The Massage

He firmly pressed her naked shoulders as he massaged her neck, she was tense from a hard day’s work and the relief his hands provided was glorious.

He started to massage down her spine and along her sides, his fingers brushing the edge of her pert breasts as he did so, his palms pressing on either side of her spine easing the tension.

He moved still further down her body to just above her buttocks, he then started up again following the same line as he had on the downward movement and once at her slender neck, proceeded once again to slowly work down across her body

This time when he had reached her buttocks he started to massage them and as she relaxed he slid a finger along the crevice between her buttocks. She relaxed even more and let out a soft moan as he slid his finger between her legs not quite touching but teasing her arsehole and pussy.

She softened and allowed her legs to part ever so slightly as he continued to massage her buttocks, continually increasing the pressure with his probing fingers.

She softly moaned once more and he could feel the hot moistness emanating from her pussy. He risked sliding a finger into the glorious wetness and she gasped with pleasure.

He continually worked her buttocks sliding a finger into her pussy every once in a while until he felt her pussy grow ever wetter.

He removed his hands from her buttocks and slid a finger inside her pussy and started to thrust it in and out bending it as he did so to stroke her pubic bone. He parted her buttocks with his free hand and started making circular motions on her arsehole, all the time probing her pussy with the fingers of his other hand. She raised he bottom off the massage table and he could see she was dripping wet. He placed his hands under her stomach and raised her so she was kneeling on the table and then he started to lick at her pussy as he fingered her.

He lay under her and licked at her clit, inserting two fingers as he did so. Eventually he slid from underneath her and undid his fly, taking out his now hard cock and slid it’s fully engorged length into her wet hole. He thrust in and out of her one short teasing stroke, followed by a long one.

He inserted a finger into her arse as he did so and as he fucked her he pulled her back towards him using the finger inserted in her arse to do so.

She yelped at first but soon the pleasure and the pain overwhelmed her and she begged him to fuck her harder. He thrust away, his balls slapping against her but he did not cum. Instead just as she was about to climax he pulled his cock out of her pussy, mounted the table behind her and started to fuck her arse.

She went wild with ecstacy as he fucked her arse as hard as he could, holding her waist as he slammed into her. She fingered her pussy as he did so and came, her wetness dripping onto the table. With one final thrust he shot his load into her arse and pulled out of her letting the cum drip from her to mix with her own love juices. She relaxed back onto the table and he walked to where her head lay. She sucked his cock clean of cum as he caressed he body. She was sated, relaxed and as beautiful as ever. “Sweetheart” he said “are you feeling relaxed now?”

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