Welcome to the f****y

Welcome to the f****y

I recently married my beautiful wife, Charlotte. The whole day was fabulous and any worries I had just disappeared. The reason why I am sharing this with everyone is because of what happened between my wife’s s****r, Victoria and I.

I had always teased Charlotte about her s****r, in a gentle way and when she appeared at our wedding, she turned everyone’s heads.

The day was hot and sunny and Victoria did nothing to cool the temperature down in her thigh length sky blue hauteur neck dress, with glossy barely nude / white hosiery.

Her breasts were as full and glorious as ever, but I knew that all eyes would be on me and my bride today, so apart from sneaking the odd admiring glance at Victoria’ gorgeous body, I behaved myself.

Looking at the photographs later, there is one in which Victoria is clearly thrusting her breasts at the camera, which I would never object to her doing.

So, to the point of the story. Throughout the day, Victoria and I had shared embraces and kisses and I had enjoyed the feel of her body pressed against mine, but what happened in the evening was totally unexpected.

Whilst waiting for the transport, in the bar, Victoria complained about feeling restricted in her corset and support bra, then hoisted her dress up to adjust her tights.

“Oh, that’s better,” she commented, as she straightened her skirt, knowing full well that I would have got a glorious eye full of her nylon clad legs and bum.

Charlotte was used to her s****r acting up like this, so took no notice and I could hardly comment with my new wife sitting next to me.

When one of the bridesmaids’ fathers arrived at midnight to take them home, we all went out to bid Sylvia and Linda farewell. Charlotte went back into the hotel and Victoria called me to one side.

She congratulated me and Charlotte again and said she was so pleased for the two of us and how happy we looked together, going to kiss me. We were alone, outside the hotel, in the dark, so Victoria kissed me full on the mouth. Instinctively, we embraced and I placed one hand on her bum, waiting for the recoil, but none came, so I just left it there, gently holding my new s****r in law’s behind.

“As you’ve now married my s****r, I need to see how well you’re up to the job of satisfying her.”

I could not believe what I was hearing, so dumbly said, “Ok”, as Victoria led me through the hotel and up to her hotel room.

“So, have you had sex with my s****r yet ?” coed Victoria, as she gently pinned me again a wall of her hotel room.

Like some dumb a****l, caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, I lied, no.

“Well, look’s like I’m going to have road test you then,” Victoria looked deep into my eyes with her gorgeous dark looks.

“Now, I’ve seen you naked already, when you accidentally walked across your landing one day, when I was there, so I know Charlotte isn’t going to complain about your body, but I’m going to test your virility.”

Pressing herself against me, she used her right hand to rub my hardening cock.

“Now be a good boy and take your trousers off for me,” Victoria cooed.

With her hands on her hips, she stood model like, whilst I removed my shoes and trousers.

“And your boxers…” Victoria flashed me a sexy look.

“That’s better…now I’m going to kneel down and ….”

Stopping mid sentence, this Marilyn Monroe look alike took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me off.

Oh, boy! This was a dream come true. Victoria certainly knew how to service a cock. Varying her speed and suction on my shaft, Victoria slipped my cock in and out of her mouth.

“Oh, touch my balls with your nails, hun!” I urged and suddenly I felt Victoria’s touch around my scrotum.

“I’m cumming!” I whispered as I shot my load into my s****r in law’s sexy mouth. Swallowing it, she delicately wiped her mouth with a tissue, before asking me to help her up. Kissing me lightly on one cheek, she said she hoped I enjoyed that.

I took my opportunity and kissed Victoria full on the mouth.

“Easy tiger!” Victoria giggled and said that before I could return to my wife, she had one last task for me.

“Help me to the bed and I will show you”

Assisting Victoria to the bed, she lifted her dress and removed her shoes. Lying back, she made herself comfortable on the bed and lifted her dress up again to show me her nylon and panty clad pussy.

“Now before I can allow you to make love to my s****r, I need to know that you can satisfy her. Why don’t you come her and help me with something ?”

Walking to the other side of the four poster bed, I climbed on and at Victoria’s invitation, cupped her pussy with my left hand.

“I can’t remove all this, otherwise Charlotte’s going to realise something’s going on, but let me see how you can masturbate me”

Opening her tights, she bid me to slip my fingers inside and touch her pussy.

Lying next to Victoria, I slipped my hand into her tights and panties, down to her pussy. Oh, wow, this was all in slow motion for me. I’d fantasised about getting close to Victoria so much and now here I was touching her pussy.

Gently, I rubbed her smooth lips up and down with my fingers, as I went to kiss her. Kissing her randomly, I stroked her pussy and felt as her lips swelled and became moist at my touch.

We held each other as my fingers did their work and brought this beautiful vixen to a wonderful climax. Normally, I would withdraw my fingers to taste the woman’s juice on my fingers, but this was normality, so I just held her close, our legs entwined, as we kissed as Victoria sought sanctuary in my embrace, as she felt the tingling in her pussy finally subside.

“Now, we’d better get back to the party, before Charlotte suspects anything…”

Climbing of the bed, she straightened herself and as she opened the door to her hotel room, winked at me and said, “welcome to the f****y, babe!”

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2 years ago
Nice of the "family" to welcome you, so very thoughtful of her!!!
3 years ago
brovo more encore