Big cock fun with mom and s*s in Italy 2

Part two, I think you would benefit from reading part one - "Fun with mom and s*s in Italy" - first to get in the right mood :-)

I thought about it as we stood there, should I just forget all this and leave this fantastic days behind me. We would be here in Italy for more than one week so there would be impossible to not think of it and to not want anything, I knew myself that well but I had to make mom believe I would change. "Well, I don't want to ruin this vacation and hurt you two, so I guess we forget about it and I'll go back to masturbating in may room instead. I am used to that so there is nothing new really. "John, I don't...." She stammered, like she two was cast between two sides in her head. "If you really really need anything, tell me, and we will talk about it, I am sure we can work it out together somehow". I wasn't quite sure if I understood her.

The weather was fantastic the next day so we wanted to go to the beach again. The place we had visited last time was quite a trip away but still worth the ride since the scenery and the beach had been so beautiful so we sat of, this time with some more luggage with an extra set of clothing since we thought about making a round trip out of it with a hotel visit at a nearby village. I sat in the back seat together with Susan. As usual she wore a tight pair of cotton shorts that revealed almost all of her clean shaved legs.

When we came to the beach there one other f****y of 4 there including two k**s around 4 years or so. They where pretty loud but not bothering at all and we still had a good 100 feet stretch of sand to our selves. "I am going for a swim" I said, really looking forward to be in the water after the long ride in the badly air conditioned rental car. Susan joined me and we walked over the sand out in the cooling water. The bottom consisted mainly of sand that got deeper and deeper, but there where also a few big boulders on the bottom that made it possible to go far out but still stand on something. The sandy beach was almost a few hundred feet away so the people including mom were just tiny dots. I had brought my usual swimming glasses and Susan had a diver's mask. We checked out the small fishes hurrying around close to the big boulder. Her body looked really fit under water as she constantly used her muscles to swim and balance her self while diving up and down. "Cool with the fishes" she panted out, "Yes really, I wonder what they think of us", "ugly fish! of at least one" of us she smiled. "Big sexy fish or mermaid about the other" "Catch it if you can" she yelled and started swimming to the other end of the boulder as fast as she could. I accepted the challenge and calmly hunted her down and finally got a grip of her wrist pulling her backwards towards me. I hold her firmly around the waist, "easy catch, no try to get away". She did what she could to fight herself of but was chanceless in my strong grip. All she ended up doing was to rub her back agains me creating sensations downwards. Suddenly she stopped and stood still on the bottom, the water covered us chest deep where we stood. I felt the side of her flat stomach with my hands and she pressed her butt towards my crotch. My hands continued up over her belly and over her bikini. Her breast felt smaller in the water and I had no problem groping them with my hands. "You like what you feel"? "You are so slender and tight s*s." She lifted her bikini up welcoming my hands directly on her skin. I felt her back and pushed my hands lower down over her buttocks, I squeezed them with my hands and continued down on her upper hamstrings and groin. Her little tight just past teenage pussy was like a extension of the rest of her body, everything fit perfectly together. I judged that mom couldn't us well enough from her distance to figure out what we were doing. I kept my speedos on but bent out my cock at the side of the fabric letting it push onto her from behind. She did the same with here minimal string and welcomed my cock into her tight pussy. The fact us being in the water made it a bit trickier, but she was wet enough for me to push in halfway. I started pounding her slowly deeper and deeper from behind, she halted my penetration with her left hand. "Easy, you are killing me with that big thing. Give me some time to take it all" I took both her hands in a firm grip and held them behind her back and continued fucking her not balls deep but still hard and faster. Oooh, oooh, that is so good, aah, that big dick feels so good in me, fuck me harder. She seemed to like me holding onto to her hard while I was fucking her deeper and deeper. She felt so nice and tight squeezing my rock hard cock. I held both her small hands in my right hand while gripping her ponytail in one hand to pull it backwards bending her head. The feeling of being so deep into her bouncing into her tight buttocks with my hip was amazing. When I let her go she turned her around and I lifted her by the legs, she wrapped her legs around me welcoming me into her again as I started to lift her up and down, which wasn't that hard thanks to the buoyancy from the water. She kissed me and looked me in the eyes working with her kips with the motion I lifter her in, and not much later I started feeling my orgasm coming. She cried out as loud as she dared to as she came in my grip, and just then I to came in her, starting pumping my cum hard deep into her. "Ooops, I coulnd't resist, it was so amazing fucking you s*s" "It is okay, I am eating pills, I will need this more from you". Okay, sure I thought for myself.

