Cont'd from Part 1.

I was absolutely spent, and my stomach muscles still had that post orgasm cramping so I rolled off her onto my back to recover and cool down only to see another young girl looking down at me from the edge of the hollow where we lay. I covered my still wet but softening cock up and Nancy covered her tits.
‘What are you doing to Nancy, Uncle Steve?’

To be continued.......................

‘Jesus, Fiona....what the hell are you doing here?’
Fiona was my niece, but only about 14 months younger than me. My eldest b*****r married early, and as I was the youngest of six, there wasn’t much of a gap in our ages. Fiona was pretty, but being my niece, I had never paid too much attention to her.
Fiona slid down the lush grass into the hollow beside us, never taking her eyes off my cock, or rather trying to look at it as I was covering up. As she slid down, her skirt rode up exposing pale blue panties and it was obvious by the damp patch that she had been enjoying the view.
‘How much did you see?’ I asked, still covering my cock, but trying to sound brave.

‘I saw you two doing it, and I saw Nancy put your cock in her mouth.’ As she spoke she was actually grinning. Then came the bombshell. ‘Uncle Steve, let me see your cock again. I’ve never seen one properly.’ I said no, but then she played her trump card. ‘If you don’t, I’m going to tell Dad, and he’ll tell Granny and Grandpa.’

I took my hands away and realised that I was getting hard again. The idea of Fiona looking at my cock was making it swell very nicely. Fiona sat close to my side and moved her face closer to my now fully erect cock. ‘Can I touch it?’ Naturally I said yes, and she squeezed the shaft with her hand.

Nancy said ‘Don’t just squeeze it, pull the skin up and down like this, and she put her hand around Fiona’s showing her how to move her hand up and down. Both girls giggled as my cock swelled and became dark in colour. Fiona then said ‘Nancy, why are your nipples so big. They are darker than mine too.’ Nancy replied, ‘Let’s see them then.’ Fiona lifted the t shirt over her head taking her bra with it, to reveal small but firm breasts. Her nipples were a lot paler than Nancy’s, but they were quite stiff looking. Nancy reached out and stroked Fiona’s breasts, and gave them a squeeze. Fiona only sighed and said ‘That felt nice.’ Nancy leant forward and sucked Fiona’s nipples.

I was ready to come again, as I had never seen or even imagined girls doing that to each other. Now it was my turn to have some fun. ‘Come on then Fiona, take down your knickers and let’s see you.’ She lay back and using her thumbs at either side, slid her panties off. She then slipped off her skirt revealing her pussy. While Nancy had a dark matt of hair, Fiona’s was very wispy and pale coloured, which meant her pussy lips were showing. They were puffed up, and I could see she was wet from watching us, and from Nancy’s attention. She lay back next to me, and I reached down cupping her pussy and pubic area in my hand. As soon as my hand touched her, she was wriggling her bottom about and pressing her pussy into my hand. Nancy moved around and continued to suck and nibble on Fiona’s breasts.

All three of us were lying naked together, stroking, kissing and sucking on one another, but I wanted more. I was desperate to be inside Nancy’s wet pussy and come inside her again. I told her so, but she said ‘Why not do Fiona instead.’ This was getting really bad now, as I knew we shouldn’t be doing what had happened so far. Screwing my niece was really bad, but Fiona said ‘I don’t mind, I won’t tell anyone, but I am scared it will be sore.’ Nancy told me to lie on my back, and then she told Fiona to sit astride my hips. Nancy then took hold of my cock and guided it until the head was just inside Fiona’s pussy lips. She was incredibly hot, and wet. Nancy warned me not to push, but told Fiona to gradually let her weight down onto my cock, all the while holding it in position, and giving it a squeeze. Gradually my cocked slid in, just an inch, then a little more, and at this point Fiona said it was really sore. However, Nancy reassured her it would only last another few seconds and to slide down hard on me. Fiona did just that, squealed loudly and I felt as if I had just pushed my cock through a tight rubber band. However, I was inside her and began to thrust my hips upward. Nancy told me to be gentle, recommenced sucking Fiona’s nipples. Nancy also had a hand between her legs rubbing at her own pussy and making little mewing noises in her throat.

This sight and sensations going through me caused my cock to erupt inside Fiona, while she rode up and down on my cock like a thing possessed. She was giving a commentary about the feelings she was getting in her pussy, then she came, loudly and as she did so, she was practically bouncing up and down trying to keep coming.

Nancy fell backwards and I watched as she slid her fingers in and out of her pussy till she came too.

Fiona rolled off me and I lay there realising I had just screwed two girls in the space of an hour, and had taken the virginity of one of them too. Nancy slid over me, and kissed me on the mouth for ages, while Fiona lay alongside both of us, stroking Nancy’s bottom and rubbing her pussy against my leg. The two girls then gave me a treat by pressing their breasts against each other and sliding them up and down or from side to side. They wouldn’t kiss each other, but they did finger each other while I wanked myself to another orgasm.
By now, time was against us and we sat getting our clothes on, and picking grass off each others backs, bottoms and everywhere else.

We started walking home, but Nancy suggested we do some dares on the way. I had to walk with my cock out, while the girls gave it a squeeze. Fiona had to lift her top and bare her breasts while Nancy had to masturbate as she walked. The effect of which was that when we did get home, we were all horny again. Nobody would suspect that three of us would get up to anything, so nothing was said when we went up to my bedroom and all three of us masturbated in front of the others until we came one last time.

It was a memorable finish to what had been one of the most erotic days of my life, and one which arouses me still when I think of the girls and their naughtiness!

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that was great
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Damn that is hot.