My cousin Nancy

I come from a large f****y, with aunts, uncles and cousins all over the place here in Scotland.

During the 70's and when I was 15, my Dad got back in touch with one of these cousins who he hadn't seen since they were c***dren. They lived only an hours drive away on a farm, so one Sunday afternoon, Mum, Dad and I drove there for a visit.

It turned out that Dad's cousin had three c***dren, two girls and a boy. One of the girls was only about 5, the boy was 8, but Nancy was a stunning fully developed 15 year old. She had thick flowing jet black hair, was quite tall, slim and very pretty. However to my eyes the main feature was her tits. As soon as I saw them I was beginning to ooze. I was besotted from the first minute I saw her. She wore denim hot pants and I remember a red blouse.

After tea and some chatter, Nancy suggested we all go over and play in the barn. It was late summer and the barn was stacked with bales of straw where we played like k**s did in those days. I noticed that Nancy seemed to enjoy wrestling with me, and the constant pressing of her firms tits into me was making me excited. An hour or so later, Nancy's mum came out and shouted on the two younger k**s to come in as it was their bed time. Nancy and I were left alone.

She quickly asked if I could keep a secret, and proceeded to climb the stacked bales near to the top. Then she pulled one of them away to reveal a hollow area about 8 foot square inside the stack. We crawled in together. A large rug covered the floor. There was a radio, some snacks and horribly warm soft drinks. She told me it was her secret den where she went with her friends and boyfriend.

I was a bit naive and wasn't sure what she wanted, but then she asked if I had a girlfriend. I didn't, and she told me she had just dumped her boyfriend. She was sitting opposite me and her legs were apart letting me see the sides of a pair of white panties. Out of the blue she said I should take off my t shirt as it was warm. I slid off the t shirt and she reached over and touched the downy chest hair I was beginning to sprout. She had a lovely smell of girl and shampoo. As soon as she touched me, I became as hard as a rock, and was honestly on the point of cuming. Tight jeans were in vogue, and my hard on was very visible. She smiled at me and said she was hot too. I can still see her undoing the buttons on her blouse and revealing a white bra which was too tight and pushing the flesh upwards. 'You've got a hard on', she giggled. I was embarrassed, but my hormones were churning making my cock throb even more.

She lifted her bum up, and slid off the hot pants. Now I could see the top of her pubic hair bursting over the top of white panties. She came over and said 'You're really slow aren't you' and took charge, kissing me on the mouth and sliding her hand down my stomach. As soon as her hand touched me, I came in my pants, pumping out a ridiculous amount of spunk at the first real sexual encounter I had ever had. Nancy wasn't put off but undid my jeans and slid them and underwear down my legs. She grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking it using my own cum as lubricant. I reached round and undid her bra to reveal tits that were to die for. Her nipples were very dark for a girl of her age, and they were hard as bullets. She told me to lick her nipples. I did as she asked and as I sucked on them she gasped and pulled my head even tighter against her tits. She instructed me to be gentle and how to flick my tongue along the erect nipples, then she climbed on top of me so my now reborn hard on was rubbing against the crotch of her pants. I was a bit worried as the noises she was making was pretty loud, plus I didn't know that women do moan and gasp when they are being pleasured. That was when she came for the first time, using my bare cock on the outside of her panties. I could feel the crotch of her knickers grow damp with my pre-cum and her juices. It got to the point where I was almost inside her, she was so open and ready with the friction and pressing on her pussy.

She stood up and took the knickers down, showing me a bush of dense black pubic hair, but which was matted with her juices. She pulled my hand onto her pussy and told me to rub her there. She then lay back with her legs spread and while my hand slid back and forth along her soaking pussy lips, she came again releasing even more juices onto my fingers. I loved the look and feel of her pussy lips, slowly stroking them, and for the first time putting a finger inside a girls pussy. My cock was throbbing again, and threatening another explosion.

'Have you sexed a girl before?'she asked. Clearly I hadn't so she told me to kneel between her legs, while she took hold of my cock and pulled me towards her soaking pussy. She guided me into her pussy, and despite this being my first time, I instinctively pushed into her, feeling the moist heat around my throbbing cock. Her pussy was gloriously tight, but she told me I was the third boy to 'sex' her. She was giggling and cuddling me while she told me to push it in further. I found us grinding our pubic hair against each other and trying to get further into that moist heavenly grip of a young pussy. I thrust into her, but only managed about a minute when I came again. This time however, the sensation was unlike any other time I had cum. The muscles in my lower stomach were in a cramp, while waves of pleasure flowed through every muscle of my body. Nancy had her legs clamped around my legs and continued to thrust herself back and forth until she gave a squeal of pleasure and came around my softening cock.

I could have stayed like that all night, but our kissing and cuddling had to stop when we heard her dad shouting for us to come in. We hurriedly dressed, but not before she had wanked me again, and while I finger fucked her.

To this day I can still see her guiding me and ensuring my first time was as erotic and pleasurable as I think it could be.

91% (70/7)
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3 years ago
awesome story, we are so stupid when we are young
3 years ago
Awesome. Have you seen her since?
3 years ago
That was awesome.
3 years ago
Good first time
cousines can be so much fun
3 years ago
Very good. I used to play in a barn, reading porn and jacking off. I wish I had a cousin like that!
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Great story ;)
3 years ago
outstanding & more
3 years ago
3 years ago
Sounds like a great time!
3 years ago
Great story, sounds like every teenage boys dream.
3 years ago
Great Story, I'm hoping there will be more of your cousin
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
great story dont forgit to tell us more we luv it