Later on we went to a small village we had heard about, beautifully situated on a hill with great view over the surrounding olive field. We found the really tiny hotel located at one if the few streets going to the city. Our reservation had magically worked out so the old hotel manager could find us in his computer. There were two rooms so we'd have to arrange us in some way. "The question is which one of you that is going to stay with me, you wont sl**p together, that is for sure" mom called out. "Yeah, whatever, can we get over that now" Susan said dismissive. Mom draw straws and I ended up sharing room with her. We checked in and met down in the lobby of the hotel to get something to eat. There were a million different restaurants which all only had a handful of guests. We chose the most crowded one thinking it would indicate some kind of quality. The food was cheap and the wine to so we all ate a few dishes together with more than one carafe of wine. The mood was for the first time in a while really good which made us all relax again. Thoughts still came up in my head every other minute, but that was in order for a young man as me I figured. It was clear that both mom and s*s were of high interest to the male population in the restaurant since many looks stayed long and murmurs between men. I could only agree with them, both of them were really hot tonight when the tan from a few days in the sun added even more beauty.

The room was small and consisted of two twin beds that where pushed together for the moment. Also a bathroom with a tiny shower and a sink from some decades ago. Air conditioning was not to hope for, it was quite to. "The food was soo delicious, I ate too much. I can hardly walk" mom giggled out. "And a few glass of wine and ice cream on top of the pasta" I added. I throw myself on the bed and pulled up my phone to check the latest updates. "I guess we need to shower of the salt water from today" mom said. "You can go first mom" She went into the shower and stayed there a while. The shower stopped and she called out it was my turn. She was still in the bathroom standing in front of the mirror applying some moisturizer to her face. Being so close to her body gave me some tingles, she looked fairly decent with a re bra and underwear not being anything extra sexy or so, but I could not think of anything else than her body anyway. I undressed right behind her and before I stepped into the shower I could see her scanning my body through the mirror. The water felt amazing, dried sea salt flooded down the drain and I moaned. "Kind of nice honey, right, be sure to wash properly now after this long day?", "Yes mam, I will use soap, don't worry". When I was done mom already had hanged a towel over the shower cabin which I grabbed for and started drying myself. When I got out mom sat on the only chair scanning through some the meaningless folders lying on the small table. I quickly put my underwear on and looked at her sitting there reading with her back towards me. "Did you see all guys watching you and s*s on the restaurant?" She laughed and said, "Right, nice try dear, I am quite sure they where drooling over your s****r, not old me". "You are hotter than you think mom, get used to it, all running have made you look younger and much more fit" I stood behind her and fingered through her hair. "That is so nice of you, be easy now, that kind of tickles". I saw her getting goose bumps as I continued. Her shoulders lowered and started to slowly massage her shoulders. "What are you doing", "Don't you need some massage after all this driving today?" "Just be gentle". I was, and just massaged her neck and shoulders carefully with my hands. After that I rubbed biceps and triceps. "Wonderful". "Lay down on the bed and I can take care of your back, you know I have learned quite a lot from our physiother****t from the swimming team." "Massage is my poison so I vote yes to that" she said and stood up. She walked over to her side of the bed. "Where do you want me?" ,"Just lie down on your stomach and I take care of the rest". I took a small towel and placed it over her bun once she was in position and turned on some chill out music I had stored on my phone. "Oooh, mr professional himself" mom said trying to sound impressed. First I unhooked her bra strap. "This is by the book, so don't freak out now" "I will try not to" she stood up some and took away her bra. The massage of her back took a while. I had always enjoyed massage and taking care of people so I enjoyed it. "Any pains?" I asked after a while. "When you do the right lower back I feel some pain in my leg, maybe from cheating with stretching after my jog." my reply came fast since I didn't want to end now: "That is quite common, if you want I can try with your buttocks, quads and hamstrings too, that might ease it up". Massaging her buttocks where I had to remove the towel for a while gave me a hard on since I now was so close to her private regions. She moaned from this hard massage and I watched her genitals as much I could during this part but tried not to go over the line with my hands to retain my credibility