked down.
"No, it wasn't."
"My cock got hard because I think you are very sexy Tanya. Now say it if you mean it."
"Please uncle John, show your cock to me." I dictated
"Please, show it."
"No, that was not right, now try again. Please uncle John, show your cock to me."
She gathered herself, put the book aside.
"Please uncle John, I want to see it, your cock."
She looked like she just had talked to the president.
"Sit down here in front of me" I told her. She obeyed immediately. I loosened the waistband to my bath robe, and let the thigh fabric of the robe fall to the sides. My cock already had started to swell from the conversation, now longer and thicker but still downwards, I enjoyed commanding her and seeing my big cock chock her. She looked stunned.
"Wow, it is so big."
"So now you have seen it, what is your plan now?"
"I don't know."
"I think I know, you want to see it get bigger and harder. You want to feel that big cock inside your fitly mouth. Am I right?" I took her hand and placed it on my cock. She grabbed it carefully.
"Jerk it up and down."
Slowly it grew bigger and harder from her careful hand until it reached full 9''. It was almost as big as her head.
"Harder, use both hands." She intensified her grip and pulled up and down with both her small hands.
"Yeeaah, thats my girl, jerk that cock you have longed for." She was learning fast.
"Now take your t-shirt of Tanya."
"Uncle John?" she looked a little frightened but also excited about this situation.
"You wanted to be sexy, so now you better show me what you got or you are no use to me."
She slowly pulled her t-shirt over her head. Under she wore a white cotton bra covering her perky tits.
"Uncle, can I.. I mean, can I taste it?" she asked somewhat shy.
"I don't know if you are ready Tanya. You have to beg for it."
"Please, let me suck your cock. I promise to do my best."
"Okay, but only if you really work hard, I don't want no half measures. Work it like you love it. I want to see you enjoy it."
A glimpse of self esteem and will to perform seemed to ignited in her.
She opened her mouth and leaned forward to make an effort to take my glans in her mouth. It was not easy task and she really had to gape wide to be able to fit it in.
"Ooaaaauum, ooom." Her saliva started to build up and she managed to work her mouth over some of the shaft as well.
"Use both your hands and mouth with variety." I felt the urge to grab her head and press my cock as deep as possible and mouthfuck her, but she was still building confidence and I didn't want to ruin this moment. I caressed her cheek and hair with one hand.
"That's my girl, you learn fast. I think you can be good at this some day."
I grabbed for her bra strap and unfastened it with one hand. She helped me by wiggling her arms out from the shoulder straps. Her breast was a bit bigger than i had anticipated, crowned by her light pinkish and peeking nipples surrounded by a pair of tiny aureoles. My cocked jumped an extra percent when I grabbed them with my hands to feel their softness. She moaned as I worked her nipples with my fingers.
"mmmm, that feels good. Yeah." I pushed her down gently so that I could stand on my knees in the bed and she lay on her side next to me. She had now worked my cock for a while both with her hands and tight mouth and I was starting to build up before coming.
"Increase the tempo and pressure and I will come soon."
She did as I told her, grabbing harder and pumping up and down looking with it with big eyes. There was still time for me to explore more of her body. And I just had to feel her pussy with my hands. I thought that I would explore her further tomorrow and that today would be a tempting first test. She seem to be willing to do what ever I told her to do. I pressed her down onto the bed so she laid down on her back in front of me. My hand wandered from her breasts down over her stomach and over her panties. They where soaking wet already before I even touched her. Her whole body shivered when my hand touched her the first time. Under the fabric I felt a little strip of hair, and under that the small slit where my hand was aiming. Feeling her tight pussy in my hand was to much for me, I felt the orgasm coming. She was keeping the intensity also when lying down.
"Ooh, oooh, yeah, I am coming. Keep working my cock. Oooooooh. Aaaaaah" My cum pumped and pumped over her face. At the same time I had started to rub her clit, her response was immediate, increasing her breathing. Grabbing the blankets in her hands she repeatedly pushed her midsection up towards my massaging hand. It took her only a minute to come, still with cum all over her face. I am sure she could have screamed out her orgasm but it instead came as a series of heavy panting and convulsions. When she was done she looked up at me with her cum filled face.
"That was amazing, I have never done anything like this." "There are sill so much you haven't tried. Tomorrow I will learn you more. Until then I want you to shave your pussy for me. There are shaving gear in the shower.

When I woke I felt like a sense of fulfilment, like last evening had enlightened me and brought med to new dimensions. I also felt something that resembled to regret, but that evened out very quick when I realized that this source of pleasure had more to offer. It was clear that I wouldn't be able to resist further adventures. I got up and put on a pair of typical slacker pants - worn out but comfortable. As I got down the stairs I saw Tanya sitting on one of the bar stools with her back towards me . She looked like a little angel, with the morning sunlight falling in on parts of her back while she brushed her long blond hair with long slow strokes. She still had on her sl**ping gear making he buttocks visible because of the short t-shirt. I walked up by her.
