It had been a few weeks since Victoria had been with her aunt and Olivia (see In the f****y).

Victoria had just returned home from work, when there was a knock at the door of her flat.

Walking to open the door, she was greeted by Elise, a nasty woman, disliked by Victoria’s f****y. She held a strange sense of power over Victoria, which we didn’t like.

“Hello, hun,” smiled Victoria.

Elise’s face didn’t crack, in fact she had that usual sour look on it (nobody within the f****y knew what her boyfriend Sam saw in her). Elise was slim, with medium dark hair which she wore about shoulder length.

Elise didn’t greet Victoria, instead just pushing past her into the hallway.

“Why have you cheated on me ?” Elise asked bitterly.

“What ?” Victoria was puzzled. She and Victoria had engaged in lesbian sex in the past, but this fizzled out, after Elise and Sam had got together.

“You had sex with your aunt and Olivia, without asking me first!”

Victoria was stunned. Elise and her had made love after Victoria had broken up with her ex boyfriend Graeme, to help Victoria’s emotional state.

“I could hardly refuse my own f****y” retorted Victoria.

“I see. Right, I think you need punishing, young lady, “spat Elise. “Now, get in that bedroom.”

Knowing it was useless to resist, Victoria walked into her room.

Removing her coat, Elise revealed a smart trouser suit in grey with a white blouse underneath.

She slapped Victoria across the face and called her a lesbian whore. Usually very confident, Victoria took her punishment without comment. Her face stinging, she heard Elise say to her that she was to remove her shoes and lift her skirt.

Elise slid her right hand inside Victoria’s blue opaque tights. She could feel that Victoria had keep her shaven cunt.

“I see,” said Elise, as she felt Victoria’s smooth crotch.

“Well, I’m having you tonight and I have something new for you. Now get on the bed on all fours.

As Victoria submitted to her so called friend, Elise told her to stick her arse in the air.

“I’m going to take you anally tonight,” Elise told Victoria as she tore the crotch area of her lover’s tights to reveal her pussy and anus.

Taking off her suit jacket, shoes and trousers, Elise fastened the dildo to her crotch. “It’s a new one, I haven’t used on you before”. Elise strode around the room, the fake penis stretching out in front of her.

“Now that’s better,” advised her friend. “Here, help me lube this dick up, so that it goes inside you better”.

Victoria administered the lubrication offered by Elise to the dildo, until it was glistening.

Walking behind Victoria, Elise pushed her down gently with her hand up her spine.

Carefully she toyed with Victoria’s pussy and anus, sliding the phallus up and down her lips.

“You may masturbate your clitoris, whilst we have sex. You know it helps lubricate your vagina.”

Elise watched as Victoria started fingering her clitoris. This gave her a tingling in her own pussy and made her hungry for inserting the new dildo into her friend. This new toy had stimuli on the side of the toy to give the wearer pleasure as well, so the more her friend struggled whilst they had sex, the greater pleasure Elise’s clitoris would get.

After watching Victoria finger herself, Elise knelt on the bed and inserted the dildo into her friend’s body. Victoria groaned as she felt the phallus invade her wet cunt. The sides of the toy were ribbed and she felt these against the walls of her pussy, as her lips parted to let Elise inside her.

“Ahhhhhh” groaned Victoria.

“Good, you can feel me” said Elise as she began to rhythmically thrust in and out of Victoria, “I want to see you finger your clitoris, you little whore”

Victoria balanced herself with her left arm and used the fingers on her right hand to do as she was bid and vibrate her clitoris. She moaned as the dildo moved in and out of her,

“Oh, fuck me, yes…..harder…harder….AHHHH”

As I said earlier, when Victoria and Graeme first split up, she sought comfort with Elise and had loved their sex sessions.

Elise too felt tingling in her clitoris as she rode Victoria’s gorgeous pussy and couldn’t wait to ride her ass.

As Victoria climaxed, Elise eased her thrusting, allowing her friend to enjoy the sensations in her cunt.

“Ok, that better Victoria.” Withdrawing from her cunt, Elise, slipped off the dildo for a moment and climbed on top of her lover.

“Now suck and finger me, you big breasted whore”

The two women got into a 69 and started playing with each other’s pussies.

Victoria started quite gently stroking her friend’s hairy minge, whilst Elise drank Victoria’s pussy juice, fresh from the fountain.

The two women stayed in a 69 for a while, kissing each other’s thighs and teasing the other’s pussy. Eventually, Victoria gave Elise an orgasm too, know better than to deny her this pleasure.

“Ok, Victoria, I’ve forgiven you for your little indiscretion with your aunt and Olivia, but I still want to bugger you as punishment. Now roll over and give me your ass.”

Elise slapped Victoria’s ass cheeks as she put the dildo back on.

Picking up some baby oil from a nearby dresser, Elise poured this liberally into Victoria’s rectum. Victoria felt the warm oil ooze into her bum. Elise was to have her anal virginity.

“You might want to stimulate yourself Victoria,” advised Elise, as she approached her friend’s proffered ass cheeks.

So, as Victoria once again masturbated her clitoris and this time, her vagina, she gasped as she felt the dildo stretch her ass. Careful not to go in to deep, Elise used the ribbed edges to agitate her friend’s rectum.

As Elise fucked Victoria, she knew that Victoria was her lover once again.

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2 years ago
Another really nice lesbian encounter, I love it!!!
3 years ago
not bad not bad at all
3 years ago
beautifully paced story - sensually described!!!
3 years ago
very good there is alot more to this story
3 years ago
mmm enjoyed the story very much