Doctors Appointment

Well hello doctor" I say as I enter your surgery.
"Hi" you reply "What can I do for you today"
I notice your firm breasts and feel myself flush a little and try to hide the fact that I am beginning to become erect as I reply " I have a small problem"
"Tell me what it is and let's see if I can help"
I sit down opposite you and look deep into your blue eyes as I say " I have a mole on my stomach and I think it's changed shape"
"Ok then, let's take a look" you smoothly reply. "If you would like to lift your shirt and I'll take a look"
"Er doctor" I reply "it's a bit lower down than that"
"How low is it?" You ask
"It's just above my , er , penis" I reply
"OK if you would like to take off your trousers and pants and I'll take a look"
I shyly oblige and you ask me to lie on the bed so you can examine the mole more closely. Using your fingers you gently examine the mole, the warmth of your fingers and the gentle pressure they exert cause my already semi erect dick to grow harder.
You notice this and ask if I have had a recent check for lumps on my testicles to which I reply "No". You simply say that you had better check and start to massage my testicles in your fingers which causes my dick to suddenly get very hard.
You take my stiff cock in your hand and stroke its full length telling me that you are looking for irregularities in its shape as you do so. I notice your breasts are heaving and your voice is getting hoarse as you stroke my shaft. I also notice that your legs are slightly apart and can see a small damp patch growing in your panties as you lean over me. I slide my fingers between your legs and you offer no resistance as I run my fingers over the damp patch and even manage to slide the tip of one into your tight wet pussy.
"Ooh you are a naughty boy" you whisper as you take my cock into your mouth. My fingers are now stroking your labia and teasing your clitoris as you start to suck on my cock. I pull away the material hiding your glory and push a finger into you whilst still rubbing your clitoris with the other.
You move your hands down and remove your panties and I push my fingers deeper into you and am now tickling your clitoris with my thumb.
You continue to suck and just before your knees become weak you lie on top of me with your sweet pussy right in my face. I start to lick at your pussy with my tongue and as my tongue teases your clitoris I slide two fingers back inside. The smell of your wetness is heaven and I continue to lick and finger you until you are dripping.
Suddenly you get off me and turn around only to climb on top of me and straddle my cock. As I feel it slide into your tight wet pussy I hear you let out a deep sigh. You ride up and down on me as I lie there enjoying the sight of your firm breasts bouncing up and down. I can stand it no more and suggest I get on top to which you agree. You lie on the bed and I climb on top, sliding my hands under your bottom as I do so, lifting you up as I enter you again. I start to fuck you as I kiss your neck and suck on your breasts, you tell me to fuck you harder I obey your wish and you let out a cry of ecstasy as you reach climax. I continue to fuck you for a short while until I climax and flood your pussy with hot sticky cum.
We lay there on our sides cuddling for a while, my head resting on the pillow next to yours before you say "OK you can get dressed again now"
I duly oblige and just before I depart you tell me with a wink "The mole is fine but I may need to keep an eye on it, can you come back in a few days time as I may need to examine you again".
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