My whoreish Beginning By me, Gianna!(;

This happen to me 3 weeks ago, I still get wet and horny every single time I think of it.

Before we start my friend and I we do whoreish things together, We tease our fam members, we tease younger boys and we tease other guys.

It was late at night and my friend dared me to dress all slutty.I picked out a red small t-shirt and a very loose black bra, that if I bend over my nipple or my tits could pop out, and very small black shorts shorts that can be pass as panties ;p.

Now where I live there is a black community (The locals call it a "Black community" since a lot of black people live there)

Now I started to walk over there and soon enough I was in the neighborhood, luckly there was a small gathering, 5 or 7 people, maybe more, maybe less.

I remember as one of the black guys said "Damn look at that sexy white ass" and another "Damn my cock will tear you up so bad baby girl" and all sorts of whistles and other frantic name calls were put up.

I stopped in the middle and was laughing and giggling from there remarks, I pretended I dropped something and bend over exposing my tits to them, and one of them accidently popped out.

As I put my exposed tit back into my bra one of the guys came up and grab me, taking me into the garage.

They got into a circle, one of the guys rip my red t-shirt off (I was kind of piss since I really liked that t-shirt) and was feeling on my breast. I can see that most of them had unzip and took out there cocks. I was surprise since I never seen big black cock before, I was baffled but yet I was getting hotter by the second. I started to suck each of them off.

One of them gave me booze, which I drank (I normally dont drink but I did it right there since it was the heat of the moment)

I went back to sucking some more but then I started to get dizzy and I knockout.

I think one of the guys spiked the drink.

I woke up later in the early morning, one of the guys said that they took turns fucking me, filling up every whole.

I was baffled but yet I loved it, I soon gather my things and started to walk home before my parents woke up(thankfully they didnt wake up)

I still have more stories to tell, My friend and I did some "fun" things for five years, I feel telling my xhamster f****y this will make you guys/girls happy. I love this website and love everyone here.

If you do have kik (Itunes app) add me the ID is Gianna_lol

Thank you for hearing me, i'll put more stories up, if you want me too.

xoxoxox - G.E *Kisses*
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2 years ago
Awesome! Yes more stories, I love true studies of real sluts!
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice a gang rape
2 years ago
mmm..better pee on a preg might be carrying a black baby
2 years ago
wish we knew all the things they did while u were blacked out!
2 years ago
oh yes, do post more stories! I'd like to make a story with you ;)
2 years ago
Short and sweet
2 years ago
great story hun made my cock rock hard reading it
2 years ago
Great story. I surely want to know more about and your adventures.