as a good son. "If you turn around I can take care of your quads" I said, even though I still had quite a hard on. I couldn't help hoping she would get a bit turned on by this. She turned around once she had got her bra on again. She looked at me as I started massaging her thigh. "You have so good hands John, does it turn you on to massage me"? "Yes mom, I love to see you enjoy" "Have you felt the need to masturbate today honey, you promised to tell me if it became a problem. I don't want to catch you fucking your s****r again, you understand"? I was a bit surprised by her way of talking, I had never seen or heard this side of her. "Mom, what kind of questions are this" "Take out your cock for me, I want to see it get hard while you massage me." I removed my underwear mechanically and continued. She watched it while I massage her completely naked. I started to masturbate with one hand while I kept massaging her with the other. "That feels good honey, jerk your big cock if you need to" she looked me into the eyes with an intense gaze. It had never felt so good touching myself, it was like if someone else did it for me. She removed her bra and asked me to massage her breasts to. They felt soft and very different from Susans but at the same time they where larger and had bigger nipples that soon got erected from the chilling air conditioning. "Suck mommas breast my little boy, I know you want to!" I bent forward and started kissing her breast, it had been a while since I did so. I lay down in the bed beside her and sucked on her nipples and played with her breast with my hands for a while. She held my head and pressed it towards her. "Oh John, suck 'em harder, they are all yours tonight and whenever you need mommy's comfort". I moved my attention from her wonderful breasts to her ass. I felt the back of her legs and the curvy but firm shape of her well trained butt. My lips moved down to her belly and she trembled with joy as I kissed the lower part of her soft stomach. "Not so hurry young man, this is how far you can go, I will take over from now, lay down" I realized I had gotten a bit carried away and laid on my back. She sat next to me reached for my balls and my erect cock and draw her hand over them and my belly gently. "Ooooh, mom, that feels so good". "I have been thinking of what have happened last night, both when I came into your room and touched you. It turned me on a lot to be honest. Then when I saw you and Susan togehter, it looked like you both enjoyed it a lot, like there was a lot of sexual tension that needed to be relieved. It also got me a bit jealous, I wish I wasn't your mom so I could feel you inside of me, and make love to you." "Mom, it is okay, we don't have to tell anyone, it can be a secret. We both need it." "But it is not okay, we have to stop somewhere. And I am not saying I will allow you to fuck your s****r but if you do anyway, if you can't resist her body, you must be honest and tell me before so I get a say in it." "I promise". She lend forward and kissed the top of my cock gently. I had no idea what would happen, how far she would go, I felt an enormous stream of lust flood within me. With one hand on my balls and one gripping the shaft she slowly engulped my swelled cock in her mouth. "mmmm, aaoomm" she sounded with her mouth filled. "yeah, oooh". She worked up and down slow but with a firm touch now standing on all four in the bed. It was not the first time she did this for sure. I took the opportunity to explore her breast more. She came up and placed her tits over my face so I could suck om them while she jerk my cock with her right hand. "Please, can you suck it more" I begged. "You like that my boy, okay, I will make you come." She returned to sucking. Now she increased the intensity and tried to get as much of it down her troat. Oh, it so big, I can get all of it down" she wispered. Yeah, yeah, I am coming. She lifted her head again and looked at me while she used both her hands to create an intense orgasm, once again spraying my torso with cum.

That was part 2, I will work on a final chapter. I hope you enjoyed it so far!

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1 year ago
great ...more please mmmmmmmmmmm
1 year ago
Great story pal let me know when part 3 is done
1 year ago
We need chapter 3 but an good story keep it up
1 year ago
awesome & yes more
1 year ago
With all the commentary about locales, traveling, massages, swimming, beaches, etc. etc, we may never get around to mother finally allowing her son John to fuck her. Brother John has fucked his Sister Susan, two times I think, but for some reason their coupling was lackluster, uncaring and clinical.

Maybe if there is a Part 3 the consummation of the incestual sexual love between Mother and son John will occur, and there will be caring, passion, compassion, their lover's love and with feelings. The theme of a sex starved Mother, her horny 20 year old daughter Susan and her son John with a monster cock, gets the juices of the readers boiling; but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe it will in Part 3!!
1 year ago
Can't wait for the final chapter.