Cousin Nancy comes to visit!

Having been introduced to the world of real sex by cousin Nancy, I was now obsessed by thinking of her and all that she had done with me during our time in the barn. I was wanking at every opportunity and imagining how Nancy’s wet pussy had felt, and how her nipples became so stiff as I licked them.
It was of course worse at that time in the 70’s as we had no internet, mobile phones and so on to secretly chat as modern k**s do. I couldn’t phone her either, as that would have seemed really strange, given that she was just my cousin, and although not i*****l or anything, relationships between cousins was frowned upon.

However, a month after our first time, joy of joys my mother told me we were getting a visit of Nancy and her f****y. It was all I could do not to whoop and jump in the air at the news.

Those days seemed like weeks, but just before lunch on Sunday, our visitors arrived. Nancy looked fabulous of course, but this time had been made to wear a dress. Her hair was down and she looked stunning. I wanted to grab her but she seemed somewhat indifferent to me.

We all had to sit around chatting while my mother made lunch for everyone assisted by Nancy’s mum. Nancy sat away from me and gave no sign of being remotely interested in me, and I was getting really pissed off. My Dad finally noticed my long face and said I should take Nancy and her b*****r and s****r for a walk. So, there we were strolling through the village with the two little k**s in tow. This was turning into a disaster, until Nancy very casually touched the inside of my hand with her finger and whispered ‘Can we go somewhere later and have sex’? My smile was as broad as my face, and she leaned into me, giving me a whiff of clean hair and shampoo.

We went to the play park and let her b*****r and s****r play on the swings while we sat talking. She was facing me and chatting away when I saw her ease her skirt upwards, very discretely exposing her crotch encased in pristine white panties. There was nobody else nearby and she slid her hand under her thigh till her fingers were touching where her pussy was and pulled them to one side exposing her pussy and the damp hairs surrounding it. She sat smiling and was stroking a finger so furtively up and down the slit, making me throb, and starting to ooze precum already. ‘Is it as hard as last time?’ I could barely breathe as she rubbed faster and made little noises in her throat. The moment didn’t last as her b*****r said he was hungry and wanted to go home.

I stood up while trying to re-arrange my hard on when Nancy casually backed into me and slid her hand down, squeezing my cock and wanking it two or three times through my trousers. I was about to explode when she walked away giggling and took her s****rs hand.

Lunch was looking like a nightmare but then luck stepped in. We couldn’t all fit round the table, so of course Nancy and I volunteered to sit through in the living room while the adults and little ones had lunch. As soon as my mother left our meals and returned to the dining room, Nancy and I were kissing and groping each other. I was biting gently on her nipples through the material of her dress and had my hand in her knickers finger fucking her. She clearly was the sort of girl who comes early and often as she quietly squealed and wriggled on my fingers making her pussy fill with juices. It was then that I took the lead and pushed her back into the chair and pushed her dress up so I could see her pussy. I think more by luck than education, because initially all I wanted to do was look at her pussy, but for some reason I licked her pussy and she almost fell off the chair. ‘What did you do, that was amazing. Nobody has kissed me there before.’

Nancy now took down my zipper and had my cock out wanking it firmly but without being rough. ‘I love your cock when it’s this hard. I want you to sex me with it!’ She was getting drips of pre cum on the tip of her fingers and rubbing it on my cock to moisten her touch. I lasted another couple of minutes when the inevitable happened, and I was shooting strings of spunk onto her dress and down her legs Much as I wanted to continue, I was more concerned about somebody disturbing us, and how do you explain having your cock out in your cousin’s hand?

I had come up with a plan however, so I told her we needed to eat up and behave normally.

Lunch was eaten, although my mother commented about the amount we had left on our plates, and my eldest b*****r took delight in pointing out my zipper was half down on my trousers.

I then asked Nancy if she wanted to come and see the caves which pepper the cliffs along the coast near our home. Being a country girl she of course was keen, but then her mother said she couldn’t go in her good dress, and her b*****r and s****r were too young to go there. Thank God for being in a big f****y as my mother said Nancy could borrow a pair of my s****r’s jeans and a blouse. She quickly changed and we left on my bike with Nancy seated behind me. She was immediately back to her tricks and was putting her hands on my backside and round to my cock, squeezing it as I rode along, and ensuring it was hard.

We dumped the bike in long grass and wandered along the shore, hand in hand until we reached the caves. I knew a spot where we could lie totally out of sight from any walkers and led her to it. We lay down and she climbed on top of me kissing my face and lips with such passion. I slowly undid her blouse and was soon kissing her firm tits and undoing her bra I was sucking on her nipples. I remembered her lesson in sucking them and she was started to make those crooning noises which I found so sexy. We were both now desperate for each other, and I pulled her jeans and pants down, then she did the same for me. We were both stark naked, but it was warm, we were lying on mossy grass and we didn’t care. Like most boys, and men, I didn’t have much finesse about me and just wanted to slide my cock into her, but Nancy stopped me and said ‘Will you kiss me down there again? I want you to do it a lot’.

She lay back and spread her legs for me. This time, I was conscious of her pussy lips which were obviously wet, pink and framed by jet black hair. I lay on my stomach and placed my mouth near her pussy and started to lick her wet pussy lips. She tasted slightly salty, but she was clean, and the juices from her pussy felt good on my face and chin. Nobody knew what a clitoris was at that time, but I found that spot which seemed to give her an electric shock when the tip of my tongue flicked over it. I then saw this bulging out and judging by her squeals and how many times she said she was coming, I knew I was in just the right spot. She was pressing with her hands on the back of my head and telling me to lick her more and more. When I started flicking that fleshy little button like she had taught me to do with her nipples, she squealed out loudly that she was coming.

By now I was dribbling pre cum all over the grass and was going to ask her to let me inside her, when she said she wanted to try something. She then pushed me onto my back, and started kissing me around my groin and gently squeezing my balls. When she put her mouth over the top of my cock and sucked on it, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She didn’t take it deep into her mouth, but just kept her teeth behind the helmet area and ran her tongue around it and over it like she was eating a lollipop. She kept this up for a few minutes and I warned her I was cumming. She looked up with those dark brown eyes and just kept sucking me when I came. I could feel my cock jerking over and over as my spunk was filling her mouth. When I stopped she lifted her head and opened her mouth to show me all the spunk she had in her mouth. She then let it trickle out over my cock and started wanking me and saying that she wasn’t finished yet.

At that age, getting hard again was no problem and I was very soon hard and ready to go again. Nancy lay down and spread her legs saying ‘Come on, sex me again.’ I didn’t need to be asked again and was soon buried in her wet pussy and thrusting into her while we kissed so passionately. Her tits felt hard and we were slick with perspiration which made our bodies slide over each other.
Nancy came before me, in fact she came twice, both times very noisily and telling me to push it in harder, and saying ’more, more’ as she wriggled underneath me and wrapped her legs around me as if to pull me in even deeper. It wasn’t that long before I felt another surge of spunk squirt out and into her dripping wet pussy. I was giggling and trying to squeeze every drop of cum into her, while she was kissing my face and wriggling her pussy against me.

I was absolutely spent, and my stomach muscles still had that post orgasm cramping so I rolled off her onto my back to recover and cool down only to see another young girl looking down at me from the edge of the hollow where we lay. I covered my still wet but softening cock up and Nancy covered her tits.
‘What are you doing to Nancy, Uncle Steve?’

To be continued.......................

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