In the sauna

Whilst relaxing on holiday, I decided to take a visit to the sauna complex. Being a young healthy male in his 30's I always keep an eye open for any attractive ladies with whom I might strike up a conversation and who knows what else.

On this particular occasion, I was with Bexi, a girl who I had just met and who had also thought it would be good to relax and unwind in the sauna. We weren't together sexually, she had a partner and she wasn't my type, but it was nice to have a companion in the area.

The complex is made up of various rooms of a variety of temperatures and when we ventured into this moderately humid room, we sat there relaxing when two slim, long haired beauties walked in wearing swimming costumes. They sat next to us and chilled out.

A conversation started and it turned out they were two single ladies who had booked in for the weekend. Talking to lady next to me, I noticed how slim she was and how her costume just clung to her every curve.

Bexi got up and suggested that we use the cool water hoses. I took one and teased the lady next to me, tickling her feet and legs with the water.

Eventually, we decided to move on, but would share our sauna experience together.

After our time together, Jackie invited us back to her villa, which she shared with Sarah. Bexi declined, but I took the offer up.

Back at the villa, we relaxed and the conversation soon turned to how attractive I found both the ladies. They laughed and said that they were both single and had just booked here for the weekend to get away from the hussle and bussle of life.

I decided to make the first move and asked if I could kiss Jackie. Kissing her on the lips, I held her gently. She returned the kiss and said that we would be far more comfortable in the bedroom. Jackie led me into the bedroom, which I found that she shared a double bed with Sarah.

Sarah walked up behind me and said "well, I'm not blind to Jackie myself."

Jackie led me to their bed and then started kissing me again. I then felt Sarah's body behind me, her hands wandering over my torso and down to my trousers.

"Well, you're not going to disappoint two friends are you ?" as she felt my hard cock straining inside my clothes.

Sarah loosened my trousers and freed my stiffie as Jackie's hands starting wondering too.

Removing what was left of my clothes, the ladies then removed each others tops to reveal their swimming costumes.

"So you like us in our swimming costumes do you ? " teased Jackie, focusing her eyes on my errection. "Well, I think it's about time we got out of these."

Sarah peeled the straps off her friend's shoulders and down her slim torso to reveal her pert breasts. "I love to feel Jack's breasts and nibble her nipples, " she teased as she played with Jackie's nipples.

Jackie turned to Sarah and sensuously peeled her swimsuit off her and down to her waist, kissing her as she did so.

"We shaved each other's bikini lines before we came away this weekend. Would you mind taking a look to see what you think."

As Sarah twisted her hips to accommodate Jackie, she slipped out of her swimming costume, then helped her friend out of her swimsuit. Posing like models, with their hands on their hips, they looked longingly at me. Standing behind Jackie, Sarah slipped her long slender hands around her friend's hips and to her pussy. Stroking it, she asked if I felt she'd done a good job of shaving her friend.

I stood up and we both fondled Jackie, Sarah from behind and me in front.

We went to the bed and continued our carressing of Jackie, before I rolled her over onto her back and slipped my cock inside her now aching cunt.

Sarah straddled Jackie's face and as I slid my length in and out, Jackie licked her friend's pussy. Using one hand, I carressed and teased Jack's clit, knowing how much women like their clit's played with. To be continued...
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3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Got a good start - curious for part two.