In the sauna part 2

Sarah opened her lips with one hand, giving Jackie’s tongue access to deeper within her moist pussy. I could feel the sexual tension in Jackie’s pussy as she reacted to my thrusting as her pussy gripped my cock with spasms.
Looking down at her friend licking her lips, Sarah yearned to do this too and so urged me to stop. Jackie was a bit pissed at this and so told Sarah.

“Ok, so why don’t you roll over, then so lover boy here can do you doggy style and we can 69 ? “

This sounded good to all concerned, so we moved positions, with Sarah now on her back, being licked out by Jackie and vice versa, whilst I had my cock in Jackie’s cunt. Ok, so it was a bit crowded at my end, but, hell, I was banging a gorgeous Milf, whilst she attended to the pussy of her lesbian friend.

I could feel Jackie’s pussy tensing and relaxing as before. As I found out later, the woman were having multiple orgasms, which is why they kept going.

After I had shot my load, inside Jackie’s pussy, Sarah said she thought it was time to put on a show for me.

With this, she went over to a draw and drew out a purple strap on, which must have been about six to eight inches in length. Fastening it to her groin, she walked towards Jackie. I moved back, ready to enjoy the show.

As I watched, Sarah lubed the dildo and then Jackie’s anus, before sliding the phallus it into Jackie’s rectum.

Seeing these two slim beautiful women engaged in lesbian anal sex made me want them again.

Jackie grunted with pleasure as she felt the thrusting phallus in her rectum. Toying with her clit, she felt arousal again, feeling Sarah in her ass felt good.

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4 years ago
that would have made me hard again to do sarah in her pussy or ass