The Meeting

He gathered her into his arms and as he did so he whispered “I want you” in her ear

She kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue searching out his and hugged him closer to her

As their lips parted she whispered “I want you to”

It seemed like ages as they drove to his modest dwelling and no sooner had he closed the door the kissing began again only this time more eager and passionate.

Their limbs were a tangle as their bodies rubbed up against each other slowly they removed articles of clothing and he gently steered her towards the sitting room and the sofa.

When they were both naked she sat down on the sofa and he stood in front of her. She licked at the tip of his cock with her tongue, which was already growing hard and covered in precum. As she continued to lick she took hold of his balls in her hand and started to caress them, this caused him to get ever harder and then unexpectedly she took his cock in between her lips, sucking it deep into her mouth and them releasing it so it almost fell out again. She continued to do this her head bobbing back and forth like a piston as he held her head as if it were about to fall off.

She increased the rate as his cock banged against the back of her throat almost making her gag, her lips gripping ever tighter constricting the bl**d flow in his cock and he could feel as if he were about to explode. Just as he thought he would last a minute or two more he felt a gush of cum spurt into her mouth, she continued to suck away just sighing out an mmmm sound as she felt his load hit the back of her throat. She slowly released his cock and licked around the tip and the shaft appreciatively. He could just about stand and as she finished he kissed her passionately, open mouthed so he could taste his own cum and slipping a finger into her already wet pussy.

He started to move down her body, kissing her across her neck, her breasts, sucking and licking both nipples alternately but paying special attention to her left breast which was the most sensitive. He continued to suck on her nipples for what seemed like ages before moving down her body, across her stomach and then to her inner thighs. All the time he had been sliding his finger in and out of her hot wet pussy, the cushion stained with her juices. Next he started to lick her clitoris and as he did so he slid yet another finger into her, she moaned softly as he did so and grabbed the back of his head pushing her pussy towards him. He withdrew his fingers to taste her hot flowing juices before continuing to tease her clit with his tongue and again inserting his fingers. He increased the rhythm of his fingers and the rate at which he licked her clit, she came with a sudden rush. Removing his fingers, he began to kiss his way up her naked body until his cock, which had become hard again, was level with her wet dripping pussy. She guided him to his nirvana as he kissed her again, sliding his cock deep into her and as he did so he threw her legs over his shoulders, pulling her forward as he did so. He fucked her with one long stroke, followed by one short stroke and as he gradually increased his rhythm he rose up pulling her further onto her back and bending her double his cock was now able to rub against her clit as he thrust deeper into her looking deep into her eyes as he did so. She came again, this time almost shaking but he did not stop, instead he fucked her still harder, his balls banging against her arse. His body began to shake and tense up as he felt another hot surge of cum fill her pussy. He relaxed but continued to fuck her more slowly, allowing her legs to drop from his shoulders and still inside her he nibbled gently on her nipples before kissing her again. He held her in his arms and whispered “that was fun ” She looked at him and with a smile on her face said “Yes it was,, wanna go again!”
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