Victoria's new flat mate

Victoria had moved to a new flat with a former flat mate, Katy. Katy was a voluptuous woman, to the casual observer, a MILF (although she wasn’t in fact a mother, but you get the picture – I hope).

The two ladies had lived together before, in a multiple occupancy house, but now circumstances had brought them together again.

Soon after moving in, both women were sharing an evening meal, when Katy said,

“It’s so nice that we’re back together again.”

“Ah, I’m glad that you think so, “replied Victoria. For those who haven’t read my other blogs about Victoria, she is a petite (5ft 2), hot woman, with bobbed hair, 36DD breasts, a nice ass and legs to match. She likes wearing figure hugging mini dresses, that cling to her curves and show off legs. On this particular night, she was wearing one such navy blue dress, with a stripy pattern across the front and a pair of navy blue tights.

“You seem a little glum tonight,” Victoria commented.

“It’s just that since I broke up with Andy, I just haven’t seen much action.”

“It’s not that bad,” Victoria reassured her “you’ve got a good bunch of friends around you”

“Yeah, but I can’t make love to them, can I ?”

“May be, may be not,” Victoria teased, “but have you asked any of them ? I mean, would you like to ?”

“Well, I’ve always admired you, Victoria. But, you’re not a lesbian.”

“No, but would it surprise you if I’d said that I’ve made love to a woman in the past ?”

Katy giggled and Victoria motioned for her to move closer.

Victoria stood up as Katy walked around the table.

“You’re an attractive lady, Katy and you’ve still got it. Now why don’t I cheer you up and we can have a little fun, eh ?”

Katy smiled and felt calmed by her friend.

“Come on,” giggled Victoria, as she beckoned her friend into the lounge.

“Now, what do you think of me ?”

“Well, I’ve thought that we’ve both got it still. So, how come you have got a bloke ?”

“They’re complicated.”

“So, can I ask, who was it that you got off with, you know, when you did it with this other woman ?”

“I’d rather not say, but if you want, I could show you a couple of things. Nothing kinky, but soft and natural…” Victoria was on heat and she wanted to make love to Katy.

Victoria stood up and hitched up her dress.

“Give me your hand”

Katy lifted her right hand and Victoria stroked her left bum cheek with it. Katy felt Victoria’s navy blue tights and cute ass. It felt ok. Not at all perverse.

“Now, that’s not scary is it ?”

“No. It’s quite soft”

“Now why don’t you help me out of this dress and you can stroke my bum.”

Katy unzipped Victoria’s dress and helped her slip her dress off and slid it down her body. Katy looked at her friend’s body. She had a gorgeous pair of breasts, held in place by a beautiful lacy black bra. From the waist down, she was clad in navy blue tights.

“Now, if I lie here, on the couch, why don’t you stroke my bum ?”

Katy watched as Victoria also slipped out of her bra and let her voluptuous bosoms swing free. Suddenly Katy wanted to suck her nipples.

“There’s something I need to do, Victoria”

“What’s that ?” Victoria replied.

“I need to suck your nipples.”

Victoria laughed and lay back as Katy knelt beside her. Offering her breasts to Katy, she watched as her friend licked a nipple. Leaning forward, so her breasts were in easy reach, Victoria helped Katy suck on her nipples. Oh, that felt good. Perhaps Elise was right. Perhaps she was a whoare, but she had a lot of sexy female friends and it was her body and she would make love to whom she liked. Tonight, she hoped it would be Katy.

As Katy sucked her nipples and gently held them in her teeth, a familiar tingle occurred in her genitals.

“Give me your hand, babe,” Victoria said, reaching for her friend’s right hand. Adjusting her legs, Victoria placed Katy’s hand on her nylon clad pussy. Instinctively, Katy started stroking her friend between the legs.

“Ohhhh,” groaned Victoria, “that feels so good…”

Lifting Katy’s head from her breasts, Victoria started kissing her new lover. Katy too was enjoying what she was doing. It felt so natural.

She could feel that Victoria had underwear on under her tights, so mumbled through the kissing, “let me put my hand inside you”

Victoria opened her legs wider as a sign of admittance and pulled her tights and underwear down slightly to make it easier for Katy.

Katy slipped her right hand inside Victoria’s clothing and felt her smooth shaven lips.

Slipping her hand down she slipped a finger inside Victoria’s pussy and starting sliding it in and out. Her friend was quite damp from her attention and Katy wanted to see if she could masturbate Victoria to the point of climax.

Victoria sensed Katy’s intention and let the feelings of lust envelope her. She started moaning gently to encourage her friend.

Soon Victoria was coming on Katy’s fingers and as she felt her withdraw, she leant across and kiss her new lover on the mouth.

“I think I should give you the same treatment now, Katykins, to let you know how wonderful it feels,” Victoria purred.

Katy unfastened her trousers and slid them down her slim legs.

Underneath she showed Victoria her little pink panties. Victoria rose up and unfastened Katy’s suit jacket and blouse underneath. Under this she wore a pink bra. Katy unfastened this and lay back on the sofa.

“Let’s 69,” giggled Victoria.

Katy looked puzzled.

“Lay back sweetie and I’ll show you.”

As Katy lay back, Victoria 69’d her and started stroking her pussy.

“Just do as you feel hun.”

Soon, as Victoria petted her friend’s body, so she felt Katy’s hands between her legs and soon her tongue.

Gently and with passion, the two friends brought each other to orgasm, with their tongues licking the other’s pussy, their fingers and hands caressing the other’s thighs and clitoris.

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3 years ago
very hot & sexy
3 years ago
Wonderful story...just seeing the name "Victoria" me goosebumps!!!