"Good morning Tanya. Let me help you with that." I grabbed for the brush and she handed it over to me. There was not much resistance in her hair, but I anyway let the brush run slowly through it, again and again. Goosebumps started rising all over her arms and legs. Her nipples stood out and strained the fabric of her shirt. The cleanness of this moment and the beauty of her whole appearance made my cock rise with amazing f***e just as the morning boner had faded out. From behind her I fondled her breast through her shirt and pressed my erection against her lower back. Her now completely straight hair smelled delicious and I grabbed most of it in my hand to pull her back towards me. Her head followed my direction as I carefully twisted her head and she met my lips. We kissed passionately with deep explorations with each others tongues. Now was the time to taste her young pussy. Letting her mouth go I lifted her onto the kitchen island, her slender and young body was no match to lift, she couldn't have weighted much more than 50 kg. All of this was new to her and she couldn't hide the mix of curiosity, shyness and fear in her eyes, waiting for my command and initiative. I bent over and started kissing her thighs and stroking the outside of them. Her skin was soft and warm. She smelled clean from a recent shower and when I started pulling of her underwear I saw she'd had done her homework and nicely shaved her pussy clean. The tiny slit was covering her cute red lips. I ate her pussy like a hungry c***d feeling her juices flood over my face. The managed to relax and enjoy the moment more an more. Her soft voice let out repeated moans with higher and higher pitch. I let my index finger enter her pussy as I licked her swollen button. "Aaaaah, aaaah, ooooh ooh oh." She screamed out her orgasm and her whole body started shaking i convulsing waves. As her shaking faded out I stood upright and dropped my underwear, releasing my cock. I dragged her down to the floor and she woke from her extacy and started to focus on the big thing appearing in her sight. This time I wasn't as easy on her as last night. I grabbed her head and hair with both hands and pressed my spear onto her mouth. She was a bit taken by surprise but managed to open her mouth wide to welcome me using her mouth as a pussy. As I fucked her little mouth she sent out gagging and gurgling sounds. She couldn't even fit half of it in her mouth even though she and I tried to f***e it down her throat. When I started feeling the explosion coming close I pulled out. Her tear-filled eyes looked me in the eyes with my cock hovering over her head.
"Was I good uncle?"
"Yes sweetheart, but I know you can do better."
"I want to practice more, please."
"You are up for other practice now, I need to fuck your real pussy now. Stand up!" I helped her up and turned her back against me and bent her over the bar. With my index finger I started to feel her pussy again, she was completely soaked, apparently she had been very turned on by my hard approach. I started to work my finger into her wet and tight pussy. How could I ever fit my cock here?, I wondered. I slammed my finger in and how with my hand plate creating a smacking sound when meeting her soaked bottom. "Aaaah, aaaah, aaah, yeesssss". With a second and third finger I kept working her pussy and she came a second time, almost collapsing to the floor of the powerful orgasm. I lifted her up and carried her over to the living room and the sofa where I placed her on her back. I mounted her by standing on my knees in the sofa. My cock was still hard and I used my hand to guide it towards the wet entrance. She was absolutely still now, looking concentrated on the big object about to fill her vagina. She shivered already as I pushed in the first cm into her, increasing her breathing. As I slowly moved in and out an extra cm by each thrust she got prophylactic. Her pussy felt like it wanted to strangle me. It took some time of grinding but eventually almost all of my 9 inches filled her as I met the bottom of her vagina.
"Oh god, ooh gooood, its so huge, your are splitting in two uncle. But it still feels sooo good. Do you like fucking my pussy, please say you do." She shouted.
"Yeah, I love fucking your tight pussy, it feels great over my cock. yeah, yeah, oooooh" my midsection pumped her with long strokes, in and out. My climax was closing in now and maybe I could have rested another wave but it was to much for me, I wanted to fill her with cum. I felt the welcoming squeeze in my ballsack as my seed started to pump into her pussy. It almost felt as it cramped between my balls and my anus and I lay myself on top of her just letting my pumping cock stay inside of her as the flood drained. Suddenly I woke from the moment and realized I almost had all my weight on her little body. As I rolled of and lay on my back next to her I though my poor b*****r, "what would he say if he saw us here?" I couldn't help smiling to myself.

The rest of her stay at my place turned in to a fuck frenzy. Tanya was my little sex slave doing anything she could to obey my command and to serve my cock by offering her body to me in any way. Maybe I will write more about that some day.
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