Me and Jules

I started seeing her when I was 17 and her 16. We had been experimenting with loads of different positions and exploring each others bodies for the fist few years when it got to the stage we had nothing else left to try or so I thought.

We were at her older cousins birthday party one night when we bumped in to an ex boyfriend of hers. She was my first girlfriend and the thought of her past had never bothered me until then but I was filled with so much jealousy and to be honest hurt like hell. She had shown no interest in him at all that evening but that didn't stop me starting an argument and we ended up leaving early.

We got back to her parents house where I was staying that night and she was doing her best to make things right even though I was the one in the wrong, I just couldnt get over it though and demanded to know everything.

She explained that he wasn't a boyfriend to her in the way I was and the only significance he had to her was that he took her virginity.

It was when she spoke that sentence to me that an almost instant change occurred within me. I was no longer jealous or hurt but with my precious girlfriend talking about other people fucking her I became incredibly horny. I started kissing her and my hand quickly found it's way up her dress to the mound in her panties. She quickly got my cock out and made her way down to take me in her mouth but I stopped her short I needed her beside me I had to hear more. I pulled her to her feet and we pressed against the wall. I hiked up her dress and she guided my cock towards her pussy letting go of me only to pull her panties to the side. She got hold of me again and then I feel the warmth and the wetness of her opening on the tip of my cock, she moans into my ear as a enter her a little at a time working my way till I'm buried deep inside her. She positioned one leg against the door frame edging us in place, I then lift her other leg and start thrusting my cock into her. Pulling my clock out slowly till just the tip is in then I slide back in right to the hilt. The positioning of her legs allows me to get as deep as possible, at the end of my next thrust I whisper in her ear ''tell me'' then again after my next thrust ''tell me'' I didn't need to ask again she knew what I wanted, then as I thrust in and out of her between her gasps she told me of how nervous she was lying on his bed kissing, when his hands moved down and the tips of his fingers crept under the waste band of her shorts and panties, when he pulled the shoulder straps if her bra and vest top down and popped her little titties out and sucked on her nipples before he finally f***ed his cock into her tight virgin pussy, and then not in the loving way I was currently fucking her he pounded the life out of my sweet precious little girlfriend pulling his cock out and cumming all over her tits and vest top. Before getting up and walking out of the room without saying a word to her.

On hearing the how Jules lost her virginity my knees started to buckle and we softly fell to the floor where wrapped her legs around my waist as I filled her pussy.

I didn't walk out and leave her though, I wanted to hear about all the other things she had done before she met me.

This story is true apart from the name, my first attempt at writing so any input would be appreciated. Thanks for reading
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3 years ago
Good stuff. Nice and sleazy
3 years ago
Maybe she should start getting fucked by other guys regularly to keep you revved up.