Whoreish story Part II (; - Fun day at work !

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Sorry if this is long, this all happen today, It was a good day (;

I was at work day at my uncle shop (Not going to say where, had a little stalker problem last time) I work at a desk job, managing calls, email, and transition. Work was going slow so I decided to go on kik on my ipod to pass the time.

Well soon later I was talking with this random girl and she dared me to take off my bra and go braless. Me taking up the dare went to the bathroom and took it off. I was nude ( didnt feel like putting panties on) so I went back to my desk and just sat there.

Soon later my co-worker Brian came in and we started to talk, I didnt know that he could see my nipples, I looked down and he got hard so easily. I took Brian to the bathroom and started to rub his cock, I wasn't in the mood to get pounded at that moment so I popped out my tits and spat on his cock and started to tit fuck him slowly, enjoying it around my tits.

He was leaning back on the toilet and enjoying it all so good, his moans were loud that my other co-worker could hear him, I had to hold his mouth so he wouldnt lose it.

At my luck two other co-workers (Sean and Patrick) came in and saw what was happening, They were baffled but they got hard, they said if I don't do the same thing they'll tell my uncle.

I didn't mind titty fucking, shit the more the merrier, more cum makes me happier, but if they did tell my uncle, my uncle would tell my ma and since she dosnt know about this side of me, it will be bad for my f****y in general.

but yes, back to the story,

They all took out their cocks, I had to finished up Brian, so I got some soap from the counter and used it on his cock, I started to go up and down with my tits until he exploded his cum onto my face and some on my tits.

Now I wasn't done, I had to take care of Patrick and Sean, I got some more soap and started to jerk them off, I jerked them off fast while they both were feeling on my tits, my tits were hard and since they were pinching them, it felt so good.

Sean and Patrick both started to both talk dirty to me, I was smiling and started jerking faster so they can cum already.

Soon 10-20 minutes later, they both came, I had my tounge out and was looking up at both of them, When the cum was on my face, I took every inch of it and put it in my mouth and swallowed it. I rubbed some on my tits as well.

Soon later after 5 hours of work, my uncle and all of the co-workers but one named Brandon (60year old and very good friend with my uncle) went to go eat dinner, I had to stay and finish up and send some emails to suppliers.

When i was done I went back on KIK, my friend said I should go tease him, now knowing Brandon, he was an old perv, and I took up my friend offer, I went to go see him and I pretended I dropped something under the table he was facing, I bend over and waving my ass trying to find it, I can tell that Brandon got hard looking at it cause he I could tell that he was trying to block his boner with his hand.

I went back to my desk and told my friend, he suggested that I should accidently fall on him, again I took his offer and I did so.

I fell on Brandon, And I said

"Oh sorry Brandon"

I didnt get off but I started to rub my ass on his cock, Brandon hands began to wander around and then he started to grab my tits very hard, feeling on them. I started to get red and rubbed my ass faster on his cock like a sexy lap dance.

I then started to unzip his pants and I pulled down my pants a little so he had enough room to stick it in my ass, I started to bounce on him, him going very deep in and me bouncing fast on top of him,

I couldnt go fully naked since I knew my uncle and my co-workers will be back soon.

I got off him and went on the table, ass sticking out, he thrusted in fast and hard, not wasting any time. I saw soon later saw the lights of some cars pulling up so I told Brandon to hurry up, he picked up the pace and soon later came in my ass, I had to pull up my pants and run into the bathroom.

Now since I didnt finish on my part, I started to kik my friend and sexted him, I soon later came, I walked backed out like nothing had happen, but I did had a smile on my face the whole time.

Stay tune for more stories coming up, The next story would either be My dad and I or when my b*****r fucked me. Till then, xoxoxo Gianna <3 p.s Kik me if you want to have group sexting on kik (; ID = Gianna_lol
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2 years ago
Great story. Wish we were co-workers.
2 years ago
great you are a nasty slut
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
2 years ago
I love the story and your attitude ! Awesome & HOTTT !
2 years ago
i hope we can kik again soon
2 years ago
LOVE it! cant wait for ur next story!
2 